Cottontop's Fat Transfer Experience - Plano, TX

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Friends teased that if I had more fat in my face,...

Friends teased that if I had more fat in my face, I wouldn't have so many wrinkles. Fat transfer made a big difference for me. My hands and face were injected with fat taken from ab and hips.

Pros were it was a minor procedure, with no pain, no more nervous than if you were having a dental procedure, excellent results.

Cons, face was swollen for approximately 2-weeks, however, it was more obvious to me than anyone else, as no one asked if my face was swollen during this time period and I was with family and friends on more than one occasion. Dr. C is excellent.

It is difficult to see from the pics the...

It is difficult to see from the pics the difference the fat injections made on my hands, but there is a difference. My hands were the first to start showing my age, as working in the yard is a big hobby and I was never good about taking care of my skin, especially my hands. Never good about keeping them lotioned up during cold, dry seasons. After the fat injections my hands really seemed dry, so every night for at least 1-week, I rubbed Aquaphor (Eucerin Healing Ointment) on them before going to bed. You can put socks over your hands to keep the ointment from getting on your bedding. This is an over-the-counter oinment that Dr. Caruth recommended using on my face after the Co2 treatment over 1-year ago.

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth

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