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I got a coupon so it was only $1000 for both inner...

I got a coupon so it was only $1000 for both inner thighs. The attendant put a cool wet gel like cloth on my thigh and attached the device for one hour. I didn't think it was painful at all but I can handle pain well. When she took off the device my skin was very cold and stayed and the shape of the device.

The attendant massaged it down. I didn't feel and tingled, it just felt cold and slightly numb but not bad. Same thing with other side. It's 8 hours later and I'm not bruised I feel fine.

When I tough my thigh it feels sore but not a painful sore. It's slightly swollen but nit bad. I have an appointment to see her again in three months but she said I'd start to see rests in 2-4 weeks considering my body type (fit, thin). She said I was a perfect candidate since I have a pocket of fat that I have been trying to get rid of for a year now and cannot. I am very excited my body took it well!

I don't know how to submit photos from my phone...

I don't know how to submit photos from my phone but I will when I get to my computer because I see a big difference in my inner thighs. Not only see but feel. I can no longer grab fat there it's amazing! I don't have any other problem areas or I'd get this done on another body part. It's amazing!

A few years later and my body is not the same

In total I had 2 coolsculping procedures on my inner thighs, 3 on my stomach and one on my arms. All of my stomach and thighs were at least one year apart. Come 2016 and I've gained about 30lbs since then due to a thyroid issue and stress. I've gained weight before and it was even across my body. This time I can see a significant amount of more weight around my areas of coolsculping (arms, inner thighs and stomach). I can see the indentation of where the device went on my stomach and thighs. The fat in those areas jiggle more. It sounds strange because it is. It's almost like those areas are more bloated as well or puffy. My stomach never protruded like it did and it's only protruding in the spot the device went. My hopes is I get this weight off and fast and hopefully these areas look less bloated and jiggly. It's very embarrassing to me because I never had my body look like this like I said even when I've gained weight in the past.
Plano Dermatology

I didn't see the doctor but her assistant knew what she was doing. She has had it done herself several times.

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