Breast Lift W/Saline Implants. Plano, TX

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Great Communication with Dr. Obaid. He's very kind...

Great Communication with Dr. Obaid. He's very kind and took his time with me. I had 2 consultations. My surgery is scheduled for 7/29/15. So excited ;) I'm getting Saline implants, bc I feel they are safer, but thats just me! I can't lie i'm so nervous! I hope I can connect with some ladies here. xoxo

Wish pics!

These look so pretty and natural! 500cc

Getting Nervous!

My surgery is in 8 days! OMG! I need help on what I need? Please let me know!?

Can't sleep tmrw Is my surgery

It's 2 am and I still haven't been to sleep, I'm so nervous! Here are my before pics! I have to be up in 2 hrs to shower and leave! My mom is coming with me! Did any of you ladies take Tylenol instead of hydrocodone?

Surgery is over!!

Once I start feeling a little better i'll post pics! My boobs are really swollen and unattractive right now! I went 500cc saline, with anchor lift! The pain had me crying last night. I couldn't pee on my own or even get out of bed! Called Melissa late last night and she said its to be expected. Feeling so much better this am. Thank God. Dr. Obaid also called me this morning to check on me, so happy he really cares. Also, gave me his cell ;)

Scared I went too big!

I am terrified that I went too big. My breasts are huge and heavy and just unattractive. I know its still early, but Im praying they shrink a lot. II went 500cc saline under the muscle and I am 6'1. So many shorter women get this or bigger, but Im not sure why I'm so huge. Please help. I hope they get smaller, I've been crying about this.

Still swollen, but a few pics.. love the proportion! Confidence boost! omg

Hi everyone! my swelling is finally going down and I'm so happy! I can't wait to see the final result and start hitting the gym ;) Thank you every1 for the love and encouragement ! So sweet! Had my follow up and they are healing nicely! haven't started any massaging or scar treatment , Doc said I will at 6 weeks post! Love and light! so happy with my results so far!

Boobs too low?

So, I'm a little over 6 wks PO and I feel like my boobs are a little saggy..I mean yea they're supposed to drop, but idk! I feel like I need to wear a bra now. Is this normal? They look great don't get me wrong but do you think maybe my surgeon should have taken more skin off, with the Lift?
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