Erbium Yag fractional Laser for Acne Scars

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I'm 7days post pixel. I didn't do much research...

I'm 7days post pixel. I didn't do much research before b/c I trusted my dermatologist. I had so much anxiety about scarring after reading all these reviews & my skin was so bumpy and ugly even after it peeled. So far my skin broke out in a couple of spots and I don't see that my skin looks any better then it did before the treatment in fact the texture of my chin seems a little worse. I'm hoping the texture will get better over time but who knows. I don't recommend it. It was painful and scary. If I would have researched it before I would have never done it. Just make sure you're going to a great doc and please think it through.

5 weeks post update

Skin is bumpy and very dry. Grid lines gone tho. I have a little bit of PIH. I have an ident line from where the laser stopped. Cystic acne is slowly clearing up. I'm still very upset but trying to remain positive and hope for no future issues. I'm being very gentle with the skin b/c I think it's still a little inflamed. I'm using pure aloe Vera gel which seems to have helped the PIH a little bit. I would recommend Pure Aloe Vera gel for anyone have PIH and maybe it'll help. I went back to my dermatologist that did it and asked about the line. She said that's where you're aging. I'm like are you kidding me! I'm 28, the line is where the laser stopped, and it wasn't there before laser. She said I would focus on clearing your acne rather than that line. But my acne is clearing up. I only broke out b/c of the laser! I will keep updating every couple weeks. I've prayed that God give me peace about this & forgive myself for doing this to myself and he has given me peace but I'm still doing what I can to repair my skin.

Pics 5 weeks post

2 1/2 months post update

Update: not a whole lot has changed. Still breaking out a little which is causing more bumps. I'm using skinceuticals CE Ferulic, b5 gel, & their SPF50. They seem to help a little. I just started using Tazorac .1% (I used it before laser and it cleared my acne.. It's similar to Retin A) it's helping clear my breakouts but it's really dried my skin making it look a little worse but I know this will subside after 1 month or 2. I should mention I also had IPL on my checks for PIH from acne cysts ( 2 spots on left & 5 spots on right side) didn't notice a difference. For the last month I've been having this weird heat flushing in my face. My skin isn't sensitive, burn, or itchy. I can just feel heat coming from my face almost like a constant fever. I have no idea why. It makes the skin around my nose pink & splotchy. Never had this issue before. I have no idea if it's hormonal, caused by laser, maybe rosacea? Idk if laser can cause rosacea tho? If anyone has had this issue too please let me know! I'm driving myself mad over this. I will update in another month. Hang in there guys!

5 months post update

So here I am 5 months post from erbium yag laser on my chin for very minor acne scars. Obviously you can tell the texture and tone of the skin is awful. I will say I have seen some improvements though. The facial flushing that I was feeling has mostly subsided and the indented line from where the laser stopped has mostly filled in. However, I still have hyperpigmentation, the skin is very dry, rough, and bumpy :(

I'm using Psoria-gold which I believed has helped. I still have acne but it's very very slowly getting better. I'm using very gentle products. I'm considering microneedling for the rough texture but I'm going to wait till I'm 12 post before I do anything abrasive. I want to make sure my skin is fully healed before I throw something else at it.

Has anyone's hyperpigmentation gotten better? I wear Elta MD spf 47 with 10% zinc but I'm still avoiding the sun like a crazy person.

I feel so dumb and down on myself because I didn't really do much research before the laser. I just trusted my dermatologist 100%. I believe my poor healing has a lot to do with the fact that she gave me no after instructions. I wasn't even told to avoid sun or use a high spf.


More pics- 5 months post. Any advice?

I have always loved my dermatologist but I am disappointed in the treatment and she didn't give me much direction other than it'll peel similar to a chemical peel and to use a gentle wash & spf. She said I could start using my tazorac & benzaclin after 1 week which I think I'll wait 2 b/c I'm still worried about my skin. I had her look at it on day 4 and she said it looks perfectly normal. I advise people to do your research. I understand this has helped people with severe scarring and I'm so happy that this treatment could help them but for minor acne scars/texture, like what I had, I would find a different treatment. The risks aren't worth it. I still want my old skin back. This new skin is shiny and still a little bumpy.

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