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Well I am anxiously awaiting my lip implant...

Well I am anxiously awaiting my lip implant procedure. I have been doing injections for 3 years and I am tired of going back and honestly they seem to look different every time I get them done. So researched and found out my PS is one of the inventors of Permalip so I figured who better to have "install" them. Lol

Anyway, my date is April 28 and I am so excited. I have been having my Juvederm dissolved so there will be nothing in the way of the final look of he implant. After 3 years of injections I don't even want to go out and see anyone with no lips again. So I guess I'm in hiding for a week.

Here are my before any filler, with filler, and I will update as we go along.

Thank you to all you beautiful people that share your stories that help the rest of us decide what to do.

Dissolving this Juvederm before procedure

The solution used to dissolve the Juvederm is no joke. Made my eyes water from the stinging. There is still some filler left in my lips but I think there is scar tissue in there making it seem like more.

I feel so self conscious with no lips.

Right after procedure

Hi all. Well I had my Permalip today. I had dental block for numbing. Didn't hurt putting them in but after wards (within 30 minutes) they felt really cold and my teeth hurt like when you eat cold stuff. It's kind of weird.

Second picture is 15 minutes after leaving the doctors office. Started to swell pretty bad.

Third picture is an hour later and fourth picture is 4 hours later. No clue why these are sideways....sorry.

Day 2

I took pain meds the first but haven't needed them today. The stitches in the corners of my mouth are annoying. He said they are dissolvable but it feels like a fishing line material. It's starting to poke out. Called the nurse today and she said it will soften up and go back in the skin ????

I requested 5mm but he only out in 4's. I am not too happy about. He said he felt 5 was too big and I told him I knew it was what I wanted and he then told me I could have 5's put in later if I feel like I want them bigger. I asked if I did that what would the cost be and he said just the price of the implant but I'm not sure what that price is. Frustrating but maybe I will be happy with this.

Day 3

Today is day 3 and I feel good, other than the fact that I wanted the bigger implant. It's stuff and numb but gets better each day. I'm am thankful that I am not too bruised. I feel kind of boxy right now though. I had injections before that this look is similar to and it evened out so I am hoping that I will be able to look more of my natural shape after this sweeling subsides.

Spoke to the nurse and she said even if I decide to get the bigger size that I have to wait 3-4 months because they need the pocket to heal completely. So I guess I'm stuck with this until the end of summer.

Original price is $2600 but I am a previous patient of Dr. Harris so I got a small discount to $2300. Guess if I have to go back that discount doesn't really matter much :(

I am uneven but I still have Juvederm left in my lips so I am hoping that once it is completely gone that I will even back out because I wasn't asymmetric before any filler was put in at all.

Day 4

Healing has been fine. Not happy with results. Looks ok when mouth is closed. Not so much when I open it. Stitches still sticking out from corners of my mouth. I have been keeping everything moist with ointment and it's suppose to help but it doesn't feel any different. So far I am not happy that I made this decision but maybe it will be ok.

Day 5

Feeling ok. Still crooked. Thinking I will get filler to even it out but I don't know how long I need to wait before in do that. Going on vacation in 4 weeks so I need to do it before then.

Final post

Well it seems these are my final result from these 4mm implants. The bruising is almost gone. Thankful there wasn't much to begin with but really disappointed in the size I got especially since I wanted the bigger.

There is asymmetry but I believe it is due to left over filler so I am not blaming that on the Doctor, however, I am upset because I will have to pay for the bigger size to be put in and I can't even do it for 3-4 months. So when I do get to upgrade, I will update this post.

Mouth closed vs open

Sorry, posted before I could add other photo

2 weeks

Not happy with these implants. Maybe I am just use to Juvederm but I am contemplating haveming hem removed. I know there is healing time and whatnot but I don't like the stiffness of it and I can't really rub my lips together, like when you use Chapstick. The lip doesn't go in because of the implant. Feeling frustrated. I feel a bigger space on one side of my lip than the other so it is making me think the unevenness has to do with this issue. I know t may not look like it is uneven so much in photos but I see it and they are definitely not the size I wanted. Much smaller than how I have been the past three years.

With Juvederm added

Had some Juvederm added to plump me up and even out my lip since the implant is not in evenly. Much better but will still have this implant removed as soon as I can.

Implant removed

Hey all. Well I couldn't stand it. I tried to get use to it and just be ok with it but when I don't like something, very rarely do I change my mind. So I had the implant removed by another doctor because i couldn't get on Dr Harris schedule until September. The procedure was not bad because they numb you all up but its definitely sore this time because she had basically dig it out of my lip. The bottom implant was put in fairly deep so it took more to search for it and fish it out. It has been 5 days and it's better but still swollen and tender. Doesn't look bad right now because of the swelling but back to injections as soon as I am able.
Dr Thomas Su

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