Time to Remove 19 Year Old Ruptured Silicone Implants, 47 Years Old - Plymouth, GB

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Hi ladies, my story sounds so much like so many of...

Hi ladies, my story sounds so much like so many of yours and I'm so grateful to have found this site and read your brave journeys. It has given me the strength to do something I have wanted to do for a long time but never thought possible - remove these implants! So, here is my story. When I was 27 I was a runner, lighter than I am today with 36A's - I longed to look more in proportion and fill a bra. My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and to make myself feel better (!!!) I stupidly decided to have a boob job. It was a rash decision and without the internet in those days we didn't have the means to research the complications. My ps said he would give them to his sister and that was good enough for me. So I had 240cc low profile silicone implants which took me to a 36B. I didn't want big boobies, just bigger boobies. They looked good but immediately they felt wrong. I've felt self conscious about them ever since. I told no-one I was getting it done and got away with it. Fast forward nearly 20 years and 2 breastfed babies later I find a small lump under my right arm. After a scan I'm told I have a ruptured right implant. Well I left the hospital thinking I'd have to have them reluctantly replaced but then to my relief found this site and saw the wonderful results from explants. It was like a light coming on. I've felt like I've been slowly deteriorating health wise for years, exhaustion, hair loss, joint ache and it all now makes sense. So I've been back to my GP and am awaiting an appointment with a breast consultant. I'm not certain yet that I'll be able to have the removal on the NHS but believe I meet the criteria. My concern is that they may not remove the capsule - does anyone know if they will do this? I also have a consultation scheduled in August with Dr McDiarmid as a comparison (don't know if he removes capsule either) I'd really appreciate it if anyone could let me know their recommendation for a surgeon in the UK who will remove the capsule. Has anybody explanted without having the capsule removed and do you feel better? Thank you ladies.

Update with picture

So, I'm going for a consultation on 23rd August with James McDiarmid in Cheltenham. Really hope he can tell me he will remove the capsule. I want everything out so I have no regrets afterwards. Here's a picture of me now. Right implant is ruptured. It's just taking so long to move forward I have to be patient but I need to find a surgeon who will do en bloc/remove capsule.

NHS Consultation Date

Hi girls, I now have a date with the NHS Consultant on 12th September. I know it's a long way off and I've had to stop myself going private to speed it up but I want to see if they will remove the capsule. I would hate them to say they'll do their best then leave half of it behind. I also spoke to Dr Nogueira in Madrid who is really straight talking and says the capsule must come out. This is what I want to hear from a surgeon. I have leaking silicone I really can't see how any surgeon would be ok to leave them in but who knows what they'll say.

First Consultation

I've just had a consultation with James McDiarmid and I'm so pleased to say I was happy when I came away. He was very understanding and respectful of my wishes to explant. I said I wanted it en bloc and he explained that he would do his best but sometimes if the capsule was too thin it was too much of a risk with bleeding to get it all out. He also said that after 19 years of my implants being in the capsule may not be thin and he thought they were in great shape and I'd been lucky. He also said he'd remove a lymph node. I told him my concerns about breast implant illness and he didn't dismiss them. Feeling positive and that I've been listened to. Now just have to wait for NHS consultation on 12th September to make my decision.

NHS Consultation

I saw a lovely lady consultant today who will remove the implants en bloc ( if possible). She will remove the lymph node and use drains and I'm so relieved. So I'm just waiting for a date. ........

I've got a date!

I'm having my surgery on 3rd October. I've waited so long and suddenly it's happening. It's real. I have confidence in my surgeon and I can't wait.


I'm now in the hospital. Feel positively sick sitting here in the waiting room. Scared to death of not waking up. Ok, it's started, they've come to take me to the ward. Wish me luck xxx

All Done

Well, I'm out and on the other side! Felt nauseous afterwards and was in a lot of pain but that was sorted with morphine and other meds. The anaesthetist was great with his non pc jokes with the lovely nurses! Not quite Carry On style but close to the line! I don't have compression bandages for some reason and no Consultant about to ask why. I've got drains both sides. I can see my chest and yes I'm completely flat. The fluff fairy will have her work cut out. Feeling really groggy and can't move much. All capsule removed on left and 90% capsule removed on right as it was attached to the muscle. A separate incision was made to remove lymph node under right arm. No regrets whatsoever except I wish I'd brought food. Only had a tuna sandwich since yesterday and that didn't touch the sides ????. Very tired so will rest now. Thank you girls for getting me this far xxx

2 Days Post Op

So, it's been 2 days since explant and I feel fine. Not much pain at all. Wearing a Macom compression bra and taking Co Codamol every 4 hours. My boobs have started to fill out already. I'm trying to upload pics just now 2 days post op but they keep loading upside down even when I rotate them! I've only just removed the compression bra in the pic so a bit squished and you can still see the pen lines where I was drawn on. I'm happy with the results so far. It's so strange seeing them again as they used to be. Wearing baggy tops so as not to cause anyone to notice right now but looking forward to new bras and looking myself.

2 Days Post pics

6 Days Post Op

It's been six days and I'm feeling ok. I have bruising from under my right arm onto my breast where they struggled to find the lymph node. Not much sensitivity in the nipple on the right breast either. The scar where the lymph node was taken out is healing nicely but it is very lumpy underneath with scar tissue. These dressings are making my skin itch, I can't wait to take them off. I'm feeling like my initial boobage was due to swelling. I dare not touch my boobs too much they feel so delicate! So back on with the compression bra! Still 100% happy I did it. I can't believe I did this to my body. How did I ever think putting foreign objects in my boobs wouldn't come with consequences, or did I just put my head in the sand? The future seemed so far off back then. Well it's here now and I'm so glad I'm not going to die with those things in me (sorry to be morbid but I had a horrible vision of being on the slab and the pathologist and his assistant having a laugh at the silly old bird with implants lying before them!). I have my self respect back. Don't get me wrong I totally understand why if you have issues with your boobs before implant why you'd have them done but if it ain't broken don't fix it. Small is good. I actually never wanted boobs when I was growing up. I was a gymnast and very sporty. My body obliged and never gave me any (well, little one's). It was only through working in a male dominated work place and through a couple of unthoughtful comments that I did this to myself. Also seeing a poster every time I went to the gym of a blonde bombshell on the wall pumping iron with massive knockers! She looked great and I didn't, in my eyes. My insecurities won back then but now I don't care. I love being back to how I was. This wouldn't have happened without you girls. I've gone through this practically alone, only my husband knows and is keeping a low profile. Thank you so much xxx

6 Week update

Well, it's been almost six weeks since explant. I'm in Brazil at the moment and right now I'm at the hotel pool surrounded by boob jobs and butt lifts. I'm the only one here with small breasts and it doesn't bother me in the slightest lol! I wasn't sure if I would notice much change straight away as others have but I do feel more alert than before, the joint aches have also subsided. I also feel less bloated. My boobs have shrunk from the swelling and are probably at the size they will stay, small! I still need to buy new bras and am still wearing comfort bras. I've been massaging the scars with Bio Oil and Coconut Oil. There is a dent in my right breast which I assume is from the capsule being removed where is was attached to the muscle so I'm hoping it will fill out. Still no regrets and would have done it sooner if I'd seen this site.

6 week post op pics

So the right breast has a dent but lefty looking ok.
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