27 Yrs Mommy of Three. 5'8" 1/2 and 106 Lbs - Pleasant Grove, UT

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I need advice on a size to go with that will be...

I need advice on a size to go with that will be natural but also be worth my money! After breastfeeding 3 kids I am left with just nipples.:( my PS said the 350 I liked would make me a D cup but I wanna be a middle C cup! Also, would a low profile be too wide for my frame and possibly result in symmastia?

Feeling confident!

So I went for my consult 2 days ago and the staff at dr crofts office was great! They were all helpful and patient. A nurse sat me in my own room and talked me through the process. After all the talk we tried on sizers. I told her I would like to be a middle C. She then put in a pair and I loved them. My sister reassured me the weren't too big! Wen I asked what size he said don't worry too much about the number, just go with what feels right! So after those she have me another pair and as soon as they were on I could tell too big! So then the third pair she slipped on me was eh.. Still a little too big for my frame. So we wet back to the first pair and I really loved them. Whendr crofts came back in to check the proportion he said it fits my body! I asked what cc's they were and the nurse said 360 and I had been thinking 350, so pretty close! I want a moderate profile but As far as my anatomy I might have to be a high. He said he would play around with the sizers in surgery and if he can't fit in the 360's in a moderate profile then he would either go smaller in the moderates or do a 360 high profile. Which makes me a bit nervous cuz I know the High's r for more Bally look which is not what I'm going for but I've seen pics of great high profiles that look amazing! In fact I took in a pic of "Littlebee"'s after pic which I love! Since I need my surgery done soon they fit me I'm in a couple of weeks! They did my pre-op today which was just papers and prescriptions. My surgery is paid for and in two weeks from today! Can't wait!!!

A little rethinking...

So today I called my ps office to ask if I could come in again to try on sizes and ask further questions I have thought of. The receptionist was very nice and helpful when I went in she answered all my questions an calmed my concerns for the possibility of high profile implants. I've seen great results wih them. I made sure to look through the picture book and take pics of the ones I like best to show him what I like and also I took pics of what I don't want them to look like.
My perfect size would be the moderate plus in size 360 silicone. My plan b would be a little bit smaller in moderate plus but if he can't fit anything in more than say 300 I would have him use the high profiles! Yikes! I hate the guessing game of what I think I will like after!! Only 10 days! Can't wait:)

1week away!!

I'm so excited! I can hardly wait! I really need to stop looking at boobs that's all I have on my phone! Geez???? I want it to be all over so I can recover hopefully quickly and start enjoying them' I hope I'm as lucky as others have been in the pain dept! It's amazing how long a week can take when ur waiting for something you've been wanting forever for????

3 days to go!!

I'm silently thinking about it ALL the time! I don't want to annoy friends and family with my excitement:) still a little nervous about the size but I think it'll all turn out! I'm not nervous for the surgery. I've had 3 c-sec so I know how it goes. I'm more nervous about not being able to where any makeup surgery day! I don't go anywhere without it????I just want it to be over so I can recover and hopefully love them!! I wish I had a 2 month fast forward button???? I'm planning on orinting out a couple of pics of my wish boobs so I have a hard copy to show my PS instead of having to show him on my phone! I'll do a surgery day update before surgery! Wish me luck!!!!

I did it!!!

Everything went pretty good today I'm about 3 hrs post op. I feel fine! I gotta say the worst part so far has been the pressure it feels like a 200+lb is laying across my chest and I just wanna push him off!!! Before augers just went in signed my life away and they took me back for vitals and prego test. After, got in my gown and they got my Iv hooked up with antibiotics. I spoke to the anesthesiologist and hen my dr came in and I showed him my folder pics and we discussed that Vance's are they would have to be high profile. I really like the moderate plus 360 but apparently didn't fit so I got 325 in left and 350 in right silicone, under muscle. I'll get to the part that ticked me off in a sec! So after I got in OR they were talking to me then knocked me out they didn't even have me count back or anything but woke up feeling fine. Ate some crackers, drank some apple juice and water. The nurse said everything went fine I got more blankets and a heater under my blankets cuz I was cold. After about 45 mins I finally stopped shaking...I hate those shakes! She gave me some percocets then my lovely sister helped me get dressed and I was outta there! The pain was totally fine the pressure was the worst. When I got home I took my muscle relaxers know king from u lovely ladies that those r my best friends!!! Those helped to alleviate the pressure but it's still there about 30% tho. I feel like I can get around fine right now. Super scared for tomorrow and next day tho! Trying to stay on top of my meds. So when I got outta bed curious to see them in the mirror first thing I noticed was that the incision a as under my breasts!!!!!?????! I instantly started crying! We discussed at my consult that it was through the areola! I'm done breastfeeding, that's the best way to hide the scar!! I was so mad!!! I know it'll heal fine but he fact that I didn't get listened to!! ...pisses me off! So tomorrow I'm going to my follow up ad demanding what the hell happened!!? I'm just afraid they'll give me some bullshit like it wouldn't fit through the muscle or whatever, I wasn't told anything about it after surgery. But I hope I like them despite that and I wanted bigger but I hope when they settle I love them! My husband didn't want anything big so I know he'll be happy! Ugh, anyway I though I'd update! Lmk if anyone has had a similar experience!! Thank u!!

3 days post op! The pain and pressure have been totally fine. I just hate the sickness from the meds and the grogginess! Yuck! C

2weeks!! Post op

Things r going much better! Glad I'm done with the week from hell (the first week) and boobs r much softer this week! I did have my right pocket have to get reopen which sucked and now I have to be really aggressive with my massage. The nurse said my body is healing aggressively! So I have to take vitamin E everyday along with ibuprofen for a month! To soften scar tissue! Has anyone had his issue?? My left pocket which was fine at my 1 week post op has closed up about a 1/2 in and can't be reopened and so as long as it doesn't close anymore it will be fine. But I'm so frustrated cuz I feel like I'm doing pretty good on my massages but I'm losing the battle...hopefully will be a better report next week! Here's a pic from 2 weeks exactly. Still high, right has dropped a tad but I think mine will take a while to drop! Anyone's taken like lover than a month?? Encouraging stories would really help right now!! Thanks

7 weeks post op

Things have been good! Breasts feel like mine:) I just noticed I have mondors cord!? I googled it and that's what I got! I just noticed that I have been more sore on my right breast and when my 23 mo old was kicking my stomach it stretched the skin down and hurt!! While I played around with it I noticed the tendon (or whatever) then googled it! Glad I know I should go away be itself. My ps put me on accolade which I haven't picked up yet help to minimize any problem I might have with capsular contracture. Other then that I'm anxiously awaiting when they will finally settle! It's almost been 2 months but still fuller in upper pole. Still doing massages daily but slacked off on the band. So here's he updated pic!

3 months post

They've been feeling great lately scars are healing. I've been wearing the silicone scar strips for 4 weeks now and the color has changed and starting to fade. Found them at target for $16 last 8 weeks and I cut the strips in half length wise to cover scars:)
The only thing I'm waiting for is for them to drop like the last 1/2 inch!! They look great in swimsuits and great in clothes but I want them to look great naked! It's a waiting game...
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