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Just met with The surgical nurse to do my preop...

Just met with The surgical nurse to do my preop got all my medications my instructions and now the countdown begins:) I have had issues with my love handles upper abdomen and back that seems to be where might that goes anytime I gain weight. I am extremely excited about the outcome however I'm very anxious about the surgery in itself just because that's my nature to worry:)


I've always been small and very active is to be a cheerleader. However after my two kids I seem to gain weight and my love handles and upper abdomen. Being I am a short stature this bothers me tremendously.


I've always been small and very active is to be a cheerleader. However after my two kids I seem to gain weight and my love handles and upper abdomen. Being I am a short stature this bothers me tremendously.

One week today!

I got all my medications. I am counting down the days I am just super nervous about the pain during the procedure!


I probably should not have clicked on a botched smartlipo procedure on here. She was thin as well before and her stomach looks deformed. I was to vomit now im so nervous..I already paid :/

Night before surgery

I have major butterflies. I am just terrified of a bad result. Also the pain!!! I plan on videotaping as much as i can amd will update tomorrow. Any tips you might have woukd be wonderful! And good vibes:)

Its time'

In the room ready!

Day 1 post op

Ive had some discomfort however most of it has been either manageable with Tylenol or pain medication. I can definitely tell that upper abdomen has been suctioned however my hips I am not certain yet and hoping it's still just swollen. I'm draining still on one side but it seems one incision has closed up already and I'm wondering if that's normal and if that one should still be draining? I do already feel some hard parts and I'm hoping that is normal to and will be addressed as the healing process continues. I really do not have much if any bruising at all.

Question...confused help

I can def tell in my upper abdomen but around my hips which is what bothered me the most i do not see any difference. Im very sad about this. i nearly started crying after my shower. Is there a chance its just swollen? Cause in the other areas i noticed an immediate difference but here i did not:( also i feel more swollen today everywhere im post opt day 2

Day 5

Yesterday the brusing started almost a light red in certain areaa. The biggest pain is a stinging pain alllll over. Bending is the worst and i hate the stupid CG IT JUST DIGS INTO ME, Lol! Pain is worse in the mornings and my skin is very sensitive right now. Overall bareable just a process!


Holy CRAP im swollen! Is this normal to go from semi to really swollen? Im day 6 post opt.


I've developed some lumps and very hard surfaces under the skin on my flanks. Still experiencing swelling. Hiw do i get rid of lumps amd what are they and the hard parts under my skin?

Update. Squishy lumps

So i noticed so swelling decrease yesterday but i have weird discoloration and lumps that are squishy ine being PAINFUL. Does this look normal as far as healing? I thonk at times my stomach looks distorted especially after i sit for awhile.

Maybe I shouldn't have done it

I sm starting to regret my decision in doing this.

Not good.

So my husband suggested i get a second opinion in regards to the deformities where no lipo was preformed. I did. That PS said i will need reconstrtive surgery complete with fat graphs but will not touch me until atleast 3months. It looks worse everyday and because this area was supposedly never touched nor did i give permission being i had a mini tummy tuck there years ago i am beside myself.

My hot mess of a stomach

Here ate the photos you asked for. Completely devastated and having to have it fixed in 3 months with fat graphs and either mire lipo under anesthesia or a mini tummy tick the 2nd PS said. Mind you this area WAS NOT DONE.

Emotional exhausted

Im emotionally exhausted by sll of this. I just want it fixed. Im stressed on how much fat graphing and additional procedures will cost. Im angry, im sad, im mad i just cannot i understand how someone can mess up sm area not even treated. Was he accidentally suction? How is this mistake made? I am not calling just yet to go back yp show him cause im so upset. I need my husband there w me.

Day to day

I bought a new garment and it feels better than the other one. Its day to day w my stomach so days look better than others but if i sit it looks horrible after.

Update pics


This is after my 2nd treatment of thermismooth


3 days after my 2nd treatment of thermismooth


It's taking awhile but i think it's looking good.


I haven't updated in awhile but here are my pictures as of this morning:) I haven't done anything except exercise since my last post.
Dr. jeffery Caruth

Upon meeting with Dr. Caruth I was nervous. After meeting with him he seemed extremely knowledgeable answered all my questions, and any fear I may have had prior to surgery. He sat with me for a while and we discussed my surgery in-depth. His bedside manner is fantastic and made me feel at ease.

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