20 Years Old, No Kids, 95 Lb Weight Loss-BA/BL/BR. Plano, TX

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Hey girls! I am 20 years old, and a few years ago...

Hey girls! I am 20 years old, and a few years ago I lost quite a bit of weight, which was catastrophic on my boobs. Everything else bounced back beautifully but my boobs look like they belong on someone 4 times my age. Lol I went from a 38DD to a 34/36C. Had my consultation a few days ago and surgery is scheduled for April 20th! I will be having a breast lift with implants and also a "reduction" to get rid of the excess skin. My pre-op appointment is April 11th, I will update more as things happen but if anyone has words of advice I will gladly listen!

Pre-op appointment done!

Had my pre-op appt today! They drew blood, took before pictures, and went through the mountain of paperwork/consent forms and also asked me extensively about my medical history. Also made my payment! 9 more days, I can hardly wait. I'm including some of my wish boob pics, hoping that the 400-450cc range I've been eyeing will give me the look I'm wanting :)

5 days away!!!

Prescriptions are filled, my bag is packed, and I stocked up on some Gatorade, ginger ale and post-op snacks! Time was going by fast but it's kinda crawling now that I'm in the home stretch. Lol thankful that everyone in my family is really supportive and excited for me so I'll have a good support system after surgery! I've been lurking on RS constantly and seeing all of the amazing results is getting me really hyped! Definitely comfortable with my decision of 400-450cc, I'm gonna show Dr. Harris my wish pictures the morning of surgery and see what he says :)

I have brand new boobies!

Yesterday was the big day! I felt pretty good waking up from anesthesia and the rest of the day, but the pain started hitting me this morning. It's not terrible, just muscular pain that is aggravated by jerking movements. I think the worst part is that my lower back hurts from sleeping upright. Also had my first post op appt not too long ago, got my ace bandages removed and finally got to see them (kinda) and got my surgical bra. From what I've seen they look AMAZING!!! Just very bloated, they told me that if I don't have a bowel movement by tomorrow I need to stop my narcotics :( that's not something I'm ready to do at this point in time lol

Day 4 PO!!!

I feel amazing. Haven't taken any pain medicine in two days. Only thing is the tightness and they feel really foreign still, like I'm wearing a vest with bowling balls strapped to it. Lol but my range of motion in my arms is almost completely back! I've been putting gauze between my crease incisions and the bra cause it's a little irritating. I am very happy with my results so far, my right is a tad higher and more swollen. But overall this recovery has been so much easier than expected! Btw for reference I am 5'4, 150 lbs and I got 450cc smooth round silicone gel unders!

10 days out!

Haven't updated in a few days but I don't have much to update on! Left nipple is numb (has been since surgery) and my right was fine but I have noticed a bit of increased sensitivity the past couple of days. Also started getting some nerve pain today near my left armpit but it's not constant. My right is definitely dropping faster than my left! It was also my larger boob pre-op. I still feel wonderful, have full use of my arms and they're starting to feel less foreign and more like mine every day. Also today was the first day I woke up without morning boob! Very happy with my results so far, my incisions look amazing from what I can see and I am still happy with size.

8 weeks

So it's been a while since I've posted...life just got hectic :/ but anyway I am 8 weeks PO tomorrow! My left has been the slower boob in every aspect...it just dropped a couple of weeks ago and my scars on that side are scarier looking than my right. I have had silicone scar strips on them since about 3 weeks PO, 5 days on 1 day off. I have been measured as 34DDD! I'm in love with them, best thing I ever did for myself.
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