It's Time for Me!! 52 Yrs Old with 3 Kids, 2 Grands and an Amazing Hubby! - Plainfield, IL

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Hello ladies!! I am 52 and have been married for...

Hello ladies!! I am 52 and have been married for almost 35 years. I have 3 kids who are all married and I am the very proud grandma of 2 beautiful grandbabies! I have always carried weight on my short 5'1" frame but have since lost about 32 lbs. I have 22 more to go to reach my goal where I will happily be at 140, which is a weight at which I will be able to maintain. I will post my before pics as soon as I figure out how to do that! lol

I have been reading about your journeys on rs for about 2 months. I am planning my mm for August of this year and have already had my consultation with Dr Tripti Burt in Plainfield, Illinois. I had a consult with another ps but was not comfortable with her office staff and couldn't find any reviews on her work, which left me a little uncomfortable. I then researched this site and found some really good reviews on Dr Burt. I'm so glad I did!!! I love her and the results you ladies have posted on her work! She is very attentive and answered all my questions, most of them even before I asked.

I so appreciate all the reviews, tips, advice and pics that all you ladies have posted. The documenting of your experiences are invaluable to those of us who are just starting on our journeys! Please keep them coming! I love keeping up with all of you. I pray for blessings and good healing for us all:)

Well here goes!!!

So I'm going to be brave and post my before pics! yikes!!!! I cannot wait to get this extra fat/skin off and my "up where they're supposed to be" boobies"!


So my actual surgery date is August 4th. I actually downloaded a countdown app for my phone. Only 82 days!!!! I cannot wait! So now starts the actual shopping for supplies I will need post op. I am a planner so I love that I have plenty of time to get my stockpile going. I also want to get down to 140 lbs and as of this morning I'm down another 2 lbs so I'm a happy camper about that! Only 21lbs left to go. My ps said it wasn't a problem if I didn't reach my goal but I really want to get to 140. That way if I gain a few because of not being able to work out, I won't be too worried. I hope all you ladies are healing well and to those who like me are still waiting, continue to prepare! Have a great week!

2 Months from Today!!!!

Ok, I can't believe it's only 2 months until I am on the flat side! Yikes!!! I am so excited but I need to get my supplies first so really I'm glad I have time. My hubby and I are taking a motorcycle trip in 3
weeks so I'll get everything I need for
post op after that. I have to admit this
mm is becoming an obsession with me! I
think my family is getting tired of me
talking about it but I really can't help
myself! Lol.
I have lost another pound, its really coming off slowly the closer I get to my goal. Ugh!!

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you lovely ladies who take the time to comment and encourage me. It helps me more than you know!
Happy healing to us all!

Well I will write an update again after I get my supplies.

Only 53 days....not that I'm counting or anything!!

So I am really excited about my upcoming mm! It's just about all I think about these days even though I have a 10 day motorcycle trip coming up next week. I just want the trip to over with so I can focus on my sx and being prepared for that. I feel bad for being so obsessed about it but I can't help it....I've waited so long for this! Why do I feel guilty?? I just want to be on the flat side and have my girls nice and full and up where they belong.

Anyway, enough with the guilt! I am posting a couple of recent before pics, I can see a change with my weightloss but I know most of this can't be fixed except by surgery. As one fellow realselfer put it, my belly looks angry and my boobs look sad! lol Good way of putting it I think. Well, here goes....

Oops! Mean't to add this one too!

Only 36 days!!

Well, I can't believe I'm only 36 days away from my mm! I am busy getting ready, ordering supplies and lining up help for the first week after sx. I will post pics when I receive all my supplies. For those of you who have gone before, would you recommend purchasing the silicone scar sheets before or after sx? Also, I've read about some who really like to cleanse a couple months before sx. Is this something I should be doing? Sorry for all the q's, I just want the best result possible. Please advise:)

Will my day ever get here???

Well I am now at 30 days and counting! It feels like it's taking forever for my day to get here. I know it's worth the wait, but I am a bit impatient these days. But I'm staying very busy. I threw a big party on the 4th for my daughter's 30 bday! I can't believe I am the momma of a 30 yr old! Where did the time go and when did I get old?? Well I'm about to take care of a little of that, Ha!! This time next year I will be one hot momma!! hehe!!

I will upload a pic of my supplies when I finish getting everything. I am in love with Amazon btw! lol
Happy healing my sweet RS ladies;)

Finally getting some supplies!

So as I said in my previous post, I am obsessed with Amazon! Uh oh, this could be a bad thing! lol Anyway, here is a very short list of the things I've received so far...
Med support zip up sports bra
Arnica Montana
2x2in Gauze pads
Butterfly closures
Hurt free wrap

(Not in pic)
Cases of Water
Zero Vitamin Water

I will post more pics as I continue to get my supplies. At least this is keeping me busy, although I am still always on here, checking in on all you RS ladies. I hope those of you who are already on the flat side continue to heal well. For those of us still waiting for our turn, lets keep our eye on the prize by eating the best we can and keeping good thoughts for a great result!! My prayers are with us all!! God Bless:)

25 more days!!!

I can't believe I have only 25 more days to go til I'm a member of the flat side!! Most days it seems so far away but today I realized it's less than just over 3 weeks! I have just a few more supplies left to receive and then my stash is complete. I am posting a pic of my new supplies up to this point and will post my last supply pic by next week. I am also posting two more disgusting pics of my pitiful looking tummy! I cannot wait for all this hanging skin and extra fat to be gone once and for all. I know I have a lifetime of watching my calories, but I will NEVER get to this point again!
So here goes......


So I have some q's for your ladies who have made it to the flat side.
1-When should I start taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain?
2-Would getting a full body massage a few days before sx help at all?
3-What were some of the first foods you ate after sx?
4-Should I buy a 2nd cg before sx?

Please help!

More pics

I almost forgot to upload these pics I took this morning. I bought some cute little panties to wear after I get to the flat side so I thought I'd take a before pic of me wearing them...yuck!
The next pic is of more supplies that I ordered this week. Juven which is great for repairing tissue after injury or sx, Bio Oil, and Nux Vomica which I put in a pic a few days ago, lol. Will post more soon!

Pre-op today!!

I had my pre-op this afternoon. I have to say I just love my ps, Dr Tripti Burt! She took time with me and answered all my q's. I have full confidence in her and her abilities. I can't wait!

My sx will be August 4th at 7:30. The surgery center will call a couple days before with all my instructions for that morning. I am not going with the pain pump as I originally had planned. My ps is now also using the Experdal injections that last up to 72 hours after sx, so I chose to go with that. I love the idea of having one less tube hanging from my body! She said I may or may not need drains in my breasts but she will make that call during sx. I hope she doesn't need to do that! My ps gives the Sinecch brand of Arnica Montana to all her patients so I got mine today. Guess I didn't need to buy that one! lol I'm going with 350-400cc's depending on which one looks better. She said the real difference is that the larger one is bigger around so that would help if I'm a little loose on the sides. She asked me if I was more concerned with being too small or too big, I said I would rather have them a little smaller than too big for me. I have a small frame and just think I would look ridiculous with big boobs. I have lost weight so I don't want anything to make myself look big again.

This has been a very long time coming and its finally within my reach! I am beyond the moon with excitement! I find myself thinking about what it will finally be like to not have this blob hanging off me. It's something I've only dreamed about up to this point. I have my husband to thank for this. He is a man above men and I love him with all my heart! We've been together since we were kids and I am so excited to share this experience with him. Only with his love and support and his help financially, am I able to have this mm and this chance on a "new lease on life". I love this man!
Blessings to us all, to us who are waiting for our turn and those who've already made it to the flat side! You are all blessings to me :)

1 week from tomorrow!!!!!!!

I can't believe my time is finally within my grasp! Only 1 week from tomorrow and it's my turn. How long I've waited for this to happen for me. I am so blessed! My hubby and I were just talking about this today while out riding on the motorcycle, (my last ride until next year actually) and we were saying how my body's going to change dramatically. How much better I will feel when we are being intimate, which he hasn't seen me standing up fully naked in more than a few years. He never made me feel less than, but I felt it myself. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. I'm so ready for finally feeling good about my body! Finally feeling beautiful! I can't wait! Blessing to us all!!!

The Day After Tomorrow!!!!

So I've been so busy preparing for Monday! Yesterday I worked in the morning, got my hair colored, packed a couple bags to take to my sister's, got a great massage (not deep tissue!), then went to lunch with my cousin. This morning I worked again, ran to the grocery store, got a mani/pedi, sprayed for wasps (bad this year!), took my M.O.M. to prep for sx, then having the
kids over for a salad dinner!

I think I'm almost ready! I'm working tomorrow morning, then church. After that I am just going to try to relax and enjoy the rest of my pain free time!

I feel like I have made this very long journey and now I'm almost at my destination. I'm so blessed to be able to do this. I'm thankful for all of you here on RS for all your words of encouragement, all your prayers and even you're humor during sine very difficult times. You are awesome! I'll try and post Monday morning before sx but I'm not promising anything; ) Blessings to us all!

I'm on the Flat side!

So sx went great! My ps is awesome although I really haven't seen much expert a little cleavage which looks great! I did throw up a few times when I got home just from moving around. But nothing for the last couple of hours. My ps called to check to on me around 9:30 which was awesome! She was so attentive with all my q's and I just love her! She went with 400cc's implants. I'm
swollen now and will be for a while and I
can't wait to see them on Thursday. I
had the Exsperal injections and I am
virtually pain free at this point! So glad I
had them instead of the pain pump! My
sister is taking wonderful care of me, she's an angel! Hope all of you having sx soon have very little pain and great results. Those waiting, hang in there, your times coming! Thanks to you all for your well wishes and prayers, Bless you and thank you!!!!

Here is my first post op pic!

Don't mind the blood, it's just draining. It was like that when I came out of sx. I have my post op tomorrow so I'll try and get more pics. I can't believe I'm finally on the Flat side! Blessings to us for continued healing and to those still waiting your turn. Yay for us all!!!

ugh, it's not cooperating!

finally got a pic!

Can't believe this is me!

Had my post op and I couldn't be happier! Ps removed 1 drain, get the other one out next Thursday. She said she removed 8-9 lbs of skin and fat! The exparel totally helped in my pain management which ultimately helped me bounce back quicker. I totally love Dr Burt and her team. They are caring professionals that have their patients best interest at heart! Blessings to all who are recuperating and to those who are still wondering, do it! I waited 20 years for this and I can already say it is worth it 10 times over!

lets try this again!


Ok so I've been having this strange pain in my left tricep when I try and reach behind my back! Its just the one side but it really stings when I reach behind me. I didn't have lipo anywhere near there. I'm baffled! Any ideas?

Bruising looks worse than it is.... Thank God!

So my hubby took these right after my shower today. The bruising is very severe but it's not near as painful. Its always a big ordeal to shower but it's so worth feeling human again and getting out of my cg for a bit. Feeling the water hit and cleanse my body is just about indescribable! Now I'm put back together and sitting comfortably in my chair with a big bottle of water next to me. Life is good and I am blessed:)

Ugh! pics never upload right!

Going to try sleeping in my bed tonight.

So I think I'm going to give sleeping in my bed a shot tonight! Hubby goes back to work tonight and it'll be my first night alone. My kids moved into their own place last night so it's perfect timing. We'll see if I'm actually successful! Lol I'll update tomorrow work a new pic add well! Hope you're all healing great or excitedly waiting your turn! Love to all my RS Friends!

So that didn't happen!

Ok,so here's how it went down. Got everything ready, pillows, tv remote, water, phone, so I layed down on the couch. Things didn't seen too bad physically, but then I couldn't reach my phone. I started to panic a bit and realized at that moment that maybe I should have tried this while there was still someone in my house! Soooo....I decided to calm down and pray, so that's just what I did! The good Lord helped me relax and in so do I was able to calmly roll on my side a bit and get onto my hands and knees. God's just good like that all the time with me! So I slept in my chair where I finally slept a total of about 4 hours all night. I will be napping today! Hope you're all doing well! On the other hand I do love my new accessories! ;)

Feeling better!

So haven't tried sleeping in my bed or even on the couch again. Going to wait till I get my final drain removed tomorrow. I took a shower almost by myself today though! Only needed hubby's help for unhooking/hooking my cg. It felt so good to final do that fire myself. Even dried my hair a little afterward. I am really beginning to see my shape take shape! Still have lots of swelling and bruising but I can see my future body in all of that. I'm so excited and thankful!

Drains are gone!!!!

So I had my 10 day post op with Dr Burt. I just love her and I think she does beautiful work! I know I'm only 10 days out but I already am so pleased with my results! I am so beyond blessed to have
had this opportunity and even in the
days when I had no strength left, I would still do it all over again! I know there still
may be rough days ahead but I am 100% positive I made the best choice for me. Blessings to all my RS Friends, I wouldn't
be so positive without you all. You help
me more than you know and I'm so
grateful. So continue to rest and heal and be good to yourselves. You deserve it!!!:)

Grocery store Outing! WOOHOO!

So I would never think I would be so excited to go to the grocery store but today it happened! Hubby and I strolled around like we were on a date. It was so simple but so important to me. We took our time and got our groceries. When we came home, hubby put everything away and I took a much needed nap. Later this evening i showered and had a light dinner. It's these small daily duties that make me feel more normal. I love them and can't wait to do just a little more tomorrow. All things in moderation:) Happy healing everyone!

No more tape!!!

So a couple days ago I developed a rash all around the areas where I was taped on my incisions. It was so itchy I even took benadryl a couple times. So I called my ps who was in sx and her wonderful asst Peggy called me back and said it was probably a reaction to the tape still being on my incisions. I mean over 2weeks this has been on with no signs of coming off on its own. She said to remove it all while showering then to clean with alcohol, apply bacitracin and cover with gauze. I have to say I was a little freaking out with the thought of taking this tape off myself! So to calm my fears I sang Silent Night the entire time I was in the shower! (Yes, I am a Christmas addict!!;)) Thankfully my skin is still numb in a lot of places so it didn't hurt. Afterwards I looked in the mirror and I couldn't be more pleased with my scars! They are very thin and after all my healing is done my best scars will hardly even be visible. My tummy has no signs of dog ears and is also very thin. I'm so thankful I had this sx! Now I'm ready to finish healing and move forward with my life.

I also found a sports bra by Ballymena with a zip front and racer back. Its so comfy and I'll be able to wear it when I begin to work out again. I am one happy camper! ;)

New bra

Me without tape! Yay!!

Finally without tape so I'm posting this new pic. As you can see my skin is very angry from the tape! Tender, swollen and inflammed. Buy i think my scars will be thin and over time barely visible. I love my girls and I'm actually symmetrical but I'm holding my phone weird. I am very pleased!

Things I Really Used

So I thought I would list the things I really needed or used during this mm process.
Recliner-would've been harder without it
Small pillows
arnica montana
paper tape
back scratcher
Scott's personal wipes
shower stool
Juven-repairs tissue
Vitamin water
Circle travel pillow-especially for sleeping in recliner

This is a basic list of the main things I found I used. Everyone is different and we all have different needs. Purchase your supplies according to your needs. If you buy things you don't need maybe you can take it back. I hope I remembered the important things here. Happy healing! :)

Back to work!

So I went back to work this morning. 4:20am came way too early! Thankfully I did my hair the night before so I only had to freshen it up this morning. I only worked about 4 hours due to being uncomfortable twisting in my desk chair. I am on the computer and also use a hand held scanner for my job so I was a bit sore and swollen by the time I got home. I have been relaxing since I got home. I am pooped! Hopefully each day my body will get used to the movements I need to make at my desk. My rash is still there so I think tonight after my shower i will try hydrocortisone. If not I'm calling my ps tomorrow. Hope you all are doing well! Blessings for your tomorrow:)

I think I'm turning a corner!

So today is the first day since I pulled thessurgical tape off that I haven't had an oozing on my skin around my scars. I can't tell you how good that feels! Still have almost a stinging feeling at times on my skin around my breasts and a lot of redness on my abdomen. Anybody
else have anything like this? If it's normal I'll just deal with it but just want to make sure all is progressing as it should. Otherthan that I'm feeling better each day. At this point it's just a wait and heal sort of thing. Hope all my RS sisters are doing well!

My latest discovery!

So I haven't started my scar treatment yet, I'm purchasing it from my ps on Saturday. I know longer need to use the gauze fire my incisions but without something my hyper sensitive skin gets a bit raw. My ps' assistant said to use a tube sock but I thought that would be a bit thick under my cg. So I got to thinking about my old soft flannel gowns I used to wear and remembered I still had a large piece of one that for some reason I had saved. Well I applied the Auqaphor then placed the flannel over my scar and put on my tank top to hold it in place under my cg. It worked like a charm! My hyper sensitive skin is beginning to calm down and even the itching is at a minimum. I am feeling such relief finally! Just thought I'd let you all know:) Happy healing ladies!

Finally a real bra!

So I'm posting a pic of the new sports bra I found today at Kohls. Its by Bali and it supports but without an underwire. I'm so excited not to have to wear my surgical bra anymore! Even though it's still a sports bra I feel like I'm one step closer to total healing. I'm in cute panties too and with no belly hang over! I still have swelling but with time that'll go down too. Things are definitely looking up!

Oops! Forgot the pic;)

I just don't understand....

My husband had been so supportive during this entire mm. From the very beginning when it was just an idea until after surgery whee he took such good care of me. So why doesn't he wasn't too see me now, my new body? I'm so confused! I just got done showering and asked him if he'd like to come and see me....he didn't say a word and stayed in the family room. I waited for a few minutes, then put my clothes on when I realised he wasn't coming in. I am hurt and confused. I told him I'd never ask him to look at me again. I just don't get it, most men would jump at the chance to see their wife naked! anyone else had this experience with their men? I'm very hurt:( Please advise

Everything always seems better in the light of day...

First I want to thank all my friends who encouraged me last night when I was so down. You all are the best! Hubby and I talked this morning and we both shared our hearts. For so many years I didn't want him to see my body so when I asked him if he wanted to see me last night, he was apprehensive about it, wondering if I truly wanted him to see me. I know this is a process for both of us but we're in this for the long haul. It just may take a little while to gain that confidence we both have lacked for quite a while. I'm looking forward to the future and I know that God has some great times ahead for hubby and I!

On another note, I had my first massage today and the therapist said I look more like someone a couple months post op rather than just under 4 weeks! That made me very happy! She said my scars look amazing and will lighten up nicely. She showed me how to lightly rub my scars and tummy area to help with drainage. She also suggested using organic Jojoba oil to massage my scars. I got some on my way home. Things are definitely looking better today:)

Such a good day!

Hubby and I had a fun day! Church this morning, then to a friend's going away party, out to dinner then home for a nice evening with my hubs. Tried on one of my "former" bras and it barely fits. Time to go shopping soon!

Feeling more like myself every day!

Hello ladies! Hope you're all doing well. I am feeling good these days. My scars are healing nicely so far although my ps says my scars will get a deep purple color before they lighten up for good. Good thing I like purple! Hehe;) I am still pretty numb in a lot of areas on my tummy and breasts but it gets better each day. A small price to pay for this experience I think! I have been ok'd to start aerobic exercise but no weights and no ab work. Can't wait to get to the gym! I am still very swollen in my girlie area, looks very much like a Ken doll fire sure! Ps says that's the last place that swelling will go down....great! Lol. Well this experience is a long term commitment and I'm in it for the long haul. Whatever I need to do is fine. Gotta keep my eye on the prize! Blessings to you all!

Forgot this one

Finally some new pics!

So I finally took some new pics tonight after my shower. The red lines you see under my breasts are just from my bra band. Right breast still has some stretching to do in the bottom so it looks like I'm a bit uneven. I still haven't started any silicone scar treatment, but will order that this weekend. I am doing
well except just the last several days I've
noticed a stabbing pain just under my bb
and just a little to
the left. Will call PS tomorrow to see
what it could be. Hoping its not a split
stitch in my abs but maybe a pulled
muscle. Been having sneezing fits a few
times this last week and that doesn't feel too good even at this stage! Hope all of you are either on your road to recovery or getting ready to join me on the flat side! I'd still do this all over again in a heartbeat!
Plainfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr Tripti Burt of Plainfield, Illinois. I found her to be very knowledgeable and confident. She took time with me and answered all my questions and made me feel very at ease. Sent me home with a very large folder of what to expect and what she expected from me. I look forward to my surgery with Dr Burt and I'm confident that my results will be amazing! So I just had my 10 day post op with Dr Burt and I cannot say enough good things about her and her staff! Totally professional but still very caring and concerned for all my needs. Dr Burt even called me herself the night of my surgery to make sure I was doing alright. Who does that? She is awesome and clearly puts her patients first. I am already 100% pleased with my results, even at this early point. I had realistic expectations going into this process but even at this early stage, Dr Burt has greatly exceeded that. God Bless you Dr Burt! I am your eternally grateful patient.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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