28-year-old, From TX to Mexico/Pantoja: Brazilian Butt Lift

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*Treatment results may vary

I have my first consultation with Dr. Sacha Obaid...

I have my first consultation with Dr. Sacha Obaid on May 5. I want to schedule my surgery for November 1, so I want to make sure I have early contact with my surgeon to make sure I get the date I want, among other reasons.

I am currently at a BMI of ~32 & I'm actively losing weight. I need to be at my goal weight by my surgery, meaning I have 6 months to get there. So in 6 months, I need to lose ~40 lbs. Probably less because I want a big, juicy booty! Still need enough fat for that.

I'll post an update after my first consultation! Anyone else have experience with Obaid?

Wish pics - before & afters

I found some fantastic real before & afters, making me feel happy that surgeons can achieve exactly what I want. Unfortunately, I haven't found before & afters of nearby doctors in the Texas area with my desired shape.

These pics are from Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta, which is a far drive and I didn't at all plan on traveling - for financial reasons.

I really don't want to compromise because this is such an important (expensive) surgery, but I really do have to keep in mind price.

I've looked at Dr. Obaid's work, and he hasn't done what I'm looking for, as far as size and a small tiny waist.

More wish pics of real before & afters

All of these are by Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta.

Going with Jimerson - Dr. Curves!

I've decided I'm going with Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta. I seriously have only see his work as the perfect example of what I need/want. I really want to get my surgery in November, but the more I read reviews/see pictures, I am becoming more and more impatient. What I plan on doing is paying some of it through Care Credit, some through cash (debit) and some through 2 of my credit cards. That way, I really don't have to loan as much through Care Credit. Is my idea stupid? LOL!

I've seen someone put that their BBL only cost ~$6K with Jimerson, which was odd to me because I see most of his work cost ~$10K.

Can anyone tell me how early to schedule a consultation before you get your surgery? Also, should you have your payment ready when you do your consultation?

Wish pics attached! A super important part to me is also the waist to hip ratio. I need to be tiny waist/round hips!

Phone Call Follow-Up from Jimerson's Office

I went to Dr. Jimerson's website to get a quote on the BBL surgery ( http://www.advancedplasticsurgerysolutions.com/communication/get-a-quote/ ) - basically filled out the form with my information. This automatically sends you an e-mail from his office that includes a link to "Free Video Lessons" from Jimerson about the surgery, how it works, what he does, and how to schedule a consultation. Very helpful PowerPoint presentation videos!

A day later, I got a call from his office, reaching out to me to answer any questions I might have, go over financial choices, discuss scheduling and potentially schedule my consultation. For the phone consultation, it's $50 (since I live in TX, I can't visit his office).

The office told me that the doctor is booked out for TWO years! Although, if you pay in "cash" for your surgery now, then they can give you a surgery date within 30-90 days. I told her I was interested in having a surgery in November, and she told me I could pay up front, tell them my preference of date, and they can keep me updated on any cancellations or reschedules during that time to schedule me.
*The reason I put "cash" in quotes is because cash can mean payment with a debit card or Care Credit. If you pay in cash in full, then you can go from a starting price of $10,300 down to $9,800.

For the phone consultation, you need to send pictures of your current body to the office beforehand for the conversation with the doctor. I told the office that I wanted to lose weight before my surgery (part of the reason I want to wait until November), but she told me to make sure to have my consultation to tell the doctor that, so he can assess what my results will be based on what I will want my body to look like.

I'll be calling to schedule my consultation at the end of May so I can potentially have my surgery paid for by then. I'll be applying *a little* cash towards it and paying the rest of the "cash" with Care Credit. I'm trying to get as low a loan through them as possible, even though it will still be a healthy chunk!
When I do my first consultation with him, I'll post the pictures that I send him so you see my starting point.

Set up my phone consultation

I called Jimerson's office today to schedule my phone consultation. It's a $50 fee for phone consultations, and they ask I send 4 pictures of my body from neck to knees in a bra and thong, and nude photos are optional (this is the options for a BBL surgery). They said I can also include up to 4 wish pics, so I have to narrow that down. LOL!

I only have to lose like 30 lbs to be at the weight I want to for my surgery. I'm having my consultation pretty early, mainly because I want to be able to get a price quote so that I may make sure my money is in order. IDEALLY, I would like my surgery in November, but . . . I just don't want to push it out too much because they are basically basing my surgery date off of cancellations.

If you pay the surgery cost through financing, as I said, the first available appointment is 2017. But when you do the Fast Track option and pay through cash**, then you will be schedule within 30 - 90 days.
**On my last post, I said Care Credit would be accepted as cash, but I was told today by his office that it isn't accepted as cash, but would be considered financing.

Obviously I'm not going to have $10,000+ in cash to pay off this year, and I WILL be getting my surgery this year, guaranteed. SO, I had to work the system. I'm getting a personal loan through Springleaf lending. My credit isn't wonderful, and so I got approved for enough to cover 90% of my surgery, the rest I'll pay with cash through payments.

The cost of cash payment of surgery starts at $9,800 for butt augmentation with fat grafting (BBL), and I want injections in my hips as well as butt. Get that "rounded out/perfect hourglass" situation.

I'm READY for my consultation - which I scheduled for June 25th to make sure I have time to lose more weight for a slightly more accurate picture for the surgeon. I'll post my "before" pics when I update my review with my consultation results.

Personal Loan To Pay Cash For My Surgery

Because I WILL be having my surgery this year, I HAVE to pay cash to get on the Fast Track option. Because it's impossible for me to pay $11K+ via cash, I have to go through financing it, but in a way that would provide me cash so I could pay Jimerson.

I went through Springleaf and got an $8K loan - $8K going straight to me, and an additional ~$3K to pay off one of my credit cards. They sent that straight to my credit card company, but this is actually a good thing, and I'll still be able to apply that to my surgery with cash. The way I'll do this is I have an open line of credit through my credit union for $1K. If I pay all my bills via the credit card, I can apply 100% of the rest of the loan via my paycheck cash - if that makes sense. LOL! I'll be budgeting like a mofo until my surgery!

I suggest you visit Springleaf for a personal loan. You're able to put down collateral (like auto), but ya know. . . last resort type of thing.

Jimerson's office texted me to confirm my upcoming telephone consultation for 6/25. I'm excited!

Phont Consultation & Before Pics

I had my phone consultation with Dr. Jimerson's office, and it was wonderful! I didn't speak to Jimerson himself, but my personal coordinator, Randy O., who was a sweetheart, by the way.

I uploaded my photos the day before, because I wanted them to have the most accurate view of what I look like RIGHT NOW. Especially because I'm short (5'1"), a couple of pounds on or off make a big difference (pun intended). I made sure to tell Randy on the call that I plan on losing ~30 lbs before my surgery.

Basically what the call is is your coordinator telling you the notes Dr. Jimerson gave her to give you. She went over my forms and questionnaire I filled out before the call, and then went through more health-related questions about myself and my family. She asked how much I drank/smoked and told me that you cannot drink or smoke 6 weeks before your surgery, because it could cause healing complications due to a weakened immune system.

You will need medical clearance 30 days before surgery, which is a physical and blood work. They suggest staying 10-14 days if you are traveling to Atlanta, because you will have to spend your time either standing or lying down, no sitting at all, for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, you can sit with the use of a boppy pillow and the link - for 6 weeks. Randy said some people use it for much longer, which gives better results.

She told me that Dr. Jimerson suggests I lose 15 lbs before the surgery. Here's the thing: I'm planning on losing 30 lbs before the surgery. For him to suggest me only losing 15 lbs concerns me, considering I'm in the obese BMI category, is strange to me. That means I'm still NOT going to be in the Healthy BMI category when I have my surgery. That's not acceptable to me. I told Randy I wanted to lose DOUBLE that, and she said to lose the 15 lbs as he suggested, then send updated pics to her and he'll look at it and see what he thinks about losing more. With my height, it's necessary for me to be a LOT lighter than just 15 lbs lighter. . . .

So pricing: I'm basically (as of right now) deciding to get fat grafting to the buttock, hips and additional lipo to the upper back and back bra roll. The whole sha-bang will be $12,850 since I'm doing cash (not financing it), and that gives me a discount.

When I lose the 30 lbs, I probably won't even need to do the additional lipo, so that will shave that price down even lower! After my consultation, I paid the $500 deposit to "reserve" a surgery date. This date is in 2017, but since I'm doing the cash/fast track option, after I pay it in full (within a couple of months), then I will get a surgery date 30 - 90 days from the final payment. AND, the fees I've already paid are going towards my price.

So I paid $50 for the consultation, $500 to reserve a date = $550. So my $12,850 surgery cost is reduced to $12,300 due!

Attached is my before photo (right now, before the weight loss I'm planning - LOL!) and the quote from Jimerson's office after the consultation.

Going with Dr. Pantoja - final answer!

After more thoughts and research and help from friends, I've decided I'm going with Dr. Pantoja. First and foremost, the money I would need to pay Dr. Jimerson for the same surgery will get me MORE lipo places, hips added on and more resources AND pay for my recovery house for MORE than a week with money left over.
AND - Pantoja is basically magic. I found some amazing results on some of the dolls on RS. I messaged PantojaBarbie90 to see if she'll let me post a couple of her results on my page to blow y'alls mind away. She is. . . . . indescribable. But anyway, I'm going with him period. I pushed my date back to February 2016 so I need to get to my goal weight by then.

Got my refund from Jimerson's office/Wish pics from Pantoja's patient

Since I decided to go with Dr. Pantoja instead of Dr. Jimerson, I called to get a refund for the money I put down. I'm getting back $8500~ which will be MORE than enough for my surgery. Jimerson's office was very helpful and didn't give me any crap for wanting my refund. Randi (my assigned patient coordinator) explained they will give me a full refund minus the $500 non-refundable for the deposit. Which wasn't a surprise, but $500 is still $500. LOL! Not mad at the office since I knew beforehand.
She told me that I will get my money back in the amount that I paid each time. For example, I made probably 4 payments of $500 every 2 weeks, then I made a large deposit of a few thousand. So I'll get a few $500 refunds spaced a couple of weeks apart, and then my large refund at once.

I plan on calling Dr. Pantoja to schedule next month, so I'll have funds by then to put down my deposit.

I am getting more and more excited about my surgery. Every single surgery for a BBL from Pantoja has been phenomenal. I've attached my favorite outcome from PantojaBarbie90 (she gave me permission to post them) and I strongly suggest following her, as she still posts updates.

Called to Schedule with Pantoja

I got my refund back and in my bank account 5 weeks after my call with Jimerson's office. I was starting to get worried since it was more than 30 days waiting.

I was waiting for my refund before I called to schedule with Pantoja so I had my deposit ready. I called on Monday (yesterday) and left a voicemail, and no call back so far from the office. If I don't hear from them today, I'm going to e-mail them and see what's up. I'm really anxious to schedule!

Price Quote from Pantoja

I emailed Pantoja's office my pictures and information, and here is the office's response:

Dr. Pantoja recommends for you to have liposuction in your entire back, upper arms, waist and full abdomen in order to use all the fat collected and inject your buttocks and hips creating a brazilian butt lift. The doctor does recommend for you to loose weight before getting this surgery done in order for you to have a better result out of your surgery.

The quote for this package is $4,000dlls. Once you make a surgery appointment we will require a $500dlls. deposit in order to hold and secure your date. The deposit is non-refundable but you can always re-schedule in case of an emergency. Drains and stitches will be removed within 4 days after surgery. Recovery time is 2 weeks. Surgery days are from monday-friday.

What is included in this cost?
- 1 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid 
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
**Please note the following: **Please note the following: A friend or family member can stay with you in your room while you have surgery or during visit hours but no one is allowed to stay over night, NO EXCEPTIONS. The building hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Anesthesia
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist 
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- Unlimited post-operative visits 

What is not included: 
1)Medication you need to take home for your recovery. (i.e. antibiotic, pain killers, muscle relaxers). This can be bought at any pharmacy in Mexico or be delivered to the clinic. The cost is approx. $120-$150 dollars since this is a two week treatment. NO REFILL NEEDED. 
2) Nursing services outside of clinic. 
3) Post-operative Massage Therapy. $30 dollars per session. (Fully Recommended)
4) Additional compression garments $120dlls.
5) Transportation from the airport to the clinic and back $120dlls. or $60dlls. one way.

Additional information about what to expect after your surgery: 
You will need it about 2 weeks time off from work/school. It is imperative that when you return to your activities you do this under what is known as 'Light-duty' or with caution and wearing the girdle for the first 3-4 months. Doing this will support your back, posture, with swelling, and will aid in achieving the goal desired. 

The anesthesia used is an Spinal Block and sedation. Will be provided by the Anesthesiologist, which is a certified doctor not a technician with over 20 years of experience on the field.

Recommended hotels:
1) City Express Hotel www.cityexpress.com.mx(they include local shuttle service, continental breakfast and wi-fi) 1 block away from our clinic
2) Real Inn http://www.hotelesrealinn.com/destinations/tijuana-en ( local shuttle service and wi-fi included) 2 blocks away from our clinic
3) Real del Rio www.realdelrio.com (only Wi-Fi) 2 blocks away from our building
4) Hote Lucerna http://www.hoteleslucerna.com/tijuana/ (Wi-Fi, shuttle transportation) 3-4 blocks away from our building

We recommend 2 recovery houses: 
-"Our Friends House" website:www.ourfriendshouse.org email:relaxnrecover@aol.com, mrmarvinlee@aol.com, phone number 909-266-1364 & 619-655-1364
-“Recovery Boutique” website:www.recoveryhotelboutique.com, Phone number:USA (619) 677-5708 and MX (664) 608-64-70.

We also recommend this hotel with hospital amenities:
-Grand Hotel Tijuana  website link:http://www.grandhoteltj.com/room/Grand-Care/21  Toll free number form the US: 1 866 472 6385, 1 866 495 1879

NOTE:Your blood work and EKG results will determine if you are a candidate for surgery or not.


Pre-Op Instructions

Pantoja's office sent me my pre-op instructions after my payment was authorized. My surgery is paid in full.

The following indications are very important for your treatment, read the following page completely.

Remember NOT TO TAKE any medication, without consulting it with Dr. Pantoja previously. (Including for pain or colds and those that contain ASPIRIN (acetylsalicylic acid or derivatives).
Let us know any change of health (colds, infections, flu, etc.)
Let us know if you take any medication to regulate the blood pressure or the coagulation of the blood, for the heart, to treat diabetes, arthritis, nerves, anxiety, depression, or any infusion or “herbal”, complexes or drugs.
The results of your Pre-op lab work must be reviewed previously by the Dr to confirm that you are healthy enough to have the surgery.
You shouldn’t smoke at least three weeks before surgery and four weeks after.
Start taking 1 iron pill every morning to boost your hemoglobin levels. Your levels will depend if you are able to have surgery or not.


Eat light foods and avoid smoking and alcohol.
Extreme the hygiene (complete and careful bath) because it contributes to prevent the postoperative infections.
Please shave your pubic region to avoid any infections.
Do not eat or drink anything, starting 8 hours before surgery, not even water.
Do not take any laxatives or enemas.


Avoid bringing objects of value, your belongings will be deposited in a safe box located in the room.
Children under 12 years old are not allowed in the office nor the clinic.
DO NOT eat or drink anything starting 10 hours before your surgery.
In Admissions, they will ask you to fill all the paperwork: you must fill everything and sign it before going into your room.
You must pay in full prior to surgery. Please review all the forms of payment we accept to avoid any issues the day of surgery.
You must bring a picture ID for your file.
Once in your room:

It is recommended not to bring value objects or depositing them in the safe box.
You must remove body piercings.


Bring comfortable clothes. Buttoned shirt if you are having breast surgery. Comfortable shoes or slippers.
Personal hygiene stuff like toothbrush, deodorant, moisturizing lotion, feminine pads or tampons in case you are in your period.
A boppy pillow will be useful in case you will have fat injections on the buttocks.
IF you stay at a hotel, we recommend for you to bring with you a pocket of gauze, hydrogen peroxide to clean your incisions and a pocket of maxi pads to absorb the fluid coming out from the incisions.

Our Friend's House recovery house

I long ago decided to use the Our Friend's House recovery house since I've heard so many good experiences AND my friend told me that a person she talked with actually went to this facility and loved it. After further research, I saw their prices, their packages and their services and fell in love.

I called to get more information, and the woman who answered took my name and phone number for Marvin (the owner) to call me with more information.
Once he called me back - roughly an hour later - I told him off the bat that I already made my decision to use this facility, I'd already decided the dates I needed since I have my surgery date already scheduled. He laughed since he said he didn't need to use his salesman skills, then.

He gave me information I didn't know, which I was really impressed he volunteered and his honesty touched me. I told him I'd planned to stay for 12 days at the facility, he asked my age, what surgery I was getting and if I had children. He said I wouldn't need to stay that long. He suggested 7 - 9 days. I was SO surprised that he actually was honest enough to suggest I cut down a max of 5 days! He said if I booked 9 days and decided to leave at 7, he would refund me the 2 days and if I booked 7 days and decided to stay 9, he would charge me $100 each day for the 2 days.

He said they service 75% of Dr. Pantoja's patients! That's amazing! I'd heard of this recovery house on a lot of RS reviews, but that's a huge percentage, so that's very exciting to know.

Marvin was a true pleasure to speak with. I told him that I will be bringing a friend with me for the entire stay (not having surgery, just to stay for moral support), and he said I will be staying in a room with 2 beds that is a private room, anyway. Great! He said that since I will be staying overnight after surgery at the center, I will only stay at the recovery house 8 days, while by friend will stay 9 days. So she pays 9 days, I pay 8.

Info e-mail from Marvin from Our Friend's House

**Note: This place used to be called Club Med**
We have a new name “OurFriendsHouse.org” 909-266-1364
8 years experience
All-inclusive packages

Included: daily Laundry, healthy meals, Wi-Fi, U.S. Phone, Dish T.V. in English, fabulous ocean view, electric hospital beds, (help with shower & toilet) 2 or 4 beds per room with private bathroom in each room, and satellite TV in each room, free phone back to your home. ( add $70 per day for a guest) Trips: to & from Airport and to & from doctor and necessary medical supplies (not prescriptions) Be sure & bring $100 to $200 extra cash for emergencies. ( and shopping)

Altho we do not recommend it we would offer (you won’t get stitches and drains out by then)
3 Nights $595.
4 Nights $695

We do not offer CHEAP or inferior health care. ONLY the BEST possible.
5 Nights $775
6 Nights $875
7 nights $975
8 nights $1,075
9 nights $1,175
10 nights $1,250
11 nights $1,350
12 nights $1,450
13 nights $1,550
14 nights $1,650
Special rates for longer stays. “Just ask”

Sit back in our living room in an easy chair and watch the cruise ships, dolphins, waves (and sometimes a seal). You’ll feel more like you’re on vacation than recovering from surgery.

$350 deposit to reserve and balance in full prior to arrival. Mail a check or deposit in Bank Of America/ Wells Fargo checking account. 2 or more people arrive & depart same time 5% discount

”Make sure you stay long enough to recover and get your drains out.”

Negatives: a return border crossing time may require a 2 to 3 hour wait without a medical pass.

If you decide to leave early refunds will be at Marvin’s Discretion

Our healthy menu consists mostly of soup & salad, fresh fruit & vegetables, fish and Mexican food. If you have any questions or special needs please let us know and we will try our best…

PS: we have new boppy pillows $29.50, Kitoscel (scar removal cream) Large $105, epifoam $18.50

We do not offer CHEAP/Inferior Health care WE ONLY OFFER THE BEST available We offer all inclusive packages on our website WWW.OurFriendsHouse.org, including, healthy meals, daily laundry, all transportation, wi-fi, satellite TV, free phone to U.S.,, ocean view, fun family atmosphere. We have running filtered water with a softner BUT only serve bottled mountain spring water to drink

We understand and speak fluent English

“There are no stairs to climb after surgery” ( like the others )

If you don’t have a passport yet? ( you honestly do not need one you only need a government issue picture I.D. and birth Certificate or military I.D. )……..

This is MEXICO.. Do not expect it to be “just like U.S.A.” it’s a different culture ( a different world)

Your procedure is done at a clinic. You choose your own aftercare.

1. BEST time to have your flights arrive & leave noon to 3 PM But we WILL accommodate any time

2. Try not to schedule flights on Week-ends “Too many tourist” If your last day Is a weekday WE can go by the Doctor on the way home and get final check up

3. You can use ATM here but there’s an extra $5 international charge

4. Average recovery stay is 7 to 14 days depending on procedures. (and your body)

5. Don’t spend $6,000 to make your body beautiful then try to save $200 or $300 and not stay the necessary time to recover. For BEST results 7 to 10 days minimum

6. You can stay at hotel for $65 BUT you’ll pay extra for food, phone, taxi, laundry, internet, (No Dish TV) Remember this is Mexico and most Mexicans that do speak English do NOT speak it fluently. We are Americans and ALL our staff speak fluent ENGLISH. Come on “DO THE MATH” And what is the area like?

7. If you come a day early you will be MUCH more relaxed for the surgery and probably heal faster (that’s what recovery is about)

8. We will ONLY administer drugs prescribed by your doctor. “He knows what he’s doing”

9. Wear soft clothes that open in front Nothing over your head “Pajamas are best”

10. Susana makes the BEST Chicken soup you have ever eaten. “ Our beds are electric for your comfort.”

11. Don’t bring a huge suit case. Remember you must also take it home. We wash your clothes daily

12. We do have a large parrot IF HE BOTHERS YOU ASK AND WE WILL REMOVE HIM

13. Please tell all your callers we are on PACIFIC time.. No calls at 3 AM Ha Ha HA

Just a few comments from people that have been here:

by GrlSixx » Mon Feb 27, 2012

So ladies we safely arrived home yesterday from Mexico. Our entire experience was so pleasant we are elated to go back. Marvin, Susana, we beyond amazing and hospitable. The red carpet was rolled out and we didn't even have surgery!

Location: The location of Club Med is fabulous! Club Med is in a gated community and it's sit right off the ocean. Most rooms have a direct view and the sound of the waves were so calming I just wanted to lounge around. The ocean indeed has healing properties. There were some girls that found their comfortable spot in the living room just because it made them feel better gazing out and watching the dolphins! There was also a face lift patient and companion that would go sit on the bench and stare out into the Pacific a few times a day just to feel a bit rejuvenated. The location was picturesque...I did take advantage of taking a few snaps since I was able bodied We fell so much in love that we looked at properties while we were there. lol

Safety: I feel truly bad for my ignorance. I live a rock throw away and have friends that are from Mexico so I frequently hear the stories that we are all scared about. I am so glad that I didn't let this paralyze my thought process. I actually feel bad that it corrupted me in a manner that my imagination painted a horrible picture of Mexico! The location of the recovery house and Campos & Pantoja's offices (which are next door to another) were harmless. To go a bit further we walked the neighborhood of the surgeons while we were waiting on a Campos patient that we dropped off for her massage, we also ventured out to town to a swap meet, went on a mission to get tacos and enjoyed a night of karaoke and margaritas. I never felt that I was in harms way or a target. Im sure there are bad areas everywhere but the service of having curbside pick up from the airport by Marvin and transportation right to the recovery house eased all of our fear. I did happen to see the route for the Red trolley, cross the bridge, walk to McDonald's, take a taxi route and um THERE AINT NO WAY! That bridge is long! I was so busy cursing in my head about the fact that I remotely entertained that idea that I did not manage to take a picture of the long lines and the long bridge. Dont skimp here, its so not worth it, ESPECIALLY if you not speak Spanish, forget about it. I couldn't even pay for my stuff in 7-11 without a translator yet alone take a taxi. No MAS! Having the Club Med staff with you is like having your personal concierge service by your side, they handle thing and can speak Spanish so you are GOOD!

Care-The staff wont allow you to lift a finger. Able bodied and all. THEY WILL NOT LET YOU LIFT A FINGER!! For the over tenuous girls they check on them frequently and even supply a bell to ring so they can come promptly to your service. Ladies don’t try to be Ms. Independent, this isn’t the time while you are healing. Take advantage of this service! For the duration of our stay we saw 6 girls and i can say they accommodated everyone's needs. Susana and the team at club Med are so nurturing. You can feel the love as soon as you walk in the door. Susana and I was talking and she told me that no area in the home is sacred, when they made the commitment to go into this business they opened up everything for the sake of caring for the recovering. This statement was surly put to the test when they received an emergency call for a person that had a procedure and brought their nurse friend with the to assist in caring for them post op. Well they called from the hotel with an SOS please someone help me. They were not turned down butt this changed the dynamics of the original reservation. Well my cousin and I relocated to the host's room and they stayed elsewhere. That was very commendable.

Nutrition: The food that Susana and staff cooked was very healthy. I’m sure we lost weight and we weren't even on the post op diet restrictions. lol there was a variety of fruit juices that were freshly squeezed , of course Pineapple lol I can’t tell you how many fruit platters are made on a daily basis consisting of bananas, mango, strawberries, oranges, jimica, pears, limes, yogurt etc. There is also baskets of fresh fruit and granola bars laying around for snacks. Meals was soup for the recovering, fish, chicken, salad. They also cooked for us by request some quesadillas, yum

Cleanliness: I swear the staff never sleep. Between caring for patients they are watching linen, disinfecting, sweeping etc. We stepped out of our room for a few seconds and even our bed had the linen replaced. We felt guilty that they were working so hard for us too.

Cost: Priceless.

I am currently at clubmed and it is the best experience ever!!! I was extremely nervous traveling all the way across the country to see campos. Now this is my opinion but clubmed is the best recovery house ever. I flew in today to the san diego airport and Marvin was waiting for me...he was so sweet and kind. I spoke to Marvin previously on the phone and ladies let me tell you, this man is hilarious.Well he picked me up and there was another mmh sister in the car as well. We all chatted and laughed as Marvin gave us a mini tour on our way to the border. San Diego airport is so beautiful and this is my first time in california. Well the border was easy to cross but we did see the long line up of cars coming back....yikes! Marvin gave us a little history lesson and we took all kinds of pictures. The landscape here is breath taking, a far cry from the third world, poor country that I expected(Not to say Mexico isn’t poor).We drove for a little while and ended up in clubmed...all I can say is wow...wow! There is a CRA-ZAY view of the ocean from the living room as well as the bedroom. Balconies and then the beach. We met Suzana, who is so warm and accomidating that she feels like your best friend/mother/sister..lol. he immediately fed us and we all laughed and spoke for another four hours...I almost forgot to check in with my family. Suzana has the scoop on all the doctors and is a pro at helping you to recover. She attends to your every need...I feel so pampered. We all even went to a local restaurant and has authentic tacos and drinks (NO ALCOHOL). I don’t work for clubmed but I am their biggest fan. Clubmed has far exceeded my expectations and I will be back in the spring. Ladies I will include some

My flight arrived in San Diego about 30 minutes early, but when I called Marvin (ClubMed), he was already there waiting for me and it was smooth sailing into TJ. On the way there, I felt even better about my decision because ClubMed has Campos’ home phone, mobile phone, and his wife’s mobile phone number – and I felt that I was covered really well for aftercare. I was hungry when I got into ClubMed, so Suzanna whipped up a delicious quesadilla and I spoke with the other patients there (both Pantoja and Campos) and was impressed with how they were up and moving around after 3-4 days and I felt better. I fell asleep listening to the sounds of ocean waves hitting the beach…

The next morning Marvin took me to Dr. Campos’ office and the nerves kicked in again… wtf was I doing in TJ (which I’ve always thought of - right or wrong - as shady) for surgery??? Am I crazy??? When we got to Dr. Campos’ office it seemed like a modern oasis and I saw Dr. Campos come to behind the desk and he said he could see I was nervous. He asked me where I was from and told me that he had visited my city for some American society of PS conference. We both complained about how much parking costs here. Immediately I felt better. I found Dr. Campos to be charming, engaging and far more sensitive to my feelings than I expected. After I got into an exam room, Giselle gave me 2 pills… one to swallow and one to put under my tongue. Immediately I’m paranoid again… even though I’d had a conversation with Dr. Campos, I hadn’t told him what I wanted. What if he assumed I wanted a Saturn-sized DONK??? Then the anesthesiologist came in and made sure I didn’t have allergies, etc. He explained that epidural sedation was best. I had heard that he always makes a lot of jokes, but I think my nerves told him not to try that funny sh!t on me, because I was concentrating on staying alert and awake enough to tell Dr. Campos what I wanted.’

I do not remember the ride back to ClubMed at all. I was totally out of it. Thank God they were there for me. My next memory is when the night nurse was making sure I was comfortable and asked me if I wanted her to put pillows behind me to help me sleep on my side. I felt like a baby! It was awesome. Then I remember I got so excited when I saw Kmac had arrived I got out of bed on my own to show her my butt (which I hadn’t even seen yet). Those memories are kind of like the ones you have when you have a bit too much to drink and try to remember what happened the night before… but with no hangover. I’m very independent so I tried to get up and go pee myself throughout the first few nights, but my fellow patients always caught me sneaking and I was thankfully always accompanied by a nurse. I’d heard stories of people trying to go pee themselves in hotel rooms and then falling beside the toilet (you will get weak and dizzy very suddenly sometimes) and being stuck there until morning. I was very grateful to have help despite my stubbornly independent self. I napped a lot in the first few days after the surgery. I was in some pain, but it was mostly discomfort if you understand the difference. I had stopped regularly scheduled pain meds by the end of day 3. I knew it caused constipation and I wanted to be able to poop… which I finally did and without much drama. Susanna DID wipe one of my girls’ butts… but no I just couldn’t go there. I wiped my own and I was proud! Day 4 I decided that I wanted to take a shower alone. Right after I got the water on, Susanna appeared (she kind of scared me!) and just wanted to be within ear reach if I needed anything. Of course when I got out of the shower I needed a nap. That was exhausting!! Everything simple you do is exhausting.

I do have fluid build up in my back ( a seroma – common with aggressive lipo ) that I am getting drained here. A seroma isn’t serious and will resolve on it’s own if left untreated, but it does need to be drained to prevent unnecessary scar tissue that may form with it. It’s less and less each day and honestly,

I wish I had stayed in Mexico 10 days and not just for 6 days after the surgery…

Recently I posted my journey on my up coming surgery and mentioned staying at La Casa. I also spoke positively of them on another thread when someone questioned whether this place was suitable or not for post surgery aftercare. I stated that if my doctor recommended them then they can’t be that bad. Well they are the most unreputable place out there.
To start ladies always listen to your intuition your inner voice. Something in my mind kept telling me this place seems to good to be true. They were cheap and offered pretty much everything that CM and BC did. However this wasn’t enough for me. About a week ago i called and was asking more questions about the place wondering why i haven’t heard much about them. I asked to speak with one of the guess and they were more than eager and willing and put her on the phone. Just so happen she is a member here. Long story short she contacted me saying plz don’t go there. They lied about having a real doctor over the facility and no nurses just reg folk they hired. She ended up calling Clubmed to pick her up. Thanks to God she made it to CM and is doing fine.

I stayed at a hotel and I must say if I have the money next time I will use a recovery house. It was so uncomfortable to me! Another thing, if you are bringing someone to take care of you both, where will they sleep. Neither one of you will want to or really be able to share a bed. I don't know what doctor you are going to, but Dr. P leaves the drains open, so you will be leaking. The beds were very uncomfortable, had to go out and find suitable food and it's hard to eat healthily in TJ when you have to go find the food yourself. I could go on and on.... I say RH if you can afford it. However, I have heard the hotel beds are horrid! Since you are just getting lipo you may be okay. But I have heard they are very uncomfortable...the hotels charge you extra if you leak / stain sheets...the food is not cheap (no matter what folks say). Also, you are vulnerable.

Wow. All the other recovery houses were charging me for the night I spend in clinic. I am so happy that I'll be staying with you guys I can't thank you enough and I can't wait to meet you. You have been amazing I now understand why all the ladies on the forums rave about club med and your service. Penelope.

This has been a long journey I must say and I feel like I have made it somewhat... I don’t know what I would have done without Susana/Clubmed staff. Her staff was wonderful and available to us at all times. Clubmed has a great staff with nurses as well. It is important that you make preparation to at least stay until you get a massage and your drains/stitches out before you leave. I feel more relieved that I can go home comfortably and be able to take care of myself. I decided to take showers alone and put my garment on alone @5-6 days post op. Today I am 7 days post op and feel I can survive. It is difficult but you have to learn to do it. Clubmed was there on me for everything and I graciously appreciate them to fullest. It was like a home/family environment and not an uncomfortable moment at all.
I woke up Christmas to a gift from Santa:)... I just purchased a stage 2 garment from MMH so hopefully I should receive by the time I get home.
To sum it up... This was definitely more pain than I expected, please prepare to give yourself and body the full attention needed. Stay at a recovery house and let someone take care of you. There is no way I would have eaten, drank the liquids, bathe myself, took meds like I should have had I not stay at a recovery house and opted for a hotel. The doctors/nurses can only do so much--- you have to prepare for this. Hotels would cost you more at the end of the day when it comes food and you don’t get the exceptional service when taking care of your needs. You only have one body so take care of yourself Thank You Sharon Miller

I am also a huge supporter of staying at Club Med vs staying in a hotel with a companion because I had had three extensive surgeries in the US before coming for surgery in TJ. After my surgeries in the US my family and friends cared for me, but none of them had experience with plastic surgery recovery and I felt alienated from the people around me who didn't know what I was going through. But when I stayed at Club Medical Susanna knew exactly what I should expect, and taught me tricks for making the recovery more comfortable. She knew when I should eat and what, and what it would be like for me to bathe the first time and how to do it so I wouldn't become faint or nauseous. These are all things my family and friends wouldn't have known. If I didn't need to go to follow-up visits with the doc and had some way to magically transport myself instantly from the operating room to my home without having to fly back, I wouldn't do it. honestly, I would rather recover at Club Med and have the support and care they offer.

I just wanted to chime in here and give my perspective in case anyone reads this thread and is considering whether or not to stay at Club Medical. I recommend them VERY HIGHLY and I'll be there again from December 18th until Christmas Day this year. (That's right; Marvin is going to drive me across the border and to the airport on Christmas Day!!! Now who else would do that??)

We all want the best deals don’t get me wrong I’m not sitting on top of a lot of money but again it’s a choice we have to really think about and make for ourselves. If it cost more today verses 4 months ago lock in your rate before it changes again. The economy has changed and the cost of living has risen. Electricity is an expense, water, food, gas, maintenance on a vehicle; not to mention maintenance on your facility. Everything has a fee so I personally think Club Med offers a lot for the price. Can’t hire a private aid, bring them to a hotel (pay hotel fee), have the aid prepare your meals, and transport you around for that rate. Carol Winston

Dr. P is a very kind and did an awesome job on me. He staff is all so very nice and the aftercare is awesome as well. I spend the night at his surgery recovery house, and if you move or toss, you will have a nurse by your side in no time. I would also, like to be truthful with all you ladies, Have To STAY AT A RECOVERY HOUSE...You their is no if and's or butts (he he) about it. You see I didn't have a clear picture of all the limitation, pain ( and I can tolerate pain pretty well), and uncomfortablness you will have after your surgery, and for me to believe that my friend would have been able to help me thru this is not realistic. I'm at Club Med, they are the sweetest couple ever Marvin, and Susanna, and take care of me hand and foot. They have everything you can possibly need, and do everything for you. From washing your clothes, to making your meals, reminding you of your meds, helping you bathe, help you back into your garment, they try to make you as comfortable as possible. I'm not saying you have to stay there but stay at a recovery house.
You can't do this alone.

Payment info e-mail from Our Friend's House

You may make direct deposit into MY bank account.
($350.00 Minimum ) ENTIRE balance must be paid in full prior to arrival

AT the very top right hand corner please print your name “so I can identify your deposit.”
Also email me when you make the deposit and which bank.

**He included his bank information to deposit**
Or My paypal account is **he included his account information here**

Please indicate on Paypal if that’s what you use “Send money to friends and family”

If you use XXX bank merely transfer funds to *bank info here*

Registration @ OurFriendsHouse
Formerly known as Clubmedical

We really need this information

To make sure you enjoy your recovery stay here at OurFriendsHouse..

Please answer the following questions so we can prepare for your relaxed recovery stay: (add any additional necessary information)

Your Name:

Doctors Last name:

Arrival date: Departure date:

Your Phone number: City you are coming from:

Email address

Flight Schedule: (attach a copy if you can)

procedures you’re having done?

Are you having a TUMMY TUCK

Any allergies or physical problems?

What kinds of foods or drinks do you NOT like

Is there anything special you would like

Recovery house quote/Paid in full!

I asked Marvin for a price quote for my friend and my stay and here was his reply:

That would be 9 days for your support lady and 8 days for you. and 8 day package is $1,075 for you and 9 days for her @ $70 per day is $630.00 for a total of $1,705.00 If y0u use pay pay please mark it either A Gift , OR FRIENDS & fAMIly... THank you very much it was really a pleasure talking to you AND KNOWING THAT YOU DID LOTS OF RESEARCH... honestly YOU DID PICK THE best DOCTOR......

I paid through Paypal and paid the full amount! I'm so excited. So my surgery is paid in full, my stay is paid in full (my friend is paying for her part of the stay) and now all I need to buy is my airline ticket and everything will be perfect! AHHH!!!!

I've also sent him back his questionnaire he requested:
Doctors Last name: Pantoja

Arrival date: March 27, 2016 Departure date: April 5, 2016

Your Phone number: XXX City you are coming from: XXX

Email address: XXX

Flight Schedule: Airline tickets will be purchased in mid-January

procedures you’re having done? Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you having a TUMMY TUCK: No

Any allergies or physical problems? No

What kinds of foods or drinks do you NOT like: No red meat (no beef or pork)

Is there anything special you would like: I love fruit!

Flight Information - Airport/Transport

I asked Marvin from Our Friend's House about transportation and what airport I should fly into, etc.
He said to just book my flight to San Diego international airport and let him know my arrival time and airline and he'll be there to pick me up!

Update on Medications

I only have 31 days until my surgery, so I e-mailed Pantoja's office to update them on the medications I'm taking.

I told them I'm on a birth control pill (Yasmin), 20 mg of Lisinopril for hypertension (high blood pressure) and a few others for other issues. Here was the office's response:

"You can keep taking your medication as usual, except for the day of surgery. You will take your blood pressure pill a day before surgery in the AFTERNOON so it can still be effective the morning of your surgery. Also, you contraceptive pill you must not stop taking it."

Pre-Op Lab Work & Supplies I ordered from Amazon

I e-mailed Dr. Pantoja's office because I haven't gotten any instructions on when/where/how to get my lab work done for my surgery.

The e-mail from Pantoja's office:
"We usually do it here as soon as you arrive because lab work is included in your quote, usually takes 1 hour to be ready. But if you want to have it done with your primary doctor, that's fine. We will require a CBC test and Metabolic Panel."

1. I just Google'd what a CBC test is:
A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.
A complete blood count test measures several components and features of your blood, including:
•Red blood cells, which carry oxygen
•White blood cells, which fight infection
•Hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells
•Hematocrit, the proportion of red blood cells to the fluid component, or plasma, in your blood
•Platelets, which help with blood clotting
Abnormal increases or decreases in cell counts as revealed in a complete blood count may indicate that you have an underlying medical condition that calls for further evaluation.

2. I just Google'd what a Metabolic Panel is:
A comprehensive metabolic panel is a blood test that measures your sugar (glucose) level, electrolyte and fluid balance, kidney function, and liver function.
Glucose is a type of sugar your body uses for energy. Electrolytes keep your body's fluids in balance. They also help keep your body working normally, including your heart rhythm, muscle contraction, and brain function. The kidneys help keep the right balance of water, salts, and minerals in the blood. They also filter out waste and other unneeded substances from the blood. The liver helps with digestion and produces some vitamins and other substances that the body needs. It also controls the amounts of glucose, protein, and fat in the blood and releases substances that keep your immune system healthy.

Secondly, I ordered a few things that I know I will need based on reviews on RealSelf. I ordered Lipo Foam, an Ab Board and a "Stand Up & Pee" device so I don't have to sit down every time I want to pee since I know it will be a nightmare. I also ordered my BBL pillow directly from BBLpillow.com.

"P EZ Female Urination Device with Case - Stand Up & Pee" sold by: Tonsee - $2.35
"Lipo Foam Individual Sheet 8x11in After Surgery Liposuction Medical Grade Flexible (One Sheet 8 x 11in)" sold by: All About Shapewear - $18.99
"Fajas Salome 2507 Support Flattening Liposuction Board Tabla Abdominal para Lipo Beige U" sold by: 2B e - $22.97

"BBL Pillow" by Pilaport Creations - $99
*Note: this isn't a boppy pillow. This is a pillow specifically designed for a BBL surgery. They have an IG account which is BBLPillow if you want to check it out.

Airport pickup information from recovery house & surgery day information from Pantoja's office

I received my Stand Up & Pee device in the mail and my BBL pillow. The device is made of rubber, but soft and pliable. It's not hard and seems like it will be comfortable and not irritating on the skin. The BBL pillow I sat on and tried out. It's firm and comfortable to sit on. It's hard to tell what it will be like to sit on after my surgery, considering I currently don't have a butt at all, so I don't know how it will hang. It doesn't feel like I'm straining and using my thigh muscles a lot. I feel relaxed sitting on it.

I've printed out every single e-mail I've received from the recovery house and Dr. Pantoja's office for my trip. I've printed out the payment receipts and their instructions on what I need to bring and to do. I've printed out the information I've given to Marvin on the dates we will be staying at the recovery house and his confirmation of those dates, and his price quotes and his acknowledgement of receiving my payment on that price quote. I've printed out when we will land in San Diego and his acknowledgement that he will be picking us up from the airport at that time and dropping us off when our flight is due back to Dallas. HAVE PROOF OF EVERYTHING SO THERE CAN BE NO MISCOMMUNICATION!

I was making my list of things to pack and I e-mailed the recovery house:

Hi Marvin,
I am scheduled to fly in to San Diego on Sunday, 3/27, but I wanted to verify a few things before I pack.
Do I need to pack things like shampoo, body wash and toothpaste? Will you guys have amenities like that at the recovery house?

His reply:

We have EVERYTHING. You need 2 night gowns or P.S. that do not require going on over your head. and you'll need your laptop or pad & cell phone.. IT's a very good idea to bring an extra $200 or $300. you must pay for your medication and massages Massages $40 ea or 3 for $100. you really need one every day if you can afford it???? Marvin Call when you are out on the sidewalk and tell me what ZONE you are in and how I will recognize you....

The airport will not allow me to wait at the curb for you. I must be down the street in a special parking lot called cell phone lot. Please call me when you are At the curb on my cell. On the curb about every 20’ is a sign about 8’ up in the air that’s green and has a ZONE letter like M or N or P, Please tell me what ZONE you are in. I will come there within 4 minutes. I will be driving a BLACK ford van) , with the emergency flashers on.
Please be ready to tell me HOW I will recognize you, Marvin

Remember you’ re coming to Mexico It is strongly advised to eliminate stress, anger, and time, that you make a package for yourself and the doctor’s office with copies of all your payments ,the date and amount highlighted and a copy of your quote for services with the procedures and cost highlighted..

P.S. Be advised that for your return flight the border crossing is so unpredictable I may have to have you back at the airport as much as 2 hours in advance. You MAY also obtain a Medical pass from your doctor to return. It usually cuts time waiting at the border from 2 ½ hrs to 20 minutes
Alert: If possible it would be well advised if you have EVER had any problems with iron level in your blood that you get tested 1 or 2 days before you leave home. You must have a minimum of 10 and 12 is best. ANYTHING under 10 the doctor will NOT do surgery. As of today we have had 5 people sent home without surgery because of LOW IRON.

Pantoja's office e-mailed me today:

Hi, your surgery date is about to come and we want to know if you have any questions regarding your surgery. Just to let you know we recommend you to do your payment in cash to avoid the fee (3%) that is charged if you use your credit or debit card. ((**note: I've already paid in full**)) You need to be in our office at 9 AM on an empty stomach. We are here to help you with anything you need, have a nice day.

-THE DAY BEFORE SURGERY : You must stop eating or drinking at 10:00pm. Do not use any laxatives. If you take high blood pressure medication, take it on the evening prior to surgery.

-THE DAY OF SURGERY: You must come on an empty stomach to the office at 9:00am, no earlier because we open the office at 9:00am.
-You must come with comfortable clothes and shoes, nothing tight.
-The payment must be in cash or credit/debit card BUT notice that there is a 3% charge on top of the amount and you need to notify your bank about the transaction, otherwise, it will not go through.
-Remove any piercings
-Bring your personal toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.
-Bring your Boppy Pillow if you are going to have a BBL.
-Visitors must leave the building by 8:00pm. Visitors CANNOT stay overnight.

-You will be discharged from the clinic at 9:30am, you must be picked up by your family or recovery house. Make sure you make the proper arrangements to avoid any last minute issues.
-Our nurses can call our local pharmacy for them to deliver your prescription, you will pay to the pharmacy delivery guy directly. They take cash or credit card.
-You will be wearing a compression garment included in your quote. IF you want to purchase an additional garment, the cost is $120dlls.
-Bring a poppy pillow in case you are having fat injections in your butt so you can sit on it. This can be bought at any Walmart or Target in the baby department.
-The doctor will indicate you the date and time of your next appointment.

Before photos the day before surgery!

My friend and I arrived at San Diego airport at 8:30 AM and Marvin and Suzy (from the recovery house) arrived while we were describing what we were wearing so he could identify us at the curb outside the airport. They were so friendly, warm, welcoming and made us feel right at ease. The ride from the airport to the recovery house was about 15 - 20 minutes and had no traffic at all. We didn't need to have our passports or IDs out going into Mexico.

The recovery house is adorable, cozy and the owners, Marvin and Suzy, are so sweet. Faviola and Suzy cooked the meals and Marvin took my friend and I to a bazaar to shop around today. For lunch, Suzy took us to eat street tacos. The food made my the women is divine!

I spoke to a woman who is at the recovery house who went for a tummy tuck with Pantoja about 3 - 4 days ago. It was great to speak to her about her recovery, Pantoja, and just all of her experience.

This recovery house makes me feel really at ease and safe in my recovery. I've added my pre-op pics my friend took today the evening before my surgery.

Post Op Day of Surgery and Day 1 so far

Day of surgery I needed to be at the hospital by 9:00am for blood work. They took my blood, which took about 3 minutes for him to find my vein and then went back downstairs and waited an hour for blood work results to come back. In the meantime, the receptions gave us a medical history survey, which again made me explain the meds I was taking. I told every doctor I encountered which meds I was taking, which about 5 or 6. Remember you have know how spell the meds you are taking an dhow long you have been taking them. Nadia called me in when the cardiologist came in and she took Pre Op photos with my bra and underwear still on. If you've never had an EKG done it is complete terrifying. They hook you up like as if you were jumping a car. They do metal clamps on you wrist and metal suctions on your boobs. These clamps are painful. I felt nothing during the EKG, so don't be worried about any type of sensation. It takes 1 minute. He tells you immediately if you passed and then he takes you blood pressure. Make sure you take you blood pressure medicine at ^pm the night before your blood work if it's in the morning.

After this, it was about 9:45 so we had 15 minutes until the blood work was ready. Me and another women took our blood work at the same time. But Pantoja will start with the shorter surgery. So you if are having one surgery you will go first. He will call you in and mark you up before you blood work comes in which brings your hopes up. He will be very honest with you results. He told me I have a naturally square butt but that he would try he est to round it out as much as possible. I paid for full abdominal lipo but he unexpectedly said he would add in arm lipo, which I was very happy about. I was planning on eventually getting arm lipo so this worked out.

After the blood work came in, my friend and I was called in to the surgery floor. We were shown to my recovery room which were nice rooms with nice bathroom and DISH network. Along with an extra chair for my friend. The bed was a typical hospital bed with a terrible flat pillow. They immediately called me in to prep for surgery. I completely undressed and put on the hospital gown, hair cover, and compression socks. They inserted an IV, which if you've never had is painful. They gave me a pill to prevent nausea and vomiting. She then informed me that I was going to receive a massage. A women came in a provided with aroma therapy on my nose, a scalp massage, and a full upper deep tissue massage. It was roughly 20 minutes long and it was phenomenal. It put me completely at ease, complete with oils. I almost fell asleep after she left. I met Pedro, Pantoja assistant, who was absolutely gorgeous. He asked if I had questions, and then I met the anesthesiologist who felt my spine and told me I would get a spinal block anesthesia.

They then walked me into the surgery room. They started the IV followed by my spinal block anesthesia. I laid on my back and they titled me up a little bit where my head was lower than my body and my body became numb from my neck down slowly. I was conscious during surgery but went in and out of sleep. This was suppose to happen. When I was awake at times then anesthesiologist was reassuring me that my body was numb still. Part of the time I woke up, they told me they began the fat grafting. After the surgery completed they woke me up and took my to my recovery room. Dr Pantoja went downstairs to the waiting area where Nadia told my friend I was done with surgery and that she could come up to my room.

Because I couldn't drink water after 10pm the night before I was very thirsty. My lips were so dry so be prepared for the nightmare. You cannot drink water or eat after 10pm the night before. You will not be hungry though at all. They hardly give you pain medication and it hardly helps AT ALL. You will be in a lot of pain. You can't drink water until 3 hours after surgery and it is literally a small sip and then 3 more hours later they give you a half of cup of water. Unless you are completely dead still, you will feel pain even talking and breathing. And even then you will feel pain for hours. My nurse did not give me extra pain meds.

I slept terribly and the bed again was very uncomfortable. My friend had to be gone by 8pm. I think what really helped during this process was making sure I was completely relaxed before leaving to the clinic. I watched the ocean waves before we left the recovery house. We packed a bag that consisted of my BBL pillow, my phone charger, toothbrush and toothpaste, magazines (which I did not look at).

I actually lost 20 pounds before my surgery. My pre surgery weight including (bloating) lol was 175. I want to wait until 3 weeks after surgery to weight myself, so I will update you guys. I am 5'1.

I got home today and I was feeling pretty good. I was picked up by Marvin at about 10am but the clinic wouldn't let me go until I peed on my own. They had a catheter in me during my stay at the clinic so I didn't have to pee on my own. So in the morning they made me pee on my own. It wasn't bad because the garment that I'm wearing has a vaginal opening, I only squatted and didn't have to sit on the toilet. Getting out of the recovery room bed the morning was so difficult. Standing up I almost fainted. The nurse fanned me and put a cotton ball with aroma on my nose and made me sit to keep me from fainting. I had to stand for the nurse to wrap me in pads and put the tight compression garment on, which was painful. Everything is painful during this process. When the recovery house pick me up, I used my BBL pillow in the car which was comfortable, but not too comfortable. It took 20 minutes to get to the house. I felt good throughout the day but it is only 1pm right now. I laid down while my friend helped me type this. About 15 minutes ago I stared feeling pain in my torso and in a headache. Susie is making my lunch so I can take my meds.

The stand up and pee device I have to use to avoid getting pee on my garment. So that device is a must buy. It is a little difficult to use since yo have to bend down. But you'll get use to it eventually. I've only used it twice.

Day 2 ExperIENCE - Frist Shower and Massage


Today I scheduled my first lymphatic massage, which I plan to have everyday the rest of the time I'm at the recovery house. It was extremely painful the entire 30 minutes. I cried the entire time from immense pain. This is a NECESSARY part of recovery. even though it's painful YOU MUST DO IT. Real Self reviews rarely emphasize the pain you go through during recovery, I wanted to make you're fully aware of the process. Make sure you take full advantage of the lymphatic massages from either you doctors or the recovery house you are staying in regardless of price.

I took my first shower today and it was phenomenal. I washed my hair and Susie said I shouldn't use hot water for the shower because it's bad for my recovery. Stick to warm quick showers. Before you put on your garment make sure you dry completely, even laying naked on a towel for about 10 minutes to make sure your crotch area has dried.

I was less sore in lipo'd areas moving area today but obviously getting in and out of bed will still be difficult and painful.

I haven't posted photos yet because I want to wait until a few days post Op. I haven't even looked at my body because I know I have a lot of swelling and that I'm not even close to the final result. I do have a flat stomach though!

What you expect that RealSelf does not tell you

RealSelf doesnt warn you about tons of things. I wasn't expecting most of what I went though and what I should and shouldn't use.
Firstly, the Epifoam you NEED is the kind with a side that is sticky. This prevents the foam from moving when you bend your body and move around in any way. The kind I brought was cheap and a waste of money. I ended up buying a few packs from my recovery house. The $7-something Epifoam sheet I bought vs the $15 one I bought from the recovery house was incomparable. The woman who did my massage ended up using the one I brought to make my lower back triangle.

Speaking of lower back triangles, do not purchase a giant one online, especially if it's stiff. It prevents you from moving and bending. This is important when you're wearing your garment: being able to MOVE and BEND your body! Which makes ab board a waste of money too. My ab board was a waste. My recovery house and lymphatic massage lady told me to use Epifoams instead.

Stand up and pee devices are necessary, as I said before.

You will have to suffer during recovery. Don't assume you can sleep through the whole process. It's actually worse to try to do that because you will kill your back and you need to get circulation going in your fat cells. You will experience headaches and some of the medications you take will irritate your colon, which can cause constant "loose stool" (diarrhea!). And when I say constant, I mean I've been going many, many, many, many, many times a day for 5 days and nights.

I've gotten 6 lymphatic massages so far and Pantoja said 2 a week for a month is sufficient afterwards. No, my massages haven't gotten better. Well... My 5th massage was 10% less painful on the stomach. I have lots of swelling and inflammation. I haven't been draining a lot, but everyone is different. I have both fluids and inflammation, which is actually two different things. I'm dispelling most of my fluids through urine, so if you don't drain a lot, don't worry.

I'm going to post some post-op photos when I hit my 2 week mark. I have my 7th lymphatic massage tomorrow with a woman here in my hometown who works at a surgeons office who does BBLs, so I trust she knows how to give appropriate massages.

What happens without lymphatic massages

I went for my 7th lymphatic massage (first since I've gotten home) yesterday. I went to a surgeon's office that performed BBL surgery in my city and went with his masseuse since I knew she would be familiar with BBL massages. I called and made sure she knew how to do them and asked her background/experience/price beforehand and made my appointment. She was $40/~20 min massage or a package of 7 for $300.

During the massage, she ran into "crunchy" (YES, she used the word crunchy) parts of my stomach, sides and arms. THIS IS WHY LYMPHATIC MASSAGES ARE SO IMPORTANT. This crunchiness is your fluids hardening. The massages loosen the fluids so they can drain from your body. That's why you need about 2 massages a week for a month after your surgery. And she worked the Hell out of those hardened fluids. It hurts immensely. So FYI! I scheduled the rest is the month my two massages a week with her and she said my surgeon did an excellent job (Team Pantoja!).

I've added the instructions Pantoja's office gave me for after care.

2 week post op photos

I still have swelling, but I am finally on my last row of hooks on my faja. I ordered a smaller size today and the cost is $100.

I want to answer some questions my friend asked that might help others.

Do the lipo areas hurt/burn?
Only at when I'm getting up during the night to go to the bathroom do they feel sore, and then it's only certain areas, not all of it.

How are you able to sit to use the bathroom? Is it difficult?
Sitting is easy. I don't sit on my butt. I sit on my thigh and tilt my torso forward.

Do you have to take the faja off to go #2 or does it open up?
It opens up. I took photo of the faja so you can see the bottom when it's open.

And do you sit at all in genera (on the pillow), or do you mainly stay in positions where you're not having to sit?
They say after 6 weeks you can sit on you butt, but with me, I'll be using the pillow for much longer. I will be very afraid to sit in my butt. I get anxiety just thinking about it. For work, I'll sit on the pillow and then I'll stand and pace. Then I'll sit, then I'll stand and pace. Repeat.

Also, Nadia answered some questions for me so here are some answers I got from her:

How long do I need to wear my compression socks?
3 weeks after surgery

How long do I need to wear my arm garment (for arm lipo) and faja?
3-4 months after surgery

When do I know when to order a smaller faja?
When you are on the tightest hooks and the faja is loose. Order from http://www.marenagroup.com/. Nadia gave me the wrong style to order. She told me to order style FBS but the faja in the photo I posted is SFBHS.

How long should I want until I can have sex?
6 weeks after surgery

31 days/1 month update

1 month later photos. I've gone from a Large faja to a Small faja. I'm on the middle hooks of my Small faja. It's scary to me looking at these photos I took because even though I'm on a Small faja now, I feel like my photos look the same from the 2 week mark to now.

My swelling has gone down significantly and my masseuse has noticed. She has told me I have a lot of swelling to go since she can feel that I'm still swollen and can feel that I'm still going to shrink. That's great news. It's still only been a month, so expect to be swollen for a while.

I don't really have updates. I'll answer any questions you guys might have. My 1 month is up so my last massage is scheduled for tomorrow. I think I'm going to schedule a couple of more because I still have firm spots my masseuse has been working on (hardened fluids). I want to make sure I am totally good on those before I end my massages! Take care of yourself post-op, guys!

6 weeks + 1 day Update

Finally! 6 week mark! God, how I've waited on this day. 6 weeks marks the time you can officially sit because supposedly, the fat cells that will survive have gotten a blood supply.

My butt still isn't soft. It's softened, obviously, over time, but it's still firm when I press on it. I've laid on my back once and my upper butt was very uncomfortable. I wouldn't use the word painful, but uncomfortable to the point where I had to move from the position because I couldn't stand it. It felt like I was lying on a rock.

I can move completely comfortably, bend and move like a normal person with no discomfort or pain. I saw my masseuse 4 days ago and she says I still have plenty of swelling to go down, so that was nice to hear. Bittersweet, moreso, because I want it to go down NOW. Guys, during recovery, you have to be patient! I haven't even gotten to my 2 month mark, which means my body is still changing everyday.

She also said that the bumpiness on the lower part of my stomach is just fluid that will smooth out, so it's actually just swelling.

**A note about the importance of lymphatic massages: As I said in a previous post, fluids harden in your body after surgery, and if you don't get those worked out, then it can cause dimpling on your body. Which would basically be the worst thing! SO GET YOUR MASSAGES!

I'm on an XS garment right now, and I just hooked the second row of hooks today. It's starting to get warm outside in Texas, so wearing this garment out and about is going to be a killer! I strongly suggest you do this surgery during cool months so you're recovering in a cool part of the year if you live in a state that gets warm.

I e-mailed Nadia to verify that I can drink now that I reached the 6 week mark and she said yes. I think you can drink before that, but I didn't want to because I want to make sure I'm doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!

Also, since it's the 6 week mark, you're able to have sex at this point. Which is exactly what I did on my 6 week post-op anniversary. Fun times!

I don't have any updates on recovery, really. If you have questions, let me know. I can't think of anything as of now. My next update will be my 2 month mark.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pantoja himself was professional and nice. He was quick with the consultation in-person and honest with informing me about what he could do concerning my shape. Regarding besides manner, I didn't see him but once after my surgery, so there really isn't any to judge except him just checking if I did well. I only saw Pantoja 3 times total (excluding surgery), for probably a total of 10 minutes combines): 1 time for pre-op consultation, once during post-op recovery, and once for my follow-up appointment a week later. His office staff answered any questions I had via e-mail quickly and thoroughly. My aftercare and follow-up were minimal. The only aftercare was providing me with medication for post-op and I received one follow-up e-mail. When I was in recovery right after surgery and had to stay overnight, I hit the button to call a nurse when I needed her multiple times and waited at least 15 minutes before one came in finally. I spilled my juice she gave me all over my bed and had to sleep in my wet juice bed the rest of the night because she didn't change my covers. After my surgery, they put me in a faja that was 2 sizes too small and was painful to put on: they needed two nurses to fasten me in. My recovery house was PISSED and had never seen something so terrible when they tried to put it back on me. They took it back to Pantoja's office and he replaced it. Also during my hospital stay, when they removed my IV, they removed it wrong and my blood started squirting out of my wrist and I started feeling faint. The payment process was very easy and quick. Overall, I am very please with the results of the surgery and the shape was exactly what I was looking for!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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