42 three C-Section kids 19, 16 and 13 age. Last child was 10 pounds 14 ounces. It is time for me! Hernia 4 years ago!

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Able to see and read everyone's experience. To...

Able to see and read everyone's experience. To know my dream is coming soon for me. I'm sooo excited! I never thought I would be doing this. Lost 70 pounds and kept it off for six years! I have to get a TT done so I can see my abs ???? dr Burt said TT, lipo and flanks will be done. As well as lipo in my back as well.

Loving the weather....

The weather is feeling great! and reading and seeing how you lovely ladies are going through your TT is great and making me feeling soooo looking forward to mine! As I went to my favorite store "Discovery" thought about each and everyone of you guys! and how we are all going to look great! I cant wait till my day..... have a great weekend all!


Hello ladies.... as the weather is getting better! I had a hard time getting dress this morning for this warm weather. I thought about each and everyone of you ladies that are going through recovery! You will all enjoy this summer with your flat tummy! I am sure you all know how I feel....... looking forward to my TT day! :-)

Called the doc office

I placed a call... to schedule my TT for Aug 7th. Its going to get official real soon! :-)

ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!! :-)

MY SURGERY DATE IS AUG 7TH... my pre op apt is July 20th :-)

phone call

talked with the doctor office. If I come up with cash I get a 3% discount ..... sweet! That is my goal for July 20th! Just talking about it makes me nervous that it is coming real! OMGISH... I am going to be a mess when August 7th comes.


12 weeks to go as of today! Sorry, ladies but I am going to start my count down, every Friday's! Excuse this over excited not patience lady for my TT day! :-)

Pic before and after losing weight

11 WEEKS!!!!

Good morning ladies!! 11 weeks to go!!!!! I had a doc apt for my son yesterday with my primary doctor. Advised her that I finally made my date for my TT. She had told me I need to make a doc apt with her 30 days before surgery. I wouldn't have known. So made my doc apt July 7th with primary doc. She was happy that I am getting it done!!! :-)

How I raised my money to get my TT teaching Zumba...

Sweaty from Zumba ????


Waiting patiently for my big day! :-)

9 Weeks!!!

One digit now.... waiting for my big day ... for the FLAT side! :-) Happy healing to all Recovering!

8 weeks and counting!!!!

Till my big day to the flat side!



7 WEEKS!!!!

Happy Friday RS ladies! 7 weeks to go for me YAY! Enjoy your weekend all! :-)

6 WEEKS!!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Do any of you ladies feel or had felt the same way I do!? 6 years of working out and I am hitting the wall! My body is getting drained....I have kept my weight off and had reached my goal and still not happy! I am hoping in six weeks I get back to the motivation I had when I first started working out! I need this for me to love me again and when I go to the gym feel the way I felt a year ago! I still go to the gym but feeling so drained, the feeling never getting to what I want to look like is taking over me! I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life! Enjoy your weekend all! :-) happy healing ladies!


5 weeks till... This is gone! Here are before pic I can't stand! I always hide this, and I hear how good I look. I surely hide it well!!! Please be gone ... I'm tired of carrying you fat! :)


I have one month to go as of today.... I will start counting the days now! I am sooooo exciting and nervous at the same time! 30 more days to gooooooooo :-)

Excited and worried....

I am getting so near my big day. My dad is fighting the battle of cancer. As i just skyped him, he is running on low. He lives out in ecuador. Now im concern with the timing with him and my schedule surgery :( what do the doc do as for if the worse happens that i have to reschedule?

Going on 3 weeks....

Hello all that are following me on rs. I decided to go see my dad. Leaving to ecuador friday the 17th and returning the 25th. Then ill be two weeks for my big day. Im praying all things works out with timing my dad. Im loosing him :( im calling the doc to reschedule my pre op

3 weeks today...

And im heading to tge airport to see my dad! Happy healing and to the ones coming up there time, excitement near!!

Back home...2 weeks to go

Im back from visitinh my dad in ecuador. He is continuing to fight the battle of cancer. As i left he is not looking good but i had to return to my life with my family. I am on two weeks for my flat side. Tomorrow is my preop appt with the doctor. Thank you all for the kind words. Im so sad with my dads condition so i havent been able to put thought on my day.

Hair appt .....

Making my apt for Friday to have a Brazlian done to be all clean down there!

Preop appointment done....

So I went to my preop apt yesterday. Took my husband with me. Wrote a check.... boy that hurted to write the check. My hubby told me... stop you are doing what you want and that will make you happy! Wednesday gotta go to CVS to pick up my pills. I cant believe next week is my big day. I am getting cold feet! I cant believe I am actually doing something that I have been wanting for sooooo long! The time is coming soooo real to me now! Next week Friday at 7am is my surgery! I hope I love my results!


One more week as of today at this time I will be on the table, having my flat side!! I cant believe I am actually going to do this! I am soooo getting cold feet! This is what I want but the fear of my results are scaring me! The recovery will be okay if I love my results and it will be well worth the time of pain! Please GOD bless her hands and listen to the prayers!

Three days left.....phone call

sooooo I just got a call from the surgery room. Informing me on this and asking me questions for my flat side day on Friday. Oooooo man shit is getting real now! Three more days to goooooooooooo :-)

Tomorrow is my day!

Nerves is doing cleansing in my tummy!! Lol! Tomorrow at this time i will be getting prep to start at 7am!

Im home...

Sore as hell surgery went well. They removed 7 pounds. I feel like i did 1000 sit ups. Thank you all for the prayers. Now comes recovery. Gonna rest now.

Hubby doing great!

He empty my drains for me and handing me my pills. Lv him


Beides the sore ness on my side and muscle. Bk hurt. Im a bit worried i see blood stains on my garment where my incision is at. I put a call to the doc. Os this normall?

Post op day 1

No draines removed. .. common for it to bleed friday second appt to remove one drain. My hubby tool a pic. But i feel swollen as hell :(

First view

Protein shake

I making my protein shake for breskfast every morning so far...


Here is my update. Went to post op monday no drains removed. Friday i go see the doc again to see if i can remove one drain. Saw a quick peek and that how i got the pic. Doc said i can shower. So last night hubby shower me but i didnt wash my hair. Just my body. Glad i did. Since i was leaking. I was starting to get a bit of a rash in between mt thighs and irrigation. Was a quick was and out. I saw more of my body. Looked good but swollen as hell. The flanks and bk hurt the most of all. The cough hurts when i do so i dont even attempt to do any of that lol. My son wanted to see so i showed him trying to cover my boobs. He was laughing and said mom you look great! I can't wait to see myself without pain swollenness. I hvnt pooped yet bought the box called dulocax to see if i go today. Thank you all for the great wishes of great revovery. Im not done yet. :)

Update 2

So i finally pooped yesterday and what a great feeling!!!! My kids enjoyed my sound effects too!! Lol!! Doc appt tomorrow to see if one or two if any drains come out. I hate this garment the one the doc gv me. Only reason why its couchless good but u pee a little on it and it bothers me. The rash between my legs itch. Im still in pain only on my flanks and bk from lipo and swollen as hell! The med im taking every 7 hours to try to get off them. Im going on a week tomorrow. I cant wait to get a better garment. Any suggestions of any but at a local store near me like walmart, target, meijer, kohl's, jcpenny, sears. Tj max. I cant wait to hv a easier garment. Thank u all for all your support! Lv it! Happy healing! I get pic when i get off this garment and drains. I hvnt seen it that well yet my tummy!

Body shower and pic

My hubby helped me and was awesome to wash my body. I applied ad and ointment on my inner thighs cause of the rash. But feel great to be clean. Tomorrow seeing the doctor. We will see about these drains. My hubby washes my garment by hand so i can reuse. Love the support from him and my boys! Check out the pic. I cant wait till swollen goes away so i can workout with pretty work out clothes and form these abs! I am soooo far loving my results! Thank you dr burt great job so far! I got more to recovery and see. Happy healing all :)

One drain removed

Next week friday second one.. that hurt like a bitch when they removed the drain

One week now

Second week im hoping it gets better. Im liking my results. But the pain i havent been able to enjoy it. Havent tried on my clothes yet. Family came over yesterday and i was so exhausted at night and supper swollen. Eating im doing good and sooooo scared what not to eat. I didnt do thid for nothing. Besides protein shakes for am and soups for lunch and salads for dinner. What else recommend? Walking i do but aftaid of to much. I cant wait for second drain to come out and get this swollen ness in control! Happy healing all :)

Ouch.... has anyone had this?

Rash in my inner thighs from the garment that doc gv me that is crouchless. You pee with it on and drains go through it. Good garment till this rash. Friday removing my drain yay and ouch! Im applying ad ointment. The one we use for baby rash. Has anyone gone through this...


So i bought the cream arcnia applied it last night. Right away felt great! Baking soda as well and this morning dried up my inner thighs. ..still going to get that calmso cream today to try it. Thx for advice! Looking forward to removing this last drain and changing this garment. I am gettnh tired of it. I havent been able to wear much of my clothes cuz of this long legs. Good garment right after surgery. But that will be it. Just putting on my t shirts im loving it with a sm bump cause of my drain. I am so far liking my results. Still more recovery to come. My lit guy...well not so little. My baby is 13 and he says mom your shirts look different on me and i was like i know. Son i have one item to fix in me and im all set. So he says your boobs and i said noooooo my wings on my arms. And he said i can see that. Is that expensive. I said should be less them my tt. Then he says mom you are going to look like a milf lol. I laughed i said son you just have a hot mom lol. Love my kids grown. 19yrs, 16, and 13.....with all my weight lose im so glad i saved money to do this. I should have done it sooner than 6 years of keeping the weight off! Happy healing all ;)

Before and after weight lost

Went out .....

Felt great but still walking like a old lady. Body slowly getting straight yay! Here are the garments i bought for now and that cream for the ugly rash.

Update doc appt...

Two weeks after surgery now...im drain free!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! Doc said look good and i feel good besides the norm. The swelling i just teared when i looked at my body at the mirror at the doc office. I cant believe its my body!!! Ill post pic later.... when i get home. Gotta wear this garment 6 weeks thou. Sept 28 next appt with the doc. Sept 1 appt with the spa for massage around scar tissue. Recommended by doc. The cortizone 10 feminine working great. As well as arnicare. Starting doc ream for scar. Swelling should last up to three months the doc says. Im happy!!!!! :) happy healing all!!

Update today two weeks

Info....and pic

As im reaching three weeks. Im happy with the way i look. Which was the fear i had and im thankful god listen to our prayers rs ladies! Thank you all!

Im soooo ready to move like i did before but i hit a wall quick throughtout my day. This lipo part hurts the most! I am going attempted to walk the treadmill today.

The areas that are hurting the most right now is my lower abdominal wall right above my virginia are . Looks the most swollen area. Getting my period yesterday doesnt help either! Is that norm for you ladies???? When i asked the doc she said cuz she did lipo there too. Ill post pic. Also posting the creme im using from the doc office to use twice a day.

Happy healing....and to those coming soon!

Sorry here are the pic....

Gym. ....

As im reaching my third week. The doc gave me the okay to use the treadmill only 3.0 speed no more than 2 incline.... i went today!! Felt great doing it!!!

Three weeks...

I return to work monday. Tired on my pants i use to wear before surgery. The button dont close :( i gotta wear dress for now. Ugh....swelling and soresness from lipo kicks ass!! Overall so far im liking my results. See on dog ear on one side forming that i will talk with the doc next appt. When do you start seeing the swelling go down? I wanna wear my pants. All i wear are workout pants and maxi dress. Love the way i look.... swelling go away........:(

Here are pic....

First day to work...

First thing..morning look ... going bk to wrk i go!

second day back to work...

okay this swelling is a B * * * *!!! I am sitting at my desk right now feeling so swollen and how discomfort it is. What you ladies do when you get home besides seating and putting up your feet? Ooooo man..... I don't like the feeling! :-(

Tiny spotting ....

Was bleeding but now spotting tan color. Very tiny spot. Placed a call to doc office.

5 weeks ....

Hello all... I have been MIA. My dad passed away on Friday September so I had to fly out to the funeral arrangements. I am back to day from a long stressful week with funeral arrangements. Overall, I am still swollen and feel the pain. Was very hard to handle it out in ecuardor. Hope all is going well for all.....

5 weeks update photo.

Still swollen only below my belly button area the most. How long does that last for? Why does one side on my sides you see more and less swollen?

6 weeks... order this shape waist

I hope it fits. ...

7 weeks...

Im liking the new me but forming a dog ear only on one side thou! Im hoping it goes away or the doc repairs it!

8 weeks

9 weeks post op tomorrow

I finally got this baby on....omg....first clip!

9 weeks post op...

Wearing jeans for the first time with rolls! What a great feeling :)

11 weeks post op

What a roller coaster ride. I have no regrets! I do hv dog ears that the doc acknowledge as well. Wont get repair till a year. I see the doc in jan again. I am working out but cardio. No abs yet. Everyone tells me how great i look but i dont feel it yet. Happy healing all! :)

11 weeks post op

11 weeks post op

Im enjoying comparing my pic from before and now.

12 weeks post op


Saturday I will be hitting my 3 months period. I will take a photo then. I hardly go in here to post anything but I do enjoy reading everyone's experience. Sorry, for not posting as much as others. Yesterday, went through the whole day without wearing a garment. It felt great but by the end of the day I was super swollen that it actually hurts. Today, I am feeling confident wearing a skirt with boots and a wht tight shirt which I would never wear. To hide the apron tummy I had. I am feeling great this morning! I will see how I feel in the afternoon. I was told 3 to 6 months the swelling will go away. What is everyone's experience on the swelling part going away?????

3 months update

Have no regrets! I cant wait till the swelling is completely gone. Am's are great but late afternoon oooo lord. I have dog ears and looking forward to when they get repaired :)

Third clip!!!

At three months. ...third clip!! Whoo hoo...think the swelling is going down! I hope soon swelling gone...:)

3 months post op

Trying to love me...

After all ... this journey of weight loss and now dealing with my tt recovery. I gotta start loving me now. I always carried a low self-esteem. Its time to let it go! I do have dog ears that i am hoping they get repaired other than that i do love the new me! :)

Almost 4 months post op

12-7-15 ill be 4 months. This has been a hell of a ride. I gotta stop wearing my spanx. The swelling is still there. More at evening time. I do have dog ears. Looking forward to seeing the doc in jan to discuss. Overall she did a great job on me!

5 months post op

I have been quiet on rs. But enjoy reading and seeing you all lovely ladies updates! Overall i have no regrets but do not like my ends of my incision on my sides. I saw my doc on jan 4th she advise i need a procedure called the belt. I really dont want to. Not like i have the money. :( next procedure i would like to save up for are my arms the wings. I am hoping when i see the doc in june see can have a chance in mind with my ends. I understand i swelling can go up to 6 months or more. Is why im waiting patiently. .... ya right! Lol! I gotta be realistic but it bothers me :(

5 months... i hope the doc fixes my ends!

I just gotten told on here from one of our lovely RS! I look great and has been following my journey! Thank you sweetie and to get told what I thought I may be going crazy about is true I feel great! My ends gotten cut to high that is why I am having a hard time loving the new me! I hope when I see my doc in june she will fixed those ends. The doc said she will determine everything then. When I saw her on Jan 4th she advised they are not dog ears. OOoo please lord I hope the doc fixes these ends! so I can LOVE the new me! Amen!
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