1Year Post-op Update! 32A to 450cc HP Silicone! I did it! Mom of Two - 5'6" 110 Pounds - 31 yr old

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I've always wanted bigger breast! I was a late...

I've always wanted bigger breast! I was a late bloomer, and then never really bloomed much at all. After delivering my son, I got a preview of what I would look like with larger breasts when my milk came in. Holy cow! I'll never forget the look on my hubby's face. Sadly, the came and went, and my post-baby boobs seemed smaller than ever. I wear a VS Bombshell bra every day, and still feel small. Shopping for a bathing suite, being nude, not being able to buy certain bras. . . it all stinks!

My son is 7 and daughter is now 3, we are definitely done with kids, and I am so ready for this! My BA is scheduled for 1/31/2014. I scheduled 3 consultations with 3 recommended doctors, however, only went to one consult. We loved the first doctor, and he came highly recommended from two friends, and two family members. His all-inclusive pricing was great, and we scheduled my BA with him.

I've been back to his office 3 times to try on sizers. Before the appointment, I thought there was no way that I would go over 375 cc, and was convinced that I wanted an armpit incision. After the consult, we decided that the crease was the better and safest option, and that I could go as high as 500 cc. We initially were thinking 400/425. . . but now we are leaning towards 450/475. I'm very symmetrical, however my left rib cage protrudes outward just a bit (I'd actually never even noticed it until the surgeon pointed it out). . . so the recommendation is to keep 25 cc difference between implants to account for the projection difference.

As of right now, with only ONE week to go, I am not nervous about the surgery. I've had 2 c-sections and an abdominal surgery. . . and my pain tolerance with those was very high. My 3 year old daughter can be a little rough/feisty, so I'm a little worried about that. I guess my biggest fears are not D&F'ing in a timely matter, or having an issue with the implants. We have scheduled a cruise for 34 days post-op (the kids spring break), and I'm just hoping to be looking good and bathing suit ready by then! I'll be doing the D&F rain dance every chance I get!

I'm positing pictures of me with my VS Bombshell bra (add 2 cups) and also trying on the different sizers at the PS office. I'll upload the "sad boobie" pics later.

32A Going to 450/475 HP Silicone - Mom of Two - 5'6" 110 Pounds - Excited!!!

Updating my stats! I just checked, and I'm currently at 32A! So sad! Getting excited, only 4 more days!

New pictures (hopefully bigger)

My sizer pic looks too small. . . hopefully these will post larger.

Sad boobies and rice sizers

Hubby and made rice sizers. I have on 450L and 475R in this one, but I feel like they are smaller than the sizers at PS office.

Support Bras ordered!

Omg! Just about 72 hours away from finally having boobies! I ordered several support bras this weekend: a few Coobies (in cute colors, of course!) and a few support ones from Hanes. Both based on recommendations from other members. I was stressing about picking a size, but Coobies are one size fits most... So that was super easy!

I've been taking my vitamin supplements and started washing every morning with the iodine scrub (per PS instructions). I've been eating well and trying to stay healthy for the big day!

Sleeping is getting hard! I wake up in the middle of the night and all I can think about are boobs! Lol! Must be what it's like to be a guy!

Adding two more photos of me with the 450L and 475R sizers in from my preop with the PS!!

Less that 2 days!

One day and 16 hours to go!! The house is clean, laundry is done (thanks to the hubby)... Just got a fresh mani / pedi! And having a dinner night out with my 4 girl friends. Only one of them is "on the other side", and she says it's the best thing she ever did!

Hoping my new bras arrive tomorrow!!!

12 Hours!

It's crazy to think that in 12 hours I will be sound asleep getting my new additions! Yay! I'm so excited! We need to arrive at 8:00 am, and surgery is scheduled for 9:00 am. Earlier today, the pre-op nurse called me to go over last minute details, and this evening the Anesthesiologist called to verify all my info. Both were super nice!

The house is clean, loaded up on groceries and snacks for the hubby and kiddos, laundry is done, new sheets on the bed, stacks of pillows are ready, and I'm totally packed for tomorrow! Tonight, we had my favorite dinner, Roast Prime Rib with asparagus! Yum! My hubby is an awesome chef, and it was SO delicious!!!

Getting ready to shower and do my iodine scrub tonight (have to do it again tomorrow morning). Hoping I can sleep tonight. . . I am so excited!!! Will try to post updates tomorrow!!

This was dinner!

I swear, it was not as rare as it looks in the picture! It was so so so yummy! Great pre-op last meal!

4:30 am! Bleh!

I knew it would happen! I knew I would wake up at some crazy hour and not be able to go to sleep. I guess I should be thankful that it was 4:30 and not any earlier! Eeek! It's boobie day! I am SO SO SO excited!

My three year old started tossing and turning at 4:45, so that gave me a good excuse to get us both out of bed, and he's been keeping me company on the couch. Who would not want to watch Barney on repeat just hours before their BA ?? LOL!

Leaving here in about 1.5 hours to head to the PS office to get checked in! Whoo Hoo!!!

Officially post op!

I am so happy to be writing my first post-op update!!! We arrived at the surgery center at 8:00 am, met with the nurses and got my IV started. The nurses were all super nice and seemed genuinely excited for me! They had a heater on my bed and it was so warm and cozy! The PS came in to talk about sizing and marked me up. We decide that since my rib cage sticks out just a tiny bit more than he other side, that the difference was not really big enough to go with different sizes. He also felt that the 475 might me too big for my small frame, so he said he would do either 425 or 450 depending on how this looked. So the final result was 450 HP in both! Yay!!!! I am so thrilled and cannot wait to see them tomorrow at my post-op.

I am already home and feeling good so far! Very groggy, and it feels like a heavy weight is on my chest.

...and then there was cleavage!!!

Holy smokes!!!! I am so so so happy! Cannot wait until I see them in full tomorrow, and excited that I got a little sneak peak by pulling down the ace wrap just a bit!

6:00 am - sleeping not so much!

I took so many little naps yesterday, and that was the trend last night. Between bathroom breaks and medication breaks, it felt like in only slept for about 1-2 hours at a time.

I had three strong bouts of nausea last night... Pretty much all were after dinner, so I am guessing that my dinner choice was not the smartest (just a slice of yummy margarita pizza). The first two waves of nausea came and went. The third decided to come about 5 minutes after I took meds, and I totally vomited! Yuck! But I felt better after that. We decided that I should not take another pain pill, even though I am sure the majority of it left my body. Surprisingly, I seemed pretty okay when my 2:00 am med time came.

I just woke up at 6:00 am, and have a lot if soreness on the upper part of my breast. So I just took meds and doing an ice pack now. I really feel like I need a muscle relaxer, but I'm still two house away from that doss.

Looking forward to my post-op appointment in 3 hours and getting this right wrap off!!

I've seen the bobbies!!

Just got home from my first post-op. Went great! The nurse said that everything looked awesome, I have minimal swelling, and incisions look great! The best part: was when she took off the torture wrap! It was so tight, I could barely breathe and it was killing my back. As soon as she peeled it off, instant relief!!! I'll post nudie pics later.... We took some pics before she put me in my support bra, but there were so many weird lines from the bandage that it looked strange. So, once they have more time to breathe, I'll post updates. For now, here they are in my oh-so-hot post surgery bra that I get to wear for two weeks!!!

Oh and seriously, the bloat is REAL! Omg, I cannot believe the little pooch that has come from out of no where!!! Lol!

End of day 2!

It's been a good day! No nausea, back pain is gone, and I'm feeling pretty good! Overall no pain... Only if I push on my arms or try to lift/open something. I cannot even open my medication bottles (thank goodness for hubby!).

One of my sweet friends dropped by tonight and brought dinner for the family. She brought me chicken lettuce wraps from Pei Wei and they were delicious!!

Finally decided to take off the surgery bra to take a good peak at the new girls! They are definitely high, but not too swollen, and they feel great! I have full feeling in them, but they don't seem hypersensitive. Incisions look great too! Posting nudie pics now!

Such a great night!

Around 8:00 last night, I did everything possible to NOT fall asleep. My eyes were so heavy, but I pushed to stay up to 10, so I could have my meds before bed. I slept SO good! I woke up a few times, but only to slightly roll from my left tushie and then back to to my right tushie. Hubby woke up me up at 2:00 am for more meds, and I again was able to go right back to sleep. Sleeping without that awful ace wrap was so amazing, and I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud! Heaven! I woke up around 6:00 am to roll over again, and was due for more meds, but I felt great, so I went back to bed! Woke up fully at 7:00 am, got up, NO morning boob! I could not believe it! I really feel so good. I waited until about 8:30 to take my first set of meds.

Just had some fruit and bacon, and and hoping that my colace and coffee will do it's magic this morning *wink* *wink*!

Also, I could not help but to take another peak this morning at the girls (it was actually the very first thing I did! I had hubby help me into one of my pre-boobie VS PINK Bralettes, and also changed my clothes. The bralette is a bit small but still looked super cute! Maybe later today I'm going to try on my Coobies! I love playing dress up! Hubby is absolutely thrilled with the new girls! He keeps saying "HOW! They are so big!" and he means that in a good way! LOL!

Sweet little treat!

Just had a three-way phone call with my two of my sweet aunts (both retired nurses). I gave them the news about my new "girls", and sent them a one of my post-op bralette pictures! There were over the moon excited for me, and it was so great and comforting to hear so much excitement from them! Made my day! They were so positive and understanding, and absolutely so funny! Best phone call ever!

Dress up time!

Finally tried on one of my Coobie bras today! Looked so great, and was so comfy! It will definitely be my go-to bra once I get cleared to ditch the surgical bra. Also got to play a little dress up again! There were two black lingerie items that looked SO awesome, but I am going to try them again once I've dropped a bit. . . but oh my gosh! They looked great! I think I am going to have a new found lingerie obsession!

Before I knew I was having a BA, I bought this little cutie nighty from Victoria Secrets during the semi-annual sale for only $16 dollars! Was a total steal! But when I got home, and tried it on, I was so disappointed that it lacked that "sex appeal" when I put it on. Well, for giggles, I slipped it on tonight, and oh my gosh! Seriously! I think I could live in stuff like this! I cannot wait to go Lingerie shopping!!!!

Other updates: Incisions still look great, and they look very very tiny, and the placement looks good. I'm stretching out my meds, and noticing that my pain/discomfort level is improving. My back is itching like crazy still! LOL! And overall I am feeling great! So so so so so happy that I finally did this, and now wishing I would have done it years ago! I already feel SO different!

Colace and Coffee! Time to do you magic! Also remember, Do it with your Left and Do it with your Right

Had hubby get me a TRIPLE shot latte this morning! Hoping that it will do the trick! I'm ready for the bloating to go away! LOL!

Going to attempt to do a full shower in a little bit with hubby's help (he's not complaining, lol!)

I slept great last night again, and everything seems to be going good! I feel a few zingers here an there, but usually if I am trying to do something that's just a bit too much.

One of my boogie friends gave me great advice on arm use and "dropping" that I wanted to share. Her basic instructions were: "if you do it with your left hand, also do it with your right". So the "it" can be whatever. Example, if you lift your drink with your left hand, next time lift with your right. If you take a bit with left, then take a bite with right. She is convinced that her Righty started dropping faster because she was using that arm and that muscle more, therefore that implant was getting more worked into the pocket. It seems to make sense? right? The important thing she said is that this only applies to the normal things you are allowed to do. . . obviously do not do anything that is crazy, no lifting weights, raising arms, etc. . . just the regular everyday things. xoxox ladies and happy D&F'ing!

I survived the shower!

Took my first shower this morning and it was great! I honestly do not know how I could have done it without my hubby's help! He washed my hair, dried me off, and blow dried my hair too. Such a sweetie! Feels good to be clean! How crazy though to shower with boobs! I was washing my face, and my boobs were touching my elbows! WHAT!?!?! Totally insane! I still have no numbness, but also not hypersensitive. . . overall, they just feel great!

We also took another updated nudie after the shower. I still cannot find a good spot in my room with good lighting. The bathroom is too "orange", and the closet florescent makes my look like I've not seen the sun in a over a decade! LOL! I think next time I'm going to pull out the big daddy Canon 6D and ditch the iPhone. . . Hopefully we can get some better looking images that way! LOL! So, I know it's only day 4, but I feel like I can already see a little bit of dropping! Still high on top, but getting there! Yay! It's also looking like I should have a nice little amount of "side boob" !!! :) xoxoxo


So...if you have children, you remember when they were infants and how important "tummy-time" was, right? Well, I've just decided to institute "boobie-time"!! I am going to start a nightly ritual! I'm sitting up straight and comfy, propped up by pillows, unclasped the surgical bra, and just letting the girls breathe, stretch, relax and enjoy a few moments of being unrestrained!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Feels so good!!! ;)

All by myself and some new pics!

I took my last set of meds at 10:00 last night, slept the entire night, and did not wake up until the alarm went off at 6:45! I am so happy to sleep so great! I felt good and did not bother with pain meds for about 2 hours.

My parents have helped so much over the last week with the kiddos, so I invited them to lunch today! They are picking me up soon, and it will be nice to have a kid-free lunch and chat with my parents.

In preparation for my outing, I showered all by myself today! Dried my hair, got dressed, make up on! I'm excited to get out of the house for a bit.

Still I poopies, so I stepped it up to a more serious laxative. Hoping that will help!

Correction to above post

Still *NO* poopies. . . still hoping this better laxative will work! LOL!

The flu!?!?

Thank goodness I don't have the flu... But even worse, hubby was at the doctor today and tested positive positive for the flu. Trying to keep him quarantined, but it's nearly impossible with me being so limited still, and the kids still need so much from us both.

I tried doing just Tylenol today, and it's been good all day....but now I am starting to feel like I really need a rest (tops of my boobs and shoulders are really feeling tight).

On a fun note, I played dress up again while I changed clothes and freshened up today. I love this bralette!! Also posting an updated nudie... I feel like they have both dropped but lefty still looks a little lower or fuller. I love them and the size!!!

Nudie didn't upload

Post Day 6 - Comfort Bra Reviews! Updated Pictures!

Today I felt really good! Still very tired, and I took two naps today, but both were right after I took my Tylenol, so I think that it's the cause of the nap. With just Tylenol, I don't have pain, but I do feel tight still. Showering today was easy, and I was able to to everything on my own. The only hard part was shaving my underarms. . . it's hard to get every little area when you cannot lift your arm up all the way! I'm still taking one hydrocodone and one valium before bed, and it seems to help. My only pain point is at the tops of my shoulder, more of the muscle area. I think it's from the straps of my surgical bra. I cannot adjust them, and my chest wall is so high, that I think the pulling of the straps is causing the pain on my upper shoulder. . . it immediately goes away when I remove/unhook the bra. I took pictures in a bunch of my other support bras today, and I'm emailing them to my nurse tonight. Hopefully I can get approval to maybe wear them instead of the surgical bra, even if just for a part of the day. Keep your fingers crossed. It would really help my comfort level! I washed my surgical bra today while I showered. I did a "hand-wash" with laundry detergent in the sink filled with warm water, rinsed it well in COLD water, and then let it dry on low heat while I showered. It came out good, did not seem to shrink at all.

Since I purchased so many support bras, I thought I would do a little review of them for those of you who are not bound to a surgical bra, and that are looking at other options.

Black Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Bandini:
Super comfortable and soft. I ordered a size Medium. It's very stretchy, but felt very supportive. If I still wanted a lot of support, this would be my bra of choice instead of the surgical bra. The straps are not adjustable, but it still sat nicely on my shoulders. It's also more narrow, and does not cover as much skin as the other Hanes bralette I'm reviewing. They are $8 for a pack of 2! That's an incredible deal!

Pink Leopard print Bandini:
Very similar to the Black, but the pattern is a pink leopard. It was also very comfortable, but seemed much wider and offered more coverage. Also size Medium.

Turquoise Coobie:
I love, love, love this one! I feel like this will be a go-to everyday bra for me. It's supportive, but not constrictive. I love that the straps are adjustable. The sizing is one-size-fits most, and I have to say its perfect. It's very stretchy, and I also love that it gives a little bit of a cleavage plunge. There are also a ton of color/pattern options. http://shopcoobie.com/shop?c=coobie-bras

Pictures attached of all of the bralette/bandins that I reviewed. Also posted pictures in a few swimsuits for fun!

I did a 6 day progression collage of my implant changes. Not much of a difference between day 5 and 6, I think my camera angle was a bit different, but what I notice is that the cleavage area looks so much better day 6.

Incisions are still looking good, but still covered by the steri strips, so no big changes there.

Incision - no big changes!

No big changes, but here's today's pictures of each side. Steri strips are still on, but seem to be starting to lose their "stick" on the corners.

It's like Christmas!!!!

I just talked to my nurse, she got my email, and she gave me a THUMBS UP to the Hanes and the Coobie!!! She was laughing at me because the title of my email to her was "I'm in Surgical Bra Hell". She was also kind enough to call in a refill for more valium for me for my pre-bedtime medication. I cannot even tell you how excited I am! It's like Christmas! Now I have to pick which bra and which color! Even going to lunch today with a good friend! So exciting!

I did not sleep good last night, but it's only because I could not sleep. I was comfortable and pain free, but just could not sleep! It was terrible! I think it's because hubby was still sleeping in the guest room while he's dealing with the flu. I guess despite his nightly-snoring, I really do sleep better when he's by my side :)

Urban Outfitters Bralette

Thanks to real self user Heb727, my urban outfitters bras arrived today!!! I got one yellow and one teal and love them both!! They are super cute and comfy. Not very supportive, so I can't wear them yet, but was still fun to try on!!

Also had fun getting ready for lunch date with my friend!! Was nice to get out of the house and look cute! Picking a boobie friendly outfit was hard! I am going to need to do some shopping!!

Before and After Swim Suit

Was thinking about my girls-trip last year to Cabo, and how much swim suit shopping really sucked! I had picked this suit because despite not having boobies, it gave the illusion that I did. I was looking through the pictures from the trip and found this one from our parasailing trip! This is the same swim suit. It's not the same pose/angle for before and after, but I think it shows a HUGE difference, and I am so excited about it!!!

Over did it today!

I had my first experience of over doing it today! I'm a photographer, and I scheduled my BA for the end of January because my February calendar was really slow. I was able to schedule everything during the last two weeks of February to give myself plenty of time to recoop. But I had one client that I tried to reschedule and couldn't. Her photo shoot was today. I warned her that I would slow and limited. She was super sweet and the session lasted two hours. But by the end of the session, I was hurting and tight :( I got home, took strong meds, iced, went bra less for about 45 minutes and just relaxed. I'm feeling so much better now. I had hubby drive me to and from the studio... I def knew I was not ready to drive yet.

After meds kicked in, and since I was already bra-less (lol), I was inspired by AZBA2014 to put on some cami's! Super cute! Also posting a new nudie today. Not much change below the nipple, but I feel like they are looking much better above and that the swelling is really going down.

Also slept much better last night! Yesterday and today was also so nice to be in my Hanes bra instead of the torture surgical bra!!! Loved the new freedom and had fun picking what color I was going to wear!!!

Forgot photos!

Uploading pics now ;)

Made it with no meds!

Woke up this morning and felt good! No morning boob, no tightness... So I went without meds for the majority of the day! After I cooked dinner, I started to feel a few zingers and some tightness so I took a Valium and Tylenol after dinner. Meds kicked in with perfect timing to try on the new fruit of the loom Bras that hubby picked up for me today. He got a 3-pack of bralettes with a lace top, lime green, blue and gray. Super cute and comfy. I got size 34 and fits good. It's cotton, so I bet it will shrink a little. The bonus is that the 3-pack was under $10!!! He also picked up the front clasp support sports bra. This one is very supportive! It actually feels more snug than my surgical bra was!

Yesterday I drove for the first time! Took my 7 year old to see the Lego movie. Hilarious movie! Loved it. Driving was no problem. I just took my turns carefully. I was super impressed with myself because I also parallel parked!!!

Hubby and I both agree that my boobies felt a lot softer and squishier today! My nipples are still tender, but overall I'm feeling good!!

Love leopard!!!!

What goes good with new boobies??? A new pool! Whoop whoop! They are supposed to start digging tomorrow! Hubby and I had to go pick tile and concrete for the pool today. I stood in my closet searching for something to wear (I really need to go shopping).... And then it jumped out at me.... This little adorable top that I bought 4 years ago and never wore! It plunges in the back and in the front, and it was impossible for me to wear, even with a strapless bra. I hated strapless bras anyways! They would start out on me, but then I would have to keep pulling them up every five minutes so it would not end up around my waist. Anyways, why would I keep a top that I could not wear??? I have no idea, but today, I was delighted that I did. Pictures posted of the top..... NO BRA!!!!! I love it!!

Shopping day!!

Everyday gets better and better!! Love the way the girls are dropping and looking better every day!!! I went shopping today with a friend since I desperately need new clothes!! Mostly because my wardrobe is just t-shirts and "formal" work clothes....but I've wanted to dress more trendy, but I'm terrible at putting outfits together. My friend took me to an adorable boutique with great prices, and I practically bought the entire store!!! Everything fit perfect and it was so fun shopping without inhibitions! I was not afraid of anything since I've finally got boobies! It was so fun! I only got stuck in two tops....I got them ON, but due to arm lifting limitations and pain, I could not get them off!!!! I had to have me friend help me peel it off over my head while I bent over at the waist. We had a good laugh!!

My favorite but of the day was these cute "Pom-Pom" shorts! Posting a pic!

Happy Two Weeks!

I'm officially 2 weeks post-op and feeling great! I am able to do most things, but still trying to limit myself, and accept the help when it is available. Things that are still difficult: reaching up for things above my head, shaving underarms, dressing the kids, dressing myself, washing my hair, doing a pony tail, lifting heavy things. I'm also thinking that the top shoulder pain is due to my sleeping propped up.

My boobies looked great today.... Slowly dropping and filling out, and getting softer every day! I'm looking forward to my post-op appt on Tuesday and getting my steri-strips off!

Size Results are in from VS!!!

Bralette: Small
Bikini top: Small
Body by V Demi: 32DDD

Nope, that's not a mistake! There are 3 D's after that 32!! It was by far the best fit. I think if I wanted something a little more daring, that I could do the 32DD, as it seemed to reveal more cleavage, but it was still just a big small. I'm posting comparison photos from the fitting room of the 32DD vs 32DDD. I'll post better pictures later, the lighting in the fitting room was poor.

More of my hall from VS

The big 'ole 32DDD, bikini and bralette! Also adding a pic of a regular v-neck tee with 32DDD bra on.... Does not really look that big!! Love them!!!!

Great dropping today!!

This morning I noticed some nice changes in dropping!! Yay!

Official Post-Op yesterday!

I was terrified about having my post op appt. I thought they were going to take off my steri strips.... And I was nervous about seeing the incision and more nervous that I would start gushing blood! Lol! Of course, none of that happened. The appointment was pretty non-eventful. My PS just did a visual look and said everything looked good. And then he did the unthinkable!!!! He grabbed both boobies and shook the bahgeezies out of them! Ouch!!!! He pushed them, squished them, circled them around and it was all very very hard! Considering how tender and cautious I've been with them, it really took me by surprise. Then after all the worrying about the steri strips, I ended up being disappointed that they did not take them off. Per PS, leave them until they fall off or they get so yucky that I cannot stand them. Once the are off, clean the area and put new tape back on... Repeat this for three months. I'm also supposed to start massaging 3 times a day, similar to the torturous movements that he did to me! The nurse said it will be painful for the first week, but should get better.

They also told me to start wearing a real bra during the day, one that is very supportive (like playtex). I'm also allowed to wear an underwire bra (if I can tolerate it). I can wear my Coobie bra and Hanes bra at night.

So, since I needed something that was supportive and without underwire for daily wear, I figured it was a good reason to go back to VS! They pretty much have one option for real bra/wireless. But they did not have any 32DD (they also don't offer a 32DDD in this bra style). so I tried the 34D (they did not even have 34DD!!), and it was super loose around the band, but I got it anyways. I'm going to go to another VS when I have time that is bigger with more options. Hopefully I can find a 32 band, because the 34 really feels too big around my rib cage.

Need to stay away from VS

So, I thought I would so really good yesterday and return the 32C bras that mom my gifted me as a post op gift (lol, I guess she was thinking I would be smaller).... I also wanted to return two bralettes that I got the wrong size, and that 34 D bra that is too big in the band. I ended up getting $150 credit, and then went shopping again for more goodies. I bought my first unlined see-through bra! It's pale blue and cream, but looks yellow in my picture (weird)... But it's honestly the most exciting purchase I've made! I would have never dreamed of buying a see-through Lacey bra before. Also picked up a cute turquoise and another pink bra. Of course I had to buy undies to match!! Lol! In a nutshell, spending too much time at VS!

Started my massages yesterday... I'm not quite up to the "bahgeezies" shaking that my PS recommended, but I'm def moving them around. My steri strips are still on, but we've been trimming the sides as they start to separate. My incisions must be tiny, because there is only a little bit of tape still on! It's crazy to think that big implant squeezed through such a small space!

I've noticed I'm able to raise my arms up higher, and overall feeling very good! No pain, just an occasional tightness. :)

Quickie update!

All has been good! Feeling more back to normal and in my routine. Things are getting easier, and the girls are feeling great! I've been wearing wired bras the last few days, and they don't bother my incision and feel great!

Feeling great at 6 weeks post!

Wow! I cannot get over the changes this past week! My girls have really softened up, and are feeling great! I no longer have nipple tenderness, and all other pain is totally gone.

We just spent the last week on vacation and also on a cruise. It's funny how many people I catch stairing....literally stairing.... at my cleavage (and I'm not wearing anything crazy). It's so funny to me! It was great to be able to bend down or over without worrying about my fake bra gaping to reveal my small boobies. I wore regular wired bras from VS and they felt great!

Noticed a change today!

The girls have been dropping nice and slow, but today I noticed more lower fullness, less upper and more symmetry. I really feel line they look like real boobies today!! Yay!!!

New measurements!

It's my birthday!!! Yay!!! To got treated to a fun shopping day at Victoria Secrets! I'm still measuring a 32DDD, but I'm also now in a 34DD (was wearing a 34D a few weeks ago). 34DD unlined bras fit amazing! I'll post pictures later of my finds! :)

Pictures update!

Got my birthday goodies!! 32DDD and 34DD. Also, my 34D nude bra from a few weeks ago is now too tight!

1. 34DD "Very Sexy Unlined Demi", lavender and tangerine

2. 34DD Lined Cotton Demi, lime green

3. 34DD T-shirt bra Demi-uplift, navy/gray

4. 32DDD Body by Victoria lined Demi, black and white polka dots

Whoa! Missed my three month update!

There's not been a lot to report. I go to the doc next week for my 3 month check up (technically it will be 3.5 months, but that's my fault for forgetting to schedule the appointment).

Everything has been great! They look great, feel awesome, very soft and squishy. I feel so much better about myself and so much more confident! Love them so much! I could not be happier, and I really think the size is perfect, the actual surgery itself was great, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have no regrets, absolutely none. So so so happy!

Since they have dropped and filled out more, I feel most comfortable wearing a 34DD. I am still wearing supportive bras at night (Hanes or Coobie), and wear anything I wang during the day (wired too). I'm still wearing tape, but I think that I will be able to stop after my check up next week. When I change the tape, my scar looks awesome, small and flat. It still sits right in the under crease of my boobies, perfectly hidden!

6 Month Update!

Wow! I cannot believe that it's been 6 months since surgery! They still feel so new, and yet they also already feel like they are a part of me! I am so happy about the surgery, I would do it over again without question. I feel completely back to normal. Absolutely no pain, nipples are back to normal, boobies feel great, soft, squishy, real. . . LOVE THEM! My tiny incisions look great, and they are still sitting perfectly in my crease.

At my last check-up, my PS encouraged me to wear push-up or very supportive bras as much as possible. I certainly want them to stay perfect, and I do not want boobies by my belly button. . . so I've decided to listen to my PS and keep them supported! I double up on my coobies at night, and sleep so comfortably. During the day, it's a push-up or very well fitting/well-supported VS bra. I love their new T-shirt line. I save my pretty/unlined/glittery/sparkley bras for special occasions, and I go braless only when I need to.

I was worried about a month ago because my lower back started hurting during the day and at night. I was so fearful that my boobies were causing the problem. Luckily, we got a new mattress (tempurpedic), and the back pain totally stopped, and I started sleeping again! Wow! Who knew a mattress could cause so much trouble??

If anyone has questions, please ask! Thanks ladies!

One year post update!

It's hard to believe that it's been a year already! I have not had much change in the last 6 months, which has been great since they look amazing! I am continually so happy that I finally did the BA! Looking forward to a trip to the sunny beaches of Mexico next month!!
I have no complaints or concerns! Everything feels so normal and perfect! I'm still measuring 32DDD and can also where a 34 DD.
Any questions? Ask away!

More pictures!

Update - 1.5 Years Post

Not much to report! They are still amazing, still look great, all in the right spot! LOVE THEM! I had some boudoir photos taken on vacation last month, and here's a few shots that show them really well!
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Amazing! Best bedside manner and incredible with listening to my wants and did what was best for my body type. Office is beautiful and surgery center was awesome. All of the nurses were amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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