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Hi BBL community! I've finally brought myself to...

Hi BBL community! I've finally brought myself to do something that will forever change life for the better. I've for been researching BBL for a little over 2 years and saving my coins for the procedure. Based on my findings, the GO TO place is FLORIDA, but I don't have the $ nor time to fly out so I'm going with the second BEST. Im 5'9 and started off (in Jan) @152 lbs. I stopped working out to put on what I hoped to be a few pounds and after my consultation. W/ DR. OBEID he suggested a put on a few more...3 1/3 mths later I'm at 172lbs I'm depressed and anxiously awaiting for all this jelly (belly fat) be sucked out and hit the gym. Ive been pretty active most of my life, but no matter what I did NOTHING shaved off my side fat. NOT PILATES, SIT UPS ETC. Nor could I manage to keep enough fat on my butt to look decent. I lose it all and end up looking more like a stick figure. So, please help me in this venture. Please share tips, advice and anything else u feel I must know before.
and she had me huddle my way to decent legs bit still no butt

So, I got it paid off ($6500) got my RXs & am...

So, I got it paid off ($6500) got my RXs & am set for MAY 16th! I'm known for being spontaneous & guess since I woke up and said let's DO ITTTT once n' for ALL( y'all DFW ladybugs) I did it on em'.
DR.OBAID said I didn't necessarily need any ARNICA pills NOR creams IF I was considering the LYMPH DRAINAGE MASSAGES. (Which I got found a "good deal" on)I'll update y'all after the first visit ...sooooo. I'm

11days away. I've never been this anxious in my...

11days away. I've never been this anxious in my life. So, I went ahead and order both the ANNY BUTTOCKS ENHANCING BODYSUIT + KELOCOTE SCAR CREAM both from MAKEMEHEAL.COM why these products? After months of research & hundreds of reviews these are the most requested. I'll share MY TWO CENTS. I am now going to buy groceries for the time I'll be out. My AWESOME friend is caring for me while my WONDERFUL family keeps an eye on my darlings. More pics in few..

Shit is gettting close. OH SNAPS!

Shit is gettting close. OH SNAPS!

For once I want time to fly. I've Ben a nervous...

For once I want time to fly. I've Ben a nervous (yet excited) mess since I paid off. That when u get the SHIT GOT REAL feeling. Since gaining 25lbs & gng from a size 5 to now GUSHING out of a size FREAKING 13 I've been wearing nothing but dresses (mainly long maxis) to cover the extra goodies and not have to spend extra $$ on bigger jeans that'll I'll eventually donate. Im behind a desk for most of the day and I've been keeping it to myself only to not come back after the two weeks looking like a hot mama. Or atleast on the path...I've been spending a lot of time going over these RS profiles and truly appreciate all of the realness!

10 dayssssss!

Extra costs*** Besides the extra garments, scar...

Extra costs***
Besides the extra garments, scar creams, vitamins & massages that are NOT included you will be hit with the PRESCRIPTIONS cost.
LUCKILY my insurance covered most of it and ended up paying $51.
UNINSURED? expect to dish out $250-$300.
*food for thought **



3 days!!! Thanks to newbootyinc (RS fabulous...

3 days!!! Thanks to newbootyinc (RS fabulous member) I feel ready to take on this what could've been a potential disaster if it weren't for her guidance. She has shared in such great detail and has gone through step by step on what to expect. Of course, Dr.Obaid knows best but unless u have actually experienced the transformation there is a lot that'll have you pondering. That is before u open up and trust the good ppl on RS. I will forever be grateful.

I've compiled a list must haves...(I read one may...

I've compiled a list must haves...(I read one may not use everything..bit it's better to be safe than sorry)

MAXI pads
Female wipes
Alcohol swabs
Bottles of alcohol/peroxide
Non stick adhesive pads
Pill organizer
Extra strength cold/hot pain pads
Palmer's scar serum
Palmer's firming butter
*from I got:
SIN ECCH arnica post surgery vitamins
ANNY enh. Xtra-firm Bodysuit
*** she has also used and STRONGLY recommends the use of: CORSET & SQUEEM vest (I have yet to buy) will keep u posted.
The DR will send u home wth the garment but it's best to have extras for when u wash and start to drop the jelly.
All in all expect to send atleast $200 for the extras (not including the prescriptions)

Just go an update from DR. OBAIDS magnificent...

Just go an update from DR. OBAIDS magnificent staff...asking I get there @ 5:30 A.M for us to commence at 7 a.m....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Less than 72 hrs!!!! I can't sleep. I'm sooooo...

Less than 72 hrs!!!! I can't sleep. I'm sooooo fucking excited! !!!!!!!

MASTERPIECE in the making! Less than 32hrs.

MASTERPIECE in the making! Less than 32hrs.

So, I'm gathering some last minute nick-nacks...I...

So, I'm gathering some last minute nick-nacks...I went to my consultation for the MLD over at Salon FX w/ PHILLIPA DODSON,LMT CMLDT and got tons of clarification & 411. She gave me a deal of SIX 30 MINUTE for $250. First one this Saturday. She's awesome & letting me combine 2 for the first visit. She did say they're not necessary but DO expedite recovery time. She also recommended I surround myself w lots of pillows & I adjust my work space before having to come back (after 2 wks) and strain moving my PC/desk around. So I'm leaving from doing that and am now going to stock up on books,magazines etc. To keep me sane while I recover. Ive also cleaned my apt,washed my dirty mess & restocked my fridge. My sister agreed to wake her ass up at 4:30 am & haul me there. I am also picking up my last fat Burger & large fries ...bc it's ON & POPPIN' as soon as DR.OBAID clears me. I will post a picture of my progress on a daily basis and of course all while KEEPING IT REAL. thank u to all that have the courage to post and share your journey through this transformation. Stay blessed RS sistas!

****I went over some of my posts an noticed a TON...

****I went over some of my posts an noticed a TON of typos..excuse the excitement is getting the best of me ******I'll slow my roll


good junk in the trunk!

It FINALLY happened....I get to the surgery center @ 5:30am to get the registration out of the way & then get settled in a comfy robe+room. The super nice nurse was soothing my nerves as we waited for Dr. Obaid to come mark the go-to fatty spots....followed by the Anesthesiologist. She said give it 30 seconds!!! I woke up thinking I fell asleep while chatting w/ her. UNBEKNOWNST to me...the procedure was over. I was in recovery within what seemed like 5min. It was 2pm!!! I felt woozy/sore & went to look for my BOOTAY...& there it was. I couldn't see it but a I could feel the plumpness that I lacked before taking the happy meds. The nurse came back & showed me& my sis how to drain the bottles that comfortly hand. I was out a bit after 3...I rode laid out in my sisters back seat and IMMEDIATELY picked up a pineapple protein smoothie (I was starving) *the nurse did give me a pack of PB crackers that I immediately scarffed down* then headed home. Luckily my bestie was already waiting for me and help lay for a while. ***getting up is a bitch***so after using every last single strand of upper strength, we started the hectic mission to slip on the body suit. *I was sent home w/ only a tummy wrap* & per newbootyinc & her results I knew I had to find it in me to slip it up. All while having to adjust the drainage bottles (which I have to empty 3-4 X's a day). It feels super tight and If it weren't for my compressed va-jay-jay I could probably deal with it. So, I sent my bestie on a mission to find an XL & grab a salad. She unfortunately came back without finding one @Target that had the butt-holes. She's making a run to Walmart...I'd hate to order and wait for another...I need compression & va-jay-jay comfort ASAP. ***As I laid here I happened to get a call from DR.OBAID sharing his concerns and personal cell # for me to call him w/ Q's anytime of the day***If that's not a GREAT Dr. I don't know what is****plus besides the bruising/bit of pain/ swollen parts I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I see & can't wait til I heal.

post op pixs


I'm using both the tummy wrap & suit..will use the board after seeing Dr. Obaid this TUE. & getting his ok....

hell to the NO-NO!

Arrgh! I was clearly drugged up when I said I was in a bit of pain...I woke up anesthesia &morphine free and felt like I just ran half a Marathon and dragged the last half. I woke up in the middle of the night & took off that super tight body suit. My bottoms felt relieved and am able to prev a little comfier. Am now searching for something similar but w/o the bottom part. Something that will compress my upper body. Melissa (DrO's amazing assistant) called to check on me and shared her personal cell and called in a stronger pain RX for me...yay! I've managed to walk for 10-12 min every hour and am peeing like a drunk. Tonnns of Gatorade G2 and my mom stopped by to share some of her homemade chicken soup. Now, I'm headed for another nap. Ready for this lymph drainage soothing massage tomorrow! Maybe I can try another half body suit after. ...

whoop there it is...

My damn period couldn't have come @ a better time :/. Besides that I do feel stronger and can move a lot comfier. Had my FIRST lymph drainage soothing massage and it was GREAT. It consists of soft touches ( you'll feel more pressure when she touches the harder/bruised parts) she let me combine 2 since it was my first time going and said she can focus more on different spots when I come in for the rest 4-30min. Next one is Tue. As far as riding in a car w a boppy and/or pillow was impossible ...I used my lil ones bean bag & was waaaaaay softer than anything else. My Amiga has been consistently rubbing ARNICA gel and I've been on point with DR. O'S meds + the SIN EECH post surgery vitamins ...all combined I believe is what keeps me feeling stronger & it's getting easier to climb out of bed and squat over the toilet. I've been drinking plenty of Gatorade G2+ water as recommended & for the sake of not straining my self I've been keeping away from greasy/heavy stuff.(stool softener has never been on my side) don't wanna risk it. Im looking forward to getting these tubies removed so that I can keep my body suit garment on longer and comfier.


840cc's in each bon-bon. Ready for my second lymph drainage mssge & visit w Dr.O..let's do away with these tubies!!!! The pain is still there & tolerable w the new Rx. P.S I found that if u straddle a bean bag & let the cheeks hang from each'll be a lot comfier than using a pillow.

bean bag to the rescue!!!!!

This is the way I mentioned earlier. With 3/4 of the bean bag in front of u and the other 1/4 behind u and u ur feet tucked in. SUPER DUPER comfortable. You'll then lean and rest your forearms on a table. Works wonders when riding in a car..roll the passenger seat all the way up. Using the back seat, place the bean bag and form 2 deep inserts and slowly jump and wiggle those bon-bons into position. Works wonders! Xoxo

it's going dowwn (swelling)

Unfortunately my tubies weren't taken out yesterday. Still leaking. :/ he did however take out the small stitching. May go back early next week. I feel better day by super mom make to clean myplace & wash my dirty towels. I'm blessed! I've learned to use my feet as extra hands..bc it hard to bend over I'll squeeze whatever I dropped in between my toes an slowly kick back. Being a lil helpless has made me realize how much our other body parts can really work wonders. The thing that SUCKS is the fact I haven't pooped! I've been taking the stool softeners and have been eating oatmeal, salads, high fiber cereals+ drinking lots of water/Gatorade. All I end up are a few farts here & there. Has anyone experienced that? Besides that all is going groovy!

all is gravy....

The swelling/bruising has gone down. I still have numb spots and my butt still feels hard. Definitely look a little fluffier than it did ONE WEEK ago. The above pic was taken with the same pair or black panties ...AMAZZZZZNG!!!!! LOVR LOVE LOVE MY PLUMP BOOTAY!!!


So after today's shower I tried the size M and thanks to the swelling /bruising that has gone I can now comfortably breathe/move around. I have the size M full Bodysuit garment on standby for when my tubies get taken out(Tue.-finallly) I have the board ready too! I'm still comparing prices on both the squeems & corsets ..hope to order by mid week. The arnica gel + the lymph mssges have worked wonders. I can't wait to start dressing up. W/my voluptuous bod....I caught myself buying some outfits I NEVER EVER thought I'd wear. Online shopping is my new guilty pleasure ;). Sooooo excited! !!!

yep! I'm baaaaaaaad

I love love my curvier physique ....bootay looks just right & ripe ;)

AB board....

Besides the reduced swelling ...nothing much has changed..still evolving. Oh! I did get those damn drainage tubies taken out. (Having both hanging from my sides made me stop and rejoice I'm not a male - having to run around w/ a penis slanging everywhere @all times is HORRIBLE) food for thought *** I had to back to work this week :/ I have a yoga mat, massager & a sturdy pillow. I work behind a dsk and had to alternate between kneeling, standing, and placing either yoga mat or pillow underneath my thighs. All while letting my buns hang (similar to the BEAN BAG method) . I have yet to buy a measuring tape...the realization that I may be killing fat cells is best left in the air. PLS SHARE if u have discovered a better solution. I'm on my 4th day of using the "AB board " which I made out of my sturdier shoe boxes. I saw smoothness after the second day and I know I've lost inches around the waist. ONLY reason that makes me consider the tape. *** I went back to work still wearing my oversized maxi dresses (I'll take a pix) @least for 4 wks. All while wearing about an inch of padding and fluffing the goodies.

He's attentive & well prepared to take on anyone's BBL challenge! So, tell your FRIENDS, FAMILY & NEIGHBORS that DR.OBAID is GREAT @creating masterpieces. R u ready? Call him...don't let anymore time pass. It's NOW or NEVER!

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