Petite 5'3 105lbs, No Kids, 286cc Submuscular Natrelle Style 15

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I met with 3 doctors in the Twin Cities area. They...

I met with 3 doctors in the Twin Cities area. They all seemed pretty knowledgeable, but I chose Dr. Harrington as I have heard great things about her and when I met her I knew she definitely knows her stuff. This morning I had my "fitting" with her. Unlike the other surgeons I met with, Dr. Harrington has you bring in pictures of what you like (and don't like) and SHE decides what implant size to use, which I like because I would hate to pick the wrong size myself as I have zero experience. I will admit I am very nervous, yet excited. I am petite and I know it is going to be painful. I am hoping for porportionate, natural, did-she or didnt-she, breasts. When I started working out and weightlifting a couple years ago, my breasts were the first thing to go. I would like to continue my fitness journey with BOOBS! So here we go :)

Post-Surgery Necessities?

I'm two sleeps away (if I ever fall asleep tonight)! I'm going under the muscle, my dr will choose size according to the pics I showed her. I'm up late reading about the patience one must have after a BA. Now, I'm glad I'm learning this ahead of time, but I'm one impatient chick. This will be a test of patience for me for sure! I'm looking for suggestions as to what post-surgery goodies I should grab ahead of time? Top 3 things you needed/used most?

Wish boobs :)

Surgery went well :)

Surgery went well! There was some adjustments to my surgery time but it worked out bc I was flexible. When I got there I got changed, vitals taken & then my PS came in and went over everything one last time. Anesthesiologist came in and explained everything then took me into the surgery room, I laid down and he gave me the "good drugs" and I was out. I was really nervous with my heart pounding but everyone was very supportive and kind. I woke up thinking I was late for work. Almost jumped out of the chair (they stopped me lol). Pain level initially was non existant. Just a heavy feeling on my chest but not bad. Dr checked in on me one last time and I was headed home. Pain is close to a 3 now. It's more uncomfortable than actually painful. I ate a muffin (zero nausea, thanks to the good meds) and took a little nap when I got home. They gave me percocet (painkiller), vistorol (muscle relaxer that works with painkiller) and an antibiotic that I'll start tomorrow. She ended up doing 286cc moderate profile :) I'm happy with that size as I wanted really natural looking sized tatas. She said the 300 cc was too big (we were thinking somewhere in between 280-300 initially). I'm very happy with how the procedure went so far. Can't wait to see em! I'm all wrapped up in ace bandage but clevage looks nice. I'll post some pics soon :)

Pre-op & Day of Treatment Pics

3 Days Post-Op

Surprisingly I have very little pain. I expected it to be much worse going under the muscle (and also had a tiny bit of lipo in my armpit cease). It just feels like I had a hard chest workout and I'm sore. I'm no longer taking any pain meds. I drank coffee, had a flax muffin, steel cut oatmeal and a couple stool softeners and got my first bowl movement since surgery wooh! (I know this can be an issue for many on meds). I honestly am astounded at how little pain I'm in. I'm still trying to keep it easy since my PS said not to bend over and pick anything up or reach up high for a week. I feel slighty uncomfortable feeling on my left incision but not bad. I also was feeling my upper abs last night with my fingers, it felt kind if bubbly under the skin almost (I'm not sure how else to explain it) it kind of freaked me out...anyone know what this could be? I plan to ask my PS at next appointment. The girls are looking pretty good I think. High and tight but size is just right...I'm excited for these ladies to drop and fluff...*patience* *sigh*

Incisions (2 days post-op)

Now these scars me a bit. Yes they are fresh so I hope by taking pics every couple days I'll be able to see the improvement. These were taken yesterday (2 days post-op). They werea little longer than I expected. Hardly any bruising is a plus!

Big, Beautiful & Numb

Overall I'm happy about the size so far. I'm nervous about going back to work. I think it will be more noticeable than I thought, I just don't want it to be the "talk around the office" kind of thing. Half of my boobs are numb. I can't feel either of my nipples. I know the feeling should come back but it's definitely weird feeling right now. I have almost no pain. It feels like there are 2 things inside me. Kind of doesn't feel like they are a part of me yet but likely as the numbness goes away they'll feel more like mine. They are dropping and getting softer each day. Still relaxing and plan on going back to work on day 6 post op. I'm enjoying the break and having an excuse to be lazy. My boyfriend has been amazing taking care of me and keeping my place clean.

Tiny bit of boob greed but still IN LOVE with the new girls

I'm seriously in love with these things! They are exactly the size I had imagined, slightly bigger than a handful. They fit my figure well. Then I wonder if I should have done 300cc instead? I left it up to my PS with the guidance of my wish pics and my fear of being "too big". I think they're really perfect, I just hope they stay this same size (or even get a tiny bit bigger) when they d&f. Hopefully the swelling is gone now and this is what I'm working with bc I'm in love!

Left Boob Probs, Still Happy Overall

I'm back and forth on the "should have I gone bigger" sometimes I think they're perfect other times I second guess myself. I know either way I'll love them as long as all goes well with healing. A couple things I'm a little concerned about:

*numbness is still there, a little noticeable progress but I really hope my nipple sensation comes back, right now it's zero, nada, competely gone.
*left side seems noticeably bigger (ro me at least). I have alwats known my left side was a little larger and it never bothered me, but either I'm noticing now because they're bigger or the swelling is still there on my left and not on my right. PS did the same size implant in each side. (286cc)
*i dont know if I'm crazy but I can see a slight bump of my left side boob. It doesn't really look like rippling but just one single indent/ripple. I'm a perfectionist so I'm not sure if others might notice.
*I'm still sore. Post op day 7 was my highest pain day which was odd. And it is mainly in my left boob (yes again, my left).

Still sleeping on my back at a slight angle. I sleep without a bra and wear a soft sports bra during the day. I haven't stated massaged yet, I'm told I'll learn those at my 3 week post op appointment. For the most part I'm happy and I think they look good. I realize I have a long way to go before they look like they're going to :)

Ups & Downs & Coming Up

I haven't posted in awhile due to the ups and downs. Mostly downs over the last couple weeks. The whole "why did I do this to myself", "I don't feel comfortable", "they are too big people will notice" etc. Some really low lows and other times just try to forget about it. When they say depression post-op is possible, it's very very real and I'm glad I was aware of it beforehand. Finally, after my 3 week post-op appointment, I'm feeling better and loving them again. They're getting softer each week. I can't say that they feel like a part of me completely yet, but I'm starting to get used to them. I have started a little massage, I think sensation is starting to try and come back (still numb but weird pins and needles sensation), I am able to reach and bend and do anything that doesn't require a lot of chest muscle use. Thankful I took pics so I can see how far they've come :)

Scar Gel!

It's been awhile... whole post just got deleted. Starting over, I'm going to get straight to the point (bc I'm tired).

Basically I think this is the best BA I could have gotten. Perfect shape, size, location, easy recovery, nice feel...they look great!

1. Scars are more noticeable than I had hoped but they do not show in swim suit and are only noticeable to myself and my boyfriend. I also have been OK about applying scar gel, in the beginning it was twice daily and then I got lazy and have been lucky to do it 5x per week at once daily.
2. Cover up when lifting at the gym- when flexing any bit of my chest they become very seperated- I'm likely the only one who notices this but it prompts me to pull my shirt up or wear higher necklines at the gym.
3. Sensation has still not come back fully. I am about 20% nipple sensation and surrounding area- I'm very petite and had little body fat when surgery was done so it may take longer for me but I'm hoping it continues to improve.

That's all I got for now. Side-note: it has been hard to get back on the workout wagon after surgery...not because of anything except that I got lazy. Plus, with bigger boobs you don't notice the extra couple pounds as easily ????


Very kind and personable. She really knows her stuff. She has a calming yet direct approach that made me feel very at ease. I like that she is very honest and to the point with you. She reviews everything with you at least twice usually three times. I especially like how she sizes (by looking at your frame and then has you bring in pictures of breasts you like). I felt very confident that she would make the best implant choice for me. Surgery was yesterday so I'll update my review again down the line. So far, Dr. Harrington and her staff are amazing! They truly care, are fun and friendly, helpful, and very professional.

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