Restylane in Tear Troughs--First Injections EVER! - Plano, TX

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OMG Just wanted to share...I was petrified in my...

OMG Just wanted to share...I was petrified in my doctors office. But I did my research and I went with the restylane in the tear trough. I'll update on the morning are before pics and day of after injections. I had one stringe under each eye. Also had 55 units of botox around crows feet & forehead..I included pics of my face so you could really see the drastic different. My confidence us 100 times better...bruise & all!

Day 1 after...

Day ine after treatment pucs

Day 1- with a little concealer

I'm so happy even with the swelling. I'm 36 & my tear troughs/eye hollows were driving me mad! It was like bam! One day they are there and with a vengeance!

Tear Troughs Were Driving Me Crazy!

I wanted to wait to write this review but I decided nit to as the recovery time after the procedures are so important to all if us.

I'm 36 and pretty good health. Never had any facial treatments. Lets just say I felt pretty confident until about two years ago. I started to notice my eye hollows/tear trough area was extremely noticeable.

I tried to shake it blaming on lighting, etc. Until after I invested 200.00 on one if the best foundations that these suckers were still showing. I would take photos & I was horrified by my own reflection. I've never had any issues with my face, but this was driving me crazy! I felt like my eyes were falling out of my face....
My decision for treatment was delayed by the sheer terror of all of the horrors we see and hear about. After one more crappy selfie& reading reviews on here I decided to go for it.

From the moment of contact Dr. Ho & his staff were reassuring & confident I would love my results! I told them I was afraid & he brought an assistant in who was very comforting!

He started by applying a topical anesthetic. About 20 mins or so he started with the botox on my forehead, my 11's and my crows feet. Painless..literally. I did not even feel the injection when he did my crows feet. The forehead was like a tap and worth it!

Now for my tear troughs....I started sweating & breathing hard. This was all my own doing & nothing Dr. Ho did. He started with right eye and I felt nothing! The results are immediate & hearing how good it was looking made me so excited. He proceed to the left & same pain!

I was handed a mirror during the procedure which I appreciated! Advised on after care & plan on returning after the new year.

I left with a little bruise & immediately felt like a million bucks. I started to swell & still I rather have that then my deep whole in my face! I showed my friends before & immediately after pics and we are all shocked!
I'm so happy! I can't stop looking at my eyes! I applied ice & the next day there was some mild swelling. I applied more eyes through out and took arnica tabs through out the day. The swelling has went down significantly as I write this.

I applied a small amount of concealer & all I can say is wow!! And this is one day after!

Dr. Ho was very kind, thorough, and a great listener. I read some reviews that the doctor insulted the patients looks making them feel worst than before they got there. I know the feeling as I had a doctor recommend a full resurfacing for one line on my cheek. Dr. Ho shared all the possible procedures & I decided to go with the fillers. He never once made me feel like just another butt in the chair!
I loved his office, the staff, and his calm & patient approach! This was such a huge deal for me & Dr. Ho provided the care I needed to move forward!

Thank you to Dr. Ho & everyone at Beautiful Faces!

Day 2 with makeup on

Love love love

More pics: tear troughs

30 days post--not one bit ounce of make-up

Not a great photo but here I am 30 days post & no make-up. The swelling has went down & honestly I liked it. It made me feel bright eyed. I'm going to set up a follow-up to possibly get more and address the small amount on my left eye. I rather have this than my deep/dead hallows. I am very happy with the results & highly recommend DR. Ho!

A little over 30 days with a tad of foundation

I want more lol

More Restylane

Immediately after under eyes

Lots if ice....Makes a difference--Day 1 after more Restylane

Swollen but it does & will go down...hence why I requested more. I applied a little make-up just to see. I look like I had an allergic reaction to bruising or crazy lumpies

No bruising, lumps or swelling--ince is your friend!

6 month update -beware of Hemosiderin staining

Please beware of Hemosiderin staining....
They can use q-switched lasers to remove the stains...and I have already had one "red spot removed"'s really taking away from me enjoying the results....

Caution! I have concealer on

Update--Two stars for procedure results!

Not happy with the result in my left eye AT ALL...looks like there is product near the surface & I also I have: hemosiderin stains.

"Hemosiderin staining is a medical condition in which one presents yellow or brown patches on the skin. These are in fact the result of the macrophages consuming the dead red blood cells, leading to the production of hemosiderin."

I'm too scared to get it fixed by the office. My derm recommended laser for the stains. Said dissolving could be painful...I already had to have one red spot removed from the left eye. I have the hemosiderin stains under both & they are not fun to cover!
No issues with the botox but I felt like it pulled my eyes down near my crows feet. I looked weird...Not sure what I would recommend at this point. Other than prepare to deal with something if goes wrong. This is your face!

Pics almost year later

Me almost a year later....after Res & Botox.
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon

Doctor & staff was amazing! They went through great measures to calm me down and ensure my comfort. I will definitely be back & I did not feel a thing!

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