Cheek Implants 3 weeks ago and still unsure if I like the results of medium on left and small on right- Plano

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Cheek implants 19 days ago, I'm beginning to...

Cheek implants 19 days ago, I'm beginning to notice new pain and symptoms I have not felt before now.
Doctor placed small cheek implant on right cheek and medium on left he said due to the fact that I was asymmetrical. Is something wrong with my cheek implants? Could the left one have shifted or just be too big?

I am feeling new pain on left side cheek and near jaw, change (bag) under left eye, redness in left eye, change in shape of left eye along, pain when I smile only on left, a painful feeling of fullness on left cheek that wasn't there before along with a few other new symptoms.
I am still sleeping propped up with 3 pillows and sleep up right, I do NOT sleep on my side.
I have scheduled an appointment with surgeon for tomorrow to discuss my concerns, what are some of the things/questions I should ask him???
Thank you all in advance!
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When should one expect to see the final results of cheek implants?

Dr. placed small cheek implant on true right cheek & medium on true left, he said due to the fact that I was asymmetrical prior to surgery. So far I am loving the results of the right cheek with small implant!!!
I've read that one should expect to see about 80% of the results @ about 4 weeks & final results anywhere between 3-6-12 months. I'm not liking how I can still notice how the left is bigger and am wondering if this will decrease & cheeks will look more symmetrical as all swelling subsides & all healing is complete. I've also heard if you wait to remove them at 6 mo then you may still have a small pocket remaining to give you look of tiny implant. I'm not sure if I should wait a little longer before decided to either replace the left with a small to match right or just remove the cheek implants altogether. Feedback, comments, questions, true result experiences also appreciated. THANK YOU!
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