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*Treatment results may vary

Age 42, 5'8, 190lbs. I have seen great results...

Age 42, 5'8, 190lbs.

I have seen great results for both Hasan and Fisher...Hasan is $1,000 less. Either way, I can't lose! I have never had hips or butt, so anything will be an improvement.

1. Where should I stay?
2. Who will do massages?
3. Which garment should I buy? How do I know what size?
4. I don't want to buy unnecessary supplies, what do I really need?
5. How long do I need to take off work (office job).

My current situation....

I wear a size 12....I had gastric bypass surgery, so my thighs are like a size 18. I need a thigh lift, but that will have to be addressed at a later date. I think my backfat and love handles will put me at the 4,000 cc limit, so not paying additional for thighs or arms. I have excess skin that needs to be removed, but for now my butt is the priority.

Wish pics....

I would like a natural look. I don't want my azz looking like a basketball on my back. I would like to be able to buy clothes off the rack. I don't want an azz so big that I can only wear spandex/stretch clothes. I still hope to wear my same size 12 pants after the swelling goes down (I know the waist will need to be taken in).

How many weeks were you off work after BBL (desk job)...just curious?

I know everyone is different...just trying to get an idea. Any issues with doctor's note (work excuse)?

I am a size 12 before surgery....

After I have surgery and the swelling goes down, I hope to still be a size 12. I read somebody's profile that went from a size 2 to a size 8. I hope this is possible. I want to be able to buy jeans off the rack (waist alterations expected), don't want to wear spandex everyday.

Doctor's note (work excuse)...

I asked my surgery coordinator what will the diagnosis/treatment say on my doc's note for my job....she said "liposuction".....I'm considering using my vacation hours instead of sick leave in order to keep it confidential.

Got all my vitamins.... (Anemia/low iron)

I wanted a sooner surgery date but I gotta get my iron level up, will be taking all my vitamins daily ( especially my iron and vitamin C). Going to start my spinach & kale smoothies this week for more iron.

My surgery history...

1. Breast reduction
2. Gastric bypass surgery
3. Botched tummy tuck
4. Breast implants (after 100lb weight loss)
5. Tummy tuck revision (still not cute)
6. Butt implants (removed after 2 weeks - infection)

Butt implants are painful, I couldn't figure out how I was going to ever get used to them.

I would like to have my breast implants removed and have fat transfer, but Vanity says it takes more than one surgery for fat transfer, I live too far to go back to Miami for that.

BBL is next! Out of all the surgeries, sounds like this will be the toughest recovery.

How do coworkers react to Ms. New Booty?

I am looking forward to having my surgery ( March 2015), however I am not excited about how I am going to be the talk of the town in the office. I wonder how I can camouflage the new booty til after the swelling goes down. I hope I don't have to buy new slacks/suits for work.

All I want for Christmas is a new azz!!!

I don't need anything else!!! Is it March 2015 yet?????


Praying for the family of this beautiful lady that passed away during surgery in DR 3 weeks ago and left behind 3 children.

BBL Pillow - Who's using this?

I want to hear reviews from my BBL sisters!!! Looks like the perfect invention. Gotta protect our investment!!!

90-days to raise my iron level...

Ferrimin 150 (150mgs - 2 per day) , Vitamin C and PurAbsorb. I will retest again in 60-days, I am not flying to Miami to find out my levels are low and waste an airline ticket.

I also take multivitamins, Calcium, B-1, B-12, and vitamin D.

Undercover Booty

I am dating a new guy, totally adore him...we are not a couple (just dating). I have not shared my booty-mission with him. I told him I am going to Miami for lipo, he asked why way to Miami? You can't get lipo in Cali? NOPE!!! He probably thinking I am going to see another guy. I wear a body shaper when we go out and he hasn't seen the bare-booty, nobody see's that. I will surprise him with da new booty when I return! My moms don't know either. Mums the word...

As of January 1st, Vanity price increase....

I heard the prices are going up! I locked in my price just in time!!! Dr. Hasan from $3,500 to $5,000. Dr. Fisher from $4,500 to $6,000. Still a great deal in my opinion for the results I have seen.

Vanity Dolls w/ surgery dates March 25-27

My surgery date is March 26.
Which hotel or recovery house are you staying at?

83-days to change my eating habits...

I gotta maintain my new body, time for a lifestyle change. My eating habits are terrible, need to make a complete 360 before da new booty! Time to work on my booty maintenance plan! And exercise regimen.

Vanity Patient Checklist

Flight booked!!! Got a caregiver!!!

Taking a red eye, arriving the morning of pre-op.

Staying at Keyla's house for $100 per day. She will be our caregiver (assist with showers & medication) and provide transportation to/from airport, Vanity appointments, and stores. This price doesn't include food, she will prepare our food until we are able to prepare our own. If we don't arrange our own massages, she knows a massage therapist that can come to her home for $60 per massage.

I have lost 10lbs stalking RS!

In November, I weighed 196lbs (BMI 29.8). Every since I paid Vanity first week in December, I live, eat, sleep, and breathe realselfdotcom! I live vicariously through my RS sisters as they cross over into bootyland. I haven't been snacking on my daily chips, cookies, and 2 breakfast donuts. I stopped eating my daily buttery grilled cheese sandwiches. I been drinking my water and taking my vitamins. My work slacks are too big now, I did want a natural azz, but I may need a bigger azz because I bought a new work wardrobe n 2014.

Faja thong!!! or not to thong!!! that is the question!!!

Hi post-oppers, which garment is more comfortable after surgery?
Butt-in or butt-out?

I see some people cut the butt out of their garment. Please let me know. Thank you.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong in 2005

I had weight loss surgery (WLS) in 2002, I lost 112lbs. 262lbs/150lbs (size 22/size 7). In 2015, I weigh 186lbs (size 12).

Botched Tummy Tuck in 2004
After WLS I had excess sagging skin, so I went to my pcp and had her refer my to a plastic surgeon. I got a panniculectomy (free partial TT covered by insurance), it turned out horrible ( scars, dog ears, no symmetry). I didn't research this surgeon since my insurance was paying for this, I had to go to her (same surgeon did my breast reduction years ago). In 2005, got a TT revision, doc did the best he could to make me look normal, still looked a hot mess.

Butt implants in 2005 ($4,000)
You can't tell the before pic from the after. Had the butt implants for 2 weeks. Taking pain meds after surgery, drugged up, pretty out of it. No post op instructions...using the bathroom wiping front to back, incision got infected. Yellow fluids pouring out my azz, 2 weeks post op, butt implants removed. Before infection, sitting on butt implants felt like I was sitting on bricks, you couldn't have told me that 6mths down the line it would ever be a comfortable sit.

In 1998, I had a breast reduction, F cup to D cup. The surgeon that did my botched TT did my breast reduction. Later gained 100lbs. After WLS, lost 112lbs, boobs looked like 2 flat tires. Got breast implants in 2005, DD (boobs look a hot mess/scars/keloids). Gained weight since then, in 2015 I am a DDD.

To make a long story short, I have had multiple surgeries with bad results. I hope my BBL results look good because my body has gone through alot and I have always had low self esteem.

Lab test - no insurance required (CBC Test - Hemo/Iron $24)

Discounted lab test for people without health insurance....or if you are insured yet have high co-pays.

If you'd like to have your bloodwork done prior to traveling to your surgeon, check this website for more details.

Some states are excluded, please check for your state before ordering.

$24 - CBC Test (Complete Blood Count) to test your hemo.

I saw this info on someone else's page who used these services. I have not personally used this service...just sharing info.

RS Surgery Calendar - Find a surgery buddy

Vanity Pre-op Instructions

Call 72 hours before my surgery to confirm my appointment? Next to giving birth, this is the 2nd most important days of my life!!! I'm not gonna have to call to confirm, I will have Nancy Grace will be covering my BBL transformation story! One less flat ass in Calif you gotta worry about!!!

Thinking about adding inner thighs/ it worth it?

Hey ladies, is adding inner thighs or arms worth it? Did you notice the difference right away? I need instant gratification!!! I don't want to hear that I will see true results in 6 months. I understand the swelling has to go down etc.

I need inner thighs, outer thighs, and knees...that's my 4,000 cc's right there. My thighs are really big, just wondering if I would notice the difference. Still thinking about it.

Sitting on yoga blocks....

I have not tried this, but it sounds like a good idea...On the airplane, at home, at work...Yoga blocks under your thighs with a pillow/boppy behind your back. A piece of memory foam on top of these blocks would make it softer.

Special thanks to Buttlift08 & Foxxsey1 for sharing this tip. Happy healing dolls!

I love this site, I couldn't imagine taking this journey alone.

Folding yoga mat...

Folding yoga mat $7.99 @Ross. I drove home sitting on it, all I need is a pillow behind my back. I could also sit on this at work. That's my little sister sitting on it, I come from a family of big butts, I must be adopted.

I bought my supplies it March 26 yet?

Sooooo ready!!!!

Re-thinking my azz-game

57 days til I leave for Miami. What kind of ass do I ask for? Originally, I planned to ask for a natural, conservative azz because I am not an attention seeker, actually kinda shy, plus I'm older. I don't want to look like Nicki Minaj or Deelishis. My homegirl who I hang out with, she told me she is going to be jealous of me after my bbl. I was going to ask for a small azz because I was afraid of my coworkers reaction, don't want to walk into a business meeting and the men all new azz making my friends insecure...worried about it looking fake...worried if people thought I had work done. After careful consideration of all of the above, I been re-thinking my azz-game. This is my $4500 and my azz!! Every cosmetic procedure I have had has been a FAIL!!! (Tummy tuck-breast implants-butt implants). If I ask for natural, I may be going for round 2 next year...might as well say round 3 since I has butt implants before. I don't want a huge booty, but it needs nice, round, and firm! Need to be able to bounce a quarter off this MF! I need to be able to make it clap!! I don't wanna ever have to wait in line again....if I am in the grocery store line with a basket FULL of groceries, I need the man in front of me with one item to say ma'am u can go first (just so he can look at my azz)! I need an azz that inspires music artist to write hit songs....remember back in the 80s when Prince sang "Lil Red Corvette", that song wasn't about a car, it was about an AZZ!! My new azz needs to be an inspiration to all. When I walk into a party, the DJ needs to stop the music and make a public service announcement about my azz!!! My azz needs its own theme music!!! What kind of azz will I ask for? Question of the day!!! Decisions...Decisions...

Have you stayed at Marian's RH?

What was your experience staying with Marian? This is the same Marian that offers lymphatic massages.

New Body RH and Magdelena's RH are booked on my surgery date. I would stay in a hotel, but I don't have a driver, caregiver, or masseuse.

Marian's website:

Are you using the Booty Buddy Pillow?

Is anyone in-love with their new booty?

My butt is too big!!!
My butt is too small!!
My left butt cheek is bigger than the right one!!!
My butt has a dent in it!!!
I wanted a cuff!!!
I woke up this morning and my booty was gone!!!
Not enough projection!!!
I wish I never had this surgery!!!

Perhaps your left butt cheek was bigger than the right before bbl and you never noticed?

Trust me, I get it!!! If you read my blog you know about my plastic surgery nightmares.

We are our own biggest critics!!! (Me too)

I can tell that this is a very emotional process, before and after surgery (not judging). I am sure I will probably go through the same range of emotions. I'm not really sure how to mentally prepare for sx, but I appreciate the reviews so I know what to expect...the good, the bad, and the ugly!

I wanna hear from the ladies that love their bootys!!! I live vicariously through each and everyone of you!!!

The night before your surgery you're excited!! I'm excited!! I can't wait to get home from work to see your new booty!! I feel like a proud mother on graduation day, watching you walk across the stage to accept your new booty!!!

So again, does anybody out there love one thing about their new booty and/or body?

Just for this one thread....self-love please.

I got a meeting in the ladies room...

Why are my female coworkers trying to get me to walk/exercise with them (their New Years Resolution). They been talking to me about their body image issues.
We have a gym at work that I plan to use after recovery. Exercising at work now means taking off my security blanket (my girdle). Plus I don't want anyone relying on me as their workout buddy, after sx I have to explain why I can't exercise with them for a while. My coworker said girl I can't believe you not exercising trying to get ready for the summer!!! Been there, done that!!! Summer after summer, no beach body!!! I am harvesting my fat and little do you know, I am getting ready for summer. No need in us starting buddy workouts, cause once you get a sneak preview of my summer body in March.....I'll wait!!! This same coworker told me her friend recently got her butt done (now you are speaking my language). I said good for her!!!! And she keep asking me what are my plans for my 2 week vacation? You going somewhere? Nope! You just gonna sit at home and burn up 2 weeks vacation? Yep!

But yeah, these 10 ladies at work are gonna give me fever after sx. We are all within the same age range. Surely they won't be offering to workout with the NEW ME!!!! #teambootydreambooty #teamfisherMarch26 #thenewmeAKAtheREMIX

Which surgeon in Miami does great boobs?

I'm going to need some new ta-ta's to complete the look! I guess the surgeon doesn't have to be in Miami (I am in Calif).

Vedette 929 - Size Medium

Received my faja today, fits like a glove. It wasn't hard to put on, fits true to size in my opinion. My measurements are 36-31-41. I'm 5'8, 186lbs. Size 12. It's gonna be tight on the new booty. Purchased it from Ebay for $63.50. Seller: Marboston.

Fisher is rescheduling surgeries March 16-30

I called Vanity today. Either reschedule for a different date with Fisher or change surgeons to keep your date. They are aware people have purchased airline tickets and will be subject to flight change fees. I switched to Hasan to keep my original surgery date (3/26), because my friend and I had the same date, different surgeons. I asked about the extra $1,000 I paid for Fisher, I was told since Hasan normally does 2 surgeries per day, he is keeping the $1,000 cause he is doing extra work covering Fisher's patients. She said Fisher is out 3/16-3/30 returning the end of April, (scratching my head...what about the beginning of April?) Call your coordinator to confirm your date (March 16-April 30) just in case.

Inquiring minds want to know - Is Dr. Hasan board certified?

Dr. Hasan is a cosmetic surgeon.
Dr. Fisher is a plastic surgeon.

Booty a la carte fees?

I'm annoyed by all extra trumped up charges on pre-op day! I will have my quote in hand when its my turn. Everybody's quote doesn't include "full back/12 areas"? Additional $500 for bra line...upper back...lower back.....I was on Angel2615's page and Hasan mentioned 14 areas (what's this 13th/14th area called in her pic? Upper butt fee?). Next they'll be charging for left butt cheek, right butt cheek (a la carte). I hope I have enough to pay for all the upgrades & the extended warranty or else da rent gonna be short on da 1st!!

The only thing I haven't heard an extra charge is for lipo'ing the snatch (aka the va-jay-jay). I'd better not speak too soon!

Does both Fisher also disect your back like this?

Perhaps I'm in my feelings because I'm paying Fisher price ($4500) for Hasan ($3500).

I am done venting. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

#WTFmyBACKisMYbutt #scoopfee #buttcufffee #shelffee #installationfee #scartissuefee #round2fee #fatdisposalfee #avoidLIPOonmytattoofee

Anemia - iron update

December 20: Iron level was 14. Hemo level was 10.2.

February 25: Iron level is 60. Hemo level is 13.3.

Iron: standard range is 22-291.
Hemo: standard range is 11.5 - 15.

My daily iron regimen:
1 vitamin C (500mg)
1 Pur Absorb (5mg) (42 days). Replaced Pur Absorb with Hemaplex (85mg) for the past 20 days.
2 Ferrimin 150 (325mg)
1 folic acid (400mcg)
2 stool softeners

Hema Plex is sold on Amazon and Ebay for $10.
I take my iron on an empty stomach for better absorption.

RS email notifications

I emailed the RS team to complain about no longer receiving the email notifications. They told me to turn it back on.....oh duh!!!

Thanks RS Team!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

My profile>Email Preferences>Configure email preferences>"as they happen" (drop down menu)

Need a ride from Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport?

If you are flying in to Ft. Lauderdale airport and your caregiver doesn't pick up from there.

The Tri-Rail train will take you from Ft. Lauderdale airport to Miami airport for $3.75. Deal of the day!

The Super Shuttle cost $36 to take you from Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport.

See link below (Tri-Rail)

Christmas in March

I been counting down for over 90-days. Anxiously awaiting my big day! WAS sooo excited!! Living vicariously through other dolls as they cross over to bootyland. Now that my time is near, I feel like I'm playing beat-the-clock. My time is running out. Like Cinderella when the clock struck 12. I feel like I'm on the Price is Right (come on down!). Will my pre-op consultation with Hasan be rushed like fast money on Family Feud? (20-seconds to answer all the questions). Or like the championship round on Jeopardy (once that music stops playing I need to give my final answer). I'm not nervous and no longer excited. I keep expecting some last minute surgery drama, but thankfully everything has gone according to plan. I originally chose Fisher, I was looking forward to meeting him, his sense of humor, his bedside manner. But he cut me from the team so BYE-Fe'Fisher! I hope Hasan is nice, I get why he doesn't like wish pics (setting unrealistic expectations). This makes me feel like he isn't user-friendly. We need to discuss this "illusion of hips" as he calls it. I am not ready yet! I feel like a kid going to sit on Santa's lap. Feels like judgement day and I am going to meet my maker (Lucy got some 'splainin ta do). Oh how I wish I could have a glass of wine, but the "last call for alcohol" was last night. I wish I could take a sleeping pill, but no more meds. I am a very indecisive person. At the grocery store, I can't make life-decisions such as "paper or plastic". When he ask the "QUESTION OF THE DAY" I hope I have my final answer.


Alright....who's snitching?

Only one person in my family knows I'm having surgery (my sister). I haven't told my mom because she would notify the entire family in 2.2 seconds via conference call.

Who in da heck told Google about my trip? I'll wait....

My smart phone knows entirely too much about me! It has my flight itinerary! My privacy has been compromised!! Did Google tell Facebook? I want a full investigation and a gag order!!!

In other news....since Hasan won't allow me to show him wish pics, he can't stop me from wearing a shirt!!!

Arnica - side effects

I googled Arnica to find out how many days before surgery I should begin taking it. After reading the side effects, I have decided against using this homeopathic treatment. You may agree or disagree. I am not here to offer medical advice. Google "arnica side effects" and do your own research. Arnica does have benefits, such as reducing swelling, pain, and minimizing bruising. One of the side effects is dizziness. Has anyone been dizzy after surgery? Could it be the Arnica? Not sure. If the risks outweigh the benefits...I'll wait...

From article:
Are there safety concerns?
Arnica products that are put on unbroken skin seem to be safe. Don't take arnica products by mouth. Don't apply it to broken or damaged skin.

Arnica is considered a poison. When taken by mouth it can cause irritation of the mouth and throat, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, shortness of breath, a fast heartbeat, an increase in blood pressure, heart damage, coma, and death.

Today is my new birthday, it's the remix!

First and foremost, I thank God for making it through surgery.

Hi ladies! I have officially been HUSSIFIED! Thank you very much for your prayers and well wishes. I truly appreciate it. I am very thankful for my RS sisters, you all have provided me with an abundance of support, it means so much.

Dr. Hasan was nice, straight forward, and honest. He said I had the worst plastic surgery he has ever seen in his life ( I'm sure). I always thought about a scar revision, but my skin is tight not sure it can be pulled down if scar is cut away. I will get a better tattoo. My plastic surgery pics are in my January 7th post. I printed my plastic surgery pics for him to see, so he could understand my journey. My disfigured stomach is hard and lumpy with scar tissue, he didn't lipo my abdomen, he did my love handles. He said my butt is deformed from the scar tissue left behind from my butt implants (removed 10yrs ago). He said my new butt would more than likely still look deformed, and my new butt does look deformed in my side projection. He said however your booty is shaped from the side before surgery is how it will be shaped after, there is a such thing as flat round cheeks, so no panicking pre-oppers. The naked before/after E! True Hollywood pics will be posted tomorrow when I can take garment off to shower.

He was so pissed with my lovely coordinator Ana regarding my quote, $4,500 for only 8 areas. Although my quote listed 8 areas, I text Ana a month ago asking why my belly wasn't included in the quote, she replied by text saying my price included full abdomen. The office manager insisted I send her a screenshot of the text mssg. I had a text message. They said regardless of how expensive your quote is, they must only give the amount of areas listed. He said the surgeons at Vanity are contractors and that is a rule they must abide by. The full back alone is 6 areas (left and right side: 2 bra lines , 2 flanks (lower back over butt), 2 upper back. 2 love handles. That's my 8. You are given the option to trade areas (example: upper back for inner thighs). My stomach is flat so I had no fat to offer there. He said with my 8 areas he could give me 500 cc's in each cheek. Bye Fe-Hasan! Plus he said all my fat might not be good fat to use because some has scar tissue in it. I said that is not enough for my flatty. He said just come back for round 2 later. Boy BYE!! I have plenty of fat in my 25-inch thighs that keep giving and giving lol. I need a thigh lift since gastric bypass surgery, so he said he could lipo my inner thighs for $500. He said I won't see any improvement in appearance, it was for butt purposes only, I preferred paying $500 now, than paying for round 2 later. I have other future procedures on my wish list (boobs and thigh lift). Boobs are a must because one of my breast implants is leaking.

Right before the cocktail, Hasan asked me was I ready for my "Hasanification", I almost almost fell off the O.R. table lol. I asked if he been on my RS page. He said he goes on RS. He probably also likes to view his work as post-oppers progress. He said some chicks on RS being lying about how many cc's he gives. He said you would be surprised, some ppl only have 700ccs. I didn't show him any wish pics, I said I heard you don't like them. He said doesn't know how that rumor was start, he will look at wish. He said what he dislikes is the unrealistic wish pics that ppl bring. He said imagine an older mother weighing 190lbs, bringing pics of a 19yr old with no kids 115lbs with photoshopped pics, asking me to make them look like that. He said he does not walk water or perform miracles. He said he does the best he can. He ask if you want a JLo/natural or a Nicki (Minaj). I said give me midway between both. He is an artist, I saw his autographed art work in his office.

Today my pain level is a zero (Keep in mind my tummy wasn't lipo'd). My back isn't sore YET. Lots of bleeding. I only had two of the prescriptions filled (Tylenol w/codeine and antibiotics). Pain meds $47 at cuban pharmacy Keyla prefers to use . Just glad they had the meds. If anything is mispelled or doesn't make sense or repeated don't judge, this is my brain on drugs lol.

Hasan is from California, born in San Francisco, lived in San Jose. #bayarealove #Ipromisenot2fallinlovewiththeswelling

Do I need massages?

I have seen Marian's massage video's and draining fluid from stomach. My abdomen wasn't lipo'd, just my love handles.

Do they massage other areas of the body besides the tummy?

I hope this lessens my chances of a seroma, not sure.

Vanity Quotes : Full back /12 areas (repost)

Hi Ladies,

This is a partial repost of my March 26th post.
The Vanity quotes are confusing, with the "specials" they run, I am not really sure if they are intentionally meant to be misleading. Per my conversation with Hasan, if you need your "full back" lipo'd, this is a total of "6 areas". So if your quotes says "full back 12 areas", it really means full back plus 6 additional areas. Each area is considered 2 (left/right).
They said regardless of how expensive
your quote is, they must only give the amount of areas listed. He said the surgeons at Vanity are contractors and that is a rule they must abide by. The full back alone is 6 areas no matter what you call the body parts (left and right side: 2 bra lines , 2 flanks (lower back over butt), 2 upper back. You are given the option to trade areas (example: upper back for inner thighs...if upper back is not your problem area). These pics/charts are not from Vanity, however it would be nice if Vanity would make one of their own. It would be nice if their quotes were for 12 areas across the board. I was very upset to find out I paid $4,500 for a total of 8 areas (as previously stated the full back is 6 do the math...I'll wait). Just when I thought I had done all my research, thought I was on top of my "A" game, I have referred two patients who paid in full, quoted less than me for 12 areas...diff surgeons but 12 areas nonetheless. Oh really Anaily Fernandez??? I have not spoken with her at all during my stay in Miami, but will as soon as I get my bearings together. I saw Hasan yesterday (day-4 follow-up). I asked if he could put me on a different antibiotic because the Cephalexin side effects has caused me dizziness & headaches EVERYDAY since surgery and feeling like this for a total of 10-days is for the birds. I told him I need smelling sauce in the shower daily, how will I walk thru the airport? He said do not take the antibiotic anymore, resume the antiobiotic when I get home. Either finish the meds ..or call my own doc to prescribe a diff antibiotic for me. I am going home this morning, 6hr plane ride...I have a booty buddy and 2 travel /neck pillows. I have a doctors note from Vanity advising the airline of my medical procedure and to please allow me to stand on the plane if necessary. I also requested wheelchair service to the gate, however my surgery buddy didn't request this free service, so I'll take one for the team and walk to the gate with her...hopefully I don't regret my decision.

Side note: We're gonna discuss my azz in the next post when I get home. Hopefully I don't have to buy an extra seat for "her" on the plane! I am not really sure what qualifies as an additional dependent on my income tax return, but she might need a separate social security number from me!! It was really a distraction to be meeting Hasan for the first time, day of surgery, although we discussed my body/troubled areas....we didn't discuss size in great detail, nor did I bring "wish pics". My pre-op appt was overshadowed by my quote "renegotiation"...and after we all came to a mutual agreement, the manager sent me a paypal request for me to pay an additional $500. Just in case this happens to you, please bring your phone with you the day of surgery. I told Hasan I didn't want natural/J-Lo, nor did I want a "Nicki" (Minaj)...yet I don't want a "round 2". Just patiently waiting for the swelling to go down in 2-weeks...All my panties at home are size-5. I bought 3 pair panties (size 9 - Walmart .96 cents each), they barely fit. I highly doubt I'll be praying for a fluff fairy anytime soon! I am volunteering right now to "lose a turn" not pass go, do not collect $200!!!

#teamshelfbooty #nobootygreed #nofluffingzone #fromtoddlerpanties2grannypanties #isitacabooseorabutt

Flight home...

Hey Ladies, I am home. Thanks for your prayers, support, and kind words.

The 6hr flight that I've been dreading for the past 90-days, was today.

I requested wheelchair service when I purchased my return flight, but my surgery buddy didn't request a wheelchair so we toughed it out to the gate. I was fine walking to the gate, we were both slow (no surprise there). I had a rolling suitcase, she had a duffle bag (on her shoulder), which isn't the best idea if your body is tender. We boarded the plane which was supposed to be full, but I guess a few people missed the flight because there were a few empty seats. My surgery buddy showed the stewardess our doctor's notes advising the crew we needed to stand (if necessary). They made a few seating changes so my friend and I could both have a row to ourselves ( two seats each). I took 2 Tylenol with codeine's, laid across the seat on my side with my bootybuddy pillow under my breast, 2 memory foam neck travel pillows under my head. She had a fluffy yoga mat wrapped around a pool noodle (she stood on the flight at some points, she was very stiff and couldn't bend today). The 2 hours that I was woke, sat on my bootybuddy with both travel pillows behind my back. I sat in the very last row. We were last to exit the plane, I thought those two wheelchairs waiting at the door was a mirage! One had my name on it, and the flight crew had called ahead for my friend before we landed. Used my bootybuddy in the wheelchair, she used her yoga mat/noodle. She said the mat & noodle were "okay", I could tell if we had to fly again, she would find something else to sit on.

My son knows we had lipo, I didn't go into specifics (about the BOGO deal Vanity offered, buy one area get da booty for free). It was his first time meeting her so he wouldn't know if she looked diff or not. I had on a black maxi dress with a men's 2XL shirt over it. If he did notice, he didn't mention it. Soon as I walked in the house my sister said, did you show the doc our grandma's azz as your wish-pic?? Welcome to the family!!

Today is day-5! No dizziness or headache! Due to the process of elimination (stopped taking antibiotic yesterday and this morning just to make it home without any issues). At home, resumed my antibiotic, precious cargo at home safe and sound. As my sister left for work, she said its much bigger in person than it is in the pic I sent day of sx. I gotta teach her about fajas, foams, boards etc. She asked why I haven't taken any pics. I told her today was my best day since sx, a lil tired from the trip...she said she would take a pic tomorrow. She is a selfie-queen, gotta watch her though, she might be sending y'all pics of my booty on IG and Snapchat. I said, forget a pic! First things first....We need additional funding sources!!! I been making payments on this thang since December on the back-end, now I'm trying to figure out who's gonna financially support her on the front-end! I need some child support payments, financial aid, scholarships, a GOFUNDME account, something! At the least I need enough money to provide people with some 3-D glasses before they look at her directly!! Didn't J-Lo purchases life insurance for her azz? Do I need a 2nd job? What other expenses should I expect? What will her azz eat besides all of our dang toilet paper??? I'll wait..

Just to recap, best flight ever! I have a huge fear of flying, so my anxiety wasn't only about discomfort. Thanks booty-gawdz for showing me favor! I took comfort in knowing that if there had been an emergency landing, my seat cushion could've been used as a floatation device!!! I could just see the headlines now, lady saved 152 people on AA's Flight 167...story at 10!! Women and children first!!

My E-True Hollywood Story!

Today is day-6! Day of surgery, weighed 197lbs. Today 199lbs. Took Lasix water pills first 4 days. Size 5 panties pre-surgery, size 9 today. I was gonna cover up my tattoos, but this is live, raw, uncut, x-rated...never before seen exclusive footage!

Today I emailed my pcp to request a different antibiotic because I could no longer take the dizziness & headaches caused by Cephalexin/Keflex. She prescribed me Cefadroxil (500mg - 2 per day), hopefully it works better for me. Today I feel okay, stiffness in my back, tenderness in my thighs. I need to order a 4th compression garment. The size 44/3XL (vedette 932) I am wearing daily (that I had altered) still doesn't give me enough compression anywhere. The size medium/36 (vedette 929) fits my body but the lace is too tight on my tender swollen thighs. I have a size 40 stage 2 columbian powernet garment doesn't fit yet. So yes, I need a 4th garment like yesterday! It needs to be long/ankle length, not sure if I want stage one or stage 2. I could solve a Rubics cube easier than I can figure out the proper placement of lipo foam, still unable to put them on alone. I wake up, foams are bent, twisted, creased, etc. I didn't get stomach lipo, only love handle lipo. Have a lump/knot swelling near each love handle, one kinda looks like a seroms, not sure yet. I still have back fat, Hasan advised me before surgery that some of what I think is backfat, is excess skin on my back....I have no plans of removing! I told him I needed him to add hips, he said I will just lipo your love handles...I said oh is that the "illusion of hips"? I need the real thing, but he didn't add them....moving on. He told me between my love handles and back he could probably give me approximately 500cc's per cheek. That said, my inner thighs were lipo'd from "cooch to knee", not to improve the appearance of my thighs, just because he needed more fat to build-a-butt. He said due to my previous surgeries and scar tissue, all the fat I had wasn't guaranteed to be "good fat" he could use. He said what if I can take 1,000 cc's and only be able to reinsert 700ccs total. He said scar tissue under the skin is kinda like a keloid under the skin. He said he had to work hard just to inject fat in my deformed butt caused by butt implants many years ago. I was a difficult case, damaged goods. I didn't walk in perfect, therefore I surely didn't expect to walk out perfect. He told me there was a strong possibility that my butt would still be deformed after surgery (from the side - the pointyness). He said I am not trying to be negative, just giving you the worst case scenario and realistic expectations. When I originally planned to have BBL, my only intentions was to fix my deformed butt that I have lived with for 10yrs. It was never really about having a big ole booty. I just wanted to be comfortable in my own skin again. I wanted to be able to walk around naked in the comfort of my own home and not avoid looking in mirrors. I have dated a few guys short term, off/on over the past 10yrs and they never seen me naked with the lights on. I don't even think my doc has seen my butt lol. All my scars/flaws/ imperfections from my previous botched surgeries, I accepted myself years ago, but my butt tho? Seemed like a curse! I didn't appreciate my flat butt pre-implants until the deformity. I have always had to wear a very tight girdle to round out the deformity because it showed in my clothes. So yes, when I decided to have BBL, the main goal was to fix my butt. I didn't know my other problem areas could be addressed. If my love handles, back fat, hips improve over time, that would be a bonus. My next surgery will be to remove my busted breast implant. BBL surgery is approx 2-2.5hr surgery, and it took much longer than 2hrs for my body to get like this pre-BBL. If I later decide I am not happy with round 1, round 2 is an option for touch-ups. As for now, I am good where I'm at...waiting for swelling to go down. Looks small in pics, big shelf booty in person. I am very grateful and forever humbled by this experience. My body is my temple, it's also my testimony. Thanks for allowing me to share my journey. Thanks for your continuous support.

At the hospital...

I'm at the hospital getting a blood transfusion. My hemo was 13.8 before surgery, it's 6.9 now. An iron infusion is not an option. Thigh lipo (groin to knee) caused excessive blood loss. My energy level has been zero since surgery. I was very dizzy day 1 to day-4, so when I returned home my pcp switched antibiotics because the side effects was dizziness & headaches. No side effects from new antibiotics. Today is day-8, no pain, but all I can do is shower and lay down all day, gotta rest an hour before attempting to put on my faja...just exhausted. It would take me too long to increase my hemo level at home taking pills/liquid iron.

Don't ask, don't tell...

The only people in my family that know about my surgery is my sister and my son. My sister knows I had BBL, I told my 21yr old son I was having "lipo". I've been wearing loose night gowns at home, not sure he's noticed the new addition to our family. He did ask me: "Mom, you can only lay on your stomach?". I said yep! I didn't tell my mom about my surgery in advance because she is in charge of broadcasting all family gossip (self-appointed of course). She would be totally supportive of BBL, she wants one too. I just didn't feel like everyone in my family calling me telling me why I shouldn't go through with this. Mind you, I come from a family of big bootys (except me and my mom). Another reason I didn't tell mom is she would be worried sick that I was in Miami. She will tell everyone, she uses no discretion....she will tell ppl that have no business looking at your butt...her pastor (She wouldn't see anything wrong with calling the church to add my butt surgery to the prayer list). Yesterday morning my mom came to my house, walked in with her key (she gets mail here). She walks in the house, she asks: What are you doing off work today? SHE answers: Oh yeah, no work today, it's "Good Friday"...go back to sleep! Whew! dodged that bullet!! FYI: My job is open on Good Friday. I would've told her but I was tired and that would've been a longer convo than I felt like having at the moment. Maybe I'll tell her next week, but don't hold ya breath!

Yes, I feel guilty not telling her. I was praying hard...God forbid something goes wrong during a surgery she didn't know I was having. God forbid something goes wrong on an airplane she doesn't know I am on. Then this morning the blood transfusion! Geesh!

When I was pregnant with my son, I was going to tell her AFTER I delivered the baby. Why? Because I knew she would call everybody and have a group of ppl in the delivery room. Somebody ratted me out when I was 6 months pregnant, she had approx 30 ppl at the hospital, rotating in and out of the delivery room. She had someone record my childbirth. I am very discreet, we are total opposites.

Someone please dial 9-1-1!

My sister went to the laundromat to wash comforters today. I asked her to wash my long faja. I have 3 fajas. The vedette 932 (a long, ankle length faja that I sleep in). My other 2 fajas are short, I can only wear them in the day time (vedette 929 & stage 2 faja). I am unable to sleep in them because they cut off my circulation in the thighs when I lay down (my thighs spread). My thighs are still swollen and tender from thigh lipo. She left the laundry unattended, somebody stole her comforter and my freakin' faja! Jesus take the wheel!

I ordered a faja on ebay today, it will be here in 2-3 days. I'm gonna be swollen as the pillsbury doughboy sleeping without a faja that long.

Don't ask, don't tell (update)

I'm sitting at home on the couch on my booty buddy. My mom walks in my house with her key to pick up her mail. She ask, what are you doing home from work? Are you on vacation? I said no, I am on medical leave, I had surgery 12-days ago. You should've seen the look of terror on her face, as if she thought I had a terminal illness. She said oh no, what's wrong and why didn't you tell me? I said mom, calm down, I got my butt done. She said girl shut up, what kind of surgery did you have? Is it serious? I stood up, mooned her.....she said: I'm jealous, I want my butt done too!!! She said why didn't you tell me, I pretty much said if I wanted EVERYBODY to know, I would've posted it on FB. I hope her feelings weren't hurt. She probably won't tell anyone now that Y'ALL made her feel bad. 12-days post-op... run-tell-dat! So now that I've been officially OUTED, are you happy now?

Aha moment...

Squeezing into my faja....working up a sweat inching it over my hips & my 3 pesky lipo foams lined up perfectly....

#themomentUrealizeyourfajaisinsideout #areukiddingmerightnow
Miami Physician

I love this surgeon! He was honest, gave me realistic expectations. He underpromised & over-delivered. He changed my life for the better. I respected his opinions & trusted his expertise. I highly recommend him. My overall experience with Vanity was pretty good. I had read several reviews and I was proactive. When I met the staff in Miami, they were very nice & helpful, regardless of what people say, they mean well and have good intentions. I would go to Vanity again for future procedures.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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