Tummy Tuck - I freaking LOVE DR OMULEPU!

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So yesterday I booked my tummy tuck with Dr...

So yesterday I booked my tummy tuck with Dr Omulepu of Vanity Cosmetics. Yani has been my coordinator, she's a doll, so sweet and funny. I'll update this part itself when I meet Dr O and more so, after my tuck.

Ok, I'll say this, there's been times where I felt I was being pushed to hurry up and book with them. Also, I was offered a great deal but because I didn't book that same day I lost that deal and price went up A LOT in comparison. Now i'm kind of freaking out because I only have 3 nights and 4 days while I'm there and then I'll be back on a plane back to Cali and I don't know if that'll be enough time, but I sure as hell hope so cause damn.


Ok, so I have my surgery booked for 27 days from now, I booked my flight and will leave 25 days from now do a red eye to arrive the day before surgery...

why am I scared?
Well 1 reason is I only get 4 nights n 3 days at the recovery house, this includes the day before surgery, so surgery is on Thursday and I'll be on 2 planes on Saturday. Uh, what about my drains?! I was assured they'd be taken out before then but what if I get a seroma from taking the drains out early?!

Then I called them today to ask a few questions after I booked my flight and was told she'd call me back after lunch break, NADA. Then I was told I'd be called right back after I called back and supposedly my reception was bad, BUT SHE NEVER CALLED ME BACK!

Feeling like now that I paid in full they don't care about keeping me happy.

So yea I'm livid!


Figured I'd add some pics of what my damage is, maybe it'll help someone in the future ...

1 Question Answered

So I called my coordinator again today, and had several questions that I need answered, unfortunately I'll be waiting for that phone call cause who knows when that will happen. Buuuut... I did get one answer, I can have someone stay with me the whole time, it's included in my cost. So, I'm thinking of letting my dad know since he's already in Florida and see if he wants to come down. I don't want to make him uncomfortable tho so I'll play it by ear and see. He's got quite a drive if chooses to come, and I don't want to put him up for that at his age. But I'd love to see him.

Ladies HELP!

If you've had a tummy tuck or are prepping for one, specially if you're having to travel... what are the supplies you've gotten or got and took with you?

So far all I have is Gas X lol I'm a horrible flyer, and bloat terribly when I do, hence the extra strength gas stuff, but I know I'll be needing more stuff. I'm only taking a carry on case cause my stay will be so short and I wont be partying.

I know I'll need some loose clothing, preferably with pockets so I can keep my phone close but I'll have my purse anyway... ugh I just feel lost as to what to bring with me. I'm scared I'll forget something.

So ladies if you have any helpful ideas and suggestions, things i should bring with me, etc... Could you please share with me?
Thank you!

Tomorrow I leave...

I can't believe it's already here, tomorrow I leave, and after 3 diff plane rides I will be there hopefully. Holy crap I'm nervous, but excited, happy but sad, scared but excited. I'm a mess!

I don't want to leave my husband or my babies :( getting anxiety just thinking about it.

But I'm ready, please Dr Omulepu, work your magic on me!

Where is my update?

I've written 3 updates n they aren't showing up, what gives?!

I'm at the airport in the middle of a layover ... argh!!!

In Phoenix

With pre op just being hours away I sit in the airport after my first flight n continue to freak out. I SUCK! Dude I have more balls than this usually to do things but for some odd reason I'm tripping over this. I feel scrambled, n so unsure of everything. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like the smartest move for someone about to have a serious surgery.

I keep trying to focus on Dr Omulepu and asking him to make me tiny lol to take this nasty flap away and give me what I had pre babies.

Come on Dr Omulepu, work your magic lol

I will update again after meeting him n getting my labs done... hopefully anyway!

SX is at 9am !!!

Just got word, my surgery with Dr Omulepu is tomorrow morning at 9am! OMG! I cannot believe its finally happening, desperately trying to stay positive but who am I kidding?!

I've met 3 lovely ladies whIle at this pretty damn cool recovery house at the ranch. I have my own suite, n 2 girls have gotten their BBL done Monday n Tuesday, they're so nice but seem to be so uncomfortable with pain :( the other one is a lovely RS lady herself :) NITD gorgeous body with soon to have a perfect Fisher booty :) omg I cannot wait, but I'm so scared eeek!!!

Update - Surgery at 8am

Ok, so got the call that my surgery will be earlier. Guess I'm first in line, yayyy! I gotta be there at 8am tomorrow morning, so after meeting with Dr O I'll be going in shortly after.

Say what?! Is this really happening?! Eeek! I'm so freaked lol getting happier by the min but at the same time I'm still tripping balls lol

I guess

I guess I'm only going to be able to upload one pic at a time, so from the beginning here it goes :)

I promise to ...

I promise to have a more in depth review of the entire thing as soon as my hubby gets my laptop in here, cause I need better typing capabilities. But in the meantime, I'll add a quicky while RS is being compliant lol

First things first, I absolutely LOVE DR OMULEPU! He's really funny,and super sweet. He made me feel at ease immediately, he listened to my concerns and questions, and he truly is an easy person to talk to.

I do however wish he worked at a more uhm, well reputable place. Not trying to bad mouth it or anything, it's just that their customer service needs some serious improvement.

There's a nurse over at the Hialeah office which is where I had my surgery, her name is Enriqueta, and I swear she is absolutely the sweetest nurse you will ever meet. She made all the difference in the staff dept, in my opinion. So did the lady that does thr massages there, both are incredibly sweet and they love what they do, it shows.

I'll go into details my probs with Vanity, but other than that I don't regret having my tummy tuck, and I really do love Dr Omulepu, he was awesome!

I'll write more later, I need my laptop cause my oxy is kicking in and I'm having typing issues with phone lol

Hope there's not too many typos lol

1 cough ...

I freaking cough, hugged a pillow and everything and I swear to go it was the worst pain thus far. HOLY CRAP! And here I thought going to the bathroom for an hour just trying was painful, but nope nope nope the 1 and only cough was that much worse! OMG! While I'm in recovery I never ever want to cough or sneeze EVER again!

Still feel a tickle in my throat and no matter what I'm trying it won't go away, but I'll be dammed if I cough again!

Ladies who are getting a tuck,idk what or how to avoid it, but try and do your best to not cough afterwards, the pain is horrifying. I felt like I was stabbed around my new belly button. :(

What I took with me...

So, I wasn't sure what to take with me when I went to have my surgery, so I packed what was necessary for me, I may have forgotten a thing or two but lucky for you I still haven't unpacked, if it didn't take me 10 minutes to walk to my room and back, I would take a quick glance of all that's in there... but that's not gonna happen right now, so here's what we got...

1- I had a post op lose dress from Target $20, I bought it a size medium and it was still huge. It doesn't quite make it to my knees and I'm happy it was short.
2- journal, because I write a lot.
3- my wallet, gum, toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, inhaler (I have asthma), lip balm (rose balm from Bath & Body works) cause lips needed extra care.
4- a coming home outfit, I chose a long maxi and a lose tank top, both dark in case I had bleeding.
5- a book, I read A LOT!
6- a 16 pack of breakfast bars
7- 8 pairs of panties that were 3 sizes too big... they were still too small after the garment was placed so I cut them up :)
8- phone charger
9- 2 sports bras (I live in these)
10- gas x (trust me, youll want this, specially if flying)
11- BUY WATER AT THE AIRPORT AFTER YOU PASS TSA both coming and going cause going you'll get dry and bloated and thirsty, coming you'll need to take your meds on the dot.

Yes, I packed light, 1 backpack 3 slots, under 15 lbs :)

Drains out!

Yesterday hubby n I took my drains out... after 2 days of empty drains it was time.

Finding the stitch for my hubby was a pain, he was afraid of cutting me n the stitch was wrapped around tightly several times.

My poor hubby I cussed him out a fee times, took over pulling it out myself n then he did the rest. The left one was worse n he did it all practically.

Hey look, my scar!

Just snapped a quick a pic of my scar after taking my dressing off. So far, I'm happy, I have each end, don't like that it looks bunched up but Dr Omulepu swears it'll change n look different n perfect in about 2 months.

Honestly I'm ok with that so far, just so happy my nasty saggy flap is gone!
Adios flappy! :D

Day 12 Post Op

Just wanted to share a quick pic of day 12, I'm absolutely floored n in love!

I finally feel sexy!!!

This was yesterday upon waking, the crease you see isn't my scar, just from the garment :)

I was worried ...

I was worried about having a TT, didn't know if I'd be able to handle it having small children that need me... now I can't believe I was ever afraid. I have a wonderful loving husband who supported me n helped me the first week home... he still helps me, but I've been home alone with my kids, taking care of things just at a slower pace n I'm so happy I got this done. I feel alive, n sexy! I no longer feel like I have to hide in my baggy clothes, I'm a personal trainer, a kickboxing instructor n a zumba instructor, n always felt gross doing that cause I know that my clients were looking at that flap. One of them mentioned that it looked gross, I felt so disgusting cause it was truly out of my control... now I can't wait to get back in the groove of my work outs n work... this girl is back n with a vengeance ;) next up may even be on stage to compete NPC!

27 days post op ...

5 weeks post op

Just wanted to give a quick update at what's happening 5 weeks post op, last night was the first time I've slept on my back, I had 2 pillows on my back but was quite flat and one small one under my legs that I eventually pushed away. I slept great!
I'm dancing again, not crazy like before and no twerking yet as it pulls on my incision but getting close to start teaching my zumba class again soon, hopefully kickboxing too!

My measurements are currently
I'm 5'4"
31 1/4" under-bust
28.5" waist
42.5" hips/booty

Back to the gym I go!

Well it's 6 weeks and it's time to go back to the gym, I'm allowed to do cardio for now and not sure if it's 8 or 10 weeks for weights. I'll do some research or just listen to my body accordingly.

Been busy meeting with new clients and a few future photo shoots scheduled, can't wait, I love being behind the camera.

I still can't lay on my stomach, do crunches or plank, but it keeps getting better everyday :)


The good, the bad n the ugly...


Although I don't wear one when I go out, and so far have been lucky enough to not experience much if any swelling :D

Scar View 7 weeks post op

Here's a quick view of scar at 7 weeks post op

Update on tummy

Just a quick pic update at almost 3 months post op, I'm back to working out and eating healthily. I'm loving my results :)

I love Dr Osak Omulepu, he's an amazing surgeon, empathetic, sweet, funny and understanding. He listened to me, my fears n my wants. Im so happy to have had him as my surgeon, he called me, texted me, n has kept in touch with me since I left Miami... The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars on all the ratings has nothing to do with him, but to the lying eagerly selling twat who lied to me several times to get me to hurry up n book. Also on how time means nothing in this clinic, n customer service leaves much to be desired. I however absolutely love Dr Omulepu n would go back to him in a heart beat if I ever could for a diff procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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