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I have had back fat for as long as I remember. I...

I have had back fat for as long as I remember. I have had some life difficulties and gained 40 pounds in a few months. I am starting my weightloss journey again on wanted the back fat gone to look better when I loose the weight. I am about 6 weeks out and am not liking my results so far. Waist, hips, and flanks are looking better but my bra rolls are still there. And i am able to grab them. This was the main purpose of getting the surgery and I am very disappointed. He told me at my last appointment that he may have to go back in. I am already very marked up and do not know if I want to go through more marks and the pain. Im so upset because I see women who have spent way less with much better results by 6 weeks. I am also very tired of explaining these huge scars particularly the on on my should that had nothing to do with where i got lipo.

A few pictures

I really rushed into this. I didnt do much research but I knew I couldnt travel and there are not many Plastic Surgeons here in Pittsburgh and Dr. Hurwitz is on one of the best. I wish I could have gotten my abdomen done as well but I could not afford it. I thought by going to a top surgeon and spending top dollar I wouldnt have any issues but as you can see my back rolls are still there. I do not see much difference at all. Only difference I see are these horrible scars all over my body. My waist and flanks are still tight and I still have swelling but I honestly do not think this is going to get too much better unless he goes back in. If he wants me to pay to go back in I am going to have a serious problem because I wanted these back rolls gone, and for 7500 for just back lipo they should be. I see women on here paying 4000 for BBLs and they look great by 6 weeks! I did not enjoy recovery at all which is another reason I do not want him to go back in.

Foam and compression garment

I hated my compression garment & stopped wearing it weeks ago. It was not a full garment that went all the way up my back or on my hips and I would swell over and under the garment. It was a soft velcro one under a hard velcro one that was just terrible. My upper back would be so swollen over top. It was awful. The doctor put foam on my back to help with the compression but the part that sticks irritates my sensitive skin. I am getting really down in the dumps right now because it just feels like my dream body is out of reach. Weightloss and plastic surgery cant get rid of these huge back rolls. No part of this seems worth it and I just paid all that money just to have scars to show for it. I am 5'5 and 212 I have never been over 200 pounds in my life, which already has me feeling blue, but now it is even worse because I went through all that pain and am still fat and sloppy and ashamed of my body. I do like my butt and thought the lipo paired with a 20-30lb weight loss would have me perfect. I am just full of regret right now. I should have gotten my stomach done to but I did not have the money. I should have just went to DR and got the whole shabang for the same price! Full abdomen, back, and booty for the same price of me looking like shit!

First time working out

I got back with my old trainer today for a good workout. The workout was great. No pain from the lipo at all. I am swollen now but I expected it and it doesnt bother me because of my results anyway.

Pre-op Pre weight gain

Here I am a year ago before this weight gain at around 170. I hope to get to this size again soon and that my back rolls are gone by the time I do. I want my legs and butt to be alittle bigger than it was here though

Trainer Day 2

Second session with ny trainer today. Still no pain just tightness from swelling. I am on my cycle so Im very bloated! I pretty much just workout and try to avoid mirrors right now. Big shirts, leggings and dresses are my best friends. Im just ready for my post op appt to see what the doc is gonna do about my disappointment. I looked over the paperwork and Im pretty much SOL so I am thinking about my options. I already spent 7500 and still look like same so I can either A) just say eff it and just try to work everything off which I do not want to do at all because I really dont like the way I look below 175 B) pay to have my back re-done but at this point I am not confident that ill be happy. C) See if he will do my tummy. These too me are all lose because I do not want to spend thousands more dollars! I am a regular girl and dont have money to just spend.

Post up Tomorrow

Tomorrow Is the day ive been waiting for. I can not wait to see my PS. I am so unhappy with the way this looks. I will say though that my ass looks great and I have been getting alot of compliments on it. While im afraid to get my stomache lipo'd because I do not want lumps and bumps on it im close to just telling him forget it and just do it! While Ive been trying to lose weight im stuggling. I shoukd be loving mu body 7 weeks post op but instead.. Im not.

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Post op

My post op was good considering everything else. My PS definitely calmed me down and is going to prevent me from spending more money which is great! I will just loose the weight I planned to loose and if my rolls are still prominant then he will go back in with local anesthesia and re-do it with no charge! This is great news and I am very happy. I am ready to get this weight off!

3 Months Post

Having trouble losing weight. My swelling on my hips has gone down & so has my waist and the small in my back. My flanks & bra rolls I am still unhappy with. I get my second round of lipo in January so I hope to loose the 20 pounds I want by then.

Just an update

Still stuggling to loose weight. The just opened a new gym close to my house so ill be going more often! Started a new job with a health food stand so even if i want to grab something quick i can keep it healthy. Havent seen much change which is REALLY bothering me. Knowing that ill get a second round of lipo is the only thing keeping my hopeful right now. But I am still regretting spending all that money... Some days i feel my rolls look even worse! The scars still bother me but after my second round im just gonna get my back tattooed to cover then up. Uploaded some current pictures and wish pictures

Im over this.

Lipo just wasnt worth it. Still trying to lose weight. Still look like shit. Really wasted my money.

8 months Post check in

I checked in with my doctor and he is happy with my weight loss. I am down 15 pounds but my back rolls are still prominent. He is going to do a revision for $500. I'm excited about that! But with paying $250 a month for a trainer I am really putting a lot of cash into my body. I better be in a g-string bikini by June!

Getting my revision in two days!

So I've lost a bit of weight and am going to get my bra rolls redone. I'm a bit nervous for the local anesthesia, and the recovery but I need these rolls gone!!! I go in on the 13th at 10:30am. He says I'll be fine after a few days and I sure hope so cuz I didn't get time off work.

Got my revision today!

I'm still drowsy from the pain meds but I am doing okay! My appointment was as 10:30. I was given a perk and Xanax. Went into the room and was made comfortable. I did the revision under local and lordddd it was painful. It wasn't unbearable pain but.. it really hurt. The numbing hurt. My upper back near my breast wasn't bad, but in the actual fat deposits.. OH MY! I had to ask for a break a few times. The nurses were very sweet and cheered me on, through the pain. After the nurses helped me get dressed and wheeled me out. I've been in and out of sleep most of the day. My surgeon just called me to see how I was doing because I had a tough time, which I really appreciate!! He assured me they got it out so now it's just time to heal.

3 days after revision

So it's 3 days after my revision and I came back to work yesterday. No pain at all. Just a little swollen, on top of being bloated after starting my period. The stitches are itchy. Only certain movements cause discomfort. I'm optimistic that my doc took care of the rolls even though I am still swollen.

Revision - 1 month post Full back Lipo 1 year.

Still don't see much of a difference, I'm starting to really get upset. I'm trying not to, and to be patient, but this is dissapointing. I still wanna lose 25 more pounds. I've noticed change since my first surgery a year ago, but not too much... Hopefully after I lose the weight everything will come together.

I think I have to change this to not worth it.

I know I'm supposed to be patient and it's only been 2 months but I spent $7,600 would YOU spend that much on what's in my picture?
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hurwitz is very nice, charming, and realistic. The staff is wonderful. The building is beautiful and has everything needed in on place for convience

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