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Hello beautiful ladies! So the second part of my...

Hello beautiful ladies! So the second part of my MMO is almost here finally!!! Just a little update: 4"11 type 1 diabetic about 126lbs (before my BA) now 130lbs. Went from a 32B to a beautiful 34D (back in March). Since I couldn't take the entire time i needed off for recovery plus me being a diabetic, we decided on having two separate surgeries (price didn't change). My job finally finally gave me the time off I need for my second surgery and now is back to my count down! I do however have a full review on my BA by the way. Originally my BA surgeon wanted to go for a mini tuck w lipo (I wasn't too happy about it) but thank God since I had to postpone my second surgey (job related), he retired and his partner is taking over!!! Full tummy tuck, lipo to flank areas plus lipo to my inner thigh!! OMG I can't wait!!

7 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Ok ladies. It's almost here. Full TT, MR, lipo to flanks and inner thighs!! Question to those experienced ladies that has gone through this amazing journey!! What is the best, comfortable wise clothes to wear the day off. I know when I had my BA about four months ago, I just wore joggers w a zip up hoodie. This however will be a total different type of surgery. Any other suggestions is highly appreciated!!!

ON MY WAY !! Here it goes

On my way to surgery. I'm nervous and excited! A little anxious here on the road. I just want to get it over with!!! Bye bye to this muffin top, love handles and good bye to these inner thighs. !! Best of luck to everyone whose having surgery!!!


Omg omg. The pain and discomfort is real ! Pls ladies any suggestions that might make this transition easier! ? Currently I'm wrapped like a mummy w compression garments. In my bed pepped w a dozen pillows and it's still uncomfortable. Im supposed to walk around every 2-3 hours as tolerated. When I need to use the bathroom I take advantage of the walk around my room. It's so hard to remove the garments. Thank god there's a whole in the pee area, where the drain tubes come out. So I use a funnel to pee. Instead of removing the garments. I showered today. NEVER AGAIN. IT WAS THE WORST TIME EVER!! HELP. IT HAS TO GET EASIER!

One week post op!

Note to self: wow! It's been rough. The first 4-5 days. I mean rough. But no pain no gain I guess. I am thankful to my wonderful mom who came down from jersey. My fiancé who took the week off and of course my OR nurse who just not too long ago had the same surgery four months ago. She's been guiding me through every step of the way. Thank you Ang!! Must haves: shower chair (any plastic lawn chair w handles) shower hose w massage. STOOL SOFTENER (the struggle is worst than labor). Tennis balls to massage and gradually straighten your back. A nuzzle or just cut through a plastic cup so you don't have to remove your compression garment went you need to pee ( most compression garments have the whole in the middle. Cut it wider). Ice pack ice pack ice pack. Walk every 2-3 hours even in the middle of the night. Every little bit helps!! Today is day 7 and even though I still can't walk totally straight, boy I can do so much on my own. Day by day. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just pray that I can go back to work next Tuesday.

Almost 1month post op!!

Hello everyone. Hope everyone's recovery process is going well and complication free. And for those who are doing their count down pre op: must haves: tennis balls (roll yourself up and down on a wall, it will ease the pain and pressure on your back). Recliner. Frozen veggies (back pain). Walk walk walk every 2 hours even if you are struggling!! Walk! Good luck. The struggle is REAL but so worth it. Well I'll be one month post op on the 18th. I went back to work two weeks post op. I'm a nurse. So I'm on my feet all day long! I keep my compression garments underneath my scrubs including the compression pants post lipo (inner thigh). To avoid excessive swelling. Plus I feel so much secure w them. I still can't walk completely straight. There's lots of stiffness going on. Specially when I stand up after sitting down. My incisions are trying to heal; I have a few open infusions on my mid section. Surgeon said its normal due to the fact that's where we tend to put the most stress on. I'm keeping it clean and apply bacitracin ointment as directed. My lower abdomen has some swelling going on, even though I keep my compression band on 24/7. My belly button is coming along. They had put (nurse during my one week follow up) a bandaid over my belly button w bacitracin because it was a little irritated. My skin is so delicate that when I removed the band aide, it gave me a skin tear! I've been applying bacitracin (basically everywhere!!) I'm hoping the scar will go away soon. It healed I just have a scar. Again it's only one month in four days. So far I am very pleased w my results. I know it's going to take a lot of time before I can feel normal again. Patience. I guess. Any advice? Suggestions? I can deff appreciate them. Anything that will make this recovery easier and smoother!!!
Newport News Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Blanchard is an amazing Doctor! Loved him from day one. Very professional and hillarious! I've seen his work, alsmost all his staff has gotten a procedure done by him w amazing results! I am confident and ready for him!

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