Face Lift, Neck Lift, Endoscopic Brow Lift and Fat Transfers - 60 yr. Old

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I have like most other thought about having this...

I have like most other thought about having this procedure done for several years. I was half joking, half serious when I would say I am going to wait until I am 60 and then I am going to have a facelift thinking that by waiting until then I will only need to do it once. Well here I am 60 and it is time to put my money where my mouth is. I have done countless hours of research for both of the procedures, read hundreds of reviews and it is now go time. My surgery is booked for Sept 21, 2016, two days away and I still can hardly believe that I am actually doing this, it still seems a little unreal. I live 100 miles away from the clinic that will be performing the surgery so my husband and I will go to a hotel close by the night before my surgery and plan to stay the following night after my surgery as the Dr. wants to see me the following morning. I will add pictures as I go for those who are interested in following my progress including my before and after results.

One Day To Go Time

Well tomorrow is the big day, feeling a little anxious but not too bad. Will be glad to be on the other side of tomorrow. Wish me Luck!

Day 1 & 2

Well everything went fine. 4 1/2 hour surgery that included a facelift, browlift and fat transfers. Woke up feeling a little sore under the chin and a slight headache across the forehead other than that pretty good. 2 hours later I was released and at our hotel that was just 10 minutes away. Still no real pain but could not sleep, I thought I would sleep the day away. I had a greek yogurt, a meal replacement drink and a banana and took one pain pill at 11 pm hoping it was help me sleep but only managed to sleep about 3 hours, not sure why really. Next morning feeling pretty good and was back to see the Dr. before our 100 mile drive home. I don't think my body appreciated the drive home as I became nauseous and was that way for several hours. I finally got some gravel and I was then fine. Took an over the counter sleep aid and a Tylenol before bed about 10pm and slept until 5 am. I find it so hard to sleep on my back propped up with pillows however it is necessary if you want to keep the swelling to a minimum. I was told not to ice in case of ice burn to the skin. Also I am to take two showers a day including washing my hair. I am to wear the elastic tensor bandage day and night along with compression socks. That's it for now will keep you posted.

Day 1 & 2

Days 3-6

Had an appt. today, day 6, to have some of the stitches removes and everything is progressing as it should. No more tensor bandage, still two showers a day shampooing hair with baby shampoo. I am to start massaging to break up the scar tissue which feels pretty hard. 3 x per day for 5 minutes each time. I was told I didn't need to sleep propped up that I could lie flat. I tried that last night, still did not help me sleep and had more swelling this morning. A little bit of soreness over the last few day but nothing to really complain about. I take a Tylenol at night and took a couple through the day up to day 3. Lots of swelling, probably less bruising than lots, considering all the procedures. Full facelift, neck, fat transfers and endoscopic brow lift. Still looking and feeling like an alien although I am told it will soften considerably. The hardest part of it all has been sleeping. I get very little sleep each night 3-4 hours of very interrupted sleep. The days are very long for this reason, I just can't stay sleeping on my back. I will be so glad to be able to sleep on my side again. I have been eating well, avoiding salt almost completely, getting lots of fruits, yogurt, protein etc. Friday I go back to the Dr. to have the staples removed and new routines to start. I know I would be feeling a lot better if I didn't of all things come down with a cold, on day 5, generously shared by my husband. Needless to say I am feeling very sluggish and just generally crappy. Better days ahead they say.

Days 3-6

2 Weeks, with Makeup and Without.

It is now two weeks and the healing process although long is not dead. I went to my PS today for checkup and drove myself the 100 mile distance to his office/clinic, which attests to how I feel. I am told everything is looking good and progressing as it should which is always good to hear. I still have some bruising as the pictures will show, a couple of spots in particular which are both from the fat transfers. I was to wear support socks for two weeks following surgery and was glad to get rid of them, very freeing. As most who have undergone this surgery there is always one side that seems to be the better side than the other, explained as two separate surgeries that just heal differently. One side not only looks better but feels better including less numbness it seems. I am suppose to continue sleeping on my back which I still say is the hardest part of this and I understand it will probably be 6 weeks before I can go back to my side. I still wake up a little more swollen in the morning than I am a couple of hours into the day. I do try to continue to limit my salt intake because I am told that will help with swelling. I really have not been given lots of restriction including not turning my head from side to side which others have mentioned in reviews. I am to continue showering and washing my hair everyday which just feels good anyway but it is very odd not being able to feel the top of my head, from my endoscopic brow lift, and the anchors that are left to hold things in place while they heal. I understand they will dissolve over several months. I am also to continue with the massage around the surgical sites to help break up scar tissue, not sure how long that is to continue, my next appt is in four weeks so it will be at least that long. I am now to apply, "Scar Fade" a silcone based gel twice per day. I was told that the important part of the scar fading product is that it is to be silcone based, although I am not sure why. When I went to the drug store the clerk took me to where the Mederma was but it did not list silcone as one of the ingredients so she checked with pharmacy and they directed us to another area in the store, strange. I will check in in another couple weeks.

4 Weeks

Well it is now 4 weeks and the healing process continues with slight improvements each day. Still have a bruise under my eye that continues to fade but will likely be another week yet before I am bruise free. The swelling of course continues to go down and tightness around the neck eases each day. Still completely numb on the top of my head and just amount as numb around my ears which I understand will continue for some time. I am now able to sleep on my side, at 3 weeks I was given the go ahead. I still say that other than boredom sleeping on my back has been the hardest part of this process. I now am able to get 6 hours sleep which is normally what I would get instead of the 3-5 hours before being able to sleep on my side. I really feel great! I will check in again in a couple of week.

3 month

Well I am now at 3 months post op. I can hardly see the scars even with a magnifying mirror, I feel great and the surgery feels like a distant memory. The scars behind my ears are a little more visible but nothing that anyone can see. The scar under my chin is fading more and more every day also. My husband regularly remarks on how open my eyes look from the brow lift so I am especially glad that I decided to include that with my face lift and my jaw and neck area looks better than it ever has, as I always had a double chin.

I still have numbness by my ears, jaw line, top of my head etc. as in the begining but just less so. I am only aware of it if I am touching those areas otherwise I don't think about it or feel anything different than normal . Swelling of course has continued to go down to the point were it seems it is next to almost nothing. I know there is still some there but not that anyone would notice. They say at 6 months it is 80-90 percent gone. I am only at 3 months and can only tell there is swelling by feel not really by sight but then I guess I am use to it. The fat transfers have gone down some which is expected but still look good. My smokers lines are less obvious but are still there and could use something, although I am not sure what, to improve them further. All in all I couldn't be much happier with the results. Do not look done or obvious in my mind. So far the people I regularly see have not said anything. I only saw a very few people though after surgery before heading south for the winter so the real test will be in the Spring when I return. I will update again at 6 month.

6 Months post-op

6 Months post-op

Well here I am 6 Months post-op. It has been a great experience and would recommend it highly. There is nothing like the feeling of looking 10 plus years younger. I think I look even better than I did even 10 plus years ago because I don't have the double chin that I had through my whole life. Considering there wasn't even any pain involved, or no more than a Tylenol couldn't handle, i I feel that it couldn'the have been any easier. I still say the hardest part was trying to sleep on my back for the first 3 weeks.

So as long as you do your research and get yourself a good Dr. you will have nothing to worry about and in the end will be glad you did it.

I still have some numbness but only notice when I am actually touching the areas. Scarring is almost non existent, only with a magnifying mirror can I even see a trace and even that i know will only improve. The only issue I still really have is my smokers lines above my upper lip and I am not a fan of how botox looks so I will have to look into it to see what options are available.

I probably won't check in again before it is 1 year so good luck to all of you who have decided to go ahead with the procedure, I know you will be fine.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I have only seen the Dr. once but have done lots of research on the Dr. and his clinic and feel I have chosen wisely. He performs a facelift procedure approx. once per week and feel confident that his experience with this procedure will give me the results that I am looking for. At 3 months post open I am very sure I picked the right Dr., I couldn't be happier with the results!

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