Post OP Smart Lipo Upper/Lower Abs, Flanks

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I run half marathons and I am petite but my family...

I run half marathons and I am petite but my family history is we look like we are 6-7 months pregnant no matter what you do.

Went in for my consultation and scheduled 2 weeks later. Day one nervous as hell thought I was going to pass out just due to fear of anesthesia. Checked in got my IV woke up in recovery room. Very dramatic coming out of anesthesia remember nurses saying she is fine she can breath but having an anxiety attack. My friend is a nurse that dropped me off and she said my oxygen was low. Eventually got me breathing and sent home with a Catheter. Wow wondering what the heck I just did. Had this tight support garment on and 2 hospital robes. Thank god for the catheter no way I could get up and down to go potty. This was Friday I had the surgery basically in bed the whole night on pain meds. Biggest fever blister I ever seen on my lip do not know where it came from but it was there after surgery. Drank gatorade, water, protein drinks.

Up early next morning to follow up visit. Oh my god getting out of bed is the worst. Started walking around rest of day feeling preety darn good. Catheter was removed so trying to get up and down on potty was challenging.

3-4 day post-op still taking pain pills - steriods - antibiotic. Ready to see myself so painful removing garment or touching skin. Shocked by purple, blue swollen skin. Everthing down is purple including my vag never seen such a thing.

Oh my goodness I look so good upper abs and flanks but yuck the lower abs and all those stretch marks. Seems like since I am smaller I have 4x the amount of stretch marks. Loweer ab looks just the same to me a little smaller. Still no BM so took Milk of Magnnesia. Wow within 2 hours able to have a BM felt sick afterwards.

5-7 everyday take garment off to see self. Basically I am healing upper abs and flanks but lower abs still dark purple swollen. Still no real change below belly button. Feels like my skin was plastured from the inside. Still kills me to get in and out of bed and to lie down in bed. No pain pills anymore moving around great. Just cannot bend to pick things up or get up in my SUV. So far so good.

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