Upper Lift Lift, 43 Years Old. Plano, TX

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After researching a lot of doctors, I finally...

After researching a lot of doctors, I finally decided on Dr. Scott Harris in Plano Texas. I based this on the paper he and a couple of other doctors wrote "The Endonasal Lip Lift." I don't recall who mentioned it on this website but that led me to him. No one here has any reviews of Dr. Harris' lip lift so I hope I am not making a big mistake in choosing him!

Had To Cancel Procedure

A work related event came up that I could not get out of. So after all my research and worry this will have to wait!

Surgery Day

Had my surgery about two hours ago. Very uncomfortable now as numbing is wearing off so will just put up a few photos for now and will update later.

Day 2 - More swelling

Looking quite gruesome!

Day 3

I think an infection is starting to set in. I see little pus pockets and it's freaking me out. I remember someone, I think Jani who went to Sugarland getting an infection that seemed to fester and make things worse. They told me hydrogen peroxide and neosporin all applied with q-tips but I'm going to switch today to soap and water and aquaphor. I hope this does not get worse!

Up Close Bumps

Day 4

Swelling seems to be moving down my face now, swollen today in jowls, swabbed some yellow crusty's off (gross.) Due to get stitches out on Thursday, that will be 8 days later.

Day 5 - Lips Deflating

A piece of the dissolvable stitches came out of the nose last night. Stitches around nose were itching last night. Still looks bumpy along incision. Swelling in jowls going down a bit today, lips definitely shrinking...I liked when they were nice and full!

Day 6- Getting Better

Swelling in face slowly subsiding.

Day 7 - Freaking Out!!!!

Had my stitches removed today but an ENT doctor and I am horrified! The right side by the side of the nose is fine but the left side has a gapping hole and looks horrendous! Also the scar under the nose is so noticeable and that also seems to have some kind of division in the healing. I have an appointment tomorrow with a dermatologist to get her opinion.

Day 8- Major Disappointment!

Heard from the nurse at the doctors office yesterday and she said there appears to be a slight separation. She commented that I took the stitches out early. I told her it was only a day early and that this spot had this separation going on during the healing (that was the spot I couldn't tell if it was infected or not). When I had to cancel my first procedure the stitches were due to be taken out on day 7 anyway. I saw the dermatologist today and she said taking the stitches out when I did had no impact on this, it's just the way it healed. They both agreed cetaphil and aquaphor and give it time to heal. The dermatologist said it could not be stitched up now as the separation is already there and I have to wait and see how it heals. After all this I don't even notice much of a difference in the shortening of the distance between my nose and lips!

Day 12 - Getting Better

Slowly healing and not looking so bad.

Day 20

Tried Plato's scar gel today. Still have dissolvable stitches in nose and some swelling inside nose.

Day 38

Everything is healing nicely and I am very pleased with my results. The nose one morning made a big improvement and seemed to, all of a sudden, shrink a lot overnight. There is still some welling but at a point where I am not bothered by it. No one seemed to notice anything but until the recent decrease in swelling it was VERY noticeable to me.
In the photos I'm posting today I have no cover up on the scar, which is fading day by day. Some days I put cover up, some not.
Overall I am happy I did this procedure. I never mentioned in my review that the procedure itself was painless ( I was dreading the shot but didn't even feel that) and had no pain in the following days.
As things post more updates as things heal.

Two Months

I've healed very nicely. All the photos I take are in direct sunlight, no coverup. I am very happy with my tooth show but just wanted them a little plumper so did one syringe of Juvederm Ultra.

Sept 13 2016- Nine Months Later

I've had a few questions. Here are some update photos. Still happy I did it but have scar tissue inside (my) left nostril (right in photos) and lost nasal sill.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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