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I am 24 years old, petite, 5'4, about 107 lbs. So...

I am 24 years old, petite, 5'4, about 107 lbs.

So I have been constantly patrolling this cite and have found many helpful reviews, so I figured I may as well start my own!
I have been boobie obsessed for as long as I can remember! My mom and sister were blessed with big, full tata's. Me on the other hand...not so much!! I have always had a good small set though. Perky, cute, still looked good in clothing and bathing suits....but then I had kids!
After my first child I actually didn't mind the way they ended up looking. But After I had my daughter 8 months ago, things changed. Not only am I SKINNIER than I ever have been but I am FLATTER! I feel like a 12 year old!! yuck.

I have lost a lot of muscle so that is why I went from apprx 125-130 to this little bit of nothingness! lol

I have also thought about getting my breasts done but now that I look the way I do, I KNEW I was definitely doing it!

I found a PS I like and my surgery is 43 days away! so close yet so far!
I really dont want to be too top heavy for my small frame, however I am so afraid of going to small. As of right now I am between choosing 350cc to 375cc under the muscle.
Does anyone have similar stats as I do that think this would be a good size? AHHH its just so hard! A lot of times when you look at pictures of this amount (or any amount) of cc's on your body frame some look bigger and smaller than others! what the heck? It is so frustrating!!

i just took a few pictures to post for you guys and it just validated why this is necessary. I am literally disgusted looking at myself without a shirt on. im 24!! i should not look like this!! ugh!

350cc-400cc what do I choose??

I know I have a good amount of time to decide, but like most, I'm so afraid of going to big or too small. I just want to find someone with my frame, height and weight and see the difference the sizing makes. Iv seen 350cc look HUGE on one person and tiny on another!!! Ugh!!! I never knew how hard this decision could get!

2 weeks from today!!!

I had my pre-op yesterday and it got me excited all over again!! I can't believe it all came so fast!! We decided on a range of 350-400cc saline but he thinks it'll be somewhere closer to 350. I trust his judgment and am so excited to see the result. They made me feel so comfortable and the nurse is so kind and she told me I will be so happy with them because of how particular my dr is! And she also has her breasts done (12 yrs ago) and said it was the best decision!
I hope I feel that same way! I have a feeling I will! Aaaah it's so close!! Now I just have to get prepared! I need to make a list of things to buy and make sure everything is perfectly organized and I have everything I need for my daughter so I won't have to worry about running out to buy food or anything!!
I'm so excited!!!! It's all I want to talk about but I'm going to annoy everyone around me haha! My boobs have never looked as bad as they do now. They used to be full & sexy. Now they are small, saggy and boney. It's crazy howy ribs show in the pics I posted. It def looks less disgusting in person ha!

Some wish pics

2 sleeps left!

I just picked up all of my prescriptions and sh*t is gettin real!!!! My surgery is soooo close!! Less than 48 hours to goooo! Problem is is i woke up this morning feeling groggy with a sore throat! Hopefully this is gone by Friday!! Can I take anything? Do I have reschedule if I'm still sick?? What a bummer!

Happy birthday boobies!!!

So I went to the surgery center at 8 am this morning, answered some questions from the anesthesiologist, gave a pee sample, got drawn on, asked additional questions, got my iv put in and it was time to get started!! She put some relaxing meds In my iv before she started giving me the general anesthesia drugs. I was OUT!!! The nurses and dr were above and beyond my expectations!!! So kind, so helpful, soooo great!!!! I'm at home reasting (and dopey) now. It's not excruciating pain or anything, most feels like I have someone sitting on my cheat and hurts a tad to take deep breaths. I'm soooo glad I did it.! Haven't seen these puppies yet since they are wrapped in a bandage. I have a post op appt tmrw so I'll get to see them!! Wooooo hoooo! Of course they will look all kinds of crazy since it's still early but I am way excited to have boobies!!!! Eeeeek! This website has been way awesome for me!!!! Here's some pics with my wrap on it. CANT BELIEVE ITS DONE!!!! Yaaaayyyyy !!

Just some more photos

Combo of in bandage and pre op


Ok so I just found the card! I got 360 on the right and 380 on the left. Obviously one was bigger than the other! Lol

1 day post op

I just woke up and I am feeling pretty tight but very minimal pain! I still have my wrap on my chest until my appointment this morning but they seem like they are HUGE! We shall see! (Of course it could be swelling) honestly, iv had a great experience so far. I've read stories about women who were in horrible pain and I sure don't know why. Maybe a lower pain tolerance? Who knows! All I know is that this is a "breeze"!!
I'm so impatient though I can't wait to see them!!!
And my biggest thing I'm impatient bout is getting to hold my daughter. It makes me so sad! She's the love of my life and not getting to squeeze her sweet self makes me want to cry! Hopefully the day comes soon!!! :/ anyone else going through this?

Waaaah :(lol

I will post some pics later once this wrap is off so you can see these swollen pups! I'm sure they look crazy right now lol

Meet the twins

One day post op photos. Look a little funny but def not bad for being one day post op


I apologize ahead of time if I repeat myself because I have definitely been on top of my pain medication the last couple times I have posted my updates haha! so spelling and repetition may be a common theme here in my posts lol! I am going to try and lay off the Valium (suppose to take every 8 hours) because it makes me way too tired and dopey. I am still taking the norco every 4-6 hours however just to make sure I am as comfortable as possible, I honestly think some girls just cant handle pain well because this has been a breeze for me. Dont get me wrong, its not comfortable but by no means is this really painful.

I am SOOOOOO pleased with my result! I am in awe of how great they look for only being 2 days out of surgery. I was expecting them to look all squared and touching my chin lol! (pretty sure im repeating myself here lol my bad!) but I am in love so far! I will try to post updated pictures "every day" if I can. I know it was so helpful for me seeing others ladies progress on realself.

enjoy! let me know if you have any questions!

*24 years old
*106 lbs
*L-380cc saline unders
*R-360cc saline unders

More pain

Little update

So I went to another post op visit yesterday and my PS said that everything looks normal BUT I am bruising a lot. He said that the problem with girls like me who don't experience much pain is that we tend to be more active because we feel like we are ok when really we should be taking it easy. Oops! Makes total sense though. I def have been using my arms way too much for only being like 5 days post op. I'm trying to take it easy now. It's hard because you really don't realize how much you actually do with your muscles on a daily basis. On one hand I am really glad im experiencing little to no pain, but on the other I don't like the potential negative consequences. I even decided I would try going into work for just 2 hours today to see how I feel working (luckily I can do that bc I work for my dad). I'll update y'all later to tell you how it goes.


Really quick, is anyone else constipated? I don't know for sure but I'm pretty positive I must be! I haven't gone since the day before my surgery and I most def have been eating lol! And as of last night I started getting stomach pains...could this be what it is from?

Is this much bruising normal?

I'm probably over worrying myself but like anyone, I don't want any complications. I'm really bruised on my left side (prob bc I'm left handed) and I just want to make sure it's all normal and I'm not over doing it! Ugh


Went to my "one week" post op today and bruising is much less and everything is looking great! My left is has some catching up to do to the right but still looks good for 10 days post op! I know the end results will be awesome! I'll post some bare pictures later but I'm amazed at the the difference in my green tank! Amazing lol

2 week post op today

Ok so I had my 2 week post op appointment this morning and my PS took out the 2 outer stitches I had (one on each boob) ...ouch! Ok...not that bad but not great lol!!
The steri strips I had on also got taken off today and weren't replaced. Looks like I had a little skin allergy to them. I'm posting some pictures of the scars and skin irritation after the tape was taken off (the stitches are still in in the photos as you can see). The redness and skin irritation make it hard to see how well my scars are going to turn out but in person I can tell they will look FAB! They are so tiny and so well stitched together I KNOW they will be hardly noticeable when they are fully healed!! Can't wait!!! Other than that, that was the extent of the visit!
OH & he said it's probably ok that I carefully pick up my daughter which I'm so excited about!!!

I keep saying I need to upload pictures of my full breasts but I keep flaking! I think it's bc I hate how a picture really doesn't capture how good they look in person! It's hard to take a good pic myself! But honestly I can tell my final results will look awesome! I'm so glad I went through with this!!!

One more thing...

I'm getting my first round of laser scar revision next week! Woo

One photo..17days post op, will add more/better tonight?

One month post op update! 350cc saline overfilled to (360 and 380cc)

I keep telling myself i am going to upload pictures and i havent...so...today..I FINALLY AM! lol
i finally reached the one month mark (4/21)! So far so good! I definitely am feeling back to my normal self only this time with boobies! i must admit, i wish i had gone a little bigger! with that being said, i still do love them and am very happy with the result!
my left boob needs to catch up to the right though. as you see from the pics, my right (your left) is dropping much quicker. actually now that i say that, there is something about the pics that dont look right. i think they look better in person than they do in pics. im not sure what it is. hmmm... oh well. my right boob is softening quicker as well. its super annoying. i wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the right has 360 compared the the left being over filled to 380cc ??? does anyone else have any experience with this? i keep freaking myself out wondering if they will ever soften!!! :(
i have heard a lot of girls who have had saline implants who say that their breasts are super soft just like silicone implants. but i hate waiting!!! i am not patient! how long will this take? or am i doomed to semi hard semi soft tatas? i mean, they are soft some days and stiffen up the next. im probably just trippin for nothing but this is the only place i can vent because everyone else will just tell me to shut up lolol! anywho, here are some pics! i know i had more to say but now im tired of typing lol!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Him and his staff have exceeded all expectations! I do not see how t is even remotely possible for a staff to be any kinder, more informative, more comforting, more anything than the staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery. Dr. Angobaldo was excellent with his work and with his help through the entire process. My surgery went so smoothly and even after I woke up from the surgery the first thing my mother said was "I am so coming here!" I would definitely choose this Doctor if you are in the Plano, TX area!!

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