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I have under two weeks until my makeover. I will...

I have under two weeks until my makeover. I will be getting a Tt, breast lift and aug, and lipo of the flanks. I have four children 9,8,3, and 12 month old. I nursed all four kids and have gone from a 38 c bra to a 32 a, b if lucky. I can't wait to see my results! I have worked incredibly hard to get where I'm at and ready to get this over with and move on with my life. I'm incredibly nervous and really want to prepare myself for what's coming. I have read story after story and I can't imagine feeling like what anyone has said! Anyone else go through this. It's almost like denial... Hopefully being super active and in shape will help with recovery. I workout 6 to 7 days a week. Strength and cardio. If anyone has helpful hints please let me know.

Pre Op appointment DONE!

Went in this morning to have my preop done. I was so nervous!! Like crazy nervous. I was surprised that I had so many drugs prescribed. I have RA but only take supplements to manage the disease and follow a strict diet. So this will be new.. Surgery is next Thursday!

Sleeping issues!!

I honestly am really struggling with sleep. I've tried so hard to remove all the thoughts about the surgery and just relax. IMPOSSIBLE!! I may need to go to yoga and do some deep breathing. I don't know something, I need my sleep!!!

The emotions in this house...

I've been married for 10 years. Been with my husband since I was 14 and married at 18. I started having kids at 18 and just had our last a year ago. I've been overweight and pregnant most of out marriage. I have changed drastically over the last year. My husband has at time had a hard time with it. He was used to me looking a certain way. He feels I have placed high standards in him now and this makes it even more difficult for him. He is worried I'll forget about him or cheat I don't know.... I'm amazed he is having these thoughts at all. I've stood by him through life and vise versa I don't get how this would change that at all. I love him more now and so grateful he is doing this for me. He loves me and I know it. I want to be able to assure him life will be okay and go on as normal but have no idea how to do this. Any encouraging words and help would be greatly appreciated!

Let the cleaning begin!

I started deep cleaning the house today. I have so much to do to get ready for Thursday.. I decided to give my room and closet a total cleanup and clear out since I will be staring at these four walls the most! Next will be the babies room and kitchen. I want everything to be easy and readily available for the people taking care of me and my children. I'm so ready to get this done and over with!

The day before surgery!!!

Tomorrow is the Big Day!! I'm excited, nervous, scared.. All of the emotions you could ever imagine I am feeling. I was able to get a massage, my lashes filled, and get an adjustment from the chiropractor. Wanted to make sure I was standing in line when they mark me.. Lol. I had a crazy dream I would be lopsided if I didn't!
The rest of the day will be filled with baseball, cheerleading, gymnastics, and church! I'm sure time will fly by!

I made it through!

Surgery was this morning. They had a hard getting my iv in. I have small veins. I don't ever remember a time when nurses haven't had a hard time so I expected it. I took in the skimpiest bikini I could buy that would be as low as a fitness competition suit. Competing one day at least once is a personal goal. He said he would try.. Not sure I felt comfortable when he said he would try! They gave me my iv drugs and it took like 2 seconds to feel the effects. I no longer felt scared and remember nothing else. Surgery was just a little over 3 hours. I woke up to see my husband and my friend. They didn't stay long. My husband had to get our kids from school and the sitter. I'm staying the night with a Nurse at a local hotel. I'm so thankful she is here. The dosing of the drugs are confusing. I'm hurting and my chest feels like boulders crushing me but honestly it was less pain then I expected. When the nurse changes the dressings I'm hoping to get a photo. Also, I was told my incision was put really low! We will see!

Day 2.

I'm so sore and bruised. I can't get comfortable but managing the pain okay. I'm salta ting on top of the drugs. I want to be able to see everything but afraid to hurt myself. I can't stand up straight or even close at all. I've been trying to walk a few mins at a time but it takes a lot out of me. I'm wake and more alert today. My kids are with friends and family till Sunday. I'm so thankful for that. I need my rest and as little stress as possible.

Day 3..

I feel so incredibly weak when I stand to walk. I do feel more awake and handling the pain better but just can't walk to long. I don't know what my expectations where but thought I would be further along then this. I need to be able to get around by myself a little more. How long is it taking for you guys?

First Post Op pics

I had my husband take a few photos while we changed the dressings. A little scary looking but couldn't be happier where the incision is located. I'm still having a very hard time walking for longer then a couple mins. Is this normal? My back feels like it's about to break if I walk to long.

Tough Night

I see these little blisters along my incision that worry me a little. I called the nurse on duty and she told me to call the office in the am to get in. Until then take a shower and use peroxide and antibacterial ointment. The shower was incredibly painful to be standing there that long. My husband had to work tonight so the nanny had to be the one who took care of me. I've never been in a more vulnerable situation before. I pray this is nothing. Everyone says days 3 and 4 are the hardest. That's been the truth so far.

I feel like I just started over

I woke this morning feeling better then I have so far. I took pain meds and a Valium at 7 am. I called the nurse about the blisters that were coming up on the incision and they wanted me to come in at 1:30. I live about 45 mins form the office and honestly I had felt so much better that wasn't even worried about taking pain meds before we left. HUGE MISTAKE!!! The car ride, the bumps, the fumes, the extra walking it all became way to much. I was so sick just getting there. When it came time to change my dressings and move me around I was shaking in so much pain. When I finally got home I felt like I have now taken a couple days back. No way am I ready to be off the meds totally or running around yet. I still need to recover. Also, I still have not been able to go to the restroom since surgery. Anyone have any helpful hints to get through this??

A photo that really showed how much skin I had around my stomach

If I stood totally tall and didn't have anything binding around my waist you would have a hard time telling how much skin I had. Here is a good example of exactly how much skin was there.

Holy moly I am so SWOLLEN

I checked my weight today 4 days post op and I'm over 10 lbs heavier and wow does it show. Swollen everywhere. I can't believe this. I'm drinking tons of water very little food and if I am eating super low sodium if any. Does this just pass or do I need to be doing something different. Here are today's pics I hate to even show them but it's what it's really like today. I can't stand straight yet. I'm so tired. More tired then usual. Any help would be appreciated: makes me depressed and wondering if it was even worth it.

Side view

Today was a lot better.

Swelling is starting to go down! Last night I woke up sobbing for no reason what so ever NONE. I couldn't control the sobbing I must of fallen asleep but when I woke again I was crying all over again. Our nanny more like a friend took me to get rocktapes to help with swelling, I had my hair highlighted and a mani and pedi. It not only lifted my spirits but helped get put of this funk. I know I'm going to be okay. I know I will look great I just have to get through this. Thank you all for the support. I can't imagine going on through this process alone. I see the doctor tomorrow. I think they will remove most of the sterile strips tomorrow. I'm breathing and know everything is going to be okay!

I think I may have over done it and I had my one week appointment

Yesterday I started off with a my one week appointment. She took all my Stitches our of my belly button and all my tape off my incisions. They were already coming off. I've been using frankincense and lavender over my incisions and has done amazing. All the two Stitches were where the lipo was were removed. Learned some more details about the surgery...
They were only able to lipo out 600 cc oUt of flanks only about a pound and a half.
And about a lb of skin only stomach. The flank lipo was only for contouring and the front really was just skin.

The way of the day I spend with a girlfriend at the mall. So tired but thankful for the day to be me. Everything is starting to look better I'll add pics when I take a shower today.

Incision report!!!

I have been using frankincense and lavender along with the antibiotic ointment and my incisions look amazing. This is just one waddle difference!

Let's be honest!

This is my diary so I can put my real emotions down.

Ive learned pain meds make me emotional VERY Emotional. I've never cried so much and I don't think I have felt so insecure before. I feel like Im selfish and been unworthy for this surgery. I know crazy thoughts but still my thoughts.

Yesterday was my husbands birthday. I am one week out so things are still tough on me. I can't walk straight and get tired really fast but it's his birthday I have to rough it our?!!!! Right!?!?!

So I book a spa appointment for us both facials at a really upscale spa and a massage for him. I'm hiding one for the car ride... 45 mins bumpy.. I can't get my clothes off when I get there and make my boobs sore, the lady tells me to hop on the table, I can't so I have to be totally undressed in front of her as she helps me up. She lays me to flat and I was in pain the whole hour!!!! So we are staying at this amazing hotel where the spa is at and the best rates steak house is at would
Be wonderful of I wasn't in pain. We order food. It all looks amazing but I can't eat more then a cup of food because it gives me heartburn. I have to ask my husband to leave the table way because I'm shaking in pain, make the walk the long long long long walk to our room. I can feel my belly button starting to bleed from trying to stand to much. Get back to the room able to get my clothing off bit not panties and peed all overused trying to go. Then!! I realized my antibiotics have given me a yeast infection. I was going to try my hardest to be able to try for my husband. Crawled into themed as well as I could and sobbed and sobbed till he made it back to the room. I tried my hardest I really really did I felt like such a failure. Sorry to sharer this is ridiculous just was so rough on me. My husband was gracious and so loving the drugs are just making me crazy!

It's getting better!

I has such a rough weekend. My last post had so many errors I really was in melt down mode! I feel better. I just need rest a lot of rest and let others handle things. Thank you all for support. I appreciate all the kind words. I'll post new pics tomorrow! Everything is looking great swelling is worse at night! So not adding any right now!

Evening swelling tips?

I just need some helpful tips to keep swelling lower at night!! Please!

New pics

First off I have to stop leaving comments on pain meds lol. I go back and read them and wow!

Here are pics from today lots of swelling still. I still can't fit into my pre surgery clothing but I know it will get better. My boobs look great but I so have a red incision point that I'm going to go see the dr at 130. I pray they have an answer!!

One more pic

Sorry I wanted to add this one too

I'm not really lopsided just looks like it the way I had to hold the camera!

Dr appointment

This week we had two weird incidents. Couple nights ago we has a gold ball size swelling come up on a incision inline. Then the last two days under my breast where they would touch the ribcage were bright red tender and not healing. I honestly was afraid of infection. I was icing them and they did a lot better but still hurt. I went into day and apparently my body rejected some of the dissolvable stitches. It was going to cause a bigger problem if we wouldn't have fixed it today. He had to cut them out. Ouch!!!! No infection and they do sting but I have relief!! I was also moved to a reg bra today and I can wear spanx to out conference this weekend!!

Breakthrough day!

I'm stArting to feel so so much better!!! Maybe it's just early I don't know but it feels like magic the difference. I don't care what it is I'm taking it!!!

Still a great day!

No meds in 24 hours I feel amazing. I wanted to share these two photos of a sports bra before and after! Loving it!

430 am and woke in pain.

It's not terrible manageable but def feels like burning pain. I haven't had pain meds not even Tylenol since Monday evening. I took it and just waiting for it to work. I have a conference that starts tomorrow I really do not need set backs!


I woke up this morning after a little rough night but looked in the mirror I can finally start to see huge swelling improvements. I feel awesome! Just by taking a couple pics!

So hard!

Were in a conference all week. Started yesterday morning. This is so hard!!!! I'm sore and tired. So tired. I have to push through but wow! It is taking a lot out on me!

Wanted to show you weight loss photos

Here is a 50 lbs weight loss gradual change I'm not sure where photos of me larger are.

Forgot the photo!!

I told you I was tired!!

Starting to believe I did this for food reason

I'm In a conference, today is the last day, THANKFULLY!!! But I wore I romper I would never wear them before because of the extra skin and felt like it made a pouch. But now and the squeem I use I feel great!!! And my boobs sit so high!! I'm so thankful it's been a hard journey still is but I'm getting there! Thanks for all of your support girls. Thankful for the messages and kind words. I look forward to new comments everyday. My review is my only honest blog about this and I need and cherish your support. Thank you again!

A few days old but wanted to share... And why doing to much to soon is not a good thing!

So I had a three day woman's conference stour church this week. It was amazing but emotionally draining I cried, sang, and laughed to much. My stomach is hurting and I'm so physically exhausted. I haven't been able to eat much since surgery. I've lost weight and honestly have felt weak. Until surgery I was on a routine so not eating is rough! I was taking a shower and blacked out and rand head first into as wall trying to get out. I'm now bed resting and missing out on what could have been a great Mothers Day. Don't push to hard... Do what the doctors say.... Take meds if you need them... And rest rest rest as much as possible!

These photos are a couple days old and I used a self tanner and the binder and rocktape made funky lines when it rubbed off. Oh well!! Can't be perfect!

Ever wish you had an edit option!

Ha I write all my updates on my phone and I see so many errors after I go back to read them!

2.5 week appointment update

Had my appointment today and everything looked good. Only problems I keep having is my body rejecting some of the stitches a couple in the Tt incision and under the breast. It's a small procedure but it hurt unbelievably bad!! He said I would feel better removing them. At this moment I don't believe him!! All in all I'm doing great. He loved what the rock tape and was totally surprised by how well I am standing for as far along as I am! I have to see him next week. I am now moving into bras and spanx, squeem, anything to keep compression.

Mini Vacation to rest and heal.

My husband has been going none stop with our company since the first of the year. Then with the surgery he has been taking care of our 4 children non stop. So he decided we are getting away for a week, with my doctors approval, to cancun. It was the closest plane ride where my hubby could dive and I could lay in the canabanas all day! I'm laying in one now made a nest and just chilling!

4 week appointment

Can you believe it's already been a month this week?!? We got back from our trip Saturday. We had a pretty relaxing time. I had one really bad day. It may have been the massage or more of the sutures coming up. When they do it makes all incision points hurt. I've continually had new ones that needed to be removed almost every week. I knew he was going to have to remove a couple today so I did it yesterday before he did. I've come to really dread seeing him. It's incredibly painful when he cuts into my skin. Thankfully the ones coming up didn't require him or myself to actually cut my skin. I started scar therapy today called embrace. I really hope it works. It's expensive $200 for 8 treatments. One a week. I can already tell a difference in having that barrier sheet there right at the middle of the Tt incision. I personally feel tearing sensation when I stand or walk to long and this seems to release some of the tension. I've only had it on since this morning so we will see. I'll let you all know! I was told I could start cardio again and work up as my body allows. He told me to protect the investment. I know this in my head but as I see muscle tone being lost it freaks me out and I'm wanting to be in gym... Saying that after drs appointment and lunch with friends I decided I would drive to get groceries with my daughters by the time I got there I was so exhausted I called my husband and told him I was coming home. So my kids got to eat chickfila! So I don't think my weight resistance workouts should resume just yet!

Things I have notice at this point:

No need for pain meds and rarely do I use aleeve or Tylenol

Swelling is better but in the evening it's bad again!

I'm wearing spanx or the squeem but still like wearing my binder. It makes me feel safe and protected

I have more energy but it doesn't take a lot to wear me out. It can come quickly. Raising my arms, being on my feet too long, and driving is tough if it's too long!

My scars are looking better everyday!

My appetite is coming back. Time to go back to strict clean eating. Not only to stabilize weight but to gain my strength back sooner.

It's still a emotional roller coaster. I can at times feel elated and excited that I was able to so this. To feeling selfish, and questioning why this was necessary. Sometimes I feel all of them at once! My poor family and friends!!

I'm sure there are several other things but this is what I feel at the top of my head..

I'll post pics tomorrow morning when I have the least amount of swelling!

Photo update..

I may repost tomorrow. I'm swollen but wanted to see before and after. Pictures should be taken at waking!! So here it goes anyways! Also going to add a few other photos of the scar therapy called embrace (hoping to see dramatic results over the next two months)

Morning photos! I finally feel flat in the morning.

I still can't believe how swollen I get in the evenings. It makes me incredibly tired. I just have a hard time understanding going to bed feeling like a balloon to morning and looking great.. I hope all these connection come together soon so I can enjoy life without a garment on for 24 hours a day! Here are a couple photos. Also my breasts are settling more and more everyday. Thankful for that! Now only to be able to be adjusted by my chiropractor and I'll be great! (Well closer to great!)

What a difference a week makes!

I wish I could even express how much better I feel this week. I've been doing cardio and feel like the extra movement is helping me recover more. It's been days since I took any kind of over the counter meds. Although I do swell by the end of the night it's getting better and I feel okay even though I swell. I'm so incredibly thankful. A week ago I was afraid I would feel bad forever! The only thing I do wish I could do a full body stretch in the morning!!! My abs are getting stronger but not that STRONG! I'm so thankful life as normal is coming back!


I went back to the gym today. Not just cardio but small amount of weights. My legs felt like jello when I did lunges but I did it!! I go back to my trainer in a week and wanted to get a little of the soreness out of the way. Also, my waist isn't swelling as much and I can see how tiny my waist will be! I do swell closer to the incision but not like before. I'm so incredibly thankful that I feel better everyday! I also think I can start to see abs! I diet like I should abs hopefully soon they will poke through!

Photos didn't upload

Moving into a more normal routine

I'll be right at six weeks on Thursday. In some ways this feels like the longest month ever and also the shortest. So much has changed it's honestly overwhelming!

I've been working out for the last couple of weeks primarily cardio. Tomorrow I go back to my trainer!! I'm scared beyond imagination. I work out at a body building gym. My trainer has assured me my safety but I know how hard I trained previously and there is no way at this point I can do that! I can also now take a bath and swim! I wasn't released to do that till a week ago. So far no more sutures have come up!! Thankfully! I'm uploading a few more pics my waist is getting slimmer every week and I don't swell anywhere the amount I was. I still wear my garments 24 hours a day!! Can't wait to take those off. Texas heat is killer!

Work out update.

I'm seeing more swelling. Yesterday things were so tight I could barely breathe. I didn't eat dinner last night at all. The doctor told me the edema would get a little worse the more I worked out. I did a little more intense cardio for a whole hour yesterday and I feel it may have been to much. This is going to be slow and I know that. I really struggle with not being free to move how I want. I can't wait to go to a hot sweaty yoga class and just be able to move freely!

Quick update

I know it's been awhile since I have posted anything. Life gets in the way. Basics of life after surgery:

Back at the gym (still watching my core)
I can easily turn from side to side. Not sure when that happen but so thankful I can.
I can pick up the baby for longer times
I don't swell as bad at night still swelling(my photos are from tonight so you can see it)
Scar is fading and no raised at all.
I wear silicone tape 24hrs a day and the embrace over the middle section of my Tt scar.
Still have to wear a bra 24hrs a day
Still wear compression garments 24hs a day. Dr. Gave me the okay to not wear them at night but I swell and hurt still.
I have yet to wear a swimsuit. It hurts to go without compression.
My waist has gone down 4 inches from presurgery(I feel like that's a lot considering how small I am)
I can't do any weights over head or push-ups yet.

I can't think of anything else! I'll update again soon!

I finally wore a bikini!!

I've actually never worn a bikini in public. To wear one on the beach all week was a great feeling. I'm finally believing the surgery was worth all the pain!

Photos of the doctors pre op photos!!

Had my three month appointment today. Everything looks good and the doctor was pleased with how hard I've been working on my body to better amplify the surgery results. The photos are unbelievable. I do not weigh any less now then the photos before surgery.

Oh and I went to my first yoga class since surgery tonight. It felt wonderful!!

Scar update

Photos of my scars 3 months pp..

A year later.

I went in for my post op for my year marking....

I have a ton of things that went through my head while I was there.
At the office the have a surgical suite attached to the other side of the building. I was sitting on the clinic side watching people walk in. I wanted to scream at them that were waiting to go in and say STOP DONT DO IT?? Have you thought about it? WHY?
All questions I refused to answer before I did it. I had lost a lot of weight and was determined I needed to do this to look better. More so I believe I wanted to look like a porn star. WHY??? Because thats what I thought men, my husband, and surprisingly myself thought I had to be to look sexy, to be good enough. Why was I unable to be excited about becoming physically fit and happy with everything I had accomplished?? After a year of a tough recovery, the hit it took on our marriage, I can say I have a flat stomach and big boobs. I can wear a bikini around my ten year old son and his friends, oh and around my already very self conscience 9 year old daughter. NOT!!! I'm not trying to win the hottest mom award, I just want to be known as a good mom, a fit mom, a mom who loves her children and husband more then vanity. I'm afraid I may have hurt my daughter, I see her picking at herself and asking if she's fat. It hurts more then you know.. I can't be the mom any longer who can talk about natural beauty and the beauty of having the scars from my babies. Life changed during this year. I can't say I am any better of a person, I can't say I'm anymore confident in who I am, I can say for me personally I wouldn't do it again.

Please know this is my story, my thoughts, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE. I wish you all the best of luck.
Dr. Rafael

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