Scary Side Effects

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I had a pixel laser on my heavily wrinkled hands....

I had a pixel laser on my heavily wrinkled hands. I am 46 and in good health. According to all the websites and the doctor's office where I had the procedure done, my hands would return to normal within about 5-8 days. It has been a month and my hands are bright red with burn spots. It looks like I am wearing red gloves.

Now, I did try to use tazorac on my hands on day 7 and when they got itchy I washed it off. The doctor is claiming that is why my hands turned red and will stay that way for awhile. If that is true, he should have given that warning in the aftercare procedures.

I also had the pixel on my face once. 3 days of swelling and not being unable to go outside followed by everything pretty much cleared up. No results at all from doing it one time. Frankly, the medium chemical peel would have been the better way to go. Yes, you have 10 days of downtime. But the truth is, you get results for what should cost about $500 - $750. With Pixel, you will spend a lot of money -- $350 x 5 visits and you will still have down time each time -- three days per visit. It won't be at once, but it will be spread out. (And if you think you can just do this on a weekend, you are wrong. You need 3 days to look normal.)

So for my money, a time tested regular chemical peel is the way to go.

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