39 Yr Old Mother of 3 the Youngest Being 4 Yr Old. I Deserve a Mommy Makeover

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I am getting a breast reduction and lift in...

I am getting a breast reduction and lift in December with Dr Angobaldo in Plano, Tx in which my insurance is covering the cost. I figured since I was going under I might as well get it all done. I was quoted 12000 for lipo of upper, lower back, flanks, and tummy tuck and that cost does not include what the insurance is covering for the breast. Is that price quote reasonable? I have been checking the cost in Miami which appears cheaper and the Dominican Republican is very affordable but leary about how safe it is to have the surgery done over there. Looking at the work and some of the reviews from the Dominican are phenomenal. I'm seriously thinking about letting my insurance cover this breast reduction and lift at the end of the year and after about 4-6 months go to the Dominican for the rest of the work. Suggestions and past experiences are all welcomed. I',m just ready to do something for me.

In the zone

So today I started working out the physician would like for me to lose 20lbs prior to surgery. I am currently 190lbs and 5'4" the weight is mostly in my back, flanks, and breast. If I get up enough strength I will post pics (Lol). I am watching what I eat and trying to stay focus. I'm debating if I will get the tummy tuck and lipo or just do the lipo with my breast reduc/lift and see how that works. I will keep you all posted on my journey. So glad I found this site. I will repost in a week to let you know how the weight loss is going. This is how I will hold myself accountable. Pray for me! Cupcakes are my weakness...

Ready to make a change

So my girlfriend and I have decided to try and lose some weight via south beach diet. Mind you by breast reduction is scheduled for 12/27/16 and I would like to have lost some weight prior to having the procedure. I have decided not to do the TT and Lipo with my breast reduction I am strongly thinking about going to the Dominican. I have reached out for a consult with Dr Robles, Dr Baez, Dr Almonte and Dr Yily. I'm thinking maybe in April going there to have my TT, BBL, w/lipo. That way I would know how I do with surgery seeing my breast reduction/lift will be the first surgery I would have had. So if anyone has any reviews or things you can tell me about some of these doctors I would appreciate it. I am really leaning towards Dr Robles her work is phenomenal. I will keep you all posted.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr Angobaldo was very nice and attentive. I did not feel rushed at all. The office staff is very nice but they are extremely busy it is very hard to get in contact with the lady that does the billing.

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