40, 4 Kids, Breast Reduction 3/10/16 ~ Adios B(r)EASTS of Burden!

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Breasts have been an issue for me pretty much my...

Breasts have been an issue for me pretty much my entire life. At the age of 8, my breasts began to form and I became very self conscience about it because it wasn't happening to any of my other friends. I remember asking my mom to buy me a bra, and she ignored me and refused to. I became really ashamed as I could not hide my growing breasts. Fast forward to Jr. High school and the dreaded locker room. I was 11 years old and I STILL did NOT have a bra. I was so embarrassed. When I was 12, my mother finally took me bra shopping. This same year, my mother who was very small chested (and small framed) decided to get breast implants. I'll never forget her talking with our neighbors about getting it done and the husband said "Why, because your daughter is bigger chested than you are?" And she told me THAT comment was what sealed the deal for her to get one.

By 13 I was wearing a 34C and getting a TON of negative attention from boys. I hated it. I wore clothes that would purposely hide by breasts. The next year when I was in high school, I remember being a friend's house in the pool and I was wearing a bikini. The guys were calling me "Droopy", because by comparison to my friend's who were smaller and perkier, I was droopy. THAT made me even MORE self conscious. By the age of 18/19 I was wearing a D cup. I never exposed my breasts and always tried to hide them, even in intimate situations - and even now at age 40 - I do the same to this day!

Over the years, my weight has fluctuated - between having an underactive thyroid & Hashimotos, to 4 children, they look beat down and have literally had the life sucked out of them. But aside from the emotional issues I have had in regards to my breasts throughout the course of my life, and aside from the cosmetic aspect of their appearance, never finding bras that fit quite right and support them - they have been causing a lot of physical issues for me. I have to wear 2 bras at a time - an underwire one, then a sports bra over the top, so that I can have some lift and support. Clothes NEVER fit right - I have to get larger sizes to accommodate my breasts, and I am limited to what types of clothing I can wear. No cute off the shoulder, strapless, back cut outs, etc. The under boob sweat is ridiculous, and I have dermatological issues now - fungal growth that smells (totally disgusting & foul) and irritation, chafing and painful skin erosion. I have been to a neurologist because I was getting headaches with a vengeance again and I was having issues with my left arm going numb and tingling. Turns out, I have a pinched nerve, likely from the bras I wear to support the weight of these beasts. Creating tension in my neck/shoulder & upper back. I also have very dense, fibrocystic breasts. I often have breast pain. For my yearly mammo, I am then always referred out to get an ultrasound. This past year, my right breast (which has been getting smaller, actually) found 2 cysts in it. Both my mother & her mother have had breast cancer, so also by getting a reduction, it will help to reduce the risk.

I'll never forget breast feeding my children I was so embarrassed because my boobs hung so low, I had to support my boob to hold it up AND the baby. Needless to say, I am at a point in my life that they are wreaking so much havoc on me in every way, I need to be free of them! I want to become more active and just be FREE of these damn things!

Despite having letters from physicians, and test results, BCBS denied coverage for this procedure stating they felt it was only cosmetic. I appealed, and then requested an IRO which I have not heard back on yet, but even if I go broke getting this done, it will be worth it to me. Of all the stories I've read and others I've spoken with, I've yet to have someone say they regretted getting this done. It still hasn't really sunk in for me yet that this is happening, because I can't imagine having the freedom this will bring me. Just in looking at clothes on-line I realized my perspective in how I look for clothes is changing. I've always been so limited and would skip past stuff because I knew I wouldn't be able to wear it.

I have read so many amazing testimonies on this site, and I can't wait to share the rest of my journey with you!


Hoping that I'm expecting the worse & the 1st week isn't too bad

I just realized last night that I made a BIG mistake in scheduling my surgery!! It is set for next Thursday, March 9th - which I THOUGHT was just BEFORE Spring Break for my kids. I planned it this way so that they hardest week (week 1 post op) we wouldn't have to worry about schedules, the older kids would be here to help lend an extra hand & not worry about having to deal with school schedules with my follow up appointments that week.

Welllll....this one goes in the books of "dumbest things ever" for me, and noticed last night that Spring Break is this NEXT week!!! My husband is freaking out & not sure how he can handle & deal with all the responsibilities of helping me & all 4 of our kids & his crazy work schedule.

It's too late to change the date now - my pre-op appt is today ~ somebody who has been through this, please reassure me that all will be well this particular week. My surgery is on Thursday, so that gives me a few days before the madness of school starts again.

I think I've left a hand print on my forehead now from smacking myself. I would have never scheduled surgery this way & I know I consulted the school calendar first. And no, we have NO other sources of help or anyone to come over, help around the house, kids, etc.

We'll all laugh about this one day....right??? :D

Pre-Op Appointment Yesterday ~ Mixed Emotions

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, and it still seems surreal that this is really about to happen!!! My biggest concern & what is causing me anxiety is my worry about how my family will manage without me doing all that I do - especially my husband since he will have to take over. Sadly, I'm not very confident about it. I so wish he could tell me "I got this - don't you worry about a thing!", but he's already complaining. Add to it I scheduled my surgery at the wrong time (see my previous post), and that has now compounded. Him telling me that I better not get upset with him if HE'S tired from having to manage everything & help take care of me. Thank goodness they gave me a script for Valium. I may need to start taking it NOW....lol All these times and the headaches (literally) and other pains these damn breasts have caused me, and I did things for him & the family without complaining ~ because that's just what I was suppose to do. I guess that's the SUPER MOM in me, and in most of us. Despite when things get rough or challenging - we just take care of business!! It really is causing me great anxiety.

So, after reading posts here, doing my own research, and from what the nurse instructed me, I have to stop taking my daily nutritional supplements. I've been advised to avoid Vitamin E, Vitamin C, green tea, limit caffeine & anti-inflammatories. I didn't take my Thrive this morning, and I'm already not quite my ususal alert, happy self. They said to stop taking now and wait until a week AFTER surgery to start again.

I anyone has any tips on how to survive this & get over this hump (slump), please fill me in! I know in the end, it will all be worth it. I just might be in a haze until it's over. :)

A Little Humor :D

So glad that THIS will no longer be an issue after next week!

Call me crazy, but......

I was just getting dressed & realized that I am just a few days away from not having to stuff my boobs into a bra & adjust them so that my nipples are both pointing in the same direction!!

You ladies know what I mean! The countdown to freedom is on....

Breast Reduction Eve!!

I went in to my surgeon's office today for my marking appt. He does them the day prior to surgery. Mine seem to look different from others I've seen...but I have been running around like crazy today & sweating, the marks are smudged, smeared & fading slightly. I tell ya - I can hardly wait for boob sweat to be a thing of the past!! I have been VERY ansy today & barely able to eat. Took myself to get a hair cut so at least my hair would be decent for a few days since I won't be able to do it myself. I foresee some interested hairdos in my near future that my husband will be giving me...lol Dr. Yaker gave me a hug today, told me they're going to be beautiful, and not to worry. If I haven't already mentioned before, I really love this office!

The anesthesiologist called me tonight and went over the procedure for tomorrow. She was so friendly and easy to talk to. She really helped set me at ease.

So, tonight I will probably not sleep and be finishing up laundry and tying up other loose ends so I won't have to worry about them for awhile.

I'll update again as soon as I'm able! See y'all on the smaller side!

Today's the day!!

Somebody pinch me, because this still doesn't seem real! I feel really encouraged after reading some of the updates from thise that had their surgeries this week. Walk in the park, right? I hope! Living with pain no issues from breasts daily, having some temporary pain is nothing comparatively (at least that is what I'm telling myself!). I am confident in my surgeon and his team - I continue to hear more wonderful things about him, and my gut instinct tells me good things, too. Damn, I am thirsty though!! I best get myself together...I have a few more hours until I'm due to check in. Have a blessed day!!

I may now be a member of the IBTC!!

Surgery was today! They were a little behind, so I wasn't taken bar to the OR until about 1:45. I was sent home just after 8pm tonight.

This entire staff here is fabulous! I cannot recommend them highly enough!

We just drained my drains ourselves for the first time...it's a little difficult to push that body fluid through that tube! We emptied out 25 per side. Still very woozy, throat is hoarse & exhausted. Took a walk around the house and doing my deep breaths g exercises.

I can't wait to get a better look tomorrow when I go back to my surgeon's office for a post surgery check.


Last night/this morning hasn't been too bad! I'm even clearing my own drains. I'm heading back to my surgeon's office this morning for a followup. I'm still pretty foggy - but I got exactly what I asked for - one handed breasts!


I'm only 15 hours out from my BR. Went to surgeon's office this morning &!got me first real peak. I won't know until Monday how much was removed - but as you can see - it was a LOT!! I was even able to button up my shirt fully even with the drains and gauze. That's a first!

Free the Nips!

I am still pretty loopy right now, I will post my 2 day post op later, but I thought I'd share this cute little cartoon. I'm ready to free my nips, too!! Especially now that they are so much smaller & cute :)

2 Days Post Op Pics

2 Days Post Op Pics - 2 w/ Update

My voice has been very hoarse from anesthesia, and I'm coughing and expelling some mucus. I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible headache. It sucked that I could rub my own head to try to get a little relief :/ Last night right at about the 24 hour mark post op, I began having some pain, I'm assuming because at that point all the anesthesia had worn off. My torso is super swollen right now. I have been drinking LOTS of water to stay hydrated and drinking cucumber infused water hoping that would help flush me out. The most uncomfortable part so far is at the site of those drains. I've been able to manage cleaning out my own. Now it's changed from red to a light pink, so that is a good sign! In the picture below is with that nasty looking bruise on my forearm is where they first attempted to start an IV, but my vein burst. They said that happens a lot from being dehydrated.

All in all, I'm doing pretty great! Just my head fills like a balloon & I'm pretty scatter=brained.

Hoping that Today is the Worst of All

I slept pretty decently last night - I think I even got a few consecutive hours in. I am SO exhausted, but can't seem to fall or stay asleep. I live in a busy household with lots of noise, and I've also been having just the weirdest, bizarre dreams. I am SUPER brain fogged....and keep forgetting what I was in the middle of doing....lol I am also SUPER sore at my sides, but I believe that's because he did lipo on me. I feel an occasional sting here or there along my incision, but nothing big. And I am swollen like crazy! My arm where my vein ruptured, my chest, stomach and abdomen - my armpits and they're bruised, too. My legs & feet are probably swollen too, but I haven't paid attention to them. I can't sit straight up, so I'm slumped over when I walk....my upper back is SO sore. I've also had NO appetite whatsoever....and still haven't had a bowel movement in 3 days now - so it's no wonder my gut has blown up!! I have been super thirsty and constantly drinking water, I've got cotton mouth. While all this isn't horrible, I feel REALLY off & crappy. I'm just doing my best to stay ahead of the pain. I hope that this day #2 will be the worst *fingers crossed* of them all.


I was advised that this first week post op to keep my arms & elbows at my side, much like a T-Rex. It makes it challenging to grab things I might need or drop on the floor ~ SO, I just ordered one of these reach 'n grabber things just now off of Amazon. I wish I had thought of it before! Besides, it'll come in handy with our super deep washing machine.

Big Boobs

What is your most favorite perk (pun intended!????) about having smaller breasts? Or if you haven't had your procedure yet, what are you looking forward to most?

Aside from being free from physical pains, that is.

For me - it's suppose to be 88 here in Dallas tomorrow ~ so I am excited about NO MORE boob sweat!!!

3 Days Post Op

So far so good today! Just a little sore, draining less. I have been having really weird, bad dreams and can't stay asleep for long. Maybe it's from all the drugs. Keep getting headaches, too, but I believe that's probably from the anesthesia. Still barely have an appetite, but I have been thirsty like crazy with cotton mouth & a hoarse throat, I am drinking about 2 glasses an hour. A great tip I learned here from another lady is to use cough drops after surgery. It really does help soothe your throat. Today I am wearing a dress that my boobs did not fit into before, so that is pretty exciting! I feel kinda icky - I'm cleaned up, but my hair is becoming a greasy mess. Still trying to figure out how I'm gonna get it washed - with my husband's help, of course.

This coming week will be interesting as the kids return back to school, so that will be placing a lot of extra stress on him. Plus, he has a marathon to run next Sunday, so he needs to keep up with his running schedule.

All in all, so far so good! My breast seem a little odd shaped, but I know that will change. Besides, it's just weird to me seeing myself with little nips & perky boobs! Oh yeah - and I DO already have feeling in them both! Yay!

Another Milestone That Happened Today!

I almost forgot to mention this! I have not been able to tilt my head to the right and place it on my shoulder because of all the tension in my neck & shoulders. Today, I COULD! Most of my issues (arm numbness & tingling, headaches, shoulder, neck, etc.) have all been on the left side. I'm ecstatic that I am able to do this so soon!! :)

Burn, baby, Burn!! ????????????

My bra burning pile ????

Kidding....I'm not really burning them, I am just happy to no longer have a cup the size of my face!


I had to end the evening with a little humor. At least I won't have to worry about tripping over my knockers as time goes on!

Been having really bad dreams - borderline nightmares and my arms and shoulders are SUPER tense and sore. I haven't been able to sit up completely straight. Just took a pain pill, so hopefully I'll be off having some sweeter dreams soon ~

Can't Catch Any Zzzzzz's

Today is my 4th night post op. I can only sleep 30 minutes to a couple of hours tops at a time. Seems the meds make me woozey & out of it, but not enough to help me sleep. I even took a product called Rest that I sell, and it worked the 2nd night, and tonight I took it again after only sleeping for 30 minutes. I know I need sleep so that my body can recover and heal. Also, my arms feel like I've done 8,000 push-ups. Anyone else experience that? They are so sore and keep getting more sore each day. Still have no appetite, either, have not had a BM since Wednesday, despite even taking something to help facilitate that. I know I haven't eaten much, but I should still be able to go! My stomach and abs are distended and hard. I have been drinking water like a fish, but it hasn't helped flush all that out. I sound like a big old grouch!!! Aaaaahhhh. I just want to be able to sleep (and without the crazy bad dreams) and get this swelling under control.

Swimsuit Season is Coming!!

For the first time in probably 20 years, I won't be ashamed & frustrated about shopping for swimwear!! Woohoo!! I know I'm not the only one!

4 Day Post Op

Today has been a doozy of a day, but all is going well. I was in quite a bit of discomfort today - more so than any other day. Fortunately, my drains were removed and that provided immediate relief!! Dr. Yaker seems quite impressed with his work and they told me I looked like I was more than just 4 days post op and healing super well. I think a big part of why it was so successful and easy breezy and I'm healing like I am is because I've been Thriving for close to 2 years and my health is in peak shape. I also drank an ultra micronized lifestyle mix that is full of pre & probiotics, and FINALLY had a BM today! I haven't had one since Wednesday. Swelling is beginning to subside as well. Next Tuesday I return and we begin to take out sutures around my aereola. AND I have been given the clear to shower now! Yay!! I can hardly wait to shave my armpits! I'm beginning to look a little granola-y. ????. If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I can't highly recommend Dr. Yaker and his staff enough. I believe taking excellent care of your body prior to surgery will help make your results so much better and the healing process smoother. I found out today that 366 & 382 grams were removed, which equates to about 1.25 pounds per breast. He said that plus a LOT of lifting was involved. I was excited to come home and put on a strapless dress that my boobs always spilled out of on & have them fit just right! It is a GLORIOUS feeling!!!

Yay For Clothes Fitting Right!!


Funny & Truth for the Day

I'm excited about being able to do yoga without these big old knockers dragging me down and without the fear of them choking me!!! And bonus - I can wear those cute little tops without spilling out over them! Yay for breast reductions!!!!

Post Op Tip

I am 5 days post op and doing super great! I have only taken pain meds twice in the last 14 hours. Boobs feel a little strange at the sides and a little numb-like. Today I got to wash and clean my new set for the very first time! It feels so amazing to be CLEAN!! I am going to have my hairstylist wash and blow out my hair today because my husband just can't even.....

Anyway. I called him in to dry off my back and privates. THEN it occurred to me to get my hair dryer and put it on the coolest setting with cold shot and dry my lady bits and stitches around my breasts since they need to be kept dry. I can't believe no one had suggested to me to do that! It's genius & I feel all clean and breezy now. Anyway ~ just wanted to share that little tidbit of info!

Day 6 on the Smaller Side

I felt REALLY super good yesterday! I started back on my nutraceutical regimen, I got to get fully bathed and shave since before surgery, and even visited my hair girl to get my hair washed and blown out. Even went out to Taco Tuesday ???? with the fam, but I still didn't have much of an appetite for anything, but it was nice to get out on such a beautiful day. Then it hit me like a wall of bricks last night. Nauseous, by bra was killing me and sitting on top of my incisions, the sides of my boobs were super sore and the zingers of pain shooting through my breasts began. Up to that point, I had only taken 2 pain pills in about an 18 hour period. BAD move on my part. I like to think I'm super woman, but I needed a reality check! Took pain meds and went to sleep briefly before waking from a nightmare. Ate some popcorn while watching Bravo and slept like a rock until it was time to get up and get my 8 year old ready for school. He was so great. He did everything himself, and with ZERO complaints! ?? As soon as my husband dropped him off at school I immediately went back to bed. Arms propped up with pillows, eye mask on and not moving. I am making damn sure to stay in T-Rex mode today! We all heal differently at different times and after reading some stories here, like one lady who was already off pain meds, driving herself around and making dinner at Day 3 kinda made me think I should be, too. Then I see another story where a lady at 3 1/2 weeks post op ripped open 3/4 inch and now I'm terrified. Reality check for me to take it easy and not push myself. I need my husband to realize this, too. I keep getting the "I'm so tired" but from him and that it's affecting his work and he's making mistakes. You have no idea (or you probably do) how much that infuriates me and makes me want to ask for not a damn thing from him. Oh, and I'm getting in the way of his having time to work out and be ready for his marathon this weekend. All I am thinking in my head is "Bitch, please!" I know I am blessed he has been helpful - but it puts a lot of unneeded pressure back on me that I am the reason for the issues he is having. As I say to him - he best hope and pray he never needs a surgery or to fall ill because he just might get a taste of his own medicine! I had a tubal and also c-section (not at the same time) and I pretty much got the same song & dance then, too, so I don't know why I would expect anything differently now.

Anyway.....on a POSITIVE note - I am happy to report I got exactly what I requested - one-handed boobies!!!! And contrary to the belief that only big cheated ladies get crumbs and food stuck in their bras, is false. My itty bitty tittied self for all kinds of little bits of popcorn trapped in her bra last night!! Hahaha. Oh, and I have some of those bras called "Coobie" that I already had on hand that we're too small for me before, but I wore them over a regular bra to help lift me, I put one on last night because that FTL one was killing me and this is so soft & stretchy and feels nice against my incisions. Their like a genie bra, I guess. They have them at WalMart, too, and are very inexpensive. My daughter wears them over traditional bras. I'll post a pic of it below.

Thanks for listening (reading) my rant & raves here. Wishing you all a lovely day!!

A First!!!

Laying down and boobs still upright!!!????!!! Whaaat? I NEVER thought that would be possible!! No more floppy boobs falling to my sides and under my armpits!!! I can't wait to try laying on my stomach when I'm completely healed! That will be something new, too!

Wrinkles & Stretch Marks Be Gone!

A friend of mine posted a pic of this really cute dress tonite and as I was looking at it I thought "hey - I can wear stuff like that now!" Before, I had deep wrinkles between my breasts that crept up onto my chest. I always kept myself covered and never showed any cleavage. Here's the post I made on FaceBook below along with pics of the dress, the wrinkles (it's not a pic of ME, but mine were similar) and my chest now. I have been overwhelmed with joy and gratitude and in tears. Read on:

I just noticed something spectacularly amazing. It may go into the category of TMI and/or you may not care, but let me say this. For the first time in the 40 years of my existence, I am proud and confident of the skin I am in, sutures, bruises and all. A lot of people didn't even realize how big my chest was - I always did my best to keep it hidden, padded down, not show cleavage and wear dark colors. The skin on my chest between years of sun damage and the weight of my breasts and gravity pulling them down, I had stretch marks that looked like I had been clawed by a cat and wrinkles in between my breasts from the tissue being pulled. Losing 2.5 pounds of weight off your chest is a big relief and major thing! I can't imagine the people who are much larger than I was that even have as much as 10 pounds removed. It was wreaking havoc on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I felt trapped in my own body and was ashamed to even be seen.
(Not to mention I am high risk for BC)

So, I was just looking down at my new view and realized those deep wrinkles I had on my chest that looked like that of someone twice
My age would have are GONE. The deep stretch marks I had have now been filled out and are smoother. You may think it's stupid that something as a pair of breasts can make that much of a difference in how someone feels about them self, but if that is the case, then you are likely a man, or have never had issues and pains caused by them.

It is indescribable how much lighter I feel in every way, even in he midst of a lot of discomfort and inconvenience at the moment as I heal. I have heard time and time again women say that having a breast reduction is the BEST thing they ever did for them self, and now I get it. This was for ME. And it wasn't done because of how embarrassed I was of how they looked, they were affecting most every aspect of my life. Causing nerve damage, muscular issues, I couldn't turn my head, loss of sensation in my arm, among other things. I'm not posting this to boast or brag - I am posting it because I am JOYFUL and I know so many other women suffer like I was. I feel like the caterpillar that has finally transformed into a butterfly. Now I can fly lighter, freely and more confidently than I've ever been able to. If you have a lady in your life that is wanting to have this done, SUPPORT HER. I could not do this without the help and support of my husband, who admittedly, for the longest time just didn't get it & thought I was fine as I was. I wasn't. I can now look forward to becoming active and joining my husband in his workouts, and going to the pool with my kids without being ashamed and RUN and JUMP and PLAY with them like I should.

Thank you for listening (reading, rather) my story, and I hope it gives you a perspective on how positively life altering this can be. ???? if you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, I can't recommend Dr. Yaker at Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas highly enough. And a special shout out to my special Fancy Nancy for suggesting I trust in him. I can now fully feel ALIVE & Thrive!


Before, I would have referred to this as Throw(my)back(out) Thursday! This was post on social media today:

This Throwback Thursday is about these ridiculous b(r)easts that were throwing my back out! ???????????? I don't have many pics of me that even show the size they were before because they were an enormous (literally) embarrassment to me, and I don't really have any new ones (well, that are FB friendly, that is) to reflect the difference. But these 2 are a good representation and quite obvious of the major transformation that has taken place. When I'm feeling better, I will have to get this blue dress out to do a comparison soon.

I am so Thankful to have 2 less things dragging me down and nearly dragging on the ground! Onward and upward to a lighter and happier me! #TBT

I Feel Liberated!

Ladies, we have all read reviews that say having this procedure done is the BEST decision one can make for herself. I fully understand what they mean now, and it is certainly one of the best things I could have done for myself. It may sound silly & trivial to some, but I feel FREE and comfortable in my skin for the very first time in my entire 40 years of existence. Wishing you all the very best! You deserve it!

Freedom Friday (8 days post op)

This is another milestone for me. I have a TON of dresses still with tags on that I put away in bins because I could not wear before (or return as I bought them on zulily and they have a NO return policy). I had pulled this one out and put it on for Jon before surgery (and it was so awful there was no way in hell I'd even take a "before" shot) and was saying how sad and what a waste it was that I have all these cute, NEW clothes these damn sand bags prevented me from wearing. Nothing that had any kind of plunging neckline, halter, etc. unless I wore a tank underneath and/or a jacket over it to hide ugly thick bra straps. THIS is true freedom! I have always HATED spring & summer because I couldn't wear cute little dresses, tanks, swimsuits and let's not forget just going out in the Texas humidity and getting the wretched boob sweat!!

My head may still be in the clouds, but I am grounded with gratitude and emotionally overwhelmed with tears (maybe that's partially because of the meds, too) to have this FREEDOM. Because that's what it truly IS. ???? #FreedomFriday

Tip of the Day

If you don't already have a long handled body brush, I highly recommend getting one! Not only are they fabulous for dry brushing your body which is good for your skin, circulation & lymphatic system, but for post surgery it is handy when you have itches in places you can't reach because of limited mobility. Plus, it can come in handy in case your partner starts to whine that THEY are tired as you are recovering!! Hahaha. I'm just kidding.

Sort of. ;)

8 Day Post Op

I spent the majority of yesterday and ALL last night sleeping. I only took pain meds 3 times total. Yesterday was crap, I was in a bad mood and was arguing with the husband. Maybe I'm being over-sensitive, but I felt like he could have been doing more & I felt neglected and instead I laid here alone, in pain, hungry, tired and got an ear full of him being stressed at yelling at people, slamming doors on me, whining about how tired he was and kept dozing off, etc. I know that I cannot expect (although I do hope) that someone will take care of me in the way I would for them, but I was really passed. Not to mention, I've had ONE BM since surgery and yesterday I sat on the toilet for what felt like an eternity and gave myself some massive hemorrhoid and a fissure. Pure hell. (I've had a hemorrhoidectomy & fissurectomy in the past and THAT, ladies, is pure torture! Oh, and I left out the part that he had a marathon this weekend and it's my fault he's fallen behind in his workouts and hasn't been able to get out and run. So, I have to take care of our 4 kids solo and my 4 & 8 year olds go together like oil and water. Anyway. Apologies for the gripe-fest. So, other than the potty troubles that also have left me bloated and my booty in intense pain, I am healing well. The most discomfort I have is on my sides which you can see in the pics below are still quite swollen. I have had a little fun today trying on some clothes I've had in my closet that I couldn't wear before because my breasts didn't fit, so that's been a big positive! I'm down to only needing pain meds 2 or 3 times a 24 hour period. I'm planning a separate posts on some bras for post op, so be on the lookout for that next!

9 Day Review

Left pic is day before surgery 3/9/16
Middle - 1 day post op 3/11/16 (notice how body is swollen)
Right - 8 days post op 3/18/16

What a difference a week makes!

Why I Love Real Self

I know, I have had MANY posts today, but I feel compelled to share this. Like the saying below says that as Women, she should support & empower one another, and that is what I have gotten here at Real Self. It makes me smile and believe in humanity again to see us from all over the world coming here for a common reason to learn from each other and provide support, encouragement and information as we go through these changes we are making in our lives. We don't come here to knock anybody down, hate on or make someone feel bad for the choices they are choosing to make with their body. We all have the right to choose and we all deserve to feel our very best and be the best version of ourselves in whatever way we choose to get there. There is no envy here, but all I have seen is kindness and support. If only the whole world outside of this place would be like this, it would be a much better world. Thank you all for letting me into your lives and allowing me to be a small part of your journey, as you are mine!

Tip of the Day

Ladies, between surgery and meds, you're bound to get backed up! I am not a fan of laxatives, but I have been trying other measures to get "unstuck" using cleansing products I have, pre & probiotics, apples, but I just came across this & looks like I need to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s for bananas!! Be sure to drink plenty of WATER, too ~ I'm hoping this will help get things moooooving along!! I have been eating much either and have had zero appetite, so I'm sure that's a big factor, too. Fingers crossed this helps!! Before surgery I was always right on time! ;)


This pic gives a better perspective on my changed. Today is Day 9 - so far I've taken no pain meds, and bruising is getting better.

My nipple before fell BELOW the pocket on my top. My nipple came down to the chef's hat on the sock monkey. Today, my nipple is where the bag of sugar is - ON the pocket as it should be, and from here on today I shall call myself sugar tits! Hahahaha.

It's not that I need new clothes, just everything I already had actually FITS as it should - comfortably! And I can even dust off things I've never been able to wear that I now can.

What a blessing this is! I feel like a "normal" person now!

10 Days Post Op Update

Today I am thankful for hoodies! I still cannot lift my arms over my head or wash/fix my own hair. Tuesday was the last time it was cleaned and blown out...professionally. Tomorrow, My Viejo takes on a new role as my personal hair stylist....that should be pretty interesting! ???? It is so beautiful outside today ~ and It's the first day of Spring, but I am still not up to getting out, other than when I stepped out to take post marathon pics of Jon & Jacqui. So, if you are out having fun on this gorgeous day, I envy you!! Tuesday begins suture removal - that should be fun (not)! I am looking forward to being back at 100% and getting moving & grooving better than ever before. Until then, I have to be patient and let the process of healing take it's course. I've read so many stories here of people doing too much too soon (even at 3 weeks post op) and winding up seriously hurting themselves or setting themselves farther back in their recovery. Some people don't get that a breast reduction is MAJOR surgery!! I had HALF (and that is no exaggeration) of my chest removed. So, one day at a time....but I am doing terrific!! I'm just not the patient type.....I didn't get the nickname "Tick Tock" for nothing!! ???? I am down to 1 pain pill/day. Still really swollen at my sides. I thought I'd put some lotion on my breasts today, but they are still to tender to even touch. Yesterday and last night I didn t even wear a bra. They were digging into the underside of my breasts where I'm sutures. I even tried buffering it by stuffing it with socks, but that still bothered me. I'm still sleeping upright and sleeping soundly through the night - yay! Still very minimal appetite, too. I think we are our own worst enemies at times thinking we need to be farther along than where we are. We all heal on our own time, and better safe than sorry!! I had a friend tell me yesterday that she thought a couple weeks off of housework seemed like a lot. Um, hardly! We need to take as much time as we need.....dust bunnies will still be there when we're better...lol. Now, I am off to watch a marathon of Botched episodes!!! Love & light, my friends!

Bye-Bye Bowling Pins!

I took this the other day because I happened to notice as I bent over (which Inhad yet to do post op), that my breasts didn't look like a couple of tube socks with some change in them or like upside down bowling pins!

How cool is that!?

Breast Reduction Benefit #864367

Wearing graphic tees where the words & print aren't all distorted and you can actually read the words or see the graphic as they're meant to. #wifey

Toodle-Loo, Ta-Tas!!!

Day 12 post op. I took these this morning before getting stitches removed. I did have Lipo on my sides, so that explains the bruising on my sides and I am still swollen on the sides, hence why my breast looks a little funny shaped. I still LOVE 'em!!

Stitches, OUT!

I had most of my stitches removed yesterday. I did take a Diazapam before my appt. to relax, but surprisingly, it wasn't painful AT ALL! They told me my skin is healing super great & I'm moving and grooving along better than most. I'm telling y'all it's because for nearly 2 years now, I have been taking care of my body nutrition-wise and fueling it with premium grade nutraceuticals, and taking that proactive approach to your health & body BEFORE a surgery like this will greatly increase your chances for optimal healing & results!! I'm most excited about now having these b(r)easts out of the way to now take things to the next level by getting active! I have already set a goal and signed up to do the Dallas Rock 'n Roll half marathon next March. And I have NEVER run! But I sure can skip, gallop, dance, trot & walk it if I have to! #goals!!!!

I was out & about ALL day yesterday and moving about a lot, which I think created some irritation for me. Naturally, I bled a little from where the stitches were removed, but barely anything. It did start to sting later on, and that was my sign to pipe down and take it super easy today. Funny thing - yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks that I put myself together, put on some makeup and I felt like I could take on the world! I had NEVER felt more beautiful - despite the hairs I've neglected above my lip & I haven't maintained by brows at all (which is HUGE for me...I'm an eyebrow FANATIC) - I didn't give a hoot about any of that - I felt 10 feet tall and carried myself with confidence. I found myself striking up conversations with complete strangers, I must have come across as more approachable, too, as I had a couple random people approach me and I could confidently look people in the eye, talk and smile. Before, my comfort zone was here, behind my screen where the only thing people ever saw of me is what I CHOSE for them to see. I always wanted to hide because I was so embarrassed of how these boobs made me look and feel.

For those of you that have already had your breast reduction, I'm certain you can relate....and if you haven't - get ready for all these amazing things to come!

So, I return at the end of this month to have the remaining sutures removed and also take my post op comparative photos!!! Who knows - maybe my boobies will wind up on their website!! lol

I found out yesterday too, that all the tissue they removed, they send off to pathology. I didn't even know they did that! But, they do that and the report came back that it was breast tissue (obviously!) and there were NO signs of any kinds of cancer. I DO have some cysts, but everything came back crystal clear!!! I asked how long I should wait to have a mammo & was told 3 months...but I think I'll wait longer.

Another thing, which may seem silly & trivial, but I've NEVER sent sexy or seductive pics to my husband EVER. Hell, my boobs never even fit into the frame of taking a selfie!!! I now understand why those ladies who get augmentations don't mind showing their breasts off to everyone. They still don't feel like they are MINE and part of ME, just yet - but hell, just like those that paid for their breasts, I paid for mine to be like this, too!! Bring on Mardi Gras & toss this girl some beads!! I feel FREE for the first time in my life & I could care less what anyone else has to think about it. This is MY life...MY body....MY new fabulous boobies! My right one looks better than my left.....they obviously aren't aesthetically PERFECT (I mean, I'm ONLY 13 days out & know it will be months before they are "set") - but they are such a massive improvement...bruises, stitches & all - from where I started, I am PROUD of them...and ME! I deserved to get this done for ME, and so do YOU! Life is too short to not enjoy it and live it fully & feel good about the body you live in!

Thanks again for being a part of my journey!! I do tend to get a little long-winded (I like to write!), but I have so much excitement to share, my hope is that I can give that same excitement & somehow positively touch everyone that takes the time to read my posts and that something good can be taken away from what I share. (which I know is a LOT!)

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!


Ok. So I've been a bad girl today and did more than I should. (A trip to Sam's Club)...ugh

Anyway, I was just sitting on my bed and closed my lap top and felt like a mild "pop" sensation. I felt it and it's like a tiny knot and I came in my bathroom to have a look and there's this pink spot.

Could this be a small hematoma?? It's not super painful, but I need to simmah my ass down before I really hurt myself. I've you've had one - let me know your thoughts. I'm not one to over exaggerate or call my Dr. Over every little thing.

Thanks, awesome ladies!!

A Little Laugh Before Bed

I came across this & thought it was funny. My husband had ask me to lift up my shirt the other day & I did, then tossed some beads at me....lol. I brought that on myself since I keep joking about being Mardi Gras ready for next year. I really don't think I'd ever be that bold (or intoxicated enough since I don't drink), but I feel like my boobs have already been exposed to the world & who hasn't seen them anyway. Ha!

Have a good night!

My Cups (no longer) Runneth Over

Again, I LOVE the support here on Real Self!! Thank you to those that responded to my post last night - I totally think what happened must have been a busted internal suture. It was such a weird feeling. Keeping an eye on the pink spot it left on my breast!

I am thankful for this community of awesome ladies!!! I am officially 2 weeks post op today!! Wishing you all a lovely day!

For the Man in Your Life ~

I wonder if my husband would wear this....lol. This shirt actually exists! I definitely LOVE Breast Reductions ~ not so sure that we'd display it ON a shirt, though!!

I thought it was funny. :D

2 Weeks Post Op

I'm smiling for several reasons here:

A - I just accomplished taking a shower & washing my own hair myself for the first time since surgery unassisted. Let me tell ya - you don't realize what all each & every little muscle in your body does or even exists until you have limited mobility. I cannot raise my left arm (where I busted an internal suture yesterday - whoopsie!), but it feels good to have some piece of "normal" back again.

B - I decided to try on some clothes I couldn't wear before - like this top here. I had all these cute yoga clothes and stuff with shelf bras that weren't possible for me to wear. And bonus - no additional support is needed anyhow!! ;) Oh, and I can now sit and stand up straight & not slouched over!! Yay for good posture!

C - I'm down 2.4 pounds since starting FORM 48 hours ago! Add that to the 2.5 pounds of boobage I lost, I'm gonna be summer-ready! Which should be here in about 2 weeks in Texas...

D - I care even less now about trying to present myself as "perfectly" made up. Unkempt eyebrows and a towel on my head...see me now as I am & I just don't give a damn! I FEEL super fantastical & no one's opinion can burst MY bubble of inner happiness.

E - And this might be the biggest one of all ... But directly behind me (I thought it was visible in this photo) is 2 large baskets of laundry that are overflowing. I also hear a load running through the dryer right now as I speak. And ya know what? I don't have to do a damn bit of it!!! Heehaw!!!

Now, my dilemma is - who's gonna dry my hair for me???? Oh well, that's what hats were made for, I guess!!

Cup Sizes Around the World

I just came across this & found it interesting. It says the average cup size in the US is a "D". I wonder if that's based on implants, natural breasts, or both. Anyhow, I thought it was interesting & thought I'd share - especially since there are ladies from all over the world here on Real Self

So, my swelling had subsided substantially on my sides now, and I measured myself today and I am a "C" cup. If I am correct, a 38C. I've never been good or accurate before at finding my cup size through measuring myself before, then again, it's so hard to do when they have no shape and are just laying on me like a couple of elongated flapjacks. They seem smaller than that a "C" to me, but cup size translates differently from person to person. They are smaller and so perky, but my body is still larger (which I'm working on) which I think also makes them SEEM smaller than what they are. Interestingly enough, they are pretty much the same measurement around as they were before surgery, but now are where they should be. (If that even made any sense).

For those of you that have already been through this surgery, how long was it before you had an accurate size? Or how long should I wait before I go and get fitted by a professional (which I will do from here on out)?

Oh, and side note - I bought my very first piece of naughty lingerie EVER today!! ;) I am diggin the newfound confidence I have found and FEEL like a sexy woman and not some freak of nature troll.

My best advice/tips & tricks and things I’d wish I’d known prior to breast reduction

My best advice/tips & tricks and things I’d wish I’d known prior to breast reduction:

Not in any particular order here - I hope you find these useful!! I think they are golden, if I do say so myself!!

*Hair dryer - You need to keep your sutures dry. With limited mobility, you may not realize it until it happens, but drying yourself off (particularly your lady bits) is quite difficult!! And the last thing you want to do is wipe or pat dry those sutured areas as they are TENDER! So…..get out your hair dryer, baby!! If you have a cool setting or cold shot button, even better!!! Dry your arm pits, your breasts and areas down below. Particularly with the cool setting, you’ll feel breezy & fresh. Heck - I may just continue to do this even well after my recovery!!

*Peri bottles - Get yourself a peri bottle BEFORE surgery! (http://www.amazon.com/DYND70125H-Perineal-Irrigation-Bottle-Pack/dp/B00KHKHXBC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458916274&sr=8-1&keywords=peri+bottles) I actually got the 5-pack, as they come in handy for a variety of other things, too (like ACV rinse in your hair!!) Since you can’t fully bathe or shower the first couple of days, you can easily clean your nether regions over the potty & at least feel clean down there! Get your soap/hygiene wash & sit on the toilet and clean yourself up that way. After - use hair dryer method stated above.

*Long handled brush - Not only are these great for dry brushing your body (if you don’t know about the benefits of this - Google it! - But if you get an itch somewhere you can’t reach (again, limited mobility) - this comes in super handy. Also, if anyone gets out of line, you can always smack them with it. Like this one here: (http://www.amazon.com/Brusybrush-Extra-Long-Handle-Brush/dp/B011GT80BY/ref=sr_1_14_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1458916533&sr=8-14&keywords=long+handled+brush) But you can find these most anywhere.

*Coconut oil - Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil is by BFF for numerous reasons. I religiously slathered my breasts and nipples with it for a solid 2 weeks before surgery - once in the morning & again at night.

*Research photos on-line (like here on Real Self) because you cannot adequately relay your thoughts of the images you have conjured up in your mind about how you’d like your breasts to look. You can’t assume the person you’re telling will get the same image. Also, cup size does always translate the same from one person to another. If you can find Before/After shots of someone with breasts similar to yours BEFORE with a desired end result you’d like - even better!! Take them with you to your surgeon. This is a golden nugget tip, I’m tellin’ ya!

*Butter knife (with no serrated edge) for draining your drains. Those suckers are a lot harder to squeeze out than you’d think. When draining, hold the tube as high up as you can, and slide the knife from the UNDERSIDE of the tube all the way down to the bulb. It’s difficult to put this into words, but of all things, I found the butter knife (like this one here: (http://www.amazon.com/WMF-Manaos--Bistro-Butter-Spreader/dp/B0057U0260/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1458916955&sr=8-4&keywords=butter+knife) helpful - especially because of the way it’s shaped.

*Stay ahead of the pain!!! Take your pain meds on a schedule. Don’t wait until you start to hurt and try to catch up! Just DON’T! Trust me on this here. As much as we’d like to believe, we can’t ALWAYS be Super Woman!

*Try to pre-plan as much as you can (HEALTHY snacks, meals, etc.) The last thing you want is someone in your household asking “what’s for dinner?” Plan it out ahead of time on calendar, if needed. In my house, these people need every little thing spelled out for them.

*Make a list of household duties, etc. others in the household need to do on certain days (as referenced above, as far as my family goes, they need it spelled out for them and told WHEN it needs to be done & exactly HOW….geez) But if there are any extra things that need to be done that aren’t on a regular basis (extra cleaning of baseboards, windows, ceiling fans, etc.) - take advantage of this time and have others do these things for you & that way you won’t have to worry about getting them done for a LONG time!! ;)

*Put everything you could possibly need for a few weeks at waist-level height so that you won’t have to reach or strain yourself to get to them If you don’t have one - a step stool (I have a fabulous inexpensive wood one from Ikea) come in super handy in the event you DO need to get into a cabinet.

*Bananas - they help with constipation that can occur from surgery and pain meds. Eat one, have it in a smoothie, whatever - add these to your diet in the beginning to help keep things movin’ and groovin’.

*Prebiotics AND probiotics - you will likely be on antibiotics, and antibiotics destroy ALL the bacteria (good AND bad) in your digestive tract, so these are super duper important to combat the negative side effect of antibiotics AND will help keep your digestive system happy and truckin’ along. (This here is what I use & it’s PREMIUM quality & contains a whopping equivalent of 1600 cups of yogurt in probiotic content. But it also contains PREbiotics which are beneficial and what PRObiotics feed off of. Either way, find a GOOD quality one. They are NOT all created equal! (https://suburbiasteph.le-vel.com/Products/THRIVE/Mix)

*Medicine bottles - especially if you don’t have anyone to help you (but be cautious if you have children, obviously) - easy open caps on your prescription bottles!!! OR transfer them to something you can open easily. Those press down & twist tops are harder to open than you’d realize when you’re in this condition!!

*Get in best health/shape you can prior to surgery- it will promote faster, better healing. Particularly, work on your lower body strength/quads/squats!!!! Since you can’t really use your upper body, you will be relying a LOT on your lower body. You won’t be able to bend over, so squat, squat, squat!! Squat down to pick something up if needed and use the strength of your legs to pull yourself back up to a stand. If you have monkey toes, like I do, you can grab things on the ground with your toes and bring them up to your hand. Clean up your eating, drink lots of water, and all that good stuff. Little fact: sweet potatoes help promote healing of skin! Get ya some!

*Practice getting out of bed. I know many of us stay in a recliner in the beginning, which is great, but they are difficult to get out of & definitely require assistance to do so. I couldn’t even reach to the handle on the side to lift the foot rest up and I most definitely didn’t have the strength, either, to close it with my legs. A bonus to being in a recliner, though, is if you share your bed with someone, at least you won’t have to worry about any surprise “bumps” in the middle of the night. The LAST thing you want is a jab to the boob in the middle of the night (or ANY time, for that matter). Here’s how you will want to get out of bed, though: raise yourself up (trying NOT to use your arms, but the strength of your back) and swing your legs over to the side of the bed. Start to slide your booty of the bed and use your feet to catch you and the strength of your quads to pull yourself up to a stand. Also, if you share your bed - make a pillow divider between you! You will want each of your arms raised up on pillows anyhow, but it also creates a little extra barrier from an accidental jab.

*Hand soap - in regards to hand soap, I use B&BW and it was difficult for me to pump normally, I could pump it with one hand. Not post op! I had to pick it up with my left hand and place my thumb on the pump and press down. Again, make sure it’s near the edge of your sink, because you do NOT want to have to reach! It’s hard to relay this into written words - just make sure whatever you use, is super easy to dispense. You’d be surprised at how difficult this was and the muscles you use just pumping freaking hand soap!

*Grip n Grab, reach tool thingie. I don’t know what the technical name for this is, but this may come in quite useful. I bought this one here: (http://www.amazon.com/Ettore-49036-Gripn-Reach-32-Inch/dp/B001B13PC2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458918422&sr=8-1&keywords=grip+n+grab)

*Ice packs - small ice packs that will fit inside a bra, stay cold for a long period of time & not have sharp edges poking you! The one they gave me after surgery was huge and awkward. Ice on your recovering breasts feels more amazing than you realize!!!! And I tried frozen corn….that was a bust. Small ice packs that you can place inside your bra work best!!

*Prepare yourself mentally that you won’t look like you hope/imagine RIGHT away. There are a LOT of factors that come into play during your surgery, so the final outcome may not be EXACTLY as you have imagined in your mind. For ME, personally, my focus wasn’t on the appearance of them, but rather, how the quality of my life & being was going to be improved! Breasts naturally aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so if they aren’t “identical twins”, don’t be disappointed.

*Think POSITIVELY!! Positive thoughts not only help you FEEL better, but think better and help your physical body in it’s healing. Remaining positive during pain and discomfort might be a challenge, but keep your focus on the end result & all the new freedoms you are about to have!

*Know that getting this done will NOT resolve all the issues in your life. Expect to have a roller coaster of emotions - it’s kinda weird not feeling like “you” as you’re use to, or that your new breasts belong to you. Even 2 weeks later for me, there are times it still seems very surreal. It may take some getting use to. I’ve read other stories too, where people had back/neck/shoulder problems go away temporarily, but then return again. Getting a reduction wasn’t enough or the damage was already too extensive for it to help, unfortunately. Keep an open mind, and again, keep POSITIVE! There may be times you feel guilty because either you had to pay for this procedure and feel that you have created a financial burden, guilty you can’t help out like you normally would be able to, guilty because they healing process is taking longer than you’d hope, etc.

*Nails/hair - Nail polish on my fingernails wasn’t allowed for me on the day of surgery, as it can interfere with the monitor they place on your finger. Get/give yourself a nice pedicure and make those piggies pretty because again, bending over - especially for a period of time to pretty up your feet, will be difficult. I got a haircut the day BEFORE my surgery, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it for several days & at least feel a little prettier when I wouldn’t be feeling it! I wish I could have found one of those rubber sprayer extensions to attach to my bathtub faucet, so that would help my husband in washing my hair, and I could be sitting down and not in the shower.

*Pathology - I didn’t know they send in the removed tissue to pathology. I’m not sure if this is standard procedure, but it was comforting to know that in the 2.5 pounds of tissue they took from me, it was all-clear!

*Clothing - We all know and hear to get button up shirts, but hoodies are fabulous, too! I had a hard time finding button-ups (especially ones I liked & I certainly didn’t want to spend $$ on clothing I’d only wear temporarily & never again), but I have a TON of zip up hoodie jackets!! Also, things you can put on from the feet up and pull up are great, too. Like those cute strapless dresses - pull it up & you can always wear a cardigan or light sweater over it to cover your bra straps, since you’ll be wearing one in the beginning.

*Bras - I have seen countless posts about what bras to get post-surgery. And if you’ve looked around, there are some VERY pricey, high dollar ones! And of course, trying to figure out what size to get in advance is challenging, too, because you have no idea, really, what you’ll need. I see the Fruit of the Loom (FTL) cotton front-closed bras mentioned a lot, and it just so happens that’s what my surgeon put me in post surgery. The great things about these is that they are very inexpensive, if you get them - they go by band size, and you need to get a size or 2 up from where you are now (I wear a 38, and a 40 & even 42 work well on me). You can order them on-line from Wal-Mart….get site to store shipping (so it’s FREE!) and if it doesn’t work out, just return it. We all have a Wally World close by! They have a bigger selection on-line and better deals, as they come in 2-packs! Here are a couple I got: (Racerback style: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Fruit-of-the-Loom-Front-Close-Racerback-Sport-Bra-2-pack-FT390/33102925) (Regular style: http://www.walmart.com/ip/FAST-TRACK-Fruit-of-the-Loom-Comfort-Front-Close-Sports-Bra-2-Pack-Style-96014PK/23091827) Now, with these, the seam tends to hit at my under boob stitches, so if it should bother you, you can place some soft, comfy socks as a barrier between the bra & your skin. Also, there are tons of ver inexpensive bras (like the Genie bra) that are super stretchy & comfy and in the beginning, can easily be put on from the feet up since you can’t put your arms over your head.

*Panty-liners - These are FABULOUS & inexpensive (and you probably already have some anyway!) to place inside your bra to catch any possible bleeding you may have initially and after getting sutures removed. Super simple, right? Love it! And they are the perfect size & adhere beautifully and aren’t bulky.

*Give it time! Whoever thinks taking it easy is “easy”, couldn’t be more wrong! Don’t be in a hurry or think badly if you aren’t able to do things within a certain period of time. Take it easy as long as possible! I have tried to overdo it & wound up setting myself back and in some pain (busted an internal suture!) from putting pressure on MYSELF that I should be doing more. Don’t be afraid or feel like an inconvenience to ask others for help & assistance. The LAST thing you need is a setback or damaging your surgery & possibly hurting yourself even more. I know a lot of people are SUPER excited (because it IS exciting!) to get out and try on new clothes and things they weren’t able to wear before. DON’T! You have plenty of time for all of that. Give yourself a solid 6, maybe even 8 weeks to get back to “normal”. It can be discouraging to read stories of others who are driving, cooking, exercising or doing this-or-that within a week or 2. Everyone heals differently and on different schedules.

I hope all this helps you in anyway - even if it’s only ONE thing! If I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to add it in later.

Most importantly, know that you DESERVE this & to be and feel your very best and be comfortable in your own skin! Be KIND to yourself & be PATIENT (yes, I know I need to heed my own advice on that one!). Best of luck to all of you in your journeys to the smaller side!

Day 15 Post Op & Another First!!

First, the GOOD news!! I have NEVER (not even when I was 12/13) been able to wear bandeau swimsuit tops or strapless bras. Well, lookie here, NOW I can!! So, YAY to that!

I have interior sutures that have been making their way out. It's kinda weird. I have one dark one (I took a pic below, it's hard to make out though, it looks like a teeny tiny hole), and a LOT of the clear ones that are even starting to poke me. The whole showering/washing/drying my hair took it's toll on me. On both my sides. Even sore to the touch and even not touch when laying down, walking around, or anything, really. Again, stupid on my behalf. Lesson learned. Please, learn from my mistakes, ladies!!!

I am super super happy with my nipples & areolas!! So little and tiny. I've always had huge ones with all those (I can't think of the technical name for them) bumps ALL over them - even BEFORE I had kids, and now they are just little & precious.

Caution: Laundry IS Dangerous

Ok, so I'm helping do some light stuff around here, and I was folding a pair of socks, and as I was stuffing the one sock inside of the other one, in a freak accident, my hand slipped and I would up punching MYSELF straight in the middle of my left boob. Only me. But play it safe just in case - avoid laundry duties for as long as possible.

Drain, Drain, Go Away - How to Care for Post Surgery Drains

As I've said before, the drains were probably the most irritating part of all. Not horrible, just a nuisance, really. If you get them - be GLAD that you do! I have girlfriends that didn't and wish they had as post surgery they had a LOT of swelling and oozing and had to do things like stuff their bras with tube socks or something to soak up the seeping fluid.

I included some pics with this post - I wish I had taken more of ME, as these are just ones I pulled off the internet, and I only had a couple really reflecting my own drains. I WISH I had made a short & sweet video and posted it to YouTube to help others out - as my husband & I tried to find one, and really didn't find any useful ones. This was a live & learn via personal experience thing for me!

In my post above about my best tips/tricks/advice - I recommended getting (or you likely already have on in your kitchen drawer already) is a non-serrated edged butter knife. Like this one here: http://www.amazon.com/Seikei-Butter-Spreader-Stainless-Knives/dp/B014X0UBRO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459091509&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=butter+knife&psc=1

My surgeon's office showed and suggested using a pair of scissors. I tried this at home, but they were big, bulky & hard to handle, and just awkward. This butter knife = GENIUS!!! The way it is shaped makes it easy to hold and use and works like a dream.

Now, your drains will be safety pinned to you. You can pin it to your bra, shirt, pants - whatever. I recommend performing this process in your bathroom at your bathroom sink - especially because it is waist-level height. When you go to strain them, unpin them, and then place the bulb into the sink, and with one hand hold the drain tubing at the highest point you can to steady it (so you don't tug on it! - owie!) and create pressure. If you can't stand up quite yet - you can even sit on the toilet (closed lid), if that helps. Then you will take your other hand, with the knife in it, and run it along the UNDERSIDE of the tubing. Your thumb on top to help squeeze, and the bottom 4 fingers holding the knife as hard as you can (the tubing is super duper tough!!!) begin to slide it down to strip the line. You likely won't get it all in one swiping. Keep repeating until the line is emptied - or at least emptied out as best as you can. Sometimes you may get a clot in the line or stuck in the cap that may require some extra pressure or help to get it to pass though. Not a big deal.

The BEST way I can describe draining the tubes on your drains is like curling ribbon. (This is a damn good analogy, if I say so myself! *pats myself on back* - well, I will when I get my full range of motion back). Think of when you hold the ribbon at one end to secure it, and you then run a pair of scissors along the underside to make it curl. Same technique applies for emptying your drains - but requires more oomph & a steady hand to do so.

Once you have cleared out the line look at the measurement of fluid that has been collected, and document it. (Your surgeon will likely have provided you with a sheet to keep track of this.)

Then open the cap on the bulb and squeeze out the contents down the sink. If you are not doing this method over the sink - empty out into a cup to then pour down the sink to dispose of the contents.

Once you have emptied out the bulb, squeeze the bulb so that there is no air in it & close the cap. Re-pin to your clothing/bra - whatever, and repeat on other side.

As I've mentioned before, my husband assisted me with this the first time. Knowing him, I was too scared he was going to forget to be gentle and wind up pulling or tugging on the drain, therefore hurting me. Look at the pic below - this doesn't look like something you want tugged on! You will probably be taped up around where the drain opening is (see my pic), so you won't even see it. I'm not sure I'd even WANT to, anyway. Eeeek.

I had my drains placed in Thursday evening & they were removed Monday morning. I really only had to empty them out less than 10 times as I really didn't have too much coming out. At first, it will be dark red - (I just realized I DO have a pic of my own drain in regards to this I'll add), and over time it will gradually lighten up to a lighter pinkish yellow.

Getting them removed felt weird - not painful - like a snake being pulled out. The thought I had running through my mind was "how long IS this thing inside my body?" and reminded me of the clown pulling out that never-ending handkerchief. It was SUCH a relief after, I tell ya! So, don't fear them! I couldn't wait to get these damn things out of me!

I hope this information helps!! Again, it's hard to relay in words, but I think if you think of what it's like to curl a ribbon, that will help give you a good visual.

Peace & blessings, y'all!! :)

Perk Up, Buttercup(s)!!!!

Yes, pun intended here. I wanted to tell y’all that come here and read through my posts, if I can give you one solid piece of advice to take with you away from all I have to say, is to KEEP POSITIVE. My purpose….my GOAL in sharing my story here is for the purpose to HELP somebody else. I am not just this way here on this Real Self community - it crosses over into who I AM as a person here in the "Real World"! I strive daily, here and wherever else, to help others get to a better place/live a better quality of life/state of mind/health - and just be to KIND, helpful & purposeful, and hopefully bring a smile to someone's face or make them laugh I encourage you ladies to open yourselves up and share YOUR story. ALL of it. The good…the bad…the ugly….the indifferent. Something you may think is insignificant, may really strike a chord with somebody else and help them, and maybe perhaps, even help yourself in the process.

I am a firm BELIEVER that your thoughts directly affect your entire being - and will significantly help your body heal from this surgery. Having a sense of humor is an added bonus ;)

There WILL be days that are rougher than others and times you feel guilty or like an inconvenience and frustrated because you want to be doing more so badly. You can only take things one day at a time. Throughout this entire process, there has NEVER been a single moment I’ve regretted having this done. I NEEDED this for ME. The weight that has been lifted off my chest (literally AND figuratively) has been such a relief and so freeing!

I can hardly wait for the day I can fully outstretch my arms, tilt my head back out in the sunshine & just give thanks for this blessing….because for ME, that’s what it is. It may sound trivial for some that getting a reduction can do all these things, but I have never felt MORE empowered and like ME ever in my nearly 41 years of existence. I feel reborn almost. And that is no exaggeration. Really, this wasn’t just a breast reduction, it was a RECONSTRUCTION of not just a part of my body, but of my being & state of mind. The discomfort and shame I lugged around in 2 bras at once for years, is now a burden that no longer exists.

I pray that every single one of you receives this same sense that I have. We all deserve to be & feel like the best version of ourselves possible. As I like to say, be a blessing, not a curse! :D

Day 17 Update

Today is the first day I have felt "normal" and look pretty normal. The dark funk under my breasts is glue. I keep taking bits of it off, but the rest of it along with the rest of my sutures will come out later this week. I would say I'm feeling about 80% now, if I had to put a figure on it. Took a shower and washed my own hair - and didn't hassle with the hair dryer after what happened earlier in the week that set me back some. So, au naturale, it is! All my bruising is nearly gone, and just the lighter yellow on my breasts where it still looks a little puckered...but I know soon that will all fade away ~ it's just a matter of time.

This is the first Easter in who knows how long that my breasts don't resemble 2 floppy bunny ears. Today, they are perky little chicks!!

I even have on a racer back bra with a racer back style tank that looks normal today & isn't killing me! Add cute workout clothes to the shopping list! No more oversized baggy t-shirts to conceal myself. :)


Day 18 - Random Observations

How appropriate this top is I am wearing today, as I have never felt more "at home" within myself than before. Aaaand I am a Texas girl (in case you didn't already figure that out by my name - txngrl75). I bought this shirt last fall (on-line, Zulily, of course & their no return policy) & was excited when I got it, to then put it on & it fit everywhere but my bust. Bummer, right? So, along with many of my other purchases, it went into my "maybe someday" bin. I'm glad for the cooler temps here in Dallas today because it gave me the opportunity to put it on, and to my delight, IT FIT perfect!!!!! Add off the shoulder & boat neck tops to the "I can wear now" wardrobe list!! With each passing day I am becoming more & more comfortable in my own skin....MY personal "home".

I didn't mention this over the weekend, but I had those feelings of guilt come my way on Saturday when I couldn't take my youngest 2 kids to an Easter egg hunt & festival. I wouldn't have been able to help my 4 year old in the bathroom, carry my purse, their stuff, go on a hayride or withstand being out for hours. I'm sad I missed it, I was bummed I didn't even put together some sort of Easter dinner or anything (we had taquitos & avocado...lol), but I did pre-plan well in advance to have a couple of little baskets made up for them well in advance. Fortunately, lots of their neighborhood friends were home and they were able to play together & even go to a little egg hunt over at one of our neighbor's houses. Again, I put high expectations on myself, and they had a happy, fun-filled weekend, I was just bummed a little because I couldn't participate fully, but THEN I realized, soon enough, I will be able to do so much MORE with them than I ever was able to before! See - focus on the silver lining, right?

Anyway, here's a few random observations I've noticed the past few days:

We all know (and joke) about how us large breasted ladies get crumbs and food that falls caught in our bras. Well, I am here to tell you that it is NOT just a well-endowed issue!! See here - this happened twice this weekend. Eating popcorn & pieces fell into my bra and got caught. Maybe it's the perkier breasts creating a tent-like effect to catch whatever falls.

I prefer bathes over showers any day. I love to soak. I have yet to do that since surgery - I don't think I'm even suppose to submerge myself under water yet, but before, I would always need to use a hand towel or 2 wash cloths to cover my breasts as I layed there (to keep me warm). I noticed earlier, I'm covered with just ONE wash cloth now! Yay!

And I'm not sure if I'm just standing a little taller and feel more confident, but it seems more people look me directly in the eye. Or maybe it's me finally making eye contact. Either way, it's nice to connect with others on that level now.

I'm looking forward to this Thursday when I get the remaining suites removed & all this gunky glue removed, too. They are also doing post op photos that day, too, so I am anxious to compare theirs at some point. Taking pics of yourself can be challenging, so I'm interested to see THEIR before/afters.

I have better range of motion at this point and even slept on my side! After last week's incident, I had set myself back some, and couldn't comfortable lay on my side or lift my arms up. It's funny the normal things we take for granted...like lifting your arms over your heard to put on a shirt or style your hair or just something so simple as stretching!!! I have been feeling a little tension building up since I haven't been able to do that.

And lastly (sorry, I know I can be long-winded), it's become evident to others just from the way my voice sounds, the way I write & how I look (even in just a photo) that they too, can sense that I am happier and feel more confident and free. It's a beautiful thing ~ and I wish that too, for all of you!

Day 20

I'm excited about my appointment tomorrow to get the remaining sutures removed (I have MORE poking out of me!) and this gunky glue. My husband and I were looking (evaluating) the healing of my breasts yesterday & we are blown away, honestly. My areolas are seamless and look like I was blessed with them this way. Last Tuesday, I began using a new product called FORM (super hydrolyzed collagen protein gel you ingest & has an absorption rate close to 100%) - that fills in the body's structural gaps = connective tissues, and since using it, my bruising began to rapidly fade, as well as some of my incision marks I have are FLESH colored (as well as some of my scars I have all over my body from multiple skin biopsies I get every 6 months). It is truly amazing stuff, and I can hardly wait to show my surgeon's office what it has done for me in just over a week's use. Combined with the hands of a true artist, Dr. Yaker - it's a winning recipe for awesome results!

A little tender at the very top and sides of my rib cage. Like if I try to reach too far, I feel a pull & a tinge of discomfort. Still needing to take it easy, but I am doing most everything else normally at this point. As you can see from these pics, they have dropped some & have also softened up. From a side view (which you don't get here) they are by all means still very perky. It feels better going WITHOUT a bra, than to have one on. "Free the ta-tas" has become my mantra....lol

My husband confessed to me that he was really weary of me getting this done (much like he was when I turned 40 & decided to become a red-head - I'm back to brunette, again though - it was too much upkeep), but pleasantly surprised. He said he thought I was going to be totally flat and have no breasts. Honestly, I would have been ok with that - I would have done anything to get relief from all the nonsense these knockers were giving me, but my awesome surgeon wouldn't have done that even if I asked. I mean, he wouldn't want to deform me - and I am a walking example of his work. My husband actually fought me on this despite seeing first hand all the issues they gave me daily, not to mention just how awful and uncomfortable I felt in my own skin. I think he was in denial (he says he didn't SEE anything wrong with me before) & also didn't want to shell out the $$$$ to get this done. He made me fight insurance & was so upset they wouldn't approve me. It wasn't MY fault I didn't meet their guidelines. But the straw that broke the camel's back was after a visit to a neurologist that pointed out the issues I was having (tension headaches & arm going numb) were due to my D/DD (whatever the hell I was) dilemma. I remember getting really down and feeling defeated because insurance wouldn't approve me (which I jumped through a lot of hoops to try!) and depressed because I thought I was just going to have to live with how I was. I cried and cried and cried..... FINALLY, one day he said (reluctantly) - just do it! I couldn't dial my surgeon's office fast enough to get scheduled! Imagine Scooby Doo getting all excited and ready to run.....that was ME trying to get to my phone to call Dr. Yaker's office!

I secretly think he was scared, too, that something bad might happen to me - or that I would have this done & still be unhappy with them. Seeing the new-found confidence in me & how much lighter and brighter I feel now, he is happy now that I am happier with myself & feeling free.

I will update again tomorrow with my surgeon's update & new pics without stitches & glue!! I can hardly wait!! :)


Thought I'd "lift" your spirits today with a little humor. ;)

3 Weeks Post Op

I had my remaining sutures removed today. I've been scraping and pulling off glue all evening. That is some tough stuff to get off! I got the better part of it, but am giving it a rest for a day or two. I scraped one area a little too hard, I guess, and made my skin bleed. Whoops! Nurse said I was doing super great - even commented that my figure seemed slimmer with a smaller bust. I told her "just wait until I take my clothes off!'l. Haha. Who knows, but I WILL say I do stand taller & more confident and that makes anyone look better!!

I am to return in a couple of weeks to see Dr. Yaker, at which time, they'll take photos again (they only took a couple today), and she was confident he'd discharge me and just ask me to come back on 6 months for a check up.

She did mention I am still a little swollen, and I know it's too early to tell anything in regards to shape - but either way, I am happy. I took some pics here from the bottom side & boy, they look weird at that angle, huh? What appears as holes beneath each areola is where I had big sutures they took out today, so it is scabbed up at the moment. I only have a few teeny tiny bruises left...the bruising on my sides where it was the worst, today is pretty much completely faded away now.

Feels good to do more "normal" things & get back to my daily routine and not be so dependent on anybody. And bonus - this nightgown arrived today - I have been dreaming for ages about being able to wear cute little pj's without feeling embarrassed or ashamed and looking obscene where I cannot walk outside of my bedroom in my own house without a robe or something covering me. I didn't even want my kids to see me like I was.

What a relief to have that behind me, those burdens lifted (no pun intended) & have some FREEDOM!!!

3 1/2 Weeks

I can't believe this coming week will mark the 1 month mark since my surgery. Seems like time had just flown by! I'm feeling so good and back to all the things I haven't done in awhile. I still can't reach as far just yet, but that's about the only issue I have (which really isn't an issue). I'm a side sleeper, so it's nice to lay down on my side again. Most of the time I don't even wear a bra - I feel better without one and my skin & nipples are crazy sensitive. Even the slightest brush of something against me makes me jump! The right breast mainly showed in this pic has a little bit of a thicker scar, but it is looking better with every passing day.

This tank I have on in this pic, I am happy to report that my boobies are in Oklahoma territory, and no longer are hanging down somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico (I cupped my breast so you can see where the bottom of my boob lies). It is an awesome feeling wearing clothes that you can just put on and not have to think about what undergarment you need to wear with it & how you're going to conceal it or what to wear over it to hide all the bra straps.

Ahhhh. The smaller side is by far the best side!!

I Know I'm Not The Only One.....

That is met with ridiculous comments when someone finds out you're getting a breast reduction or have had it done. I don't have anything against a woman that decides to get breast implants, but the "You're so lucky, I had to pay for mine" or "I wasn't blessed with boobs and was flat" remarks make my eyes roll. The grass is NOT always greener on the other side! One of the most obnoxious remarks I got (which was from a male, of course) was "Your getting a breast reduction? That's like slapping God in the face....TWICE!". Geez. Why people think having large breasts must be a marvelous thing is beyond me, and frankly, just ignorant. And why insurance companies think that having large, saggy breasts that impair our quality of life - physically & emotionally - that we must be getting this done solely for "cosmetic purposes" REALLY gets to me. Even with a strong family history of breast cancer, and having very dense, fibrocycstic knockers that I have to get BOTH a mammo & ultrasound every year wasn't enough to make them consider approving me - even partially. And let's not forget my dermatologist, neurologist, etc. etc. Why would we choose to put ourselves out and take a chance & scarring ourselves, perhaps losing sensation, etc. over VANITY? Men and other women who have never dealt with the pain, embarrassment, inconvenience & havoc large (and often sagging) breasts create find us getting this done laughable. The first couple of times you laugh it off, but after repeated comments like these really has you seeing that these folks are just plain ignorant. I don't even respond back anymore ~ I know why I had this done & I am happier with my body more than I've ever been, and they don't deserve a response back from me, nor do I need to explain myself to someone that just won't "get" it anyway. I'll save my breath. So, tell me - what remarks have you had from others that made you crazy? I know I'm not the only one!! :) Please share below!

4 weeks tomorrow!!

Each day continues to get better!! I was still picking off some glue last night....and even had a stitch to pull out! I thought it was a tiny scab, but lo and behold - it was a tiny black suture poking out! Completely painless. In a weird way, I wish I had had more to pull out...lol. I'm grossly fascinated with stuff like that.

Some ladies had asked me about bras - this gray one here I picked up from WalMart for less than $4. There is a brand called Coobie (sometimes Zulily has them on their site for a discount - usually $8.99) that I have purchase, too. They are comfy, inexpensive, flexible and don't bind. I dig them - so this is my personal choice, but above all, I prefer to go without & just free the Ta-tas!!

You can see here my breasts have dropped some as they have softened up & losing swelling. They look pretty natural & I am super happy with them!

I finally got back to cooking and making meals this week - which I thought I'd never say this, but I was so glad to get back into the kitchen! No one made a real meal around here the entire time I was "out" recovering - I don't know how on earth they've manage to survive the last few weeks!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but before, the length of my breast was 8 inches. Now, it is 4 inches - and I also measured down my arm, and that also totaled 4 inches of lift from where they were before. I wish I had measured my areola - because those suckers were huuuuge! It made my saggy breast look sad. Womp Womp. Now, they look happy!! Or at least they do to me!! Or maybe I'm just weird and putting too much thought into it. But that's ME, for ya! :)

Officially One Month Post Op Today!

Hi ladies!! Today marks my official one month on the small side! All is going super duper great! I do find when I've been doing a lot physically, my breasts start to hurt. And I'd say about 90% of the time, I don't even wear a bra. I find bras restrictive and irritating. My breasts are super sensitive since surgery - more than they've ever been!

I was told they did Lipo on my sides...but I have the bags, if you will, on the sides just south of my armpits where I was the most bruised for the longest amount of time. That's what these pictures reflect that I am sharing with this post today. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this, and it all works itself out eventually...but I am hoping it does.

I am back to sleeping peacefully on my sides again. Yay! I do have to be a little careful, because there is still a place on both my sides and at the very top of my rib cage that if I lay on it and have pressure on it, it feels really sore. Not to mention, my husband always tries to grab me or out his arm around me in those very same spots, too. Ouch!

I was walking down the hall the other day and noticed for the first time since surgery that my jugs were jiggling. They have mostly softened up except the middle and around my nipple. That is still pretty sensitive. And when I do a lot physically, that is the same area I feel discomfort.

I was speaking with a friend who had a BR 4 years ago earlier today and she was saying around week 6 is when the nerve pains started. I had a few zingers a couple weeks back, but nothing big...so time will tell here soon enough if that will happen.

Overall, I'm happy happy happy!! Happily sitting her typing this out wearing a cute leopard chemise that I don't look obscene wearing with droopy boobs spilling out everywhere. Ecstatic that warm temps & humidity have moved in, and I am boob sweat-free!!! All is well here on the smaller side!!

What a difference 2.5 pounds & 4 inches makes!


5 1/2 Weeks Post Op - My Grievances

Dark clouds have rolled in and rain & thunderstorms are in the forecast ALL week here in Big D, so it seems the perfect time to air some grievances of mine in regards to my BR.  I keep a positive mindset, and overall this has been a wonderful experience - but now that I am longer into my recovery (which yes, I know I still have a ways to go), I have some concerns & things I’m not my usual jovial & chipper self.

I started that internal itching I’ve read about the other day.  Talk about weird & an itch you can’t scratch!!  Ha!  It was just one day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I get that again.  Something else I noticed yesterday & today - it’s not a bad thing, but just something I noticed - is my nipples use to get the white gunk from my mammary ducts, and if I squeezed them, they would still expel liquid (prior to surgery - I ain’t even about to squeeze these things…yet!) - but I’ve had some of that return.  I guess that means my mammary ducts are in good working order - which is a good thing, but I am NEVER breastfeeding another child or giving birth to one ever again!!! lol

“Anesthesia Hair”.  Google it - it’s a real thing.  I’ve experienced before with other surgeries, but the super dry hair, my scalp has gotten oily, and hair falling out has returned.  It was into my second week post op that I noticed that change in my hair.

And my biggest issue/concern of all is the side boob/bat wings/saddle bags/boxy boobs - whatever you want to call them.  I am back to sleeping on my side - but I have to have a pillow placed under me and I can’t FULLY lay on my side as it’s still sore.  My sides have been my biggest complaint of discomfort this entire time.  Lo & behold - I did a thorough check of myself today & still have faint bruising on my sides (see pics), and it’s tender to the touch, so no that mystery is solved!  I’ve tried sprawling across my bed on my side to then get a twinge of pain and then have to modify how I’m laying.  But I CAN fully stretch for the most part now, so that’s good!  But this side boob - fat roll under my arm pit is killing me.  It’s hideous.  Even wearing a bra cannot conceal it.  They told me they did lipo, and I assumed that the excess swelling and bruising in that area was due to that and would fade and subside, but the size of that area has not decreased whatsoever.  I was so excited to wear my cute strapless shirred summer dresses, but they look weird because of the boxy effect this damn roll has caused.  Looks like I have a fat boob.  I am really super bummed about it.  I’ve even lost a little weight since surgery, and losing weight is NOT going to make this thing go away.

Tomorrow I have a follow up visit with my surgeon, so obviously this will be discussed.  I don’t want to have another surgery, but if that’s what it takes to remedy this, so be it - but then, who knows how much that would be (other than the major inconvenience), because between dental work & this - I am broke!

I also have 3 stitches that have made their way out I need them to remove.  They are white.  I tried to pull them out myself, with no luck, as I was met with resistance and it was tugging.  Kinda freaked me out, not to mention it didn’t feel the greatest, either!  The rippling wavy gravy skin on the inside of my breasts is getting better.  It’s comforting to see others who had that very thing occur, and it did go away over time, and mine are definitely getting better.  My breasts are still tender to touch or even get brushed up against.  I’m careful to hold my cats as I don’t want them pushing their hind legs into my boobs to jump off me.

With every dark cloud there IS a silver lining, though!  We have seen increased temps with humidity here in Texas - and I’ve yet to have boob sweat!  Yay!  Or that funky stinky irritation in-between and under my breasts!!  woohoo!

Just Breathe - Post Op Visit

Okay. Breathe in, breathe ouuuuuuut. Gah! I just typed my entire update and accidentally hit delete! grrrrr. So here I go again: Anyway - I think we all need to remember that this is a major surgery, and we are not going to have our end result in a matter of days or even weeks. I think a lot of us get that Veruca Salt "I want it NOW" mentality, and don't give ourselves a break & just be patient and let our body heal. I just returned from my surgeon's office where I had the remaining sutures removed and addressed the concern I spoke of yesterday with the side boob in my "grievances" post. Dr. Yaker said that when you lie back, naturally the swelling moves back. I think I'll be sleeping propped up & slightly elevated for awhile now. :) But that swelling wasn't part of the breast, but the chest and I need to allow 3-6 months for it to subside. They instructed me to begin breast massage and scar therapy - in a couple of days when those areas that they removed the sutures from today are healed. Massaging of the breasts will help alleviate the swelling & discomfort. Honestly, it DOES get better every day - some more than others. The nurse told me to pretty much wear a support bra around the clock ... different advice than I was given from the other nurse after I told her wearing bras was too uncomfortable. Wearing a bra most of the time coincides with everything I've read, too. I'm not as sensitive as I was, so I will give it a-"go" again. I purchased a silicone gel for my scar therapy from them called bioCorneum. They recommended this or just using silicone strips & mederma...but those strips are a pain in the butt and I like to keep things easy peasey as possible. It's a little pricey, but now that I've come home and looked it up on-line, I could have gotten it for less - but whatever. I got it. To be applied 2x/day - and I can do my massage at that time. Oh - Dr. Yaker looked at my file & then at me and said "you pretty much got what you asked for" - and he is RIGHT! I had provided them a before/after pic of someone that I wanted my end result to be like. I'd say they're pretty similar.....and hopefully in another month - 3 mos, will settle more like this. But I provided a pic for them mainly for size - I wasn't so concerned with the aesthetics of it....with the exception of this side boob-thing I've been upset over. Overall, I am HAPPY ~ I'm ecstatic because either way, I am so much better than I was before. And remember, like I always say ~ positive thinking will help your body heal itself! So, be kind to yourself & focus on the silver lining! Be well!

9 1/2 Weeks

Hey, y’all!  It’s been awhile since I’ve updated….not much new on the boob-front, so I haven’t really seen a reason to post.  Also, right about the 7 weeks mark of my post-op of this breast reduction, I began having other issues that I thought were cyst-related, but wound up being issues stemming from a tubal & ablation I had in August 2014 that was giving me the most horrendous pain that left me unable to do much of anything - with NO relief.  I’m blessed with an AMAZING OBGYN (and PS, too!!) that rearranged her entire schedule and got me in for an emergency hysterectomy last Tuesday.  Coincidentally, EXACTLY 2 months from my breast reduction!!  (March 10th & May 10th!!) It was quite a bummer because I was finally cleared to pretty much go about my business as usual and began exercise, when my female reproductive organs decided to give me hell.  Maybe exercise ISN’T that great for me…lol  I’m kidding.  I have lost about 10 pounds or so since my breast reduction, but right now, I feel like a bloated beached whale that’s been on the losing end of a fight and had the holy hell punched out of my gut…so these pics here, I’m still a little bloaty from surgery.  Even my breasts swelled a little bit! The downside to 2 surgeries within 2 months is that I get a double dose of anesthesia hair!!! It's a real thing, y'all!! Google it. I’ve had NONE of those zingers or nerve-type pain others have spoken of…I’ve had complete sensation of my nipples from Day 1 of my BR…and I think I may have mentioned this before, but I occasionally still have little bits of white matter on my nipple, which tells me my milk ducts are in good order, despite I’ll NEVER have any use for them again!  haha  I can squish my breasts together, they are bouncy, I had ZERO pain or discomfort now, so I think from these pics you can tell they’ve softened up and have dropped some.  I’m still as comfortable as ever NOT wearing a bra, but I do find myself wearing one more often as I’m afraid of them sagging - especially as I begin to lose weight.  I have been using the bioCorneum serum daily….I haven’t been using it twice daily in the past few weeks since this other health issue came up, but they’re been healing nicely. The ONLY negative thing I have to say is the same as before, I have that side boob & they’re kinda boxy.  I’m just ow 9 1/2 weeks post op right now…..and they DID tell me to give it 3 months, but I’ve yet to see ANY improvement there, so it does have me slightly concerned because I REEEEEALLLLY want it to go away.   From beneath, they still look like those bean bags for bean bag tosses to me!   But with all I have going on right now, it’s the LEAST of my concerns!! So, I’m still here - I’m alive & happy to be here on the smaller side!  I’ll update again sometime next week after my appointment with Dr. Yaker!  Be well, ladies!!  xo

8 days vs. 9.5 weeks

I haven't been on this site in awhile, really but thought I'd browse through my pics and as you can see here, there really isn't much of a change other than the healing, obviously, but the swelling going away and them dropping a bit and "bottoming out" some, I guess? Overall, not too much change, I don't think.

14 Week Post Op Update

14 weeks today! Seems like it was forever ago, though. Then again, between this and then having some crazy female reproductive issues that resulted in an emergency hysterectomy exactly 2 months from the date of this one, I've been preoccupied...and my boobs have really taken a back seat and have been the last thing on my mind. This past week or so I've finally got my mojo back & have been playing a lot of catch up with personal things & work....and figured it was time for an update. I still have swelling and "side boob" as reflected here in my pics...other than that, I'm super happy with my boobs! I did have Lipo on my breasts and chest wall, and was told to give it 4-6 months for the swelling to subside. So, I still got time.... Dr. Yaker's office said if by the end of July there has been no change & I'm not happy, to contact them and get in to see about a revision. Lord, the LAST thing I want is ANOTHER surgery!! So I have high hopes and just need to be patient.l and let my body do it's thang. I have even lost weight (surprisingly after 3 months of pretty much just sitting on my ass) - 10+ pounds, but that hasn't made an impact on the size of the swelling on the sides, even. It is still slightly tender in that area, which I did't even realize until my husband grabbed me & I was all "OUCH". And the outer sides of my breasts are still sorta numb. Clearly, they have dropped & bottomed out & all that good stuff. I never got those zingers or shooting pains I've read so much about that happened when nerves are reconnecting or whatever. I've had full nipple sensation (and even MORE sensitivity) since day 1 post op. My biggest issue - where I had the most swelling, discomfort & pain are my sides. Getting into a bra with cups or underwire isn't comfortable because the outer side of the cups can't lay right because of the swelling. So, that's the latest, ladies!! Summer is here & boob sweat I no longer fear!! Yay!!

Dr. Yaker came recommended to me by a friend I trust explicitly that had him perform lipo on her. She has met numerous other women that have had work by him also, and they all gave him a glowing review, too! I follow my gut instinct, and I had a really positive feeling about Dr. Yaker & his staff. I highly recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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