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Hello Ladies! I'm a 30yr RN with no children (yet...

Hello Ladies! I'm a 30yr RN with no children (yet :)), I'm very physically active, I workout anywhere between 4-6x a week, majority weight training.
-5'4 and 1/2
-Currently 150lbs
-undecided about the size, anywhere between 400-500 HP mentor gummy bear implant

I've been wanting a BA since 2010, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) convinced me to wait until after I had children and said I didn't need it and I beautiful as is. My boobs have never been perky and full, they've just kind hung there. I always joke that I'm shaped like a 13 y/o gymnast, lol, no curves/hips, shapely thighs, a nice perky butt, and no boobs..... Not very womanly! After getting into better shape, I really became self conscious about them, the little fluff I did have decreased.

Fast forward 3yrs later, I finished my 1st figure competition and my boobs were flat like pancakes to due all the fat lost (I was down to 8% body fat.... Yikes!) After my weight balanced back out, I still look at my boobs with disappointment, so after much convincing, my husband reluctantly agreed to a BA. I'm usually a naked chick indoors, but as I started becoming more self conscious and wearing t-shirts indoors, he really realized that it was bothering me

After many referrals from friends and co-workers, I met up with Dr. Rapheal. His website was the first thing that drew me in. Being a RN I can read through the fluff of nice medical jargon, his site was very informative and to the point. All the woman though different sizes and starting points, all looked perky AND natural. I originally emailed his office a list of questions and within 2hrs, I had a response. His bedside manner was great, very relaxed and warm. He sat down answered my list of questions, and listened to what look I was going for, adding his suggestions but in an informative way, not pushy.

I made it clear that I want a balanced look, not top heavy, I have a wide chest and short torso so that's a HUGE
concern. I'm in between doing a 400-500, HP mentor, so we'll see which I pic the day of :)

A few pre-surgery Pics

As I get up and start moving around, I'll post my post-op pics :)

Rundown of my surgery day

I arrived at the surgical center, got my IV, talked to the doctor to go over again what I wanted. He explained my choice of implant (475 or 500) may be a little too big to get in, so he would put the largest my chest could handle. My husband and I prayed for a simple, safe surgery and speedy recovery then off to surgery I went.

All I remember was the anesthialogist giving me some fentanyl in pre-op, and then waking up in post-op, lol. My surgery took 45min. The nurse said the first thing I asked when they woke me up was "Can I go walking when I leave here please", lol, I hate the thought of doing nothing for two-three weeks :(

So the pain wasn't that serious, it felt like I had a killer chest workout the day before, with a little pressure on my chest. The nurse went ahead and me my hydrocodone, wheeled me out to the car, then off to the store, then hotel.

No nausea to speak of, just soreness. I drank my protein shake, napped, ate a cup of Chex, napped, ate some yogurt, napped, and then a protein bar. I should point out, I'm a BIG EATER, lol. I set my phone to alarm for the next scheduled meds so I wouldn't miss any and have really bad pain

So far, so good! I have a post-op appt tomorrow so I'll let y'all know how it goes :) Oh and one last thing, that tummy bloat is real and I want it gone, NOW! Lol!

Pre-op pics

For some reason, my pre-op pics didn't post earlier

Day 2 :)

I'm not sure if it's because I've worked out so much before or just blessed, but the pain is pretty good! I started off taking 2 hydrocodones every 4hrs, and my Valium every 6hrs the first day and night, and today just 1 of each around the clock. I went to the mall, shopped a little bit, then back to hotel for a nap. They're if course still high and tight, but that's what I expected. I'm not a fan of the bra the doctor gave me so I'm heading to Walmart for a tighter fit

Oh I forgot to add

I got 450 HP Mentor Silicone

Day 3 and 4

So I ended up finding a great sports bra at Academy by under armor......$50 bucks!!!! I guess since I've been so use to buying cheap bras like 2 for $20 and sports bras for $10-$15, it's a big jump in price, lol. But bring that I'm now a D, I guess I have to pay more. I was also able to fit a 34DD but it felt too tight on the incisions and I wanted my boobs to kind of smush together while they're healing, even though there's no cleavage quite yet.

I'm so glad I bought a neck support pillow (lol for flying) and a support pillow. Sleeping upright is odd enough, but this stuff made it a lot easier. I'm still taking Valium at least once a day for chest tightness, Tylenol for pain, and hydrocodone at night. My husband is the best and is being very supportive in every way. He was never big on the boob thing but now he's definitely on board, lol!

Everyday I can tell they're slowly dropping, though my left boob is still more swollen in my upper chest than my right boob, but I lm not worried about it. I still have all breast/nipple sensation, they cut under the breast fold and placed the implant behind the muscle.

The hardest thing for me is to stay away from the gym! Ughhhh!!!! My mom and I went for a 3mile walk of course keeping my heart rate in the 90's. 6 weeks is a loooonnng time to do NOTHING! My 6pack is already gone :(. I've decided leisurely walking everyday while I'm off of work for 2 weeks should kind of help and of course, keeping my diet very clean (low carb, no processed food, ect)

Forgot to post Academy bra

Bikini top

Peter Rapheal

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