47 Year Old-it's About Time!

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When I was very young, my nose was broken by a boy...

When I was very young, my nose was broken by a boy jumping on me in a public pool. That created my deviated septum and I believe the large dorsal hump. The overall largeness of nose is hereditary though. My mother has the same one and doesn't understand why I want to change it! I tried to explain that if she passed down varicose veins, I wouldn't want that either, but she doesn't get it! Since I was 15 and really noticed my nose (from a boy pointing it out) I've wanted it changed. Now that my kids are grown, it's my turn!

Surgery is tomorrow. I'm not nervous about the surgery. But I am nervous that I'm not nervous! Does that make sense?

Day 2 - lots of swelling

The eye swelling might be going down a little but it's still pretty bad. I've determined that I look like the disfigured sister from Reign. Not a lot of pain but more like a pressure headache. I wish my dr had given more instructions for care. Should I be cleaning the incision line? It's pretty crusty.

Swelling almost all gone

I'm on the fifth day post surgery. The vast majority of swelling is gone. My jowls do seem a bit swollen which is weird. But I no longer look like Clarissa from Reign! I didn't take any pain pills yesterday, including just plain old Tylenol. I'm very curious to get this cast off, especially to see how it looks with no hump! Also the incision line. My surgeon surprised me the day of surgery by saying she was going to do an open instead of closed. When we discussed originally, it was closed with no external scars. So now I have this line under my nose I was not expecting. I know it should be no big deal but I keep remembering a review I read where the line didn't heal symmetrically.

Cast removed

I got the cast removed today. Boy, was that painful! It was worse than the recovery! And my Dr.'s rooting around in my nose like she's digging for gold! I asked her what she was doing. She said getting out the scabs. I asked her if they shouldn't come out naturally (because I was hurting!) But she said no, the healing would go better with them out. I'm definitely happy with the profile! Yeah! No hump! The bridge is still very swollen and I am still seeing some deviation but I'm going to believe that will change with the reduction of swelling. My Dr. Told me to check with the ladies up front about a no scarring cream to put on. $72! I wasn't expecting that but I went ahead and got it. Oh well, lets hope it actually helps!
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