20 Years Old, 450/485cc round silicone Allergan Inspira Textured Soft Full, Bulgaria

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When I was at the age of 14, I noticed one of my...

When I was at the age of 14, I noticed one of my breasts was a bit smaller than the other one. On top of that, I turned out to have a wide chest, full bum,wide shoulders and a skinny waist (thank God!) Flat chest does not suit my figure at all, there is no proportion. I guess I don't need to say anything else. Since then I've lived with the nowtion that an aumentation will be made against all odds. Only the 'when' was the unknown variable of the equation.
I've been saving a lot and there you go - boob job booked before I realised. I am getting it done on the 11th of September in Bulgaria (where I am originally from). I will have to fly from London and back but it is worth it.
After I did a lot of research (hours of youtube videos, extensive before and after galleries, surgeions Q&A etc.), I have determined what size ccs I want. For my body stats (62kg, 162cm) and frame I chose at least 425ccs each moderate + silicone anatomic with round base. However, I still don't know if I am getting textured or smooth and one of my breasts will be treated with 50 to 75ccs more, I guess.
My consultation was virtual, my surgeon has no idea how well-prepared I am. He told me that we're going to try sizers on the day of the surgery and so on. But honestly, I think I already know. I will post some 'wish boobs' pics to show you what serves me as a daily inspiration. I will aslo post some pre-op pictures of my boobies. Wish me luck, I know I have almost a month, but I can't wait!

P.S: Could anybody with areola incisions tell me how they feel and if they have any regrets? Your exprerience will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Day 3 485 cc left/450 cc right

I had my surgery on Friday, it's Monday now.. Feeling much better, back pains are so much weaker now. I can breathe more easily.. Less muscle pain as well. Taking medicines - antibiotics, anti infection and something for the stomach. Looking forward to dropping as they're teardrop shape but still looking round.

Day 6

Tried some clothes on without the ugly sports bra that makes me look like a pig. I look and feel much this way but I'll have to wait 3 weeks more. My breasts are still bruised (yellow) and swollen but they improve every day. The pain is bad only in the first 30 seconds in the morning while I'm getting up. The left one takes more to heal I feel. But generally I'm happy with the results.
Dr. Angel Enchev

Interraction with my surgeon so far has been happening virtually via e-mail. I am so glad virtual consultation exists as an option as I currently live in London and cannot afford to fly back and forth to Bulgaria whenever I feel like. Dr. Enchev is the most famous surgeon in my country, everybody knows his name since he's involved in most of our celebrities makeovers. I haven't even looked for other surgeons. I simply visited his website and I was really impressed by the results shown in the before/after gallry - natural looking, very well-shaped, full, amazing breasts. in other words - work of art. Only time will show if mine will become a masterpiece or a grotesque attempt... I just want them to drop ASAP. All these rectangular boobs I've been seeing online are scary...And yes, I know mine will be like that in the beginning as well. :D

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