24, Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Stomach - Plano, TX

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I am very nervous. I am headed to have smart lipo...

I am very nervous. I am headed to have smart lipo done on my upper and lower abdomen, and my hips. I work out but cant seem to drop any weight. I also don't take very well to medicine, so we will see how this goes! I will post before pictures as soon as I make it to the surgery center. Wish me luck!

A few hours after procedure

The procedure started about an hour late. Total I was given 2 Vicodin and 2 Diazepam. Overall I felt pretty relaxed. When I got to the surgery room I was completely naked and they wiped me down with cold soap and water. Next The doctor gave me 3 spots which honestly didn't hurt at all, there was only a little sting and a little burning for no more than 5 seconds with each of the 3 spots. He then inserted the fluid which to me was the worse part. He had to get it in all the areas: upper and lower abdomen, and my love handles. In some areas I felt absolutely nothing and in some I felt a little pain. The inserting of the fluid to numb you is the worse part. I promise! On a scale from 1-10 that part was maybe a 4 or 5. Nothing you can't handle. Next he began to laser the fat, which at that point I was good and numb. This part felt like tickling. Literally! So you can somewhat feel it but there wasn't any pain for me. Lastly the suction part. That felt like a little bit of tugging and tickling. Hard to explain but again nothing painful. It was just very awkward because you can feel it. The good thing was that the nurses and surgeon talked to me the whole extire time. I felt never relaxed and asked about the procedure and the 3 steps along the way. They even turned on Danity Kane and Michael Jackson Pandora station for me! Afterwards they wiped me down again and tried to get as much fluid out as they could. They then put my undergarment on and a binder on top of the undergarment. They helped me up and then I went to the recovery for 30 minutes until my vitals where normal. I'm now at home in bed. I'm not in pain, my stomach is however sore. I can move and walk to go to the bathroom but overall I want to take it easy today because I know tomorrow will moat likely be a hard day for me. I have taken 1 Vicodin, and so far it's helping with my discomfort. I would say right now the only thing that's quite annoying is that I'm actually leaking and draining quite a bit. I have 3 towels on my bad, and a million dressings on 3 the incisions he made. I'm praying that by my appointment at 9:30 tomorrow morning, I will have stopped draining. I really hope this helps someone! I think it is well worth it! I honestly do. The pain definitely isn't as bad as some of the reviews I read. But then again it is all about the surgeon and your tolerance of pain.

Before pictures

My surgery was on 7/31/14

Not sure why it won't let me put the correct surgery date, but I've already had the surgery! July 31, 2014. Sorry about that guys :)

10-13 hours post surgery

More up close photos of my before pictures

Day 1 after follow up appointment

Finally was able to take a bath and wash my binder and under garment. Today is actually a better day for me than yesterday. I'm a little sore but can move around a lot more today. Hopefully it stays that way because yesterday was horrible!! But overall I am berg pleased with the surgery! When they took off my garment I was in shock. My stomach hasn't been this flat since I was 14. Looks amazing. Can't wait for the final results :))

Day 3

Today overall was a really good day to say the least. It's my brothers birthday so we went to Dave and Busters. I was able to walk around most of the day, and played a few games. I did notice I have swell up a little, but it's honestly not too major. I've been using Arnica gel, cream, and pills since the day of surgery. I think that's helping with the swelling and brusing. I have yet to see any bruising and I hope I don't lol. There's really no difference, so I'll post and update in a week. I'll post pictures as well. :)

Tomorrow makes a week; get flanks done August 28th

I just wanted to give you all a update on the progress I'm making. All is well. I'm excited that today is the last day I have wear the abdominal compression binder. It's very annoying! Now I will just be wearing the garment which is very comfortable to me for some reason lol. I also think it's time to go from this XL to a L, so if anyone knows where I can get a good one please let me know. Also I stopped taking pain meds after day 4. I am honestly feeling pretty normal. One day I'm swollen, and the next I'm not. I think it's all just a matter of the level of activity I do. If I just stay in bed the majority of the day I don't swell, and vice versa. Also bending down to pick something up and put on shoes is a little discomforting but other than that my recovery has been great.!!

I have also decided after seeing my results to get my flanks done! I am scheduling for August 28th so I'll have Labor day weekend to recover before going back to school. I am more excited this time just because I know this is the last step to getting my body the way I WANT IT. I also won't be nervous going in because I already know what to expect and I won't be having as much done this time. :)

Hope this helps

Can anyone identify from this picture what this area is called? Is it flank?

Please help. Can anyone tell me what the specific area is that the area I drew is? It's where my stomach starts going outward. I thought it was a love handle/hip area but according to my doctor it isn't. Lol. So I'm having to go back and get it removed. :( Is it my flank?

Should I continue wearing binder

I was told I only had to wear the binder over my garment for the first week. Then it wasn't needed. But to continue wearing the garment. Does anyone know if I should discontinue wearing the binder or if I should keep wearing it?

1 week post op photos!!

So today makes a week since my procedure! And I'm very happy with my results. In these pictures I'm actually very swollen, but you can still see the results. I am currently washing my under garment and binder, and just stepped out of the shower.

It still amazes me how he got all that lower ab fat! I love the results. I'm still getting my flanks done August 28th, I'm very excited! I think after that I'm done. Lol. And I'll be satisfied

2 week appointment Thursday 8/14/2014

So I'm driving to Dallas from Houston for my 2 week post op appointment Thursday. My appointment and deposit are finally down for my flank procedure August 28, 2014. I'm really REALLY excited.

Question: has anyone had their flanks done and can tell me if that area is more painful than the upper and lower abs. I was hoping and guessing that the flanks would be much easier procedure and less painful post op.

I'm also hoping they give me a smaller garment Thursday at my appointment. I feel like this one is already too big. And I don't know of any that are similar to the one they gave me, to purchase on my own.

Overall I feel normal. Still swollen but I can move around a lot more without pain. I do however feel a few lumps although I can't see them. I was hoping my personal hand massager came in today but it didn't, guess it'll be there tomorrow. So tomorrow begins my personal stomach massages. Hopefully there isn't too much discomfort.

Getting excited knowing that by my birthday, the end of September, I'll be finished and 2 months post op with my upper, lower, and hips. And almost 1 month post op for my flanks!

2 week Post Op Appointment was today

Today was a very good day! I went in for my 2 week post op appointment, as well as my pre op for my flanks. My doctor could't stop starring at my abdomen. Lol. He is very impressed at how I look just 2 weeks after surgery. He also stated that once I get my flanks done, he think I'll be perfect :). I was given a Stage 2 garment since the XL I have now is too loose already.

Not too much to inform you all on today, but I will be getting my photos within the next 2 weeks to post. I don't think the pre op pictures and after pictures do any justice. So be looking out for those.

Other than that my incisions are finally almost done heeling, and the swelling has gone down a lot. However, I need to start massaging the hard areas. So I will begin doing that 2-3 times daily as the nurse told me to.

Will speak to you all August 28th, thats the date of my 1 month post op on my upper and lower abs, and the date of my 2nd procedure!!!! :-)

Stage 2 garment

This is the stage 2 garment they gave me today. The one I have now is a XL. This is a large. The XL definetly was too big and kinda baggy. Makes me feel like I'm healing and getting smaller. :-)

3 week Post Op and Pre Op for bra rolls and Flanks was today!!

Today was a great day. I had my 3 week post op appointment. Everything seems to be healing and recovering very well. The nurses are amazed at how well my body has done. She also stated that I no longer have to wear my under garment but I just can't take it off. It makes me feel safe, secure, and right. Without it I feel VERY insecure and weird. So I will continue to wear it.

More great news. She took my weight and I am down 8 pounds!! I went in at 188 now I am 180. How, I'm not sure if it's the surgery, not being able to eat large amounts of food anymore, or that I try to eat semi healthy. Or all of their factors. But I'm very excited! And hope I can get back to 160. I will also be starting my weights watchers routine again starting tomorrow. I definitely think it's apart of the weight lose I have seen in the past 3 weeks.

I will update you all Thursday when I go in for my flanks and bra roll procedure. I originally was only going to do the flanks, but honestly I don't want any more procedures done. So I want to make sure I get all my problem areas done in one last setting. So come next Thursday I will have had my upper and lower abdomen, hips, flanks, and bra rolls done.

This process so far has been amazing, and I can't wait to see my results and lose more weight! This is exactly what I needed to motivate myself and to know I can be sexy and get back to my college weight.

Lastly, for some reason they won't give me my pictures right now or measurements but I definitely will try to get them Thursday to post. I'll also post the marking pictures of the areas he will be working on right before surgery. Talk with you guys on the 28th! Wish me luck :-)

Updated pics, 3 Week Post Op

Sorry I didn't post pictures yesterday, it was a busy day! And honestly I'm not into pictures just because I'm not happy with how my flanks and bra rolls look lol.

So here at the pictures as promised. And FYI yesterday and today were my first day NOT wearing my garment and I am very swollen. So it shows in the picture. But that's okay :-). From now on I'm wearing my garment unless going somewhere special. I hate the feeling without it on!!!

Getting flanks and bra rolls done today!

So today is the big day, and hopefully the last time I have to get this procedure done. Lol. I am getting my flanks and bra rolls done at 12 today. I will upload pictures before the procedure with and without the markings the doctor draws on the target areas. I am excited and nervous at the same time! Wish me luck.

Pics as promised with markings for today's target areas!

Pics of target areas the doctor will work on today! :) heading back to the procedure room so I will update you all later today. Thanks for being so patient with the photos and for the sweet comments and words of encouragement. It means the world to me! Truly. Thank you :)

Also I'm feeling more nervous today for some odd reason. Lol. Hopefully this goes as well as the first procedure

Today's procedure was very painful!! :/

So I'm in recovery, and about to take my last set of vitals. I'm usually AMAZING when it comes to pain. Nothing ever seems to bother me or hurt me. Well today was a different story. Part 1 of the procedure which was filling my flanks and bra area with the fluid to numb the area and etc hurt very badly!! It amazes me that the first procedure which included my upper and lower abs and hips, was very pain free but today was X 10!!! However I had him to stop and give me an extra pain pill and soon after the pain was tolerable. Let's just say I am happy it is over with. And Dr. Zambrano is in love with the results already lol. He said he just knows I'm gonna be amazed at the end results. Right now I am feeling pretty normal. However, I'm going to take it extremely easy today. I'll rest, maybe walk for 10-15 minutes, and rest some more!

Also I gained 3 pounds back since looking 8. So looks like I'll be starting my diet again as of TODAY. Lol. I will do a shake for breakfast, and also Spark. And overall just start back eating right. I haven't honestly been eating like I should this last week. :/

Again I hope my pictures helped! I will post, post op pics tomorrow once I'm about to take my garment off and shower. Have a great day everyone!

Day 1 Flank & Bra Roll Post Op

Today is an okay day. It's hard to get comfortable and move around but I feel so much better than yesterday. The day of surgery yesterday I literally was in so much pain. And silly me left all my meds, including my pain meds in my robe at the doctors office. Good thing I was eventually able to get ahold of a nurse to call me in another prescription.

This time around everything seems worse. From the procedure, to the swelling, to pain post op. The first procedure, I didn't dwell until 2 days after surgery. Well when I tell you guys I swell up 3 hours after surgery this go round!! I mean I am REALLY swoll. And it's kinda bothering me because I've yet to swell up like this. I'm praying I my birthday the swelling has gone down tremendously. I am drinking lots of water. I am also taking pain meds every 4 hours. I bunk starting tomorrow I'll take them once every 6-8 depending on now I feel in the morning.

Question: does anyone know if there are ANY pills that help with swelling other than the arnica pills and gel?? Please let me know ASAP!!

Also here are some pictures I took today at my appointment. I can tell a difference already, but beware, I am very swollen in a lot of the areas he treated!

Day 2 post op

The swelling has gone down a little and I was able to actually see huge results compared to yesterday. So attached I have a few pictures.

Also today I will begin "trying" the Bromelian pills, and well as organic pineapple juice. I'll let you know if it helps! Hope everyone is having a great day :-) Overall today I feel much better than yesterday. I think the massage my mom gave me helped a lot.

Lastly!! Man my abs look amazing. Still can't believe the results after just one month. Way to go!!

Wanted to share this!

So I got this organic pineapple juice from Sprouts yesterday and guys it's amazing!! Not only does it taste great, my swelling has gone down. And I honestly think it's helping. It's either that or the Bromelian pills. Lol. However for the people who want to try to pineapple juice thing post op, this is definetly a winner and not too expensive! :)

1 week Post op

Hey all!! Just thought I would check in. I am feeling OKAY. Overall, the few small bruises I had, have gone a lot. I can't say the same thing regarding the swelling. I am still very swollen. However, that is to be expected. I am still massaging the areas, and using arnica. The only bad thing about the flank and bra roll area is the sleeping situation! I HATE IT. I sleep on both my sides, and it's very uncomfortable, and really hurts! I'm praying it gets better as the swelling goes down. Also I don't have any comment on the pineapple juice and Bromelain pills. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my healing process. However, I'm still doing both. I will post pictures sometime this weekend. I must say although I'm swollen the results are starting to show more! :)


Almost 3 weeks post op

Hey guys! I know it's been a few weeks but I thought I would check in. Everything is going well. Still a little swollen and sore but overall my healing process is going well. I finally have taken a few pics for you guys :) I still have my bra roll as you can see in the picture I'm praying they will go away. It's been kind of bothering me. Lol
Dr. Zambrano

So far they have been VERY helpful. They call a few times a week to make sure I am okay and not too nervous. They show me a lot of attention and that means a lot. I am less nervous going into this procedure than I thought I would be. It's because of them!

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