another horrible veingogh experience - dont do veingogh

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My negative experience with Veingogh was similar...

My negative experience with Veingogh was similar to a few others, only the treatment was administered by a doctor, a vein specialist. I was treated for small broken capillaries under the eyes and around the mouth. Really quite minimal issues and the doctor said my concerns could easily be resolved. Without my consent the doctor treated eyelids and areas above the eyes. I didn't interrupt the treatment because I trusted his judgement. I was left with black eyes and severe swelling for a week. It looked like I had been in a boxing ring and the treatment was EXTREMELY PAINFUL. I believe veingogh created more broken capillaries. I now have hyper pigmentation and pitted marked where the needle was inserted around my eyes and nose. It has been two months and there are definite changes in the skin texture. I used to only wear make for special occasions to cover the redness. Now I don't leave the house without concealer and I pray these marks will go away on their own. I don't even care about the veins anymore!! DONT DO VEINGOGH.
To anyone considering this treatment.... veins and broken capillaries are easy to cover up with concealer. Pitting and bumps are not so easy to hide!! I wish someone would have warned me this was possible. I NEVER EVER would have done it and learned some make-up tricks instead.
Dr. John Doe

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