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Hi There... I'm an active 44yr old, 5'8", 135lbs ,...

Hi There... I'm an active 44yr old, 5'8", 135lbs , 2 breastfed kids
I'm considering Cohesive Gel Silicone round 325cc, under muscle, moderate plus. I'm approximately 7 weeks pre and I still have days when I think ... "should I really do this?!!!". I was so excited about it all until I actually booked the date and it really sunk in. Each day I flip back and forth honestly.
I've always been small and felt self conscious but came to terms with my size at some point. For the better part of my life I was a 34b. But as I became more and more active and started weight training consistently a couple of years ago I really lost volume. I started to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. I also hated how 'lacking' my chest looked in bathing suits... which I spend a lot of time in. So I started to inquire and do some real research and found this site, which has been truly helpful. I'm not interested in going too big... but concerned about going too small also. Looking for a good c cup. I started out with 250cc initially but after a couple sizing consults I've landed on 325cc. I'm hoping this gives me enough :)
I met with my surgeon, Dr. F. Lista, and he told me that due to the small size of my areola and lack of a breast fold my only incision option is through the underarm. I was pleasantly surprised with this incision site as it is descreet but I can't say that I've seen even one person on here who has the same. Anyone out there I missed?? Would love to hear about your recovery time and challenges if any.

Surgery date moved up!

Received a call today from my PS and they had a cancellation so I'm officially booked for December 12th! So excited! I have another sizing appointment booked for this Friday also so I can decide on the final size. As I read through the reviews I find myself considering bigger sizes. My husband is sooooo worried I'll go to big so he is definitely realing me in to some degree, but ultimately it's me who has to live with them. I don't want to regret not going big enough. I'm thinking about 325-350cc... I know I'll lose some going under the muscle so keeping that in mind.


Day 1- on the other side!

Well I had surgery yesterday !! All went well. Went with 350cc under the muscle, armpit incision. Feeling tender today but havent needed to taken more Percocet . I had one at the clinic yesterday around 2pm and started the Celebrex this morning. I do feel achy and the incision is more tender than yesterday but manageable. They sent me hom with a pain pump that infuses mardicaine ( something along those line lol) also but that was taken off at my follow up appointment today as well as the drains removed. I am swollen,my left more than the right. I have a band on across my chest as expected but they had given me a small that was quite restricting... so they changed that today also. Much more comfortable. They said the tight one may have cause more swelling?
Anyway living the size so far! I thought they were a little big at first but become more accustomed to looking at myself and they seem to really fit nicely on my body. And even if they go down a bit as I expect they will I wouldn't mind. I'll reserve judgement for a while though ;)
My back is pretty sore. Wonder how you ladies positioned yourself to avoid this? Any feedback is appreciated. Also no bra for a month! What did you guys do? My surgeon does like nipple adhesives so restricted from those. Nurse recommend just wearing a tight tank. Not even a comfy braletteus acceptable. Nothing to potentially lift the breast. Thankful for any feedback you may have :) :) :)

Day 5 PO

Just a short update. Made it through the recovery pretty smoothly. Feeling great and so thrilled with the size. Most challenging part for me has been sleeping (first few days), back pain primarily due to being on back all night and the mandatory band that I have to wear across my chest. I know how necessary it is so I will persevere :). But honestly the recovery overall has been very doable! Lol. Have my one week PO check up tomorrow and will be driving for first time. Hopefully I'll be cleared for more activity :)

Day 11 Post Op

Feeling great overall. Incisions look and feel very lumpy. Trying to massage the lumps away but really not sure if it's working.
Finally tried on some bras, bralettes and bathing suits. Soooo happy with my new look....even tho they are sitting quite high I am loving my fullness:)
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