58 Year Old Female. Tired of "RBF" and Bad Effects of Filler - Plano, TX

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As I have gotten older, I have become...

As I have gotten older, I have become increasingingly unhappy with my mouth and laugh lines. I decided to have filler injected into my laugh lines 3 years ago andwas very happy with that. Then I decidedt to have my lips injected with filler. That was when the 2-1/2 year frustration began. Rather than giving me prettier ips, it gave me a longer and fuller philtrim.....or what I lovingly refer to as "chiimpanzee mouth. Eight months ago, I decided to seek out someone else with more knowledge to help me "fix'" my mouth.I found a knowledgeabe nurse injector of 10 years who not only explained to me why the filler didn't give me the result I was looking for, but she also offered to dissolve it......a little at a time.

She also told me to hold off doing anything else until I had researched a "lip lift" I had never heard of such a thing but it made perfect sense to me. I went home and watched videos about it and the "light bulb" went on. I could see I had a long philtrim with little to none teeth show and the filler had only magnified that.

The nurse recomended a PS in the area who specialized in a sub nasal lip lift. She was considering one herself and there also was a young lady in the spa office scheduled to have one soon. Three months later I scheduled a consult.

THe Dr. was very personable and likeable. He was surprised I came in asking about a lip lift. Most patients they see don't even know what one is until it is recommended to them. He agreed that I was long in the philtrim and would be a good candidate for the lift. I didn't schedule it then. I wanted to wait a while and think on it.

Later, about 2 months later, I saw the results of the young lady in the Spa office. They were great. It encouraged me to go ahead and schedule my appointment.

It is now the 3rd day post op. I am very ambivalent about how I feel at this point about the procedure. I am going to document it on this sight and hopefully post pics.
THis sight has proved to be very helpful to me and I would like to pass it on to anyone considering this procedure.

lip lift/ surgery day

I've decided to post pics and comments about this procedure. Hopefully it will help others.
The surgery day was smooth and went as expected. My husband was in the room throughout the entire time. That was good because he reminded me of things that were said.:)
I felt no pain at all from the numbing. I was awake and alert throughout the entire time. From the time I was in the room until I left it was about an hour.

Surgeon was professional and personable. He made me feel totally comfortable. He assured me that results would be "subtle" and that it would be better to leave with "less on the table"......meaning......I can always have more taken out, but if he takes too much now, it is not reverseable. I was grateful for that approach.

I iced all the way home. I am including some pics of the first day. I felt pretty much like a bunny rabbit.....but other than that, not too bad. I had asked for a steroid pack because I knew I would have to go back to work in 4 days. This was on a Thursday and i couldn't take off the next week. I work from home but I would be having clients all day most of the week. I think the steroids have helped the swelling be minimal.

I also want to mention that I had filler removed from my top lift prior to this procedure. (that is explained in another post) I am going to wait to see how the healing process goes before adding more.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I just rested and took the meds. Im not sure I needed to take the pain killer, but I did just to be safe. Rest/ ice/ meds.....more rest.....that's the first day.

Lip lift day 2 post op

It's the second day....but only 24 hours. I feel good, but when I look in the mirror I still have a bunny rabbit look and from the side it looks like I've been pulled up with a clothes pin. I begin to question my decision.......but then again, its only 24 hours. I ice, take meds,....but no pain meds today. I have no pain at all. Im just a little sore. I can eat, drink.......wiggle my nose......but smiling is tough. It's stiff...so I don't really try too much. My husband gently reminds me that I need to be patient. On the other hand, I'm wondering if I haven't totally messed up my face and profile. The mirror is my enemy at the moment.....but you wouldn't know that for the amount of times I am looking to see my face.
While I'm recuperating, I spend quite a bit of time reading the blogs on this website. They are very helpful......and help to pass the time
Be patient, ice, rest, take meds, don't worry......

lift lip post op day 3

It's day three. I woke up feeling a bit more swollen in my cheeks.....especially the left side. The right side has gone down quite a bit. By the afternoon I was feeling and looking a bit more normal. I guess if you count the acutual surgery day, this would be day 4. Thursday to Sunday. If it weren't for the stitches and bruising, I'm not sure anyone would really notice anything.....unless they were very observant. But that's good......I wanted this to be subtle. I am starting to feel a little better about my decision to do this. I have more teeth show and my philtrim is a bit shorter. I have nothing to measure it with but pics tell the story. I am including a before and day 4 post op pic so you can see the difference.
The physician told me that my lip possibly would drop down and then go back and eventually "settle". I don't know if that will happen or not. I'm good with the amount of teeth show I have now. I have a bit of an overbite so I don't want too much teeth show.

7 days, with makeup, (and stiches) before and after

This is 7 days post op. I was tired of going around without makeup. I was working and didn't want to keep looking "dead". I still have stiches....but as you can see, the swelling has gone down almost all the way. I am posting a full makeup before, and one after.....Mouth is closed so you cannot see tooth show.....But the "draggy, doubty" upper lip is gone.....Halleluhah!

Day 8/ stitches out!

Got my stiches out yesterday. There were external and internal stitches. I actually did not know about the internal ones! But it was painless, and I'm happy with the way the incision is healing. Now for a little cover up!

31/2 weeks post op

Here is a pick 31/2 weeks after procedure. Still need to redo filler....take some out in some places, put some in others. But I am happy with results

lip lift/6 weeks post op

Here are some pics 6 weeks post op. I have been very happy with the results. Thanks to Dr. Peter Raphael in Plano Texas!
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Raphael is very personable and professional. His staff is proficient and caring. The procedure was quick and relatively painless.

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