64 Yr Old Male Getting Breast Augmentation. Staying a Male - Plano, TX

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I am looking at getting 300cc mentor ultra high...

I am looking at getting 300cc mentor ultra high profile silicon implants which is what the PS recommended since I have a 44 inch chest. However, I have been looking at pictures on here decided that I will go up to 340cc or 350cc implants if possible. I am very excited by finally having my dream come true. I am a straight male with no desire to change my sex to female and I am not a crossdresser. I have just want to have nice looking breast around a 44C or D. I will be posting picture after the surgery so all can see and tell me if you like my new breast. I am also getting an eyelid lift and brow lift the same day, so I will really look beatup for a few days.

I is Getting Close

I have 39 days left before I will be getting my breast implants. I am a 64 year old male with a 44 inch chest measurement. I had a pre-op meeting with my PS in March where he said that he could fit 300cc high profile mentor implants under the muscle without it being too tight with them still looking natural. I originally wanted 275cc implants, but he said that I would barely notice the difference. So, he suggested 300cc which he said would give me the cleavage that I desire. So, I agreed upon the 300cc mentors. I have since then been looking at a lot of pictures and talked with a few individuals on here that have suggested that I should go with 350cc to 375cc moderate profile implants since I have such a large chest. I think the 350cc would be close to the look I want, but the 375cc implants would be too drastic a change for me. I feel that if I decide later on if I want to go bigger I can. I also feel that I will have established a starting point. My chest muscles and skin will have adjusted to the new size without getting any stretch mark which I do not want at all. I don't know since I am not a doctor, so I am seeking advice in the matter.

64 Yr Old Male Getting Breasts Implants, Staying a Male

I was giving the OK from my cardiologist today. Passed the EKG. All I have left in pre-work is the blood work, and I will get it done next Tuesday. 35 days and counting. Still have to wait until the pre op visit to see if I can get 340 or 350cc implants. I am looking at 300cc high profile Mentor silicones

Found a New PS

I had to cancel my procedure back in July due to an issue with the thickness. I have scheduled a consultation with Dr Tholen in Minneapolis. My appointment is scheduled for January 6, 2017. I have read at about Dr. Tholen, and he has a lot of experience in MTF breast augmentation. Dr. Tholen has received many good rating and so has his staff. I am looking forward to meeting to discuss what look I am looking for.

Found PS

I will keep everyone informed. Thank youul

Consultation Update

I went on the 6th of January for my consultation with Dr. Tholen and he recommended 300cc Natrelles Inspira moderate profile because of my wide chest. He also said that he does not recommend implants for me because my nipples will sitting an inch low and would not look good. He did say that he could lower the pockets but that would probably give me a double crease which would also not look good. I really want the implants, but do not know what to do. Does anyone with this issue have any advice for me. I am really disappointed with his comments/recommendations. HELP.
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