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Pros: Fairly quick recovery time, after first day...

Pros: Fairly quick recovery time, after first day pain goes away
Cons: EXPENSIVE, painful (depending on depth, the recovery time (or time to look normal) is a lot longer than they tell you, mine was up to 7+ days

I'm 23 years old and the reason I did this procedure was because I had extremely bad acne scarring and live outbreaks. I just graduated college in December and was self conscious and embarrassed about going out into the "real world" looking like a kid with acne problems. Plus, I wanted to look nicer for my graduation. I had a series of three treatments; one on Oct 16, 08; on Nov 26 and Dec 17. Because I was a full time student I was confined to the days that I had 3 or 4 day weekends to allow time for healing.

To be honest, I was completely let down after my first treatment. After I healed it SEEMED like my acne had lessened and my skin improved but in all honesty, it hadn't by much. My second treatment, more aggressive, provided A LOT of pain and a little better results. Obviously, the third the same way but more aggressive. See my problem was not the procedure itself, but after the 30 minute drive back home and when I was actually back at home, my face was extremely painful. It was swelling and hot and prickly pain all at the same time, my face also starting bleeding on some of the pixel holes. I remedied this by getting a big bowl of ice water, soaked the softest baby wash cloths I could find, had the window open (bc it was winter) and had a fan blowing on my face. The water and cold actually hurt my face for awhile and there was nothing that would make it feel better.

I did take an advil before the procedure and took another one after i came home. After the first couple of hours when the pain subsided and the stinging/burning sensation went away, I cleaned my face with Cetaphil and put Aquaphor on. I was advised Not to put the aquaphor on right away bc like with any burn, you want some of the heat to fade away before you put a cream on it, otherwise you're insulating the heat in your skin making it more uncomfortable.

The Med Spa were I went said that the full results would show in three months. It's been three months and I do have to agree. My acne has been somewhat better, the appearance of scars improved A LOT and my overall skin tone is def better. I'm actually thinking about going thru another round of treatment again to get rid of some of my more severe hyperpigmentation and additional deep scars that were too severe for just 3 treatments. I think I would recommend this procedure, I would just caution that obviously nothing is a cureall and just wait and be patient with the results. I took before and after pictures just so I could measure the results for myself and I would def suggest doing the same. I took a picture before I started any of the procedures, one the day of, after a couple days, weeks, etc. I have like 40+ pictures of my face at all angles at various intervals but I'm really glad I did it so I could see the progressive results. Looking back does provide me with the justification that the money, pain and time WAS actually worth it especially enough for me to consider buying additional treatments.

I hope this was helpful! Good luck trying to get rid of those awful acne scars. Believe me, I know how self-conscious they make you and how much they wreck havoc on your psyche and confidence. Again, Good Luck!

Sona Med Spa

A few of the nurses(?) were extremely helpful and explained everything fully. The first nurse I had didn't allow me to ask questions, didn't give me the cooling air option and overall was very short and almost impatient with me.

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