33,3kids, and in Desperate Need to Get my Butt Back

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I was once the girl that everyone referred to as...

I was once the girl that everyone referred to as big booty Rhonda..... what happened to my butt i have no clue. This depresses me and makes me feel very unattractive. I have tried all kinds of exercises and simply put this crap aint working.. lol and besides i be tired after doin all those damn squats.... so my search has started.. just requested a consult with dr obiad. This is my start... let the journey begin.


A year later and still the same butt

Ok so its been exactly a little over a year since i first started looking to get my butt done. I can not lie, i am terrified to get this done. My mistake was looking at all these videos on the procedure being done.. lord... any way found a doctor right? -_- only charging 5000. This was perfect because thats all i have to pay right now. It took me forever to save that. Lol anyway he has done work on one of my friends and her butt is perfect so i was too hype for myself. Well i went and watched one of his videos and NOTHING on that video looked right. Especially from all the videos i have watched previously. I read the comments under the video and they were all bad. So this made me google him and my goodness the reviews were horrible. He has many things on the medical board website that freaked me out. Long story short he will not be getting my 5k... so now im looking again. Do anyone knw anyone who will help me under 6000 or maybe 6500( pushing it because i am paying cash)? Please help

wish pic

Ok so i been on here ALL DAMN DAY researching doctors, prices, and etc. From the looks of things Vanity will probably end up being my economical decision. Im still looking but Dr Fisher is calling my name. We shall see. Anywho here is another wish pic. This is perfect to me. Not too big. Believable. And she doesnt have that big shelf i see on many people. I dont want that. Those hips are perfect too... yaaaaasssssss

Getting frustrated. ..

I am so trying not to obsess over getting my bbl but i can't help it. I love the low prices i am seeing in miami at vanity and i believe Dr Fisher or Hansen could definitely give me the results im lokking for BUT when i add in my airfare, hotel stay or recovery house stay, massages, food, rental car etc etc the price for that will equal up to the amount it will cost to just get it done here. Smh im so confused. I would love to get it done here that way if i run into any issues it will be easier for me to get back to my doctor. That will require me paying a couple extra thousands of dollars tho... idk. Let me do some more research (obsessing to begin)

pic yaaaaaaaaa

weight loss pics

Ok so decided to post a.few recent pics because i have lost 20 lbs since i posted those last pics... here goes.. ewwwwwww i know.

Heard from Vanity!!!!!

Ok so monday i finally sent a message to Vanity for a consult. Yesterday (which was tuesday) i received a message from Anna. Quick huh? I filled out the questionnaire and sent over my pics. Today she got back with me with a out of this world price 3900!!! This would be with Hasan or i can choose Fisher for 4900. Still a wonderful price. I have until this saturday to make a deposit because the price will be going up on the 1st. Decisions decisions. I better get on the ball.

Let me also add that if i make a deposit by sat i can also include the recovery house for 1700 which is normally 2000. After researching nearby hotels ans etc i will be paying about 600 for a room, if i get the massages seperatetly that will be about 200-250. I would still have to get transportation which will be another.200-250.. so far equaling about 1100. It would save me some money... hmmmm let the researching begin.

Talk with yall soon


Made my deposit just now and FINALLY got a date. Im set up for March 11. Soon as i pushed submit payment i nearly had an anxiety attack.. lol. Im really doing this... im making plans for where i will be staying now. I will worry about getting there later. I dont care if i have to drive my own damn car them 19 hours im there.. lol

Azz fantasies

Im so anxious. My husband told me i bet bot buy another damn thing. Kmsl. I got so much medical stuff here i can damn near ooperate a small emergency room. Kmsl. Not really but i have bought a buch of stuff. Lol soooooooo. Ny faja came in today. I ordered mine from a company on ebay (i think. Will plug in that info when i find it). Vanity was charging 110 i think for theirs and i paid 64 for mine. Yall knw i done tried it on already right?? Lol i have about 33 days left... rental car, flight and hotels are booked. I even looked on groupon and bought a few things to do there. Excited!!!!


Playing with my app....

EXACTLY 3week left..

Oh my good this is too real. I didn't realize that I have three weeks exactly left until I saw someone update their review. Ivhave been so busy at work trying to get everything situated before I go that I totally disregarded how fast this time is passing... Well I did my labs in yesterday. Pissed as hell that they were not covered by my insurance and I had to pay 200 damn bucks. Pissed me off but glad I got it over with tho. I have ordered and bout all my supplies I have two garments a size extra large and a large. Got my an board and my lipofoam yesterday. Got all my ointments, gauze, socks, vitamins etc. Flight is booked, my room is reserved, and my rental car is locked down. My hubby is coming with me so he will be my nurse/ taxi/ cook/ errand boy etc ... I have 2 massages booked in Miami and the others I will have when I get back home. Good thing I didn't have to buy too many new maxi dresses, sweats, or tights because that's all I wear just about anyway. Lol I'm so ready. My biggest concern is the pain afterwards. Lord....... I have a very low tolerance for pain... Smh (says the lady with over 20 tattoos)...

Prayers please

So my doctors office calls me today and tells me she needs to talk to me about some of the numbers I got on my blood work. I almost started crying. Idk what's wrong but she wouldn't tell me over the phone. Y'all please pray with me that its nothing bad.


Labs Update...

Ok guys just left my doctors office and I can exhale for now. Most of all my tests were great. Nothing for me to pass out about BUT my blood platelets is kinda high. They thinking its because I have been taking Tylenol pms to fall asleep for as long as I can remember or because it was around my cycle time. Smh. So now I have to stop taking them, go back next week to redo the test, and pray the numbers go down. My surgery is exactly two weeks away hell I have no room for error. So I will be back there next wed To get this test redone and pray they can have these results in before my already paid for flight on sat... Irritating I tell u... I forward my papers over to ana and she is giving them to the doctor to look at. Hopefully its minor and I can still have this surgery otherwise I will have to wait til summer to do it and I want my ass before my birthday party in may..... :(


I'm sitting here ready to burst out in tears literally like a big ass kid. I don't knw if its the fact that I'm pms'n or the side affects of this damn ambien this doctor done prescribed me but my emotions are all over the place. First a few of you knw that my blood platelets countil is too high and I'm at a risk for bleeding too much if I don't get the number down. My PCP don't want me to take another test until I am a whole week off my cycle so that's gone put me at next wed. It takes two days to get the results and I'm booked to leave on the third day..... She even emailed me today and said maybe I should just reschedule another time and not even risk trying to get the surgery. I knw for a fact that hasan will take me with this number but is it worth risking me bleeding to death... Lord the tears........ I knw you women have got to a point that you was so close and then shit starts fucking up at the last minute.. My health is more important.... I think it just bothers me so much that I made sure everything and everybody else was straight before my time of departure and now my plan that I have carefully planned for can't be.... Man favor ain't fair... And I wish I could be the type to just say fuck every thing I'm bout to do me for once.....but I'm not...... :'(
I will update later when this dope wears off and see if I still feel the same lol. I'm sad tho friends..... Let me go put my big girl panties on tho... Literally.

Miami Physician

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