400cc Moderate Profile Plus Silicone Implants with Incision Under Breast - Atlanta, GA

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Petite body, 5 '2, 118 lbs. I am 46 years old,...

Petite body, 5 '2, 118 lbs. I am 46 years old, pre-op breast size 34 A. My breast were deflated looking. I breast fed my only child 14 years ago. Eventhough I exercise regularly and have good muscle tone, my breast needed more fullness to balance my figure. It was time for me to do something for myself!


Swelling almost gone

first pic is 7 days post op, second pic is 14 days post op..see how the much they changed in....we must be patient for the final results..it just gets better

4 weeks post op

So far so good, still swollen just a little, I think they are changing a little more. I still have some numbness under both breast and around the nipple area. My skin is still sensitive, but its getting better. Very happy with the results so far...

New Swim suit

Loved trying on new swim suits. Finally, NO PADDING! Happy!!

6 weeks post-op

So far so good. I'm loving my new boobies! They still hurt under the incision in the crease, but the scars looks good. I think my boobies are almost where they should be.. All swelling on my chest feels back to normal..so I'm hoping this is the final results.

2nd bikini pic 6 weeks post op

6 weeks post op, new bikinis

side by side

reloaded first pic taken at 2 weeks post op and this last pic taken today at 7 weeks post op. What I have noticed is all the swelling in the upper chest area has gone down, but my implants seem to have always been in the same position. I have read that your Dr. places the implants exactly where they should be during surgery, and they should remain there. My Dr. also places internal support sutures under the breast, which helps hold the implants in place. My results never had a drastic change in position as a lot of women Ive seen on here. I never felt my implants were high (just swelling), or that they dropped significantly. I guess that's the only thing I can complain about, but I don't believe my ps would have changed my natural anatomy for a small detail since it was only a tiny flaw. What Im thinking now is that I am pretty much at my final look even though its only 7 weeks. I only come to that conclusion because I haven't noticed anymore changes since the initial swelling. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?? Anyway..I love the work of my PS, he definitely takes care in his work.


Pushed the boobs as much as I could and I got a little cleavage!

8 weeks ( 2month) post op anniversary

Well its now 2 months since my surgery...wow its been gone by soo fast. I am truly happy with my results. I am thankful for my PS and his technique in giving me what I wanted.

Husband scared to touch boobs....??

Im 8 weeks post op, and because of the discomfort and complaining since the surgery my partner is still afraid to touch them....really??? Is there something wrong with my boobs or is it just men?? Omg...I got these boobies for me, but also for him..
Has anyone else gone through this??
He says he's afraid he will hurt me...What does he want to do to them...lol

9 weeks post op

My boobies have reached their final look. The reason I say this is because I haven't noticed anymore changes since week 7. So I guess this is my final results. Im a C cup even with 400 cc's. I really love having larger breast now. I wish I was bigger, but Im happy. My pain lasted longer than most women, and I think its because of my Dr.s precautious technique. I am thankful that because of him, I never experienced unevenness or my implants needing to settle. I just had to wait for swelling to go down. I really am grateful for not having to go thru strange shapes or complications. This pic I posted just now is just in a tank top with no bra. My final result.

sports top

Some women are curious if my size looks small in a sports top, I guess it depends on the style. This one has no padding.

swim suit simple top

swim suit pic before BA and swim suit agfter BA

HUGE difference


Im finally back to my regular work outs...Its been so long! It took this amount of time ( 9 weeks post op) for me to be able to go back to a normal routine.

Almost 3 months post op

Wanted to post pic of what they look like laying down. They don't fall to the side and stay in place. I remember before I had my BA, my tiny ones would completely disappear when I would lay down. I sent these to my baby, and he loved them.

B cup Bra after 400 cc implants

Here is a pic I just took in my new bra 34B

Side view at almost 12 weeks post op

Side pic shows how they are not high anymore. Sorry for the tooth paste all over the mirror, my son left it like that..lol

36 b bra no padding

Not too big with no padding

Incisions at 3 months post op

Here are the results of my incisions at 3 months post op. On my right breast, I pulled the tape off before I was suppose to at the 3 week mark, and I made the corner bleed at the time. I can still see its more red than the rest of the incision.

34C new bra

new bra


Last years catwoman costume before BA. I had to wear two push up bras to get this look...lol

Another new bra

New Bralette I bought today, love the comfort of it

Bralette 34 b

new bralette 34 B

Catwoman Post op BA

Ok, so I put on my catwoman costume from last year, and this is what I look like with new boobies now. I do have on a push up bra though, because the costume is really stretchy vinyl and it just covers the boobs flat if you don't wear support.

Sports bra for post surgery use

this is the sports bra that my plastic surgeon provides to his patients after surgery. Its to be worn at about 5 weeks I think. It helps keep the breast still and I use it when I sleep too, sometimes.

Post surgical bra

this is the bra that Dr.Connors tells us to wear after surgery up to about the 5th week

post surgical bra

post surgical bra

Almost 5 months PO BA...time flies

Updated pic at almost 5 months after BA

7 Months Post BA

Time has past so quickly, I can barely remember what it felt like to be an A cup. My breast feel completely normal now, and I feel my breast are the perfect size. I use to have boob greed in the beginning because I guess I was so excited to have boobies..but now that Ive adjusted to them, I think the size works well for me.

New bra...

It was the only one left, so I bought it even though it's a 34B..love how it looks and feels. I still can't believe I have boobs to fill in a unpadded bra.

New years eve dress..

Maybe this dress was a little too much, but I had to do it!...lol

9 months post op BA

it's hard to believe how much time has past since my operation. I'm back excercising in my pilates reforms class like I did before BA. I still take it easy on the chest though. Since my implants are under the muscle, I really don't like the way it feels. Besides that, I'm completely use to having boobs now, and I'm so happy to have made this decision in my life. I also like having 400 too, I wouldn't have done it any different.

9 months pos BA

I jjust wrote a long paragraph and it didn't post..so here's updated pics at 9 months

400 cc BA update at 9 months po

Third time trying to post updated pic..

Updated pics

9 months post BA



Pic update

Pic update, testing to see if it works this time

update 9 months

left side profile and right side to show slope of breast with moderate plus when implant is placed under muscle, and front profile

Almost One year! Post op

I just wanted to update and show the boobies at one year post op. For those who haven't read my stats, they are 400cc silicone implants moderate plus under muscle. I was a 34 A prior to BA. I ended up being a full C and D in some bras. These pics are just a few I took just recently.

Just Amazing...Dr. Connors is so nice, he's patient, he listens, and he tells you the truth about your expectations. His staff is incredibly helpful, sweet, and caring. I always felt they wanted to help, and everything is handled promptly. I will always go to Dr. Connors for any medical procedure in the future. Dr. Connors is the BEST!

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