Pixel and IPL for Acne Scars

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I had my fifth pixel and IPL treatment yesterday....

I had my fifth pixel and IPL treatment yesterday. I am getting six altogether. The doctor combines the two each time. The total price each time is $750 - 250 for the pixel and 500 for the IPL. I think the pixel would be much more if I didn't get the IPL. Plus, I only get the pixel on my cheeks where the acne scars are, while I get the IPL on my entire face for the red spots from pimples and to lighten any other spots.

Honestly, I am not sure the IPL does much. The red spots have lightened but they would anyway. I had the first treatment 3 months ago so I bet by now they would have gone away some on their own. I really dont get that many pimples but if I do have one, the IPL does make it go away faster.

The pixel I do think is worth it. It feels like a hot eraser on the face. It literally burns off the top layer of skin. There is a little bit of smoke even and you can smell it. The pain for me is completely tolerable though. I dont take any pain killers at all. For the first hour after it feels sore and is very red. I put Aquaphor on it that same day and the day after. My face stays red for the first 48 hours or so, but after about 24 you can put make-up on that covers it pretty well. As you go along the treatments get stronger and it takes longer to heal. By the third day the skin is starting to peel off and it is a bit noticeable but not to the degree that you can't go out in public. But at this point you can't put on any make-up either since it will get stuck in the peeling skin and look freaky. It's all healed up by 5 days.

The indentations of my acne scars are less pronounced but they are definitely not gone. My skin looks smoother. I am less self-conscious of them but I know that it will won't be perfect. Maybe a new technology will come out in a few years and I can try that.

New York Physician

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