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I've been wanting this mommy makeover for a long...

I've been wanting this mommy makeover for a long time now. Having kids just made my body like a used car with 200,000+ mileage to it! I'm a size 8 and a cup B. I want to get my sexy body back but a better one! I don't want to be just one of the pretty faces around. I want to be a Hot Sexy Lady!

We already paid in full yesterday. Just a matter of waiting for that date! My hubby will take 2 weeks off work to help me and take care of the kids while I heal... I've got a recliner waiting. I just need to buy coconut juice in bulk from Costco because I read that that helps a lot in healing. Right now I am not to take any multivitamins etc.. As I wait, I'm praying constantly for a successful surgery.

Surgery Date: 3/17/2014

I'm full of anxiety right now! I claim in Jesus' name that it'll be a successful procedure. I'm very confident with who I chose as my PS. My date is on March 17 at 7:30 am. Can't wait!

To those who are thinking of what to tell other people about surgery, this is for you;


I chose silicon under the muscle. PS will make final decision as to how far my breast skin can stretch without looking fake. I'm hoping between 400-450 cc but we'll see. PS also mentioned that she'll see which one is better on me if it's a high profile or moderate..

Since I breastfed my kids, my nipples are facing south! So I'm also getting a lift! PS does a good one based on pictures I saw here.

Tummy Tuck would be hip to hip with a low incision close to pubic hair... PS also does an excellent job on this with thin line..

Since I'm already having all these, I also opted for some Lipo on my bra rolls and flanks.. I was hoping to also have some done on my arms and inner/outer thighs but it's too much already..

PS said my abdominal wall muscle are far apart due to pregnancy so she'll fix that. She'll also fix my umbilical hernia. Thank God for this era we live in!

Pain Pump $250 only!!!

Yes, I'm getting one! PS said it'll help me a lot to lessen pain for the first 3 days post op.. Surgery is Monday then post op is Friday.

My dream body ;)

One more week!!!

I'm excited! 7 days to go!!!

My girlfriend went to see drBurt today for pre op and she paid in full too! We're both excited! The only thing she won't have is the breast lift.

I already got my meds! So I'm all set! I think...


Constipation during post op is very common. The best answer I've read is to take Milk of Magnesia on day 2 post op, 1 oz every 4-6 hours until you have bowel movement. Of course, lots of fluids too!

If in any case you're experiencing excessive gas, call your ps..

Be Positive!!!

It's only temporary. Always be positive. Pray. Haters will be haters. You don't need any stress so don't mind what others say..

Thank you, RealSelf!

It's Sunday, 4AM and I'm just reading here... I'm thankful to this website and for all these people sharing their experiences! It's like having a core support group.

I've one more day and one more night before surgery. I'm trying my best not to be scared.

Funny. This started when my husband joked about how he wants me to get a boob job! In my mind, if he wants that, then I should also get the tummy tuck I want... That's how I came to have this Mommy Makeover! I feel so blessed having him. He's very supportive of what I want (within reason/budget).

Goodbye Old Body!!!

Here are pictures of my soon to be old body. Ugly stretch marks. C-section scar which healed nicely so I've an idea how my TT scar would be. Saggy boobs ( if your boobs can hold a pen underneath then you definitely need a lift! ).


Dr Burt did a great! She called at 9pm to check how I was doing.

I'm swollen it's normal surgery started at 8:30 am and finished at

I can tolerate saltines and clear soda.. A must before taking meds.


I meant surgery started at 8:30 am and finished by 12nn.

Day 2

I've blurry vision now due to nausea patch they put behind my ear... Nurse said it'll go away eventually. I hope so.

*** Dr Burt did a great job!!!

Feeling better!

I can't wait for my first post op tom, Friday at 9am to see the results.. Today I'm able to go potty by myself with a funnel and disposable urinal! Only thing I can't do it recline myself in the recliner and put pillow underneath my legs.

Useful stuff

To be hygienic...
And to survive etc..

First Post Op Visit

I'm so glad that first drain and pain pump were removed today! Less hassle dangling it around! Everything looked great! Thanks to drBurt! Nurse Peggie was also nice. My next visit would be on the 26th at 9:30am where 2nd drain will be removed!

I can shower now!!! I'll also start taking Milk of Magnesia since I can remove garments and wash them.


Yes, I did it! Without the help of Milk of Magnesia... From day of treatment upto now, I only had crackers and later after my first post op, my hubby gave me lobster bisque soup! 3 hours later it happened!!!! Feeling lighter now.

Definitely the Best!

At first I was shocked and couldn't believe that Dr. Burt gave me 550cc HP on both breast.. Then I realized that she's a Master of what she does! She's simply the best! I love her for what she did to my body! I highly recommend her!

Order on Amazon

(1) P Ez Travel Urinal
$5.13 + free shipping
(2) Medline Male Urinal
$3.38 + free shipping
(3) ScarAway 12 week supply
6x5x4 $29.99 + free shipping

Day of Surgery VS 5days post

What an improvement!!!


Lipo on Flanks & Bra Roll


For 3 days now I've been experiencing chills... Maybe because people here have fever, pink eye, and cough/congestion. Thank God I'm not coughing or else that'll be hell! You just can't cough, laugh, or sneeze when you're recovering from a tummy tuck! 2nd post op is tom so I'll be very happy! I need to wean from Rx meds by the weekend because hubby is going back to work and so with the kids will be over with their Spring Break. The house is not how I want it to be but it's only temporary.

2nd Post Op Visit

It was at 9:30am. Dr Burt and family are having a Spring Break Vacation in Puerto Rico (w/c they deserve for working so hard all year long!), so her lovely sister Dr Will (also a double board certified surgeon specializing on Facial/Neck surgery) attended to me and so with nurse Peggie. It was a 3 second excruciating pain when Dr Will pulled out the 2nd drain! I'm so relieved!!! Now I can work on having a good posture by not slouching - it may take a week.

I'm so thankful for my husband! He does the laundry/folding. Take the kids out every single day to eat and have fun. We usually go somewhere for Spring Break but I'm glad we didn't because of my surgery and the sickness each member of my family are having. But it's now going to an end.

I'm feeling great. Minimal swelling only. I still take Vicodin and Valium every 6 hours. And of course, I drink lots of fluids but less food because I still want to lose 20 more pounds after all these. Oh, my 3rd post op visit is on April 4th at 10:30am.

Might come handy...

(1) bra adaptor/extension - if you've broader shoulder, this will help a lot in hooking it to the surgical bra they put you in.. you can find it at any store in the sewing aisle.

(2) sports bra(s) with a front zip. I bought mine at Walmart for $9 - a Danskin 360. I think I'll buy more that says extreme support.

Ooopss, forgot to post the pics!


That's me as of today! ;)

Bowl (medium size)

Always have a bowl next to you. You'll never know when you're going to suddenly vomit!!! Just like what happened to me now... Ewww! Sorry for being gross but it happens.

Weaning Off of Narcotics

Right now I'm doing an 8 hour interval... By God's grace I'm able to tolerate pain... I just easily get tired. I've recorded so many movies on our DVR but haven't really watched them since I always doze off! I'm hoping by Sunday I'll be able to drive again because hubby goes back to work on Monday and so with the kids are back to school. I've read that Tylenol is the best alternative but I'm waiting confirmation from PS.

Mummified Garment!

I hate that I've to wear this compression garment 24/7! Except when I shower and wash them (hand wash & air dry only). But a must is a must! For beauty sake! Must wear them for 4-6 weeks!!! Btw, the stains you see are from the ointment I've to apply with a gauze to the belly button and two drain holes.

More stuff you might need...

Daily Sanitation


I hate to admit it but I only got the courage to shower this morning at 7am... For about 10 minutes. I was given a go signal to shower after my first post op BUT I was afraid ;( It was tough ESP the Lipo areas were still sore.. Despite it, I felt good and refreshed!!! Don't get me wrong, despite not showering for almost 2weeks, I would daily give myself a sponge and use those hygienic stuff to keep me refreshed. Well, good luck to all of you taking your first plunge after a major surgery!

Sunday 3/30/2014

It's about 12:43 AM and my husband is still doing laundry etc. he said he wants the house to be organized and clean when he goes back to work and kids go back to school on Monday. I'm the luckiest woman to have married a very responsible man ;) He said he'll take me to Vegas in August just for a weekend getaway to have fun and time away from kids (wink!). Oh, he made a joke that on Monday he'll give in his resignation because he now wants me to work at Hooters!!! I said no way because our family won't get the same benefits we get from his job - supreme health & dental insurance till we reach 65 of age! He's just getting paranoid and jealous yet proud that I've been transformed into a butterfly! ;) I will never leave him because I love him and he's the father of our kids. I'm forever grateful to this lifestyle he provides for our family. We're not rich but we live a comfortable life where our kids can be in any sports they wish to pursue.. I don't own a LV nor Chanel bags but our kids college funds are well funded every year so that they don't have to take a loan... Anyway, this is getting long. What I'm just trying to say is I'm forever grateful to God for giving me a husband who loves me tremendously, vice versa!

Driving 3/31/2014

I started driving my kids to/from school! Yay! I take 2 caplets of extra strength Tylenol in the morning then another two in the afternoon. I only take Vicodin and Valium at night around 9pm. I still drink lots of water coz in my mind I really want to flush out the anesthesia! I also eat lesser but healthier. Oh, my husband still don't want me to drive long distance thinking my motor skills aren't back to normal yet... I try to obey ;) Smooth healing you all! I still walk a bit like a turtle but a little straighter! Btw, I still sleep in my recliner which I'm getting used to. Ok for now! ;)

WED 4/2/2014

Hi. Just some recent pics ;)

Mood Swings 101

I'm so lucky my husband loves me tremendously! We had a petty fight.. He was already at work w/c is about 20-30 minutes drive. He was saying how thankless I am etc. And I'm saying how sometimes he doesn't listen and it's like I always find him at a wrong timing etc. ( all these thru text ) so I decided to just stop replying and even didn't answer the 10 calls he made! & there, boom! He drove home to patch things up and said we'll work hard not to "fight" while I'm in a fragile recuperating stage. He took me out for lunch & do errands then went back to work! I blame all these craziness on the Rx meds. I'm glad to know it's only temporary and that I'll soon be SANE again ;) Am very happy to know too that it's already Spring - more outdoor time! Fresh air always help keep me SANE ;)

Walmart Bra $9!

Just have to find the right one!
It fits me like a glove! Found it in the clearance rack! Although it's not a front closure but I love how it's snug yet comfy and not to mention the price!

3rd Post Op Visit

Dr Burt is back! My appointment was at 10:30am. She removed the tape covering my tummy tuck.

One very painful thing she did was to suck out fluids from my tummy area with a syringe that has of course a needle! Man, it was painful! And she did it on my left and right tummy! Hope she won't have to do that again :( Well, she had to remove the fluids coz it'll build up inside causing seroma.

She also taught me how to massage my boobs... Like squeezing & pushing it both upward from the bottom part 5x. Then from the outer side of the boobs you kinda put pressure pushing it both inward 5x also. Lastly, you raise both arms high up sideways 5x too.

My 4th post op visit will be after a month - 5/2/2014 @ 10am Friday.

Stuff 2 buy @d B&W clinic

(1) PREPARE Cleanser $32 - you buy this on your first post op. It's what you'll use to shower like a body wash. It's milder and has special stuff to help your body heal while showering.

(2) REPAIR Lotion $40 - you buy this on your 3rd post op visit. It's a special scar treatment to apply on your incisions.

3/7/2014 - 3rd week!!!

I'm feeling quite better now. Trying to be more useful at home. I'm just taking one Tylenol 500mg at 8am & 2pm then Vicodin & Valium at 9pm. I'll stop taking Rx meds on Thursday night & just continue with Tylenol 500mg until I can go without. I still walk slow and feels tired easily. At times I have a small amount of oozing blood from my tummy tuck incision so I just tape a gauze pad to it. I religiously put the scar treatment 2x a day and so with my boobs massage! I wanted to post a picture but nothing has improved yet coz I'm still swollen.

I meant April 7th 2014 - 3rd week!

This is what I get from getting easily tired!!!

April 11th 2014

I'm almost a month on Monday, the 14th! I hope I'll be able to walk a bit straighter... Wishing my implants will drop at the same time! I just can't wait to stop using these compression garments! A must is a must...

4th Week!!!

I totally stopped taking all pain meds today. Feeling better each day. Taking scar treatment seriously twice a day as part of my hygiene routine. I'm still taking things easy though..

Didn't do #2 for 5 days so last night I took Milk of Magnesia and oh boy did that cleanse the hell out of me!

Sports Bra & Spanx

Now that I'm past 4th week, I'm starting to wear sports bra and Spanx (Flexees by Maidenform) during the day, oh boy it feels so much better! But at night for bedtime I'll still wear my original CGs!

5th Week

I've lost 10 lbs now after pre-op! I'm aiming to lose another ten. I hope I'll be a size 6 by May 17th, w/c will be my 2 months post-op. I just eat a granola bar for breakfast, salad for lunch, & Weight Loss Shake for dinner. I've stayed firm with my diet and making it a lifestyle.

Btw, don't shave pubic hair (like I did) till after a month! Coz if you do, you could end up having in-grown hair that could create an addition to what you're already dealing with MM recovery! Or you could trim it giving 10cm length.

Lipo Massage

Today I went for my first Lipo Massage (w/Amy) at the Limelight MedSpa (owned by same surgeons). It's located along Rt 59 & 127th in Plainfield. I paid $150 for package of 3 with intervals of two weeks each visit. It was very soothing/relaxing. Amy said I'm still swollen and she taught me how to softly baby massage. Dr Burt recommended this Lipo massage to prevent harden lumps to form on Lipo areas.

4th Post Op Visit 5/2/14

My appointment was at 10:30am but she got to see me 20mins later. I didn't mind at all since the place is always busy - meaning, their business is doing great and that a lot of people trust them. Despite this lateness, Dr Burt still managed to give me her quality time, warmth, & reassurance.

The night before, I pulled a 10cm suture from my right breast thinking it was dirt! And on my left breast there was a tiny puss that I removed. After these incidents, I just applied Bacitracin ointment and covered them with a waterproof band-aid coz I was going to shower.. Dr Burt said I did the right thing but she doesn't want me to use anymore tape of any sort, only apply ointment with gauze and let garment support it in place. I'll only put band-aid when showering. Re my breast, she said that I'm healing nicely and implants will fluff/drop after about 3-6 months.

Now with my tummy tuck. She said it's healing good too.. But I'm still swollen.. She advised to massage my surgery areas to keep blood circulation to normal coz it'll help a lot with my continuous healing process. I asked her if there is any possibility that incision on my hips be lowered - she said YES! And that she'll do it in her clinic with a local anesthesia. But we've to wait and see coz when all swelling goes away, scar will lower to a few cm. I'm just so thrilled to know these!!!

I bought my 2nd batch of their Repair Lotion (scar treatment). It lasts me a little over a month.

I mentioned to her about my skin dryness and asked if it's due to my healing process. She did say it's possible coz my body is pulling all its energy to heal my wounds.. it could also be Eczema. She asked what do I use for it and she recommended that I use cream base remedy instead of oil base coz it's more effective and stays longer on skin. I'll always keep this in mind!

Dr Burt said I can start exercising but nothing extreme workout. She said I've to listen to my body... I asked about sex and she made a funny remark saying if I wanted a note/letter ;) I'll be 2 mos post op on the 17th and I still don't feel like wanting sex. It's like my body just want to take it easy still. Poor hubby! I'll have to soon make up.

I still wear Spanx and a cincher over it. The tighter, the better. I'm also still wearing sweats, not jeans.

May 20th 2014

I lost 20 pounds so far since pre op! Having the makeover motivates me to become slimmer! I'm aiming to lose another 10 pounds. I stay away from carbs and sweets. Plus factor is my daily consumption of fresh fruit/veggie smoothie using my Pro 900 Nutribullet! I haven't really done any strenuous exercise except mowing grass. I still apply the Repair Lotion 2x a day for scar and I also knead my Lipo areas with a dough roller twice a day too! I feel awesome. Thank God!

3 Months & 5th post op visit

I'm healing well according to dr Burt. I told her I love everything she's done except for how high my hips incisions are. I can't even wear a two piece. She said incision will lower a few cm as I heal.. I'm seeing her after four months. I asked if a revision is already included in the package I paid for initially. She said it depends on what needs to be done but usually it's included. I hope I don't need to pay anymore.. I didn't expect them to be this high :(

My left implant hasn't settled so I need to continue massaging my left boob..

I'm still struggling to lose that 10 lbs. I'm still doing great though! I stick with my Nutribullet on my normal routine but I don't deprive myself when there's an occasion.

7th Month

I'm very happy with my new transformation. I'm thankful to dr Burt! She's simply amazing!
Plainfield Plastic Surgeon

There are so many board certified doctors from various organizations. You must consider ones who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This org has a website and it'll show ones who are close to you. When I went for my first consultation with Dr Burt, I knew right away that she's the one! She's very knowledgeable and double board certified! She's also down to earth even when she's from a family of doctors! She'll personally call and check up on you.. Her fees are not outrageous at all. I guarantee that she & her professional staff will take good care of you.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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