42, 1 Grown Up Child, Going for UHP, 550cc Round Implants - Plymouth

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Hi everyone. I've got surgery booked in less than...

Hi everyone. I've got surgery booked in less than 2 months time. This site is amazing and I've been picking up so much great information to help prepare me. I met my surgeon at the beginning of March and he was great. He's going to use sizers to see whether 450's or 550's will be the right size. He suggested UHP overs. I am currently a 34c. Would like to go to 34F/G. I am 5'5. Intending to take 1-2 weeks off work. And hoping I will be able to drive after week. So excited and am spending loads of time researching. If anyone else has similar stats I would love to hear from you. I will post some before pics in the next couple of days.

Before pic

Hi everyone. So here's a before pic. 7 weeks to go before BA and it seems like forever. Sure once I get to 4 weeks it will fly by. Looking at all the great reviews on here and I am starting to write my list of things I need to buy. I am sure it will grow. Am not going to tell anyone about my BA until I've had it done and then it will only be a few close friends.

And here's the pic

5 weeks to go

So it's 5 weeks to go tomorrow. Starting more and more to think about preparation and what I need to buy. Pre-op not booked yet. Am waiting to hear from the hospital. What actually happens at the pre-op? Still very excited but imagine nerves will kick in at some point. Taking two weeks off work. W
Hope to drive after one week for post op appointment. Hospital is 30 miles away so hope it's not too far for first driving journey afterwards. Still wondering how big they will be. 34c now, with 560cc overs UHP, Dr said to buy a GG/H bra for recovery. Will I end up this size. Do hope so. Got to be able to hide them as well.

Acrylic nails do they need to be removed before BA

Hi everyone. I wear shellac acrylic gel nails. Did you have to have acrylic nails removed before your BA? Thanks for helping. Less than 4 weeks now. Am so excited.

Less than 3 weeks to go!

It's getting closer. Am getting a bit nervous now. Watched breast augmentation surgery on YouTube and now I keep thinking about the op. Nice early admission time which is great. Got lots to buy. Ordered two Macom ibras. Can't visualise yet what they're going to look like. 34c cup now, having Nagor Impleo round textured 560cc overs. Did anyone take arnica tablets in the lead up?

1 1/2 weeks to go! What did you wear to the op?

Well it's 1 1/2 weeks to go now. And I am very excited but a little nervous about the actual op and the general anaesthetic. I am buying the things I need and can't believe how close it is now. Can't think what to wear down to the op? Any advice? Did you take pjs as well? I thought about taking flip flops rather than slippers. Did you take Arbica tablets before the op? Thanks for any help. And good luck to anyone having their BA soon.

When can you fly?

Hi everyone. It's count down to the BA now and I so excited. The nerves are not too bad which is great. Will be nervous on the day. It is going to fly by this week. 8 days. People in my office at work have got colds so I am hoping and praying I don't come down with one. MRSA swab done. Starting to pack my hospital bag already! When can you fly after the BA? Want to have a few sunbed sessions before I fly too, when are you allowed to do that? Hope all you lovely ladies are ok and recovering well.

Less than 3 days to go!

Well it's nearly here. Can't wait. Just getting final preparations done. Don't think I will sleep the night before. Are you able to remove the recovery bra for a bit every day? And when can you do this? I will be dying to check them out.

1 day post op

Hi everyone. Well I had my op yesterday. I was admitted at 08.00am and then went in for surgery about 13.30ish. Can't believe how calm I was. The nurses were so lovely and amazing. The Ps explained things well and answered my long list of post recovery questions. I haven't slept well as not used to sleeping on my back. I ended up with a 520cc on my left and 460 right. There was a lot of pressure yesterday and I felt nauseous. I was given morphine and anti sickness. Came home with codeine, intruder and paracetamol I think. My amazing Bf is sorting the meds for me. Couldn't have done it without him. It hurts when I try and move back on my bed into a better position. And when I was adjusting my position in the night it hurt. Is that normal on day one? I am guessing so. I will post some initial pics. Will try and take some better ones. Am pleased with the size but a little wide apart. Not sure if the gap will close as they soften. Getting good cleavage with recovery bra.

First pics after BA

Another pic

Pic didn't load yesterday for day 1 post op

Here's a pic from yesterday. Day 1 post op.

Day 3 post op

I can't believe it's day 3 post op already. I've stopped the codeine as it was making me feel dizzy and nauseous. Just taken a couple of ibruprofen and paracetamol today. Ventured out for a very short walk in the sunshine. Been to the toilet today which is great and carrying on drinking loads of water, grape juice and prunes. Taking it easy today and feel ok. Got some sleep last night albeit for a few hours at a time. On the whole I feel better than the last two days. Not taken the recovery bra off today will leave that until tomorrow when I take my first shower. Hopefully will get some more pics on tomorrow. Hope all you lovely ladies going through recovery this week are all doing well.

Post op day 4

Here's a pic taken today on post op day 4. Am scared of them at the mo. First time I've had them loose since Op day. Feels like they're stuck on the front of me, lol. When do they start feeling part of you and you feel like you're safe to move without your recovery bra on?

Post op day 5

Time is going quickly. Day 5 post op. So far so good. Suture knots due to come out on Tuesday. Still not sleeping well but adjusting myself in bed is getting easier. Bit more arm movement. Not sure when you can start putting on tops that go over the head rather than button up. Don't have many button up or zip up tops. What did you girls find? Was lovely to wash my hair yesterday.

Post op day 5 update

So I've attached some more pics. I noticed some bruising underneath when I was taking them today. I will just need to monitor that it doesn't get worse or I get any sudden pain or swelling. Did you get similar bruising? And how quickly did it show up? At what stage does the risk of hematoma fade?

Post op day 6 update

The bruising looks a bit less prominent this morning. Not sleeping well but that's the position rather than any pain. Taking minimal paracetamol now. Walk round very slowly like a robot when I have them loose. At the moment I can't imagine walking round with them jiggling about loose! Managed to get top over the head today, yeh!

Post op day 7

Have attached more pics from today. Does the bruising look a little better to you? Having sutures removed tomorrow afternoon so the hospital will see it. Will also email pics to my PS. Nipples sensitive. No medication today. Twinges but nothing too bad.

Post op day 8

Emailed pics of bruising to PS who responded very quickly to say it's just soft tissue bruising and it will be fine. Am very relieved. Am really pleased with what PS has done they look just as I wanted them. Best nights sleep so far last night. Suture removal later today.

Post op day 9

First attempt at driving today. All went well. Am back to work Monday so need to be driving. Took it slowly, reversing and closing the doors the hardest thing to do. Tried sports bras on and 34f tight. As its now June shops think people don't work out in the summer so not a good size range left. Need to try a 34g. Started having fun trying on clothes and love that I won't need to wear a bra if I don't choose to. Nipples very sensitive. Boobs still feeling heavy. Am still walking very stiffly. Bum hurts from sleeping upright.

Post op day 10

All good on post op day 10. Still feeling heavy. Bruising getting better every day and should be gone soon. 2nd driving attempt later and a bit further. I love my new boobs. Does anyone know how to the amend the "was it worth it status?"

Two weeks + 1 day update

Had follow up check with PS today. All good. Can sleep on my back now rather than upright, yeh!! Can also take the tape off. Haven't got to see PS for 3 months. Recovery bra has to stay on for another 4 weeks. Then can get fitted for an underwired bra. Think I will end up a 34F. Hoping for G but will take an F. Still feeling heavy and still swollen on the right. Left starting to fluff. Hope I don't lose much from upper pole. They are EHR so hopefully not.

Two weeks + 2 days

Slept through the night for first time since op last night. Lovely to get the tape off. Left definately fluffing a bit more than the right. Hope it catches up at some point.

6 weeks post op tomorrow

Six weeks since my op. Boobs are feeling a bit more like mine and are softening. Got fitted for bras yesterday. 32F. Hard size to find but managed to get 6! Love my boobs but would have liked them bigger. Right one still needs to drop a bit more. Still getting a bit of jiggling in the left but not as noticeable so hopefully that will go soon. Good luck to all you girlies who are coming up to your op.

Nearly 8 weeks post op

So it's nearly 8 weeks. Not a lot of change since last post but I've attached a new pic. You will see the right side not dropped as much as left but it is softening now more. They were more alike immediately after the op so hope it evens out. Actually looks more noticeable in the photos. Would definately like bigger and will be looking to go to 1000cc in due course. PS got the shape I wanted exactly. May be looking at expandables next. Anyone done that?

Over 2 months post revision

Well it's over 2 months now since my surgery. Am really happy with the new girls. Am still amazed that even though I've gone from 460/520 to 835's that because they are b-lites they don't feel heavy at all. Recovery has gone really well. I have a brilliant surgeon. Will I go bigger? Maybe one day to 1200! But I don't know where I'd get bras, online I guess!! Less oib greed this time.
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