Double Chin Makes Me Look Very over Weight - Plano, TX

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Had this thing for years now even when I was...

Had this thing for years now even when I was several pounds thinner. Excited to get this fat taken off. Have done lots of research on this and have seen three other plastic surgeons for quotes and advice. Dr. Stiles has some great reviews on this link and this real self community page has been very helpful for me to make my decision. Will be posting after picture soon

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I'm so excited not pesimistic at all. ????

1st day post op

Still swollen can see some dumpling. Very small incision just one stitch, healing nicely. Taking Keflex and toradal for swelling and pain. Procedure went well very quick very little discomfort.


I hated taking pictures

Day 3

Can bearly see the incision. Very swollen today no bruising. Only take garment off to put arnica cream today is the 1st day that I was able to apply it generously due to no pain at all. Numb only around incision. She took out 100cc's that's almost 1/2 cup. No amount of exercise would take that away. Glad it's gone.

4th day

Swelling has gone down quite a bit from yesterday. Skin is tightened just great!!

6 th Day

Swelling has gone down some since yesterday. I believe I'm through the worse now. Still some swelling but not like yesterday. You can see how smart Lipo works!! Best decision I've made I'd like to encourage you if you need this done.

Week 3

Today marks the third week of the procedure most of the swelling has already gone down especially on my right side the left side is still a little swollen and the doctor told me about something called Bio-oil. It is the best smelling stuff and I noticed that when I began to put it on and gently massage my skin on an upward motion towards my face it you gave me a calming soothing effect and it made the swelling go down. Loving that Bio-oil. Since I am over 50 I have been having a little bit of skin Sagging underneath my chin. Since I started using the oil it has gotten better.

1 month

I'm beginning to see the light of day. The swelling has began to decrease. Dr told me to began to massage with Bio-Oil twice a day a few days ago. That is really a good product. Have been doing that for skin softening and using arnica cream and arnica gel for swelling. I also learned by reading on this site other day that we should be increasing the tightness on chin compression garment. Yes I still use the garment as much as possible cause I want great results and since I'm 50 years old I have to take extra care.


Don't know why I'm having a setback today Hope it's better in the morning. Ugh

10 weeks Post

Still healing being patient with the process I can still feel little stabling like pains in areas no big deal but the PS told me that it indicated healing in the nerves.

6 month update

6 month before and after

Update on chin

Continue to massage at upward motion at my age can't let up no regrets.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Have only communicated on the phone Staff very helpful. Spoke to dr on the phone today going to Preop tommorrow.

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