Sunken Eyes, Puffy Bulge, Deep Lines Under Eyes, Line Across Cheek - Dysport or Botox

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Worth it for deep frown lines between the eyes and...

Worth it for deep frown lines between the eyes and forehead area when done properly, NOT WORTH it for under the eyes/crows feet. I've had both botox and dysport several times. I actually prefer the Dysport because it works more quickly and seems to last longer with less of that headache/pressure feeling I get from Botox. Never had an issue with the forehead or frown line injections. I am a real sucker though because I let this issue happen to me a second time under the eyes. I explained my past history and the issue I previously had with Botox under the eyes with a new med spa place I was trying out. I had found an online coupon and read up on their reviews. The woman that does it there is a board certified physician assistant and she has been doing this for over 10 years. I read her personal reviews and they were all pretty good so, like an idiot, I trusted her. I went just to have the forhead/frown lines done and possibly the crows feet on the temple area. The coupon covered 60 units and she wanted to upsale me and suggested also doing the crows feet under my eyes. I told her I had a previous issue with that and was very hesitant to let anyone put it under my eyes again. She told me the first time it happened the person who did it must not have done it properly by placing it too low/using too much and to let her do it for me under my eyes because she would do it right. I said are you absolutely sure? I told her some places I've had it done at wouldn't do it under the eyes at all. She told me she did it to her own face in that area, showed me her face when smiling which looked pretty good and said trust me you are going to love it, we'll just do a small amount in that area to smooth it out. Guess what? I don't love it. It's exactly the same thing that happened to me the first time I tried it. My eyes look sunken, like there are shelves now from the top of my cheek pads and there's a bag/bulge under the right one. There's also a faint line you can now see across my right cheek area that wasn't there before. When I smile I look creepy with weird lines forming from the skin under my eyes, almost a bunching look. There's no longer a flowing look between the under eye area and cheek and they look separated, especially when smiling. I look older than 35 now, not younger like I'm supposed to with this product. My own stupid fault because this literally happened to me before about a year ago. How could I let anyone talk me into this again! How quickly time makes you forget when we are trying to fight the signs of aging. The plus side for anyone experiencing this, it WILL go away, it's not permanent I promise, already been there. Don't be too upset about it at this point because there's nothing you can do but wait it out. You probably don't look near as bad to others as you think you do, although I did have someone asked me if I was not feeling well because my eyes looked a little bad to them. My good friend though only noticed that one eye looked a little puffy in certain light and only after I asked her and said the other eye looks the same as always to her, so only I am seeing the difference there. Don't let them talk you into using more to try and correct it or put fillers in, it will make it worse and it will then take even longer to resolve on it's own. It took about 3 months to start seeing improvements after the first time this happened to me with Botox, so I should be back to normal in May or June from this experience with Dysport. I really do love the look of the frown lines and forehead, that area worked perfect and looks great, but under the eyes I look terrible and that area should just be avoided by everyone. I've had it put in just the temple a few times before for the side crows feet and that seems to work fine, but at this point I'm not even willing to do that again as a precaution and I will only have it in the forehead and between the eyes next time. I'll just live with the crows feet. They look way better than sunken eyes and shelf cheeks. Too bad it's not close to Halloween, I could do a super awesome ghoul or skeleton face. I should have listened to that voice in my head that said remember last time, when you ruined your face by getting this under your eyes, but I didn't. I am going back to the med spa today to report this to the woman who told me I would "love it", so maybe she will not do it again under the eyes and ruin someone else's season. It doesn't matter who does it, if it's a plastic surgeon, a doctor, someone super experienced or whoever, under the eyes should just be avoided. I will say that when I had a doctor do it, they would not touch under the eyes but she quit offering med spa services, same with the RN that used to do it for me until she moved out of state. The only positive, I am going to buy myself a new pair of awesome sunglasses that I will be sporting regularly while I wait this problem out....again.

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