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I have had 3 sessions so far and can see a...

I have had 3 sessions so far and can see a difference. The red color is almost gone, but i am seeing difficulty with the black. Each session is $250, it is pricey, but hopefully worth it. My tattoo stretches across my chest. it's a quote and two roses. I don't get any anesthetic or numbing lotions and the process is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. The process only lasts a few minutes, but I hope it's over soon. I did it because I hate the tattoo and I am a college student soon to get my masters and realistically don't want to wear high neck shirts for the rest of my life.

I just had my fourth session today! It hurt much...

I just had my fourth session today! It hurt much more than all of the other times, but she forgot to put an ice pack on it. Every session, except for the second session blistered A LOT.

Today was my fifth session and my tattoo looks to...

Today was my fifth session and my tattoo looks to be making great progress. My doctors machine was broken so she had a loan machine that she said was much stronger. As always the left side of my body hurt much more than the right or the middle. The tattoo bled this time, which it has never done before.

Today was my 6th session (I think). She turned up...

Today was my 6th session (I think). She turned up the laser this time. It hurt less but I kept the ice pack on a little longer and pressed it into my skin. My chest is burning right now; it has never hurt this bad after a session. I will post another picture later once I get it from my sister. I can't wait for this process to be over! Although there is another tattoo that I want removed.

I haven't been able to get any more removal...

I haven't been able to get any more removal sessions due to school bills starting to pile up. I just can't wait to get this thing off of me. I did some research and found a new tattoo removal place. They're going to charge me 75$ cheaper and remove two tattoos instead of only one. which is awesome. I wish I would have found this place sooner because I would have saved over $500 and that could have been a few more sessions. I look forward to telling you guys about the new place once I can get the money to start up again. I really like the woman who did my removal, but it's just too expensive to keep going back to her.

I added another picture. I haven't been able to...

I added another picture. I haven't been able to have a treatment in six months. It feels like so much longer! I can't believe I have been at this process for over a year. I purchased a groupon (I know I know) for a removal session at a new place; they received good reviews so I'm not too worried. The groupon is only valid towards the black ink, but that's okay. I can't afford a whole non discount treatment at this point in time so any type of progress is great. It's next saturday so I will update again after. I see some scarring on my chest, but I'm honestly not that worried about it. I would rather have a few miniscule scars than a big ugly tattoo.

I had my seventh session today at pittsburgh...

I had my seventh session today at pittsburgh tattoo removal and permanent makeup. They were highly professional and the place was cozy and clean. I used deep numb numbing cream this time. Holy crap I wish I had always used this stuff. It was only $5 on ebay and it worked amazingly. I had never used numbing cream before and it was great. My laser technician was fully certified and really seemed to know what he was doing. He went a lot slower than my pervious place and I think it was a mixture of the numbing cream and his state of the art laser that made it a much better process. I will update my photo in a few weeks. I used a groupon so I only had to pay $59 which was amazing, but they quoted me the same price for every other session afterwards. I don't feel as blistered from this new machine used on me. I am not sore at all, but that could be from the numbing cream. I would tell everyone to go out and buy deep numb; it was super cheap and I didn't think it would work but it totally did. I rubbed it in the glopped it on about two hours before my appointment and then wrapped myself up in saran-wrap. then i washed it off about 30 minutes before my appointment.

I don't think the last session did anything so I...

I don't think the last session did anything so I will NOT be going back there. I spoke to another person who also went there and he said nothing happened to his tattoo either. Oh well at least it was really cheap. On to the next place!

Okay so I should have learned my lesson, but I...

Okay so I should have learned my lesson, but I bought another groupon for removal. It was 140 for the r20 method so I decided why not. It's 110 cheaper than a regular session anywhere else. Has anyone had good results with the r20? Also when I called he said its not very painful and I wouldn't need numbing. Does anyone else agree? I will update again after I actually go. I am hopeful.

I just got home from my 8th (I think) treatment at...

I just got home from my 8th (I think) treatment at a medi-spa. I had a groupon for it so i paid $140 and it was for the r20 method. I called to schedule my appointment and asked if I should use my own numbing cream or if they had any for you. He told me he suggests that I don't use any at all and most people say it was just a mild discomfort. Obviously i didn't believe him so I went and used my own cream anyway AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. The woman doing my removal was very nice and laid back. Now the last place I went to must have had a low powered laser because with the cream i barely felt it, but the place i went to today, I definitely felt it even with the cream.
The woman also said she doesn't think my tattoo will ever be totally gone and that i should look into getting permanent makeup tattooed over it to match my skin tone. That really worries me and I probably won't go that route. No one has ever told me that they don't think it will ever go away 100%, but i knew that was a possibility going into it. She also said at another one of their locations they have a much higher powered laser so If i don't see much fading after this treatment they will send me up there. She didn't quote me a price for my next session and I did not make an appointment. She told me to call her back in two weeks and we can set it up then. I really liked that because the last place i used a groupon with had me make an appointment when I didn't want to so I just didn't go. I will another photo once it heals. I am optimistic about this place.

Oh also i'm not sure if it really was the r20...

Oh also i'm not sure if it really was the r20 method. From what i've read online they go over it once, then you wait 20 minutes and repeat. My laser technician just went over my tattoo 3-4 times during the whole sitting.

I think i see some good results from the last...

I think i see some good results from the last treatment I have had. I am not sure how much they would charge without the groupon so I won't be going back for another treatment for a while.

Oh also, there is another groupon for the same...

Oh also, there is another groupon for the same place I went to last time. I wonder if they would know if I go to a different location that I have already had one. I think I am going to try it. I want to get another tattoo on my arm lightened to cover it up (I've read all the cover up horror stories on here) so I am unsure if I should do that first or continue to work on my chest. hmm.

I have set up my appointment for tattoo removal on...

I have set up my appointment for tattoo removal on my arm. I just want the tattoo faded enough to cover it up with something that looks MUCH better. My appointment is on the 10th and I am excited. I tried to make a separate post for this new removal but it will not let me =[. I guess I will update on here with photos and how how it's going.

I just went for treatment #1 on my arm today. It...

I just went for treatment #1 on my arm today. It hurt a lot more than my chest surprisingly, that or I didn't leave the numbing cream on long enough this time. I bought another groupon for it so it cost me $150. They told me that every other session will be the same price and they will also charge me that for my chest! That makes me so happy. I will update the photo of my arm in a week or so. They have 11 locations and their most powerful machine is about 45 minutes away so she said when it stops working she will send me there. Also she told me she only knows 1 person with 100% results and he underwent laser removal and the glycolic acid tattoo removal after when the laser no longer worked. I have two more tattoos after these two that I want removed and if they will still give me this way cheaper price than I think I will work on all of them.

So after treatment #1 on my arm I am surprised to...

So after treatment #1 on my arm I am surprised to see all the breakup already! I'm hoping to only need 3-4 treatments before I can get it successfully covered up. I included a new photo of it.

So it's been about 3 weeks since my first arm...

So it's been about 3 weeks since my first arm treatment. Oh my god the itching is unbearable. I am also still scanned. My chest never itched this badly. What do you guys do to help this? Also the fading looks better than in the photos!

A very long and painful process

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. I was supposed to have my second session on my arm today. I walk in and ask "so its still $150 right?" because I had a groupon the first time and she says "no, it's only $50" I was like HOLY COW. So apparently I am going to be charged $125 for BOTH of my tattoos now. I am beyond excited.
Well the machine wasn't working today so I did have to reschedule for next week. I am getting both of my tattoos lasered in the same day. I will update again then!

Treatment 9 and 2

Today I had treatment number 9 on my chest and treatment number 2 on my arm. Doing them both in the same day was terrible, but I am seriously loving the new price that I am paying. $75 for my chest and $50 for my arm. Last time i thought my arm was more painful than my chest, but I believe they were both terrible. I think I put the numbing cream on too early so it lost some effectiveness. My laser tech spent 25 minutes going over and over and over (and over) again on my arm alone, which is awesome. He didn't spend as much time going over my chest because by that time I was starting to squirm and kick (my pain defense mechanism is kicking my feet haha). I am glad that it's over with and will post photos in a week when it heals. I am excited to see the results on my arm. Also my arm blistered like crazy this time, but my chest did not at all. There are about 5 huge blisters on my arm and a few more little ones.

#9 and #2

Healed up

So my chest tattoo healed wonderfully. Some of the letters are 90% gone! yay. The roses are very stubborn. My arm on the other hand healed horribly. The blisters ripped open and the skin was ripped off somehow so I definitely know there are going to be scars. There are still some scabs on my arm but there is a ton of line breakup and fading. The black looks almost navy blue now.


I've made an appointment for my chest again on the 13th. It will be session number 10; I cant even believe it. I am waiting to do my arm, but probably could have since it's not for another two weeks. My arm has scarred pretty badly and pretty noticeably. I think it's because of the giant blisters that formed on the tattoo and because it was covered, when I would change the bandage the protective layers over the blister would sometimes be pulled off leaving hole where the blister once was. Since nothing was here to cover or protect the hole a big scar would form. I have 4-5 raised scars on the tattoo. I really hope that the laser will be able to still get the ink from under the scars. Does anyone have experience with that?

Chest session 10

I had my 10th session on my chest today. I was very nervous this time because last time was so painful. I decided to wait to do another session on my arm because of all the scars and she agreed. She is going to talk to the other techs to see what we will do next for it. She turned the laser way down for a test spot on my chest, but then turned it up a little. I think it was still lower than last time but that is okay because I don't want any more scars. She was not the one who worked on me last time, but she did my 8th chest removal I think? It was a little painful this time, but I actually kind of enjoyed it! Hahaha weird I know. Maybe I just enjoyed that i wasn't kicking or yelling, I don't know. I was charged $50 this time which is great because last time she charged $75. I am going back in two weeks to start my first session on another stupid quote tattoo on my back which she is also doing for $50 per session. The back tattoo is all black and amateur so I think it will go smoothly. The tattoo on my back is actually the one I hate the most....now don't laugh, but it's jonas brothers lyrics ...okay you can laugh. It was easily hidden so I didn't choose to do removal on that one first, but now i decided that it's time. The back tattoo doesn't make me depressed or anything and I usually just forget it's there. I hate explaining it though so I usually don't tell people what it's from. I will take before and after photos on that one too when I am all done.

Session 10 healed

The last session on my chest was very easy on my skin. I think the laser needs to be turned up next time because I don't feel like I saw much results. Here's a photo update all healed up. I am going back on tuesday for session #1 on my back!

Session #1 on back

I had my first session on my back tattoo yesterday. The pain was minimal because of the numbing cream I use. I am hoping to not need many sessions because the tattoo is so amateur. The woman kept the laser on a low volume because of the keloid scarring on my arm after treatment, but she did do two passes on my back. She said when I come back for my arm she will use a different laser to help break down the scars and then also the tattoo laser (the perks of going to a medi-spa?), she also said the scars should fade and flatten over time. I've been putting tea-tree oil and lotion on them and they have flattened because of that. I will post photos of my back; they are both horrible because it's really hard to take a photo of your back shoulder haha. Next time I will ask my tech to take the pictures. My laser tech said my back had some pin point bleeding which is good. There are no blisters and I feel no pain in that area, just a little tightness. I am putting a generic pain+antibiotic ointment on my back tattoo when it feels dry or tight, otherwise I just leave it alone.

Session 11

I had session 11 on my chest yesterday. She went over the tattoo about 2x, then told me to wait 15 minutes and she came back in and went over the green on my chest. It didn't hurt too badly because of the numbing cream, but it did burn.

Soo good news. I won free tattoo removal for my arm tattoo! Yay and it is at the same medi spa that I have already been going to. they held a worst tattoo contest on facebook and i got the most votes. I am going for my first free treatment (3rd overall) in a week and I am also getting my back lasered that day too. The owner told me he recommends not using numbing cream because they laser could reflect off of the cream and make the laser less effective, but I don't think i can do it without it anymore. Especially getting two tattoos with no numbing i one day. So i'm still going to use it (just maybe not tell them ;)" I will post photos in a week or so!


I am so upset. I made a huge mistake last night and got another horrible tattoo after a day of drinking. I've already spoke to my laser center about getting removal. I wish i could go back to last night and have never have done this. This sucks. I just needed to rant. I have another session on wednesday for my chest and my arm. They told me I need to wait a month before doing treatment on my new tattoo. I wish i never did this.

Session 12? I'm not even sure anymore

So I had session either 12 or 13 on my chest about two weeks ago. He turned the laser up a lot and the session was pretty intense. I also had session 4 on my arm I think? The laser was also turned up. I also received a different laser to help minimize scarring, but i have no idea what it was called or anything. I don't see any difference from the last treatment in either tattoo. I'm getting somewhat discouraged, but I'm not going to stop.

Also hot salt baths and peroxide soaks helped fade the new tattoo!!! woohoo. It looks like crap but that is what I wanted. Not sure when i'm going to start removal on that one because i'm really hard for money right now.

chest photo

I am finally back!

I am so sorry that I haven't updated in 6 months! I am currently working on removing 4 tattoos.
So lets start with the chest and arm tattoo! I honestly don't even know how many sessions I have had on my chest anymore, I stopped counting around 16. We are no longer using the normal laser on my chest and arm they are now using a fractional laser to deal with the scarring. I have noticed some ink lightening from this laser, but they also let me know that there wont be as much as the normal laser for tattoos. My arm is so badly scarred that I will try anything (plus they don't charge me for my arm). The fractional laser is kind of like a meat tenderizer, I can't speak for the pain because I still use the numbing cream.

I am removing the panda tattoo I got recently too. I have done 2 or 3 sessions on it and it's going pretty well so far!
I am also removing a quote on my back. I have done 5-6 sessions on that one too and I am also seeing awesome progress! I just had a session on my back a few days ago so it's still looking a bit scabby.

It's so nice to be back on realself. I will be more active now I am sorry guys.
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