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I can't believe I'm actually booked to have my...

I can't believe I'm actually booked to have my breasts done. This has been a 20 year dream of mine. I will be 39 in a couple of weeks so this is going to be an early 40th present for me lol. For the last couple of months I've been reading everyone's stories regarding breast augmentation. It has been such a help with not only my decision making but also my peace of mind with what I have arranged so far regarding my ba.
I'm a mum of 3 and happily married for 17 years to the love of my life. He is so supportive and has always put me and the kids first. I got pregnant at 17 and as you can imagine my body changed so dramatically. I put on 20kg and my small breasts grew quite abit, the downside of this was after breast feeding my son for a year my breasts shrivelled up and to me they looked like empty sacks. I felt very proud though that I managed to breastfeed for as long as I did with my small breasts considering my sisters have huge breasts and both struggled with breastfeeding. I also breastfed my other 2 children for a year each too. I always said that one day I will have my breasts fixed and 20 years later the time has come. Money has always been the issue regarding me actually having a ba. It's so expensive here in new Zealand so that's what got me thinking about going overseas.
After lots of research I decided to contact Destination Beauty to see if I was a candidate for surgery. They have been fantastic. After sending through photos they came back with the surgeon who was going to carry out the operation. She also mentioned she would like to go over the muscle as I have ptosis (i'm currently a deflated 34b, bra extremely padded lol) so that I can avoid a small lift. I have an awesome rep who answers my emails straight away, even when I ask the most stupidest questions.
I am going on my own so having a supportive rep has been very helpful. She has arranged everything for me, all I have had to do is book my own flights. I've also taken the flyback cover that they offer. I'm hoping the rest of my journey with Destination Beauty runs as smoothly as it has so far.
I'm not a well travelled person, so flying from New Zealand to Thailand is pretty daunting to me. It's too hard for my husband to take the time off work, plus he revealed that he doesn't like flying long distance. He said, with him staying here, he will look after the kids, so I won't have to worry while I'm away. I have to admit, that is a nice feeling, not having to worry about what is happening back at home. I'm not keen on flying fullstop, but I have something to look forward to on the way over, and on the way back I will be so excited to see my husband and children. I've been told someone will be waiting at the airport to meet me and take me back to where I will be staying (Somerset) the whole time while I'm away. All my transfers are sorted to. I think that is why I am feeling ok about going on my own. With what I have read and with what my rep has told me, I am going to meet a lot of ladies who are going through the same thing and some are on their own too.
While I'm in Bangkok (my surgery is booked at Piyavate Hospita wherre I will stay for 2 nightsl) I have also asked my rep to organise an appointment with a Dentist as I would like to get a partial plate done. She arranged this the same day as I requested it.
So I'm flying out on the 23rd of April, and am booked for my consult with the surgeon on the 25th of April and 10am and my surgery will happen the same day at 1pm.
I've done the rice test (which I read about on here and had to google as I had no idea what this was lol) I'm not wanting huge boobs but just to have mine full again. I am leaning towards 350-375 and my husband prefers the 400cc. I am really hoping my surgeon will help me pick out a size which will go with my frame. I'm 1.72 tall and weigh 62Kg and I think I have a wide chest so am also leaning towards moderate plus as high profile might be too narrow for me. I really need to trust the surgeon in helping me make the right decision.
I would prefer to go under the muscle as I've read that gives you a more natural result in the long run. I don't like how they look when they are first done though. They seem to be so high on the chest, and that's going to be hard to hide at work. The guys there will probably think something went wrong in Thailand, but they don't realise it is normal and they will eventually drop.
I really hope after she has seen me in person my doctor will agree that under the muscle is an option for me and that my ptosis isn't too bad to give me a deformed look afterwards.
The people that I have told have been pretty negative which kind of hurts my feelings. I have to explain to them that I'm not doing this to look like Pamela Anderson. This is for my self esteem. For once in my life I'm actually doing something for myself! I do feel selfish for spending this money on myself, but then again this is something I have dreamt about. My family are pretty weird about it too. When I told them, the were concerned about me going on my own but after I explained everything they were a little bit better. They all know this is something I have always talked about doing. I think they weren't expecting me to actually do it.
I will eventually add photos and I will also let you know how everything goes. Reading other peoples experiences have really helped me, so If I can do the same for someone else, I'm all for it :)
Let the countdown begin.....

5 more sleeps

I had my first 'freak out' last night. Not so much regarding the surgery, but more how things will be at home. My husband says that I have nothing to worry about, and I know he is right, but I can't help it. I will be missing my sons first Football tournament of the year which I'm gutted about but I know that there will be plenty more. With me going on my own I really shouldn't be worried about how things are going at home as I have an amazing husband and I know he will take care of everything. I just need to concentrate on healing (and shopping). The kids gave me their wish list tonight lol so once I feel up to it I will be doing lots of shopping. I've started packing but might need to take some things out or I won't be able to bring all the presents back. I always pack like I will be away from home for 2 months!
I have decided to add a photo as reading every body's reviews and seeing their photos has really helped me prepare for my surgery. As you can see I have deflated boobies and can't wait to have them filled again. Will update once I have arrived in Thailand :)

Couldn't be more happier

Sorry I didn't keep updating while in Bangkok but there was too much to see and do. I arrived home last night and even though everything went really well while away there is nothing better than coming home.
I had a driver meet me at the airport just like planned through Destination Beauty. I'm so glad Richard (my driver) was there as it was a bit over whelming travelling on my own and going to a different country when I'm not well travelled at all.
Somerset was lovely. This is where most people stay when going through Destination Beauty and I really suggest people who are coming on there own for surgery to stay there as they have their office in the same building so always on hand plus you get to meet other people who are over there for the same reason.
While over in Bangkok for my BA I also decided to see the dentist. They organised all this for me and made sure I got to all 4 appointments to have my partial plate.
My BA consult was scheduled for 10am the following day, with surgery set for 1.30pm. You have all the tests eg x-rays and bloods done before you actually see the Doctor. Dr Angkana was really lovely and I felt very comfortable with her. I didn't find out much regarding her as a surgeon as I couldn't find many reviews so I was slightly nervous.
She suggested I have the implants put over the muscle due to my ptosis and that drains would be fitted. I never mentioned what size I was thinking of (thanks to the rice test) but she was on the same wave length as me. I had to squeeze the implants under a really tight white tshirt that they made me put on and I got a bit of a fright. 355cc on right and 385cc on left looked huge! This was the first time I doubted what I was doing as they seemed so big. I knew my husband would love me to be that size, but I knew I wouldn't be comfortable going that big. I tried on 355cc and 325cc and to me, they looked the same. This is where I put all the trust into my surgeon. She did more measuring and said the bigger size would fill my breast better as well as the width was more suitable. I decided to go with her decision (355 and 385cc), even though I was worried they would be too big.
After I was settled into my hospital room at piyavate hospital (which was really lovely) I didn't have to wait long before I was wheeled away for surgery. The only thing I found strange with the whole procedure was that I never got to meet the anaesthetist before surgery. At the end of the day, everything went really smoothly. All the nurses were lovely and made me very comfortable while I was lying on the operating table waiting for everything to start.
I woke up in not too much pain and was only really sore for the first 2 nights that I stayed in hospital. The drains came out the following afternoon which I was happy about as they were just a pain, especially when I needed to go to the toilet. I didn't get to see my new boobies until I got back to the apartment as I was wrapped in bandage. I have to say, I was so relieved that they didn't look as big as what they did when I tried on the implants at my consultation.
The following morning after being discharged from hospital, I was out sight seeing and shopping. I couldn't believe I was catching trains and tuk tuks pretty much after surgery. Wearing my supportive bra which I had already bought before coming over was a godsend.
I had the best time while in Bangkok, and having the surgery didn't stop me doing anything while over there. The only downside was the dentist appointments, as they were scheduled normally at 1pm so I was always picked up at noon, and that stopped me having full days of doing things. Looking back, maybe this was a good idea, as It made me not overdo it. I met some lovely ladies too :)
My follow up appointment with Dr Angkana the day I was scheduled to fly out went really well. I thought I was having my stiches out (my wound's were covered with water proof dressing the whole time) but in fact I only had internal stitches, and she was really pleased how well they looked.
I had no bruising at all from surgery. She taught me how to massage my new breasts and suggested I do that 20 minutes twice a day and to do that for the first couple of years. Actually, if I do it everyday for the lifetime of my implants, that would be even better apparently.
I'm still a bit bloated but that could be because of the huge buffet breakfasts I had over there every day lol. I put on 2Kg's but that includes the weight of the twins :) That's what I keep telling myself lol
I would highly recommend going through Destination Beauty, especially if you are doing it alone. You can even go as part of a tour but I needed the cheaper option due to our finances.
I'm so happy with my results. I feel perky and full and hope they don't go down in size as now, I kind of wish I had gone maybe one size bigger, only because with clothes on, they look exactly the same as when I used to wear my full on padded bra. Naked though, I think they are just the right size for me.
I can't believe how much more happier I feel, and especially when I wear my new partial dentures I can smile again properly! Having issue uploading photos but will keep trying.


Dr Angkana Tanvatanagul

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