25 YO Mommy of One. I Need my MOjO Back!! - Miami, FL

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Hello ladies!!! I had a breast augmentation in...

Hello ladies!!! I had a breast augmentation in August of 2013 by the best ever, Mel Ortega. I found out a year later exactly I was preggo with my first and last born. I was 5'3, 151 pounds. i grew to 213 pounds in my final week of pregnancy. through all of the sretchmarks, weight gained, high blood pressure, swollen feet, fat hands, vommiting, darker skin, and bigger nose, it was so worth it. I love my little diva. But now that shes here, I need my MOJO back! Ive been working out with my trainer 3-4 time a week. my baby is 2 months and i now weigh 168. When i get to 161 i will be satisfied. I couldnt book dr ortega so I am going with Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu at Vanity. He has great reviews and even better pictures. Im so excited to get my perfect body back! I am getting a breast lift with new implants, and lipo of my front end, hopefully he can get my back as well. I also applied for United Medical Credit and was approved for 3200! that was sooo unexpected! Well i will keep you ladies updated on my journey! less than 1 month away!!

Here are my befor pics! Aka my wish pics

My price?

Ok, so my coordinator is Joseline and she is horrible to me! I have yet to revive a receipt for the deposit i paid, and I've called THREE times today asking about the paperwork, my blood work, my receipt. She keeps saying she's sending to my email, and if I don't get tomorrow then to call back? Any who, I was also quoted 6800 for breast lift, replace old implants with new ones and lipo of 12 areas. However, since I'm getting a breast lift I can't get 12 areas, only 6 or equal to 1 liter (1000 cc) now isn't my price supposed to go down?? I called and asked Joseline and she said that was a quote for 6 areas. LIES!!! I know I'm right because I know EVERYTIME I ask her a question she puts me on hold and asks some one else!!! I can't wait for tomorrow morning so I can call and raise hell. Lol I've been looking at other girls prices and they're not as expensive as mine. And on the website the breast lifts start at 2999. It's probably an additional 500-1000 for the implants. That's 4000 total. So u mean to tell me it's an additional 3000 for 1 liter or lipo? Nah. It's not adding up to me....ladies am I tripping!?

The bs continues

So I called yesterday and tried to change coordinators, unfortunately every time o called there was no one there to help me! Then my coordinator Joseline was to call me back after her lunch.....I never got that call. I still don't have a receipt... And I still believe I'm being over charged. Im about to call and act like some one and let's see if this price changes....

A little update and a few more pix!!

Okay, so via my previous update, i was def. getting ripped off. since then i have a new coordinator and i also am now getting the mommy makeover instead of the lipo and breast lift. I believe i need a mini tummy tuck instead of the full. but hell i want whatevr will give me the best results. i am still getting the breast lift wit change of implants. my mommy makeover is 7500. I purchased me some Vitamins this past week. just the iron pills and vitamin c. i will go get my blood work done this upcoming monday and have everything faxed over. i also attached a new pic of my tummy. im now 167. 7 more pounds to get to my ideal weight!! i bout a compression garment from a plastic surgery company out here and it was only 64.00 so i bought two! i believe it is extremely perfect for the mommy make over! my breast are out, and it zips up on both sides, and it also clips! so when the swelling goes down i wont have to purchase another garment! i can just zip and clip! i was so anxious i tried on the garment when i got home! lol it is PERFECT! i did have to cut the legs though! my thighs didnt agree with this garment at all!! haha 22 more days ladies!!!

7 more days until i leave for miami!!!

im super excited!!! i just need a list of item that i need to have handy for the days after surgery. the ppl at vanity are no help at all. they claim everything you need to know is in your portal, yet it doesnt help. any who, any advice ladies? Im getting tummy tuck and bl, and replacement of old implant

Today is the day!!

Okay, my husband and I arrived in MIA yesterday morning. We had a blast shopping eating and more shopping. I went into the office yesterday to redo bloodwork because apparently I had a uti the last time I did my blood work. Anywho, the office was in Hialeah. Those girls were the BEST, and very assuring! Karen is great as well. Dr Osak called me on Thursday just to go over everything. Lawd he sounds like he REALLY knows what he is doing And can/will give me the results i want! I love him already!! Anywho I repeated my blood work yesterday and il assuming everything is okay because they called me around 6pm last night to confirm that I need to be at the office at 6pm today. I'm a little nervous, but I know God is with me, my husband is too. I'm so excited ladies. I've been drinking a lot of water. Anywho, Ima about to go sit on the beach for a few hours, and enjoy my unpleasant body while I still can. Hopefully I'll be feeling great tomorrow so I can show you all the new body. Wish me luck ladies, I added a few pics too!! ????????


sorry I haven't given you all an update, but I wasn't able to have my surgery due to me having a UTI. the doctor prescribed me some pills and I have been taking them for a little over a week now. Im doing my blood work tomorrow at hme, and then my surgery is reset for the 25 of this month so 7 days. I happy all over!! I was soooooo sad at first I freaking cried. but my hubby made our vacay in Miami so much better. we did too much shopping!! we went to a few clubs, and we gambled our lifes away at the hard rock, lol. well I will continue to update you ladies. and I also added a few pics of our trip in Miami, and the old me lol I cant wait to get back to this size!!!! and YES all of the pics I have uploaded are actually me

Two more days till surgery!!!!

Excited?!! Very!! I can't wait until Thursday!! I've finally got some good labs in!!! My iron levels were a little low, but I'm anemic, so nothing out of the ordinary!!!! Well ladies I'll be giving you all another update with in the next 24!! Smooches!!

I'm all set ladies!!!

Okay, I'm in the office waiting to be taken back!!! I'm nervous but ready to wake up!! Osak is an EXCELLENT doctor and made me feel extremely comfortable!! Me love him long time!!! Wish me luck ladies! I'll write hopefully this evening ????????

A lil peek!??

Hey now. Osak did 600 cc I was scared lol

3 days Post op

It's finally over!!! On a scale of 1-10 my pain is now maybe a 3. It only hurts when I lift out of bed! Other then that I'm walking ALMOST straight up, and there is no pain. I've been trying my hardest to not laugh at my goofy husband or my silly daughter lol. You never realize how much you use your stomach muscles until youbACTUALLY need them. Lol I still have quite a bit swelling in my stomach/abdomen area. Let me know what you all think of the pics thanks

Removed bandages and cleaned me up!

Thank god for my trainer!! I had no ideal she specialized in lymphatic drainage massages!! She came to my house today and worked her magic!! She even removed my bandages and cleaned up the old blood. She then gave me the best 1 hour massages i have ever had. She then wrapped me back up and sent me on my way! She took pics while she was massaging me. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!

14 days post op.

Good morning ladies! I have been extremely busy these past 2 weeks. But I'm going to tell you all EVERYTHING! So, me n hubby arrived at encore on the 9th ready for surgery. I gave the lady at the front desk my blood work and I was good to go! Well.... The stupid lady at the front desk misplaced my work, so I had to redo everything! They drew my blood around 1, sent it off, and for my results around 430. Omulepu called me to the back, took my pictures and he was very cool. He asked if my butt was fake!! Yea right! He said I was going to look great. I told him I wanted 500cc saline. He said 500? Your getting 600! Ugh hmmm doctor I have a child and an image to uphold were my exact words! He said trust me.... Your going to look great. And ladiesss I can't lie.... My breast are even better then before :) anywho after all that he told me we waited to late for surgery and that I need to be done first thing in the morning. So l left dissapointed and came back Saturday morning at 7! They prepped me for surgery and started around 9am. I remember my husband picking me up around 130 or2. We went back to out hotel and lucky for me they had wheel chairs!!! So I slept for some hours pain free might I mention. Ladies my breast did not hurt AT ALL. I swear if I would have went just for breast I would have been on the beach THAT NIGHT showing off! Lol any who I was awaken to a horrible call so long story short me and my husband left the next morning at 7am. I was so nervous yall! But I swear the airport treated my husband and I like royalty!!!!!! My husband was in heaven! The airport ppl pushed my wheel chair, we didn't have to wait in any line, our baggage didn't have to wait, lol the only hard part was when they searched me lol. Feelin all on my drains lol. Weird. I had on a dress and my drains kept falling in between my legs, so I'm getting wheeled around like I have two big balls lol. We made it home safe, and most importantly my daughter was safe too. Anywho I stayed in bed mon-Thursday. I would only get up to make bottles and change diapers. My baby just turned 4 months a few days ago n she is just the best baby. I was alone with her everyday, in my bed, while hubby worked. She never gave me a hard time. I hated that I couldn't really pick her up, but I sure would be snuggled right next to her. By Friday (6 days po) I had no liquid in my drains 4 over 24 hours. My mother is an RN so she was the one who was Originally ordered to remove my drains. Wellllllll on Saturday, was my daughters christening, I was having 30+ guests at my house and I still had loose ends to tie up before then. (My mother stays 3 hours away) so I called n fussed at her and she guided me through every step to removing my drains, and I also looked on YouTube! I don't suggest ANYONE doing this but ladies I kid you not, pulling my drains out did not hurt, and was extremely easy. Any who, cleaned my scars, bandaged them up and I was EXYREMLY relieved that I no longer had balls hanging from me! Saturday (1wrek po) came-my daughters christening was soooooo beautiful. I will post a pic or 2. It was in my backyard. Me being me, I definitely kept checking on my guests and ensuring Everyone was ok. I should have sat all day, but I couldn't!!! I felt great! All until the last guest left....omg I ran to my bed.... Yall I was soooooo swollen! My stomach was so puffy! I swear I looked like a damn donut! I have to remind myself to wear my garment!! I'll massage my stomach with the arnica gel two times aday. It does help. And ladies, I'm not a pain freak, I literally have two tattoos, and they had to numb me befor I got the damn tattoos! I just want to say it has not been a painful journey at all. I started staring up straight maybe 5-6 days post op. But if I'm sitting for I while, and then I stand up, I will be hunched over for a few minutes, and slowly I'll stand up straight. I stRted driving maybe 10 days po. I'm carrying my baby- not the car seat. And I'm back to cleaning and doing laundry n cooking. My hubby was great. My only real issue has been the stitches. On one of my nipples, the stitch is poking out, and it's also like that under my breast. The string is poking out! Will it go away or do I need to cut it? Any who, sorry for the book ladies. I hope you all enjoy. Check out the pics!!!

I'm nervous as hell!

I removed my bandages and cleaned my breast because it had a weird smell. I used my phone to see what it looked like under there, and I seen this :( I've put neosporin on it, and I've been walking around my house shirtless letting it air dry. What do tall think?? I'm so sad and stressed out. I posted a befor and after pic

7 week post op!!!!

Ok!!! I'm so sorry for the long wait ladies!! My mother loved my results so muc that she decided to have her tummy tuck done as well! So I've had my two little sisters, their 5 friends, and my 5 month old for the past month and a half. Lol my summer has been busy busy busy!!! Any who, about 4 weeks ago I came to the realization that I had a seroma. I had already found a doctor or should I say plastic surgeon that was going to look at the opening on my left breast, so we knocked out 2 birds with one stone. He examined my scar and said that was very normal. I need to keep it clean with soap and water, put nesporin on it, and definitely keep it covered. He drained my seroma. It drained two and a half times. And the syringe was very wide, so he said it was a lot of fluid. It didn't hurt either. I paid 300 for that visit and It was well worth the money! My stomach went right down afterwards!! I felt soooooo relieved after that meeting!!!!!! No more stressing!! Since then I've had no more problems. I'm still swollen around my stomach and my hips area. My hips look scary because I'm hoping it doesn't turn into dog ears. That's my main concern. Some days I'll interact with my sisters and I'll take them to the park or swimming, and as soon as I get home my stomach is super tight and swollen. I switch between my faja and the wrap. I like the wrap a lot better because I've lost some weight so the faja doesn't seem as tight. I guess that's a good thing! Lol I e also Ben trying my hardest to stay away from salts so the swelling will decrease, and I still use the arnica gel. I feel better after I massage my stomach. Anybody know when I can start back working out??? Enjoy the pictures.

A few videos

Yes I'm a goof ball!!
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