Smart Lipo on 41 Yr Old Male - Plano, TX

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After years of working out i still had the spare...

After years of working out i still had the spare tire and man boobs. Finally i got tired of it and decided to do something about it. I saw a Groupon for 1199.00 and decided to "go for it". I did my research on the this site as well as you tube to educate myself somewhat and decided this was the safest route. The one thing i couldnt find is a story/review that mirrored my own. So get ready for a long read as i want to be detailed for that next guy. Seems most of the info is geared toward women and yes you can get some info but there was always something missing. If when reading this you have additional questions that I dont answer please email me and i'll do my best to answer them for you. So lets get going.

About me: Male, single, 5ft 6", 185lb, some muscle tone and i carry all my fat in the middle (spare tire) and in my upper chest (man boobs). ive always been able to lift weights and grow bigger but never get any definition/cuts except for my arms, legs, and traps. everything else always covered in fat and wouldnt show thru. I will upload before photos shortly as well as after ones.

So for my first visit experience: I met with the doctor. Very nice guy and talked to me like a normal person. Not down to me. He asked about me and my job, workout program, what i want to accomplish, etc...general info get to know you stuff. then he explained the procedure in detail and the differences between some of the other procedures. he did such a good job explaining i didnt really have any other questions to ask. he said i picked the right one and then we went to another room where he removed my shirt and checked me out. He did some pinching and feeling and concluded that i should get really good results. Then we went back to another room where he gave me his opinion on what he thought i needed. the groupon on covered one area but he gave me the same pricing for the other areas. i figured i might as well have it all done: upper abs, lower abs, love handles (sides and back), and the man boobs. so the next stage was setting up the pre op visit. at this point the required another 1K to hold the appointment.

I was luckly to get one just a couple weeks later. Anne the surgical nurse did this and she was great. Very nice and every other word was sweety, darling, honey, baby...i loved it. here we went over all the details of what would happen. and then she gave me the drug listings i would need. Arnica (reduce goes under your tongue and doesnt taste bad at all) its OTC and they had it in the office too for 10 buck. Just as easy to get it there. Arnica gel which seems to work pretty well in reducing swelling and pain. you can get it from the vitamin store for 8 bucks. also pick up some bromilan (reduces swelling/bruising and you can substitute drinking a lot of pineapple juice which does the same thing), and vitamin C. Then a antibotic, some hydrocodine, anti nausea, ambian, and a Valium. Get them all. you will need them. you'll also get fitted for the compression garment that you have to wear afterward. ITS a BITCH to get on LOL. Its very tight so hook the hooks first and then zip it up. you should be able to breath but it will be difficult. i worked up a sweat getting it on LOL. but keep in mind that you will be smaller after the procedure so it wont be as tight.

So the big day came. I had only had a cup of coffee, 1/2 bottle of water, and a fiber one bar and my appt was at 2 pm. I was very nervous and watched some videos on youtube that scared me even more. people saying how much it hurt and all the pain they had with this. this doc did say he could bring in a anesthesiologist and put me out if i wanted him too. but all i saw there was more $$$ going out of my pocket. and he assured me it wouldnt hurt. i took my valium about 1.5 hrs before my appointment and it didnt really kick in so they gave me another when i got there. they provided me a pair of paper boxers that i just put on over my regular briefs. then they gave me a paper gown to wear and socks to keep my feet warm. after 20 min or so of waiting on a table with the lights out this one worked. the doc came back in and drew on his outline. he outlined a six pack, drew a big circle around each breast and marked the part under my arm where they extended. Then he got to the love handles all the way around my side and back. He proceeded to work up a little of my back which would in theory give me the V shape. I was impressed that he even went below my belly button to take care of the over hang.

Then its off to the operating room. by this time the valium has kicked in. Let the help you cause you'll feel drunk. Then they start to cover you up and clean you up with beta-dine (antiseptic) and here comes the needles. really they didnt hurt much. the dentist hurts more than this did. overall he made 9 incisions to complete the procedure on me. so the shots/liticane are given and then its time for them to fill the fat cavity with the saline/liticaine solution. at first it doesnt hurt at all. you just feel pressure as he pushes the tube thru all the fat tissue. think of taking a knife and stabing a roast. that is what the resistance feels like but you really dont feel anything but pressure. HOWEVER there is some occasional pain. they do the close up stuff first and then start to push the cannula deeper. every now an then they will hit a spot the lidicaine didnt reach yet. just say ouch and let them know and they will slow down and let the fluid penetrate further and it wont hurt as much. its just a quick stabbing pain and doesnt last. So now they have you full of the lidicaine solution its time to zap that fat. this is pretty painless and it makes a odd sound like bubbles in a aquarium. At this point it is painless but every now and then you will feel a burning heat sensation. Again just tell them its getting a little hot at that spot and they will back off and let it cool down. The whole procedure took about 2.5 hrs with about 1 hr of that letting the valium kick in and the clean up at the end.

I had a ride so they got me to the car and I got home to eat something. I was spent and ate a couple bites and drank a little and went right to bed. 3 hrs later i woke up and here i am writing this review. Oh and there will be more to come tomorrow after i take my first shower and get a look at myself before the compression garment goes back on. I'll get pics too and post the before, 24 hrs later, and so on as i do them. For anyone thinking about going back to work after, i wouldnt. You can and would probably be ok but take the day. the next day you should be able to go to work if you have too. I took the day off (friday) so not back to work until monday and all should be good.

lastly excuse my spelling. more to come for day two tomorrow.

Day two. i slept pretty good last night but my...

day two.
i slept pretty good last night but my stomach was a little sore. the compression vest inst that comfortable laying down but not so back you can get some rest. upon waking up i spoke with my buddy who too me and I really missed a lot. The drugs did make me lupie eonugh that i i forgot some to the things i said and did. So i ate some breakfast which didnt last with me long. Cup of coffee, piece of toast, and some yogurt. Well it didnt stay down very long. about 20 minutes later it all came back up. i tool one of my anti nausea pills and everything seems fine. i sat up to watch tv and quick started dozing off so i went back to bed for a couple hours. When i work up i decided to take a shower. I worked my way out of the vest and tossed it in the washing machine for a quick clean. i soaked the bandages down in the shower and they did come off easier but Men if you are hairy chested or have a hairy back you might want to clip, way, or near that stuff off the night before. all the hairs pulling was worse than the procedure itself. finally i got it done and there wasnt much blood or anything. i didnt recover the puncture holes when i got out and put the vest back on. now how did it look you ask: first glance not as good as i hoped but its still healing so i am not taking a lot of stock in it yet. the waist line (muffin top) was all but gone on the side (flanks) and a lot smaller in the front but still there somewhat. they went in thru the belly button so that whole area was still sore and swollen. the upper chest area was much better. still a little bit of the man boobs but i think most of that is swelling and as soon as i can get back into the gym i should "grow" into them pretty quickly. one other note about the compression itches like a mofo... more to come later but i added the before pics.

Day three... i dont think i have ever slept this...

day three... i dont think i have ever slept this much in my life over a 3 day period. its funny i am still remembering bits and pieces of my experience. I guess the valium really did a number on me but i didnt think so at the time. much better today though. yesterday i was a little disappointed at the results view but not today. much much better. the swelling is starting to go down and i am seeing the results more clearly. i am still sore but not too bad. ive only taken 2 or 3 pain pills and at this point its nothing i cant bear so i probably wont take any more unless its just to help me sleep some because there really isnt enough pain to warrant anything stronger than OTC pain relief. one thing that is surprising is i dont see any bruising. i know i probably am under the skin but the black and blue you think would be visible isnt. still one of the worst things is the freaking itching. it really makes you want to rip the compression vest off and just scratch yourself raw but you cant do that. dont get me wrong its not unbearable and it comes in waves. as long as you are still or sitting things are ok but then you stand up and you start to tingle all over. it sucks but its the price you pay to be pretty. another thing i have noticed is around my belly button its hard under the skin. i read about this before and i know it will eventually go away but it feels really odd. but lots of water and massage and everything should go fine. i cant start to imagine massaging it right now though as its still too sore but in a few days i am sure it'll be fine. all and all so far so good and i am ready to start the working out again and growing into my new body LOL. one thing...water...water...water...drink a lot of it. stay tuned...after pics will be posted on day 4.

Day 4... very little pain today and a significant...

day 4... very little pain today and a significant amount of swelling reduction. pretty much moving as normal now. as promised here are some after pics. not the greatest quality but the difference can be seen. still swollen though but i am impressed how fast healing has been and how little bruising i have. i go back for a follow up appt tomorrow and hopefully i'll get side by side before and after pics from the doc. a few questions i have to ask are about some indents spots and how i can tell swelling from remaining fat at this point. also they didnt tell me how much fat was removed but in my "high" state before i left the operating room they told me there was a picture, so i am ready to see it.

OK its now day 9 and all is well. i had my 1st...

OK its now day 9 and all is well. i had my 1st post op follow up last week. all incision points are almost healed up but the two on my back flank and side flank are a little sore. i think some of it is due to going back to work and wearing jeans instead of my lounge pants.

i finally did get a little bruising but not bad and just isolated to the incision points. and those same spots continue to itch pretty good. the doc said i can go to just wearing the compression vest 12 on 12 off and suggested wearing it in the day while at work. not fond of this and i think i am going reverse it because its really uncomfortable as you heal. i bought some compression tshirts from dicks sporting goods and am wearing those during the days and they work pretty well but are not as tight in the ab/belly area as the compression vest. doc said these were good as secondary garments for the next part of the healing process.

The doc said the removed 660cc (23 oz) of fat. it doesnt sound like much but think of it as a ice cube. when froze the volume is much greater than when its melted which is what happens when the laser explodes the fat cell. i have noticed a huge difference but i still think he could have taken a little more out of my stomach(lower) and love handle areas.

i had started my diet last week and its been pretty easy so far. i downloaded myfitnesspal from itunes to track my progress. i set it for an aggressive goal. 182 is what i weight in at the docs office and i want to hit 165 by mid/end of jan 2012. im keeping to a 1200 cal per day limit and drinking lots of water. my food intake is high fiber, low cal, low fat, low carb types of items which can be kind of hard as i dont really like veggies but its working ok so far. it really requires some planning to fit my schedule. as for my work out program i am going to start the P90x again. I did this once (just the muscle building part - not the cardio programs as i dont really have room in my condo to do that) and it worked pretty good and is easy to do at home. and it works fast too. i would recommend it to anyone and the diet program it gives you to follow is much like mine above. i want to get to the point where i can have one or two cheat meals per week without feeling guilty. it'll take a while but i'll get there.

i have my 4th of 6 follow up at the docs office just after the first of the year (2012) and he said that is typically when they take the after photos. i am really pushing myself to make that after photo look like he sucked out the fat and implanted muscles LOL

13 weeks later...20lbs lost - 5-10 to go but all...

13 weeks later...20lbs lost - 5-10 to go but all my clothes fit great, except for the fat jeans and large t-shirts.
Jeffrey Caruth

i had no issues. this went very smooth and i never felt rush or like i couldnt ask a question. anne is great and really gave me a lot of info and made sure i understood everything. dr. caruth was also great and made me feel welcome and didnt talk down to me and even asked about my life and what i do. great experience so far.

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