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I am two weeks post 1st pixel laser treatment. I...

I am two weeks post 1st pixel laser treatment. I expected the procedure to be more painful than it was. It felt similar to the snap of a rubber band (one that slightly missed its target though.)

The nurse providing the treatment was fairly new to the process (I wonder if this is an industry wide issue). Afterwards, I called around to several spas and none of the functional technicians seems to have much experience, though they stressed the length of time the organizations had been in business.

The technician kept the laser on its lower settings, performed only one additional stacking pass on my more troublesome areas, and steered 2 inches plus away from my eyes. I felt she was overly cautious with her approach. She stated that she was scared my skin might over react to the laser, since I tend to have a very pale complexion with rosy cheeks. I did flush immediately following the process.

I was complimented for my "physical restraint" during the treatment. I swelled slightly about two hours later and was red for another day. I did not peel or flake as I was told to expect. Also there is no lessening of the age spots or wrinkles. I have 2 more treatment scheduled and I plan to insist on a more agressive treatment.

I have gotten the feeling that the spa I am using provides a reduced level of treatment to get addtional treatment out of the customers. Not ethical, but financially smart.

So I made it through all 3 Pixel treatments....

So I made it through all 3 Pixel treatments. I saw some improvement in skin tone and wrinkle reduction and reduced age spot. However, I was NOT satisfied with the results. So I found another spa that had the same Alma lasers. My plan was to have additional treatment(and expected to spend another $1500.00 or so.) The spa I finally ended up using actually talked me out of the more expensive series of basic Pixel treatments and to have one Pixel CO2 treatment instead.


I had the Pixel CO2 laser done in May, after the 3 Pixel (non CO2) treatments in Jan., Feb., and Mar. I am extremely happy with the results. It does take awhile for your skin to heal. This is definitely not the "few days at home and back at the office" treatment that is hyped. I have seen amazing results. I'll be 48 y.o. tomorrow and a new coworker thought I was in my early 30s. The difference has been that dramatic. All of my age spots are gone! I have many less wrinkles and much tighter skin.

I will tell you: the pain was much more intense with the CO2 laser and there is much more skin damage done (that's what precipitate the improvements.)

I plan to let my skin settle down for a bit. However, I think an additional treatment might be in my future. :o)

To clarify: the initial package of 3...

To clarify: the initial package of 3 treatments using the Pixel Perfect (Harmony XL) cost my $1,400.00 (USD). I was not satisfied with the final results, as I wanted a bigger improvement. The later treatment (at the 2nd spa) using the Pixel CO2 cost my $800.00 (USD).

For a grand total of $2,200.00

Had I better researched my options , I could have saved myself the initial $1,400.00!
Complete Laser Clinic of Hickory

I recommend the 2nd spa, where the staff was extremely knowledgeable and professional. They guided me to the appropriate treatment (which was less expensive than I had plan to purchase). That said, I have returned for additional services.

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